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get ready for a cool new card game that connects to a parallel universe special cards act as portals bringing monsters to earth to become buddies with humans and through friendship and courage help them take on fight challenges it's called buddy fight we got the cage time to let off abracadabra wriggles out of their gala costs for damaged boys tomorrow and it's telephone ever be under the category of permanent your next burning fist go and attack the fighter okay yeah yeah go sample which pleasure but I won't be as gentle as I was with you shocking no the glories all yours man oh let me guess without your future we can change the way baby stinkies Oh - bye the cane recount your future stop right there yeah stay back don't you know what this place is you're at sangoku Academy little girl Oh maybe she communicates telepathically I'm having a vision of her going away listen rogue Aragami brought a young boy here last night tell me where he is uh guess there's bad reception here nothing comes free you gotta win a buddy fight if you want us to answer your questions uh where'd she go maybe she does have telepathetic powers where's the boy i I really don't know figures dark buddy skill on vegetable swordsman shosetsu kiri Psalm a the hair-raising showdown between Ivo and San Goku continues for all your new keys out there let's recap the matches we've had so far the first match paired off said cats ruled origami and I Bo's Texas yep you're joking I'll get you and your little monster to all the welding skills proved too much protector Yahoo busted a move right out of the contest you know the second match pitted Kimora the frogman against Ivo Gaza totoro key it's basically a magic dragon eraser special properties in the steel let the user destroy them with just one blow cha-ching how I get one of those iPhone middle schools number one ranked fighter game over taken down because of a hate guard the third match talking Morris get in the field after accepting a challenge from I focus on a few jamia the frogman was determined to win his next match on his own merits but instead he was carried away by the wind and rain abates the fourth match was between our own Sonya sera and - ninja Cana heavy five Emily swords onimaru put this verification socket dominated the cognate world showdown ending the cold heavy ninjas shot of the victory here and in the fehb the most recent match Gao Mikado shopkins all of our destroyer sank at student council president Ferraro with a fast world day and the dance Ivo has three players left and Sega who has two oh my stomach right something cramping your style yo it's just that I haven't eaten all day I packed tons of club sandwiches who in the blimp crash-landed in the woods they got all squished don't tell me you're just hungry oh what a horrifying waste okay that's it it's my turn to get a little hangry spies need food to nink it's no surprise none of us have eaten anything since breakfast well we can't go into battle on empty stomachs what do you think do you want to go grab something let's hit the snack bar why aren't you fighting this I'll go in your place buddy fight is my food plus I had a granola bar earlier please plate can I fine puppy-dog eyes oh right it looks like I Bo's decided that khazzani will suit up for the next match she knocked him around at the event last time she can keep her winning streak alive and her mysterious opponent from sin cat fighting for the first time today his shosetsu akira sabe I wondered when that guy was gonna start playing how is it can you see me yeah I can see perfectly now we can go get some chow without worrying about things thanks a lot for hooking us up okay drum time to get us some fuel I bet they have all kinds of pudding maybe you'll have pizza yeah time to raise the flag buddy skill on I fight for dungeon world buddy skill on and I for legend world what kids where's his buddy yo tats buddies come in all shapes and sizes try looking closely at his belt what do you see belt you mean that item he's sore of course buddies aren't always gonna be monsters summer items from famous legends are myths yeah but I'll admit this is my first time seeing one it never breaks dents rusts or shatters it's the fabled demon sword of wedging world it said that by winning and surviving countless battles the sword somehow came to life I am the immortal sword Durand ow hear that he's got an item for a buddy man I wish I was fighting him focus on the food cuz I'm a we'll go first let's get started charge and draw I called gummy slime to the center position don't you stop the fighter and ugly in your face your loose draw charge and draw my turn I will pay 1 gauge and call knights of the round table King Arthur to the right knights of the round table Garwin go to the left position and I acquit famous sword grunting now King Arthur goin unites in a link attack with the Knights code and honor yes sire when King Arthur and going combined forces in a link attacking both inability to penetrate Oh protects legend um grunting that's cutting on the act end of move incredibly shosetsu strips cuz I they have seven life points in just one turn that was rather fish are you alright cos Arnie I'm super that's some serious power I feel like his sword is looking at me as kisser ah geez can sense these things nin yo is it looking at me don't worry about it debts what they're picking up on isn't the sword it's something about that shosetsu guy no matter what my opponents like I gotta give it my best that's the way I roll okay it's my turn time to kick it charge and draw I call fake skeletons the right Scout criticizing care wat to the left and thunder started to the center Galton seawater okay here we'll attack the fighter and of move you go girl she's not giving around that with thunder Sparta's is 9,000 defense interceptor she's got a chance huh going to the left and Galahad to the right but Thunder Spartacus is ready and waiting to pounce I choose to return grunting to my hand and buddy call I equip immortal sword Durandal piece which is sword like I changed socks it's the legend world thing some items can be returned to your hand when you switch items Galahad Gaul we link attack with me right this threefold link attack combo will increase is offensive to 13 Oh goin penetrate Oh game over winner shosetsu hurry some ideas Annie are you all right yeah I'm fine but I don't get it he doesn't seem to enjoy buddy fighting at all that shosetsu is a skilled swordsman I'll go next well shawnzy nin oh man I'm so hungry I think I see the counter over there what's with the crazy lineup this'll take forever we'll have time for this we ran a major whoring penny chance we could get our lunch first do you know what to do if you want something you have to be a sin that buddyfight okay if that's how it's gotta be Jeong time both schools now have two players remaining and it looks like Ivo setting outside yet she's Araki for the next match let's hope he continues his victorious ways sin CAD sticks with their winning recipe keeping show Satsuki resounding in the field wait and see what I'm capable of Roga it's time you realized who is truly worthy of being given that dark power me not that little kid you brought here last night yeah hey that's it you're going down rookie but I'm starving how many of these guys do I have to beat anyway struck down bandits with stubble guards what luminize behold great IDO criminal arrest record a thousand swords defeating the enemy with a thousand bow luminize fortress of swords right raise the flag I fight for gun to the world Suki cocking noon buddy skill on buddy skill arm and eye for legend world shosetsu will go first charge and draw I call to the center knights of the round table Percival Perceval attack the fighter it's my duty a knight welcomes battle ah end of Moon Roga I saw you once before he became a student here at sin CAD it was a long time ago when I was training alone in the sea of trees below Mount Fuji you couldn't have known because I kept out of sight but I was amazed and what I saw I will never ever forget what is that this is a restricted area I've never seen a buddy fighter like him before most unusual somehow he's making the force of the cards real it appears so is that possible I would do anything to have that power cyber analyze okay what game the scars what did your arts card for my hair and then draw two cards from the deck he's adding cards to his hand using sheet and ability I've got to go to the center nana machine that just tsuki target in another city cognate to the left noon miss seated use your stuff to attack possible now Sookie target attack the fighter and of mood after just dropping for life born shosetsu doesn't seem to be bathed in the least then months later when you first appeared at Sen CAD I couldn't believe you were the same person I had seen before drill bunker I had no proof that you are somehow making a power from your cards real but there was only one way for me to find out and that was to fight you myself great magician Merlin to the right Merlin's ability into this blood by paying 1 gauge and discarding one hero card shosetsu can now look at the top five cards of the deck and add up to chips power item cards to his hand hmm i buddycall here comes the sword watch out Sonya its way strong he's on his own now cuz I'm a I equip immortal sword during down whoa that's sword maybe Sonya's right there is something weird about it knights of the round table King Arthur to the left you King Arthur Merlin link attack the Sookie cocky in the center post kill the power of penetrate to thy King saw victory Oh Artu you end of mu my chance to confront you came soon enough rouga do you really think you're the strongest buddy fighter around these parts hard to say now that you're here that is the only way to get my respect is to fight me but a big boom if one brilliant move shosetsu reduce Sonya's life points and destroyed sheet and the monster that can add cards to his hand hm what you didn't think that I could do power plays - I called to the right stuff did you get recovery sighs OH if I choosing to pay 1 gauge are you gripped by heavenly storms honey Maru Suki cocky I'm leaving Merlin to you knit cycle follow me right this is my legend equipment change print wins what divide protection grid when lets you reduce damage by two if you paid to wage I guess I have no choice but to use it vital babe little barb a son he keeps changing his equipped item during the fight it's a strategy if that's the case then I should use shooting star you opened my eyes you are more powerful than I had ever imagined Drogo you're very strong I admit with the cards in my hand I have no chance of winning as I see it there is no point for me to continue this fight between us no point instead I pledge myself to serve you I call to the right knight at the round table growing equipment change stir it down King Arthur goin attack the fighter together brothers in arms to the end hey good night I cast our bunny replacement not yet end of moon I shadowed you ruga so I could gain your knowledge and power for myself it down but now outside the way your game play not only bad bad with swords autumn our last three critical voice Sonya's victory might just be around the corner drops will do it all that attack ensnare the warrior Nick equipment change grid way the damage but we're back maneuver is used on engage hide in the mist and cut through the shadows mutation so like after spell too careful sides of attack come on see you could do it business card right re-borrow gosh another well time counterspell me for said cat fighter survived the turn with no damage huh via tube end of Moon Roga you insulted my honor to bring someone like him into competition with me I will train him here and don't even think of interfering why didn't you choose me or anyone else from Sun Cat for that matter why give all the attention to a player with no experience equipment change turn it down King Arthur going attack the fighter you've made a huge mistake rouga you'll see and now I'm going to prove it to you 14 fights they better be worth it huh what's our student council vice-president doing here hey wait I commend thee you fought valiantly attack what's this part of body replacement you fallen right into my trap I think three games to activate lethal formation secret sword shooting star did you see are you destroyed the item using secret sword shooting scarring gave him three damage check yours on is the man you forgot what I said didn't you maybe at the beginning of the fight I told you Durand I'll never breaks dents rusts or shatters there's a reason why it can't be destroyed it's an immortal sword it didn't break it's true Durand tells as powerful as they come game over winner shosetsu kiri saw me and there it is that should wake me kado up maybe now he'll get serious about his fighting again whoa I never knew fighting tactics like this even existed I didn't believe Ryuga at first but if I study here I just might become stronger like he says maybe even as strong as Gow so this is where you've been hiding uh Oh miss vice president what are you doing here there's something I've been meaning to give to you but isn't that she's around here somewhere oh it's time for the Zuko and GAO's card of the day and today we have the terrifying Thunder Knights leader commander Fani he's the head of the Thunder Knights and I hear he's got an awesome attack with lightning speed that's right he has one critical point to all Thunder Knights cards and he gives all of them the ability called move not to mention it's able to enhance itself to this guy help anyone build a powerful Thunder Knights deck so what do you think guys you think you can open one of these you'll never know until you try Galco stream julep Hagee youngji Oh okay we make today about that Oh we'll be light next time Sophia Sakharov taps keyring with the power of the dark core meanwhile me and gal square off against shosetsu and we get in over our heads next episode douse buddy skill is on it's gonna be real