Episode 16 Future Card Buddyfight Animation

get ready for a cool new card game that connects to a parallel universe special cards act as portals bringing monsters to earth to become buddies with humans and through friendship and courage help them take on fight challenges it's called buddy fight this is getting really crazy first gun was gone and out doe why - I don't get it why did you bring the deck here instead of just giving it back to the safe okay relax little brother it's all part of a bigger plan you can tell me I may be young but I can handle it if you don't know when you can't get in trouble now go on get some sleep uh it's just not fair hmm my brother's lost it I really think the SE Fukai ought to have this back don't your future we can change the way principal that is oh we go oh my best get it Oh big boss on me Oh okay recount your future what do you mean doe-eyes been missing for two days why are you just telling me about this now we didn't want to upset you before your semi-final match besides this is a safe route kite problem and we intend to locate him on our own and let me guess you can't find him huh not yet but we received this just before the deputy leader went missing I thought you should know Genma score you keen deck is hidden in the student counsel's office it's totally talking about the ancient Sifu high tech built over generations why would it be in the student councils office wait a sec how do we know this information is even true before he vanished we believed oh I went there to investigate but we can't verify it unless we figure out who sent the letter uh Suki cockys name is stamped right here you guys okay I think it's time we pay to send her a little visit excuse me have you seen my younger brother sorry no he isn't here okay thanks this again do we have a problem here boys we need to speak with you your buddy Suki kogi he wrote this it's got his name on it Sonia just what exactly are you up to man Suki cog a found gun mosz deck the student councils office I don't know anything else about it I promise oh wait you mean Akatsuki took him huh how did you know that so in other words you guys are saying you nabbed it from sheetal's office right Suki cog eh why didn't you just give it back to the SE Fukai because attention everyone the second semi-final match of the AVC Cup is about to begin players please report to the fighting stage I'd better get a move on listen I can't get into it now guys trust me I have my reasons if all goes according to plan it'll work out that is unless my overeager siblings done something things up when will you just grow up huh a cat skate thank you for joining us as you can see the first team to arrive is Naniwa card club first to show nothing like being a major Keener great so much for breezing in fashionably late with confidence maybe he won't show and I'll win by default that'd be pretty choice wouldn't it before you go you had a good reason for taking the deck right I mean is it cool of course then give me your word it won't cause anybody trouble will it no it's legit I promise then hurry you're gonna be late for your match leave a cots key to me don't worry about it I'll totally sniff him out Keep Calm bro we got this count me in what can I do the safe ook I will lead the charge Thanks eclipsing the darkest with flames and frightening the hearts of the mistreated meaning the mighty Sun fighter is here mystique explosion the great caught in a world battle Tim Kaiser Ravi has arrived time to kick off the fight you handle the match analysis cake ooh guru carry you pretend to be Akatsuki in the pit just keep your head down and Baku search the grounds for any sign of him on it incredibly both semi-final matchups this year epic battles between fighters using the same world the first matchup was a dragon world encounter and today here we have an exciting cut in a world showdown we'll get to see how the safe world could offer majorly different decks applying styles let's watch the pre-tournament interview with jin magatsu my deck showcases the wicked skull warriors in layman's terms it's a deck that'll scare the pants off of my opponent ah you know I'm starting to wonder do you think I need a new image you sure you want to ask me that now a few words from Satyaki Zaraki what a girl voila the ninjas sole purpose is to defeat its proponents I mean opponents it's the same for my cyber ninja deck if it does the thing it'll leave me to history o century okay he won't take your word for it a terrifying spectacle is about to begin luminize crazy phantom carnival sword of Destiny peers hearts of darkness and evil luminize behold the kiss of arcing into hearts now you look like you just don't care let's raise the flag cops in our world and the real caught in the world in a perfect world they both lose the match Shido where is gun Ma's deck I have no idea and I don't really care either huh I call see splitting gear akamaru just enter face me face night energy I choose to pay 1 gauge and set art of explosive Hades fall what's art of explosive Hades fall us it's a set spell that has an effect if the monster that Sonia calls to the field is the same size as the one that magatsu sets down if it is then not only was Anya's monster be destroyed but he'll also receive 2 damage points what a strategic move talk about putting on the pressure if you call a monster the same size as his guy then kaboom pretty sweet huh I can tell you right now it's a size 1 monster huh what makes you say that yo Tania's deck is usually packed with strong phase 1 monsters that are easy to play work like electron ninja sheet and nanomachine ninjutsu key card effects rushing seas and a move your move DRA George and draw I call electron ninja schita - right shetan he's playing off the hop yo that's it explosive Hades fall activated I clean it Jin's masterful set spell take sanyas life points down to six falling to Hades so soon now are you even I thought you'd last longer I'm just warming up i buddycall nanomachine ninja Sookie cog 8 to the left noon for the payment of one gauge I call feds and ninja caution koji to the center now I can inspect your hand and see your cards ha ha ha with eyes everywhere and all-knowing powers phantom ninja to avoid us that secrets in your hands to through likes and with caution Koji's amazing ability sonia is able to see what cards jin magatsu is holding up come on seriously you really think that's fair I mean seems almost like cheating to me activate disaster force stellar deity estrellas show me all reveal the truth sukkah cabbage attack hero camera guy touching Koji attack jinn so do an MoU with dragon breath comes true that's it adorable final face bring it on we perform a shot check it it's Anya's specialty yo that's weird why do you sit without making any moves just step it up maybe he's so worried about a Cosby that it's throwing him off his game set zhonya's playing style seems a bit off today must be more girls than usual of must stands maybe it's you mom Akari something weirds going on that's for sure hmm even his kid brother is acting funny wait a second that's not him what do you mean there's someone else in the Buddy pits I've just confirmed it and I'm guessing that has something to do with zhonya's lack of focus well if you're right let's shake things up to make it more interesting he won't know what hit him time to turn up the heat cast huh a powerful set spell return to the underworld where are you Akatsuki hey kid hmm I've never been this popular why is everyone looking for me maybe big brother ratted me out I don't even know what I should do with this maranatha music that card is almost criminal and it's only elaborate the skull warrior deck return to the underworld lets him resurrect decides one skull warrior on every turn if he wants I guess this is why jin magatsu is called the uncrowned king but Wonder and Sonya finally met his match the match has already started sorry brother huh what am i doing there did I use a spell to transfer my spirit elsewhere I didn't we didn't realize I could pull off such a highly skilled move I'm like the best ninja ever wait if that's the real me and the me here must be just the spirit so I guess I don't have to worry about being found there you are activate returned to the underworld the terrifying spectacle begins prepare for the fright of your life buddy called evil in heart yummies it's an aid to the center do you fear the undead yeah Vicky today has been brought back to us and with a buddy camped chin recovers one life points Yemi gets her name she's trippin he hasn't been defeated yet he just got to the show you told me you didn't see him go to the drop zone earlier tats when Jin activated his Hades fall sex felt he said gamma geeks on a packing to the drop zone oh sorry my bad are you even watching yummy kitsune attack Bantam ninja caution koji blue flame Fox fire i catched ninja arts steel ball that spelling creases the ninjas power during battle and also next counter attacks possible I cast and I'll use to life for dimming way Sakura Fubuki hmm Sakura Fubuki nullified zhonya steel ball spell that means yummy Jeju nays attack pose get through you're up commence I attack Sanya light to darkness by sending a skull warrior that's cause damage to his opponent to the drop zone Jin can now draw one card and just like that my hands changed entirely looking at my cards was a big waste of time well drum what's the story this way good work buddy the centers wide open and yet he's opted to attack Tsukiko gate on the left Jin's either brilliant or a complete and total flail it goes down end of Moo your move huh I don't believe it he drew a second electron in just shetan charge and draw I call to the right electron ninja shooting I'll pay 1 gauge this garden ninja art card from my hand and draw 2 cards from the deck and I call Sookie cog a to the sector Oh is one step ahead Sonia didn't activate sukiyaki skill earlier so he'd be able to call up to the center now looks like another solid move this time by Sonia this is some amazing action who's gonna win this incredible cause in a world battle go get him Sookie cog a hang in there big see so why aren't you rushing over to the fighting stage now to tell you the truth I really want to go but I don't think my brother's too happy with me right now for taking his deck return to the underworld raises his head again he'll return no matter how many times he's defeated I call yummy get Sanae to the center and called ear akamaru to the left first up the ear akamaru on the right attacks shetan yummy get Sanae attack Sookie cog a nanomachine body replacement me it's futile attack again with the ear akamaru on the left here and ammu what's the matter can't play without your brother holding your hand thought so your loo it's none of your business you're finished Rock Chalk and draw I call to the left extermination ninja slashing Asura we finally have an appearance by a size 3 monster I equip ninja blade Colonel gotcha with this power play zhonya's positioning himself to end the match right here on this turn ha ha I'll believe it when I see it hey sannyas heart rates increasing looks like something's getting him all worked up over there changing your strategy after I bring up your little bro hey threw you off did I with your experience you should know all too well about Asura is powerful abilities I activate ninja art Asura Bako and by sacrificing one life point and my entire man mmm that was a little worse than I thought what a smackdown jinns monsters have been destroyed could the match be over on this turn where are you Akatsuki huh come on yeah where is he where could he be Hey look there he is over there what the he was just here it's a hit let's see if the great slashing ah sir I can finish the job watch out behold the art of body replacements end of moves the body replacement wipes out an opponent's attack making it ineffective hold on to your popcorn you're playing well kid but you've underestimated me next time you'll think twice draw charge and draw resurrect you begin Sanae Jin uses return to the underworld again that should finish off that zhonya oh call to the left attack Asura you can see it was a big mistake to pay one life point to use asuras ability final phase thanks for playing I cast hey what's going on as predicted you've fallen right into my trap you triggered my secret sword card we need acquired final phase and followed it with cast heard of moon Fang okay three gauge to activate lethal formation secret sword game over winner Sanya he's arrived with great sacrifices come great rewards though you seems to be down and out like you are off your game it was all just part of your plan not bad how could this happen what a nightmare Sophia where have you been in here Dao I found us some tasty snack that's what you've been tracking this whole time of course why what are you doing in here we're busy right we're looking for a kotsky kisser Augie I saw you with him a few minutes ago move out of my way hmm you must be mistaken Akatsuki Zin the buddyp it's Hayes Anya I have a question for you huh that kid who was helping you in the pit it wasn't really your brother was it of course it's me freak show why would you think I was anyone else Akatsuki that was close really Sophia from the Middle School helped you right she was actually pretty nice you cleaned up Congrats yeah thanks guys I am in your debt but gal don't think I'll go easy on you in the final just because you gave me a hand what would be the fun in that huh sorry ZZ I know I messed up it won't happen again don't worry it's over with you meant no harm asked for the deck just give it back to the safe room kai okay this belongs to you thanks kid huh yeah what are you trying to pull the box is empty maybe you're not tough enough for this job you should have kept the deck and ignored zhonya's little brother what's that who said I didn't keep the deck I think I have our candidate as I see again my is the best choice for the dark core hello there I'm paruko nanana your guide to the buddyfight world the AVC cups a team event when the players on the fighting stage the rest of the team backs them up from behind the scenes in the state-of-the-art body pit from there they're able to monitor the action on the field as it unfolds and provide the fighter with necessary info and strategic advice this keeps players in the know on what's what it's kind of like a control room can you open a buddy rare car what do you think energy here's a glow Oh and time you Hey everybody's with alternate et us Kevon Sophia activates disaster force and shows Denman's electrifying power meanwhile everyone's gearing up for the AVC Cup final match next episode a BC Cup final exploring the underground maze can you dig it