you [Music] the bakugan battle brawlers in evolution revolution [Music] Bruno just disappear marucho runo where are you guys come on quit fooling around too weird this isn't funny man I got a sick feeling in my gut something's happened to them marucho runo come on answer me easy Daniel having a little crisis here that's it I gotta find him but Dan where are you going I said huh immediately creepy come on you guys just give me some kind of clue or something [Music] tigrerra you're alright yeah I'm fine huh marucho wake up marucho where am I so strange all I remember is us chasing Klaus down the hallway and so do i interesting but help what are we transported here I guess we should try to get a hold of Dan Bruner calling dan are you there we've been worried sick about you where's marucho are you guys still together hey are you still there runo runo come in over [Music] hey sorry for being worried we've been looking for you guys all morning you sure know how to make a girl feel good what you might as well stop now it's a battle you can't win you're right he's marucho with you runo yes good so do you know if you're still in the castle somewhere I think so hang on a minute runo hmm I have a sneaking suspicion that this isn't the same castle what what does that mean you're right everything looks a little different this is getting creepy I say we leave at once huh then we can search the castle and maybe find how Klaus vanished into thin air but no buts about it Rudo I'm determined to save preyas okay nice one you knew they were following you close don't sweat it Julio I wonder what's in here [Music] looks like a dead end it appears to be deserted wait a minute how incredibly deceptive this is a true no this is what a secret path looks like the base I believe the word is dungeon runo be careful you don't have to tell me twice man I sure hope you guys know what you're doing [Music] Bruno what I think it's called a door computer yeah like what's it doing in a dungeon I'm curious to know what it's wind-up dude [Music] [Music] how can any one's power level be a four one zero geez but is that possible but if you think that's how check this out they show me here you go can you see it Dan hmm unbelievable it can't be how did they get their power levels so high they must have evolved what do you mean by battling in your world each confrontation makes them stronger yeah remember hide really talking about that one time I feed off the Bakugan I sent you to dimensions oh man that's crazy does that mean you evolved with each encounter our life force multiplies ut Tigre yes I too evolved it was the same back in our home of vestroia each battle was a source of strength not only with our power increase but the experience would make us wiser in battle both on defense and our legs but there is one drawback some Bakugan can absorb too much power for their body to handle and there's no way of knowing when too much is too much then what happens sadly it leads to one's own destruction [Music] but the strong survive by drawing the power up of other Bakugan wait a sec masquerade was talking about it as well my pet is evolving soon hydranoid if no one is able to put a stop to this this evolution revolution soon the ultimate bakugan will exist this isn't sounding good Marie Joe this database indicates the ultimate Bakugan doesn't exist yet who's ranked the highest then let's take a look my precious hydranoid Musgraves huh this is some kind of joke [Laughter] dimension I want revenge and I demand it right now your battle me kid challenges allow me to introduce myself I'm the world's most gifted hey oz handler how'd you horses Cuba let me take care of them no runo I do not like this creep I say he is the world's most gifted jerk and I'm going to prove it I'll get your revenge marucho will no wait you can't fight him alone dan hey you didn't expect me to just stand around a watch you hear that tentaclear looks like we can take out two bozos with one Bakugan I am going to enjoy this doom card set stay tuned and watch me win battle brawlers [Music] [Music] [Music] virus will battalion stay [Music] well looks like everyone's present and accounted for let's get this little freak show started [Music] battle ready to commence [Music] [Music] Gate card open [Music] what my little flare binder move renders your Bakugan useless [Music] as long as my flare blinder is on your little toys can't touch me isn't this fun Mega Flare blinders [Music] [Applause] I hope they enjoy an eternity in the doom dimension [Music] [Laughter] dan let the big Google up but just wait Bali's only got one ability card left and then he's all mine let's get this over with [Music] [Music] [Music] is that all you've got [Music] ability card activate hey tentaclear power increase up one zero zero geez [Music] my infamous aaaah state disability increases my Bakugan by a hundred G's oh and I forgot to mention it revives any ability card I've already used or lost in the battle what do we do I guess we pretend we know what we're doing go declare all combatant as power increase by 1 0-0 jeez you should see the look on your faces what's wrong not so tough anymore are you [Laughter] [Music] fear liver power reduction of five zero g news ravenoid power level at three three zero g now your gate card power level is frozen oh wow wasn't expecting that but I'll bet you're not expecting this a countermove battle assessment finally judge with attribute training all Bakugan power with the exception of chaos bakugan all power will be lost [Music] [Applause] [Music] I was too late ravenoid eliminated [Music] finally some competition [Music] [Music] Pussycats Gate card open freeloaders my reloaded a chart I can steal a hundred G's of power from any Bakugan on the battlefield now watch and learn kitties while I win another one centipoid power increase of 1 0-0 G's let's see you try and take down my scent employ who's backing over 400 years [Music] Rhaego counting on you [Music] brawler's at seven to zero G's ready to Greta yeah now the battles all tied up this little skirmish is starting to bore me to get rid of his tentaclear no brah [Music] this battle is between you and I tentaclear and victory will be mine cut the chitchat Gate card open energy merge [Music] sensing massive power level reduction my chart is the ability to absorb the power of your backup on tentaclear power increasing shadow power decreasing that's it tentaclear sucking all the power you need [Applause] Rhaego I can't lose Drago power increase impossible very strange I can sense an odd power beginning to rise up in me I'm regaining my strength America sentencing power increase in both Bakugan don't drag oh you're up swimming technically your power and it's making you strong that they put there listen to me take that dragon down now the board's tonight I'm tired of this ability card activate [Music] Drago at 3:02 oh geez look that's not possible leggo how'd you I can feel it it is happening the power is building within me the evolution process is started yeah that's it Drago is evolving that is so very cool it is time Daniel I have the power to finish the battle [Music] all right yep how could this happen I never lose never [Music] [Applause] [Music] are we back safely this is wonderful and here we were worried about you so I guess that masquerade is still on his quest it seems he's trying to find the ultimate Bakugan if the silent core is fused together with the ultimate bakugan Naga then it would be possible for the Infinity core to views with another ultimate Bakugan that Bakugan could be masquerades hydranoid and if that happens it would be totally disastrous I concur Julie but we have to stop masquerade before he finds the Infinity core come on guys don't sweat it one of our Bakugan just needs to become the ultimate bakugan before hydranoid right and with every battle our Bakugan will evolve a little more I get the feeling we can do this guy's [Music] coming up on bakugan battle brawlers and I'm up for it first I was worried Billy's brain have been completely taken over by masquerade I realized he had a lot of childhood memories about when we were kids [Music]