Episode 132 Beyblade Metal FuryFULL EPISODECARTOON POWER UP

[Music] [Music] Bakley revival at the same time the other feels the power in his day in south to find the source and taken for assault can't debate some not to go and refuses to listen get the challenges into a paddy kenta's sagittario is getting ryubi's l-drago the great fight for our youth is determined to win he called the Special Move Dragon Emperor supreme fight in the two Bey's clash ryoga's l-drago drives take the Sanitary open your nose inside causing a spectacular explosion take the collapses as regular retreats as l-drago only the market has been damaged check complete before I able to help t and his friends but Ryuga has nothing meanwhile Gina's friends are on their way to try and stop nemesis revival before it is too late [Music] [Music] it is happening nemesis is reacting so they have come after all who has come what is going on with it once nemesis began moving an incredible energy that cannot be hidden sprung forth so we expected all along the Ginga and the others would catch its scent and make their way here yes or you can even say we lured them here on purpose in order to steal the power of something the power from the star fragment they possess Gingka and his friends are here just who are you anyway just hang on he's the other servant of Hades who has been searching for the child the child of the Black Sun that I spoke up really this guy I have managed to return at the perfect time seems like I just keep getting luckier I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting Master Pluto so you found him here's [Music] the child of the Black Sun himself okay but who are they I am one of the three soldiers whose duty is to defend the black sonnets herschel of the planet Uranus I am ties of the constellation Lewis gasps goodness of constellation cygnus so you must be him there is no mistake he is the descendant of the blader King Hades and trusted to nemesis so long ago he is the legendary blader who has inherited that same spirit and power oh yes however the real truth is that this new legend has only just begun it is still not powerful enough the new light will be turned into a new bit of Darkness to create an even deeper darkness don't know why farmers here may turn even the slightest hope those Power blacks it's suspiciously quiet that's good for us that must mean that the enemy doesn't know that we're here yet okay now's our chance let's go guys [Music] chuckleheads did you really think we didn't know you were here I mean come on Jesus bow figures I thought we might run into you guys nemesis is active now it's in the middle of its revival ceremony you see you won't allow you to interfere [Music] get out your opponents will be us understand boys scout now bow hey Ginga Yuki and Qing listen nemesis's revival has to be stopped by you by the power of you legendary bladers isn't that the deal leave this to us and go on ahead go to it guys [Music] we'll just see about that the touch Julia gets here to help oh man thank you okay then time to get in on this Masamune come with us all right huh but why the three of us can handle this on our own please go back up Tinga and the others pal toby zeo come on let's go Masamune okay [Music] you're not going anywhere that's what you think you alley cat [Music] put you back hey pal look what you just did you let Gingka and the others get away from us they bought that we have to keep these guys right here mara go now Fox go Wow they have no idea that we let Gingka and the others go on purpose this is working perfectly nemesis it appears to be this way nemesis needs only those days with the power of the star fragment to complete its revival while we keep these extras busy the bladers we now need are leaping into a trap into Hades itself what reinforcements huh what is this place hey stadiums aren't they I've been waiting for you Gingka listen up these stadiums have been prepared especially for the battle with you Akira the revival of Nemesis will bring about what the fail in this desires the most if you want to interfere with that goal you will have to go through me get it that means you have to defeat me first of course I still owe you payback for what happened to rhenium on anyway if you insist on this thing battle you mr. Gingka here we go Yukie how dare you mr. Gingka is not the only one who owes you payback understand as the one who was charged with gathering the warriors to fight nemesis I must take responsibility for the defeat at 3 Amon and for failing to get you to join us so I will stop you now no matter what do you hear what I'm saying so Chingiz tag-along talks you have no idea what you're getting yourself into [Music] if you say so pal as long as your Bay is one that possesses the power of the light that fell from the sky the result will be exactly the same that power will be given [Music] it has begun [Music] man oh man what a battle Yuki I can't stand it I just want to battle - there's even another stadium like right there isn't there someone for me to battle another one when a dazzling glow lights up the Earth from the heavens a new star fragment will arrive and awaken a great power however that new light may become a new pit of darkness mr. Dynamis what are you doing here exactly Gaia the power of the Four Seasons will is in disarray if the heavens will such a fate then Hades spell is a fate that can never be escaped from understand indeed power that is unable to fulfill its role is useless in which case you are also fuel for nemesis revival it is your fate again [Music] [Laughter] [Music] what are you talking about explain it please prepare for battle do it now Gingka why Dynamis yeah Dynamis when you went to Miss Mountain is that the legendary blader you found uh-huh but somehow he seems a bit different from the last time we saw him he's different that's for sure I thought this guy was supposed to be our friend so what gives yeah like why is he with the enemy all of a sudden look I don't understand it either so get off my case okay hey what's going on here please stop this mr. Dynamis you don't have time to worry about other people pay attention to this battle if you will not battle willingly I will force you to do it Dynamis what are you talking about did you really join the forces of evil how could you do that oh this is so annoying man I'm not sure what's really going on here but he says he wants to battle so if you won't then I will not good huh who's there your meddling is unnecessary we have no business with your base so leave now Yeah right get out of my way Baldy we will be your opponents Oh what with this dude what have you got asthma or something go now go do ice tight push get busy what you two guys fight dirty thanks king let's go Masamune for sure [Music] go striker tighten beers [Music] what's wrong you're the legendary blader with the mercury Bay why don't you show me more of your power while you're there pick it up I won't allow myself to lose here go down J Jupiter [Music] [Applause] [Music] stop this please stop this Dynamis come on what are we even fighting in the first place this is also a fate willed by the heavens you see the great stars have guided us here this is the future you have chosen Gingka what is it come now nemesis desires your full power so give it up since this is the future you have chosen quietly fall in line with your fate and fast I don't understand why not I don't know what you're talking about Dynamis didn't you reveal everything to us earlier because because you said you were following the will of the heavens didn't you entrust the future of the world to him [Music] nemesis takes the power of the bays that have pieces of the star fragment and uses it to increase its own power and grow the more intensely they battle the more they play right into our hands and they have no idea at all they really are quite a short-sighted Bunch I know what nemesis to be revived missus must be stopped and that's what I'm gonna do [Music] the solar system ablator worry supposed to take on duty Oh righteous hard guy is wish Dynamis you cannot do it not alone the hearts of the Warriors of the four seasons must be made one what Katy spell is fading what is with that pendant [Music] I'm sure he wasn't wearing that pendant the last time we saw him that's what's changed it's like it's taken over and it's controlling him [Music] go now go striker Frank Bruni what's with that Bey anyway I can't get a lock on it the center of gravity for my ice Titans fusion meal shifts so it can move unpredictably you can't read the movements can you my friend [Music] waste of time ice titan skills do not just include unpredictable movement [Music] boomer there's something strange about that spin track we're not getting anywhere like this King okay we'll get him with a joint attack come on let's do it variares go striker [Music] [Music] no way did you see that with the LSAT extremely flat performance tips which increases the area of contact with the ground a trick like that is easy who are these guys anyway beats me but we got to stop him from moving in those weird ways a couple of chumps like you cannot stop it [Music] masamune and king don't know anubias just give it up I think it's about time to give nemesis a big burst of power for breakfast go gorillas what should we do we can't let this continue [Applause] [Music] yeah well tangy hi there everyone lucky us it looks like we got here just in time Gingka what are you doing wasting time in here excuse me huh what's the problem mr. fortune-teller did your crystal ball tell you to switch teams is that it ha pal interesting no words huh well I'm your opponent now buddy Leo don't do it Kyoya there has to be some explanation for this stuff back off just stand down now you hear now they own [Music] Yaya don't forget that you haven't judged me yet fortune teller not that I care about what you have to say anyway you rejected the will of the heavens correct you desire to live on your own and not do your duty so why are you here now huh the situation has changed slightly I'm afraid it seems that my fate is to be followed around by brats forever whether I like it or not it just keeps happening to me over and over again you have fun if you came with us to meet all my old friends Givi why don't you join it as well come on TIFF you just draw switch now uh cats a codel so that means that he is actually the legendary blader of Venus nemesis's revival the Black Sun I don't care about those things I only care about settling things with Ginga get it that said if I can't battle Ginga until something is done about all this other stuff then I'll do something stop crush anyone who gets in the way now then give me your best shot bow [Music] [Applause] [Music]