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get ready for a cool new card game that connects to a parallel universe special cards act as portals bringing monsters to earth to become buddies with humans and through friendship and courage help them take on fight challenges it's called buddy fight dragon Fang crushing sword full mink what's the deal with that sword yo it's basically a magic dragon eraser special properties in this field let the user destroy them with just one blow cha-ching how do I get one of those he's really upset about that card win so if he didn't put the card in his dad who did don't know ribbit unless hey you gave it to him didn't you ogre winning a match with a hey card doesn't automatically make you some kind of magician am i right never good to be hating yo if winnings all you care about I can see why you would use them hmm what do you think Z would you use him if it was the only way to win maybe if it was the only way mean that's it I'm going next why you huh I don't usually get angry but what I do is for a good reason good or bad these hate cards are messing with the fun no way this isn't the buddy fight I know yes don't your future we'll see Christopher by oh we go I'll take these and you'll get it to you big boss on there Oh freak out your future gamora was always all alone Barry wait don't tell me you're supposed to be my buddy yeah I'm not sure about this I know Corky's the new block but this is a lot to take on then again you could be a diamond in the rough what buddies bring their best that was first time Kimora meet self I wasn't excited to be his buddy but said something happening longed for his true character to shine through I have been best friends funny head majorly strong and I didn't think so at first but he actually listens to me self only one who talked to Kimora being her friend all I care about until rouga show up ribbit rogue help to learn body fight Gamora think to get really strong and get more friends so work hard but Gamora go too far and make bad mistake betray Genma hurt good friend Gamora feel bad gyal you up for a fight it'll mannered mongrel respond please ribbit you're feeling better so what do you say huh Kim Kim huh she's growing on me she's okay yeah I hope she wins carries all alone out there worried I'm sure he's alright is that girl serious Kimora's just revealed all his cards he's the perfect target to be hate carded now there's no way he's foolish enough to accept her challenge yeah I don't know he looks like he's pretty into it I'd say oh you know him best Roga what do you think I never taught him to play like that but he did win just let him do what he wants that girl I've never seen her play will she be able to win if she plays her cards right we can't afford to have any more losses you see her fight gal she's good she's wicked strong she just might be the best fighter out of all of us uh-huh let's see her break it down already all we can do is hope for the best khazzani we're counting on you do it for kiri it looks like both teams have chosen their next fighters a kaleidoscope of excitement and adventure blue collide elaborate luminize wide arse our cow buddy skill on it's feathers versus fairy dust for the win end of moon give her a slow out of the gate with only 1 damage point on his first turn let's see what Kazan has got to answer that hmm so that's how it is what gives even with a bad hand one points pretty weak bro maybe he's making mistakes cuz he's tired from his last fight he looks fine that's weird is he making up for what he did to get MA what are you saying that he's losing on purpose Cobb would make a comeback without keeping it real yo hey man got a question for you remember what I had that one turned victory against our friend roga like it was yesterday dawg well just like hate cards those kind of games can get your opponent's really bummed out and stuff unless you're the thick-skinned demon type you're the sensitive demon type Kimora listen to me I get how you feel about all this and I know you want to make up for it but trust me this really isn't the way you always give your opponent your best fight so bring it someone's worked up you listened to him but he right Kimora not give best ready or not strong charge and draw I call fledgling Wario Kurt Glaser to the better gummy slime and Scout criticize and cure watch the right different mission cards to feet monster a mission card special set spell that gives you a bonus if you fulfill certain requirements and you guessed it these are gold missions that's weird I've never heard of that one you don't get out much do you the bonus for defeat monsters lets you add two cards to your hand if you can complete the whole mission but it's definitely not easy to do Kasana has to destroy two of Kimora's monsters for this one okay alright boys link attack bubble draw hey let's get up yeah like human way taters I think a little slash and Bernal do the trick y monster down and one to go and with ogre Glaser's ability to penetrate Kimora's Life Points drop to 9ku guru does legend world have any counter spells like Drago energy or is this as cool as it gets ah well the enhanced card the wider circle is pretty similar to a counter spell why do you ask man that Casone she's awesome what's all the fuss she just used a link attack ogre could defeat that Venus flytrap on his own but she's thinking strategy all the way explain please it's like this bro if Kazama had only attacked with the ocher Kimora could have cast the wide arcs are Cal hitting her with the counter so with the link attack she protects her unit and guarantees taking his out that girl's way ahead of the game you heard she's giving it everything she's got out there I hope Kimora starts doing the same okay gimme Sun go attack em can and of move it doesn't look like he's really even trying he'd better pick it up or he'll be hitting the showers your move this bad no dissipate ah not feel good camera her Genma when try for winning he but you won just like you wanted yeah and it bad not to give best in fight yes but can't stop thinking come or not wanna hurt anyone else never he's so confused not know what to do hmm what's the holdup he's not even attempting to draw his cards Barry got your tongue or something yes Kemp no Kel I wonder why he's just standing there typical Kimura guess he's getting cold feet again like always ask Rangga he's his star pupil after all hmm he's not here I he never says people's names that's a first crazy when this come on start trying ah Roga care what happened to camera listen up stop this victory can be yours but you must use all your strength all my strength then win kelp Kimura will do that one that delay was but he's finally drawing the guard looks like he's actually gonna try Roga has a way of changing people's minds for them bro judging by these waves he's getting ready none of this makes any sense if ruga can just talk people into winning why do you have to give Komuro that hate card it's so pointless watch out gomorrah fight with full power winning fair and square using own cards make up for hurting friend Genma i call to center in a forest ladder on that'll dry go attack that ogre guy kill poetic justice now sir slider of attack the fighter camp and of MOOC yeah that's more like it by the way I'm khazzani huh I'm also known as wind that's my nickname ribbit what now are we gonna talk fine I don't know your story is or what makes you tick but I'm so happy to have an equal opponent call to the center see I know that the hey card was not your idea divide and conquer with my width of destiny so just put it behind you and from now on fight your own way huh by destroying the second monster Kazan I have fulfilled your mission the spell worked like a charm adding two cards to her hand huh what makes you think you know anything the way someone fight says a lot did your fat missing you talk big for someone who's a bite size very centered gummi fun attack the fighter I can tell me and chemcam would be fast friends after hashing out oh I feel me Freddie Spencer will ever date bitch figures what is it with princesses and frogs huh look who brought the drama I'm sorry but I can't watch you girls are weird end of move you can't let her get the best of you make this turn count to left help Culebra we need all the help we can get out there Oh put me good idea buddy cause shelf to center Kemp leave it to me I'll protect you and put fifth girl in her place hmm thanks buddy nothing I'm just wondering were you the one that said that hate card into chem chem stuck without him knowing about it oh it wasn't me Romero after alone huh I thought so it was him of course that's why Roga was so angry about it that little wing at bog needs to shush she's in trouble Romero's one of the four demon generals right so is he a good friend of yours school classmate Cal either way if someone does something you don't like you have to tell them how do bad Gil walk up to him and tell him how you feel about what he did she not be mad maybe but he's the one who was wrong if he's your real friend he'll apologize and hopefully do his best to make up for it thank you Gabe gasps the queer Dora had karora casts the powerful decree of Jorah han all of the wide arse our child now have the ability for a double attack it's not looking good for her bro his monsters are already pretty choice it'll be tough to beat him now with that second wave maybe we should have just let him throw the match in our favor nah win or lose we bring our best game don't you dare forget it man come or I give everything Kemp I should hope so Culebra attack monster in the center penetrate and now double attack i define protection of Jones with that counterspell a player pays one gauge to nullify an opponent's attack while at the same time we're gaining one line boys Ribit can Laura change strategy Celts and bevel try and then attack left why is he diverting his attention from attacking that girl huh cuz there's no point because of the card she just played yeah he couldn't knock her life points down to zero even if all his monsters joined up so he switched his assault to the two units on the sides instead a smart play I wasn't aware Kimura was such a good fighter and getting better every day but having a great teacher is half the battle what's surprising is that origami saw his potential when none of us did what a bird end of mu he's gaining the upper hand this is an awesome fight looking good tomorrow no finish not bad frat boy nice lure is amazing you can do this giving you your best is fun hey cam cam you're really good you know hey thanks this is getting me all revved up I want to fight too now not me I'm hungry I'm so pumped I want a player to yo for a non demon yeah she's pretty wicked okay my turn again yeah look at me charge and draw it's time for a buddy call me ready flaming Phenix to the right position mimic with a pride to the left and I just card one card from my hand and equip glory seeker ah ribbon well our with that cameras down 2-1 Life Points must-win hey go get her new friend token not yet me cash oh my growl he just blocked the attack bet he forgot blade has a double attack that's what she's baking on she's so fly winner ghazan a Fuji Mia on the board tell me four more wins to complete our mission and get Carrie back we really lost that match was totally cool no we're friends we should play again sometime you got it Kim whoever fights next has to win understand get more a grateful to rogue occup hmm because you teach me how to buddy fight good cal Kimora now can make some good friends win or lose he's never happy Romero huh if you want put card in Kimora's deck you have to tell first Kim what he said okay but I only did it for you to help you win do that again camera never forgive you ha ha hey can't come come on why don't we fight again right now can't what sorry someone else Kimura need to fight first yep huh you're right that's a good call where do you think he's going in such a hurry into the mountains would be my best guess yeah he's gonna go make peace with Genma yo nice I wonder if general will forgive him mm-hmm sure he will huh that's what friends do man and they've been best buds for ages I wonder how the biters are gonna be for the fourth match of this showdown I'll go you ain't seen nothing yet hey nobody likes yet Gabe hug Oh fight next we saw you fight already it's time for someone else to have a turn like me you remembered I guess you're right you got revved up Huachuca Sonny's match too oh don't forget we can't afford to lose a single match now that's enough motivation for me it's time we showed them how good I bow really is come on guys it's go time yeah right on it's time for tasuku and cows card of the day today's card is blade wing Phoenix hey I've met him he's Kazan his buddy and comes all the way from dungeon world blade wings got five thousand power to critical and a double attack that's rare for a size two monster all in all he's a great choice to have your back as long as you don't mind blade when nagging you about your manners so what do you think guys you think you can open one of these you'll never know until you try Oh oh please your let the hi goo goo Jung ji OH okay about that like next time it's Sonia against Kanna happy and things get a little ugly when we find out there's a dark history between the two of them next episode flying ninja showdown it's gonna be super stealth