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Breakfast Club morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are The Breakfast Club you got a special guest in the building of indeed Attorney General Eric Holder Eric Holder welcome sir what's happening my people back I'm glad to see you you started a great group to read district district in group right yep national democratic redistricting committee for redistricting after redistricting we just drink district redistricting remiss trick thing what is that I wasted five every ten years after the census which happens every ten years the United States some goes into a period of redistricting well we draw a new legislative districts for the states and also for our congressional seats twenty eleven the Republicans really went to town and gerrymander the redistricting process so that they ended up with more seats than they deserve on the basis of the number of boats they got and so in 2021 we want to make sure that Democrats are at the table and that we have a fair process to fill out the census yeah people are afraid and I understand that given what the Trump administration has done to try to create that climate of fear and the Hispanic community especially and one of the things we have to do is encourage people to make sure that they raise their hands that they get voted because to have a fair redistricting process in 2021 you've got to have a fair census in 2020 today shouldn't be scared shouldn't be scared no no I can understand the level of fear and the concern that people have but the stakes are too high to simply not participate in the census the census is the basis for determining how nine hundred billion dollars in federal aid is distributed to the states and also again how the redistricting is done and how that is how political power is decided to be distributed over the course of the next decade then they try to make a law where you had to save one of the questions would be are you a legal immigrant right yeah wasn't that guy shut down yes questions whether or not you are a citizen they wanted to include a citizenship question which hasn't been included on the long form of the census since 1950 we filed a lawsuit the NDRC filed a lawsuit that we won and the Trump administration ultimately back down and so the citizenship question will not be in the Trump has access to this if knee beedo well the the Census Bureau will have access to the information and is actually typically historically it's really held that information and jealously guarded the information there are protocols in place for instance so that the FBI doesn't get access to that information okay now these are the norms now what Harry not in the norms anymore well exactly what happens with this administration what they'll try to do with it you know I have to be honest with people you know we'll try to do all that we can and make sure that some of those norms are are followed but we have to be wary you know you know we always talk about the Russians interfering in our elections and voter suppression and Mitch McConnell blocking an election security bill why are people people acting like election security is no big deal I won't have you were raising more hell about that well I have been I've been out there you know that's this is what I've been doing since I left the Department of Justice talking about the need for election security to make sure that people have the right to vote do we stop voter suppression that we make sure that people from off site off our shores outside our shores don't have an ability to influence our elections there's a whole range of things that we need to focus on I mean the House passed a bill that would distribute about I think two hundred fifty million dollars to the states to allow the states to get ready for what the Russians are gonna try to do Mitch McConnell bottom shot it yeah until he just said I guess last week or so after he was called Moscow Mitch which apparently really got to him he's now authorized the distribution of that money Democrats run though on the case but the debate stage Corie like in the last few debates cory booker is like the only person we even mentioned it even remotely well i don't you know i've part of the problem with assessing people's what they talk about in these debates the questions yeah they get asked just bringing up out of nowhere and one of the things you know we've had i know three four debates whatever it is no one's asked anybody anything about gerrymandering about redistricting about voting issues you know i know it's my point i know about the health care plans now i got i know what people stand on health care i don't need to hear anymore let's talk about let's talk about some other things like you got Stacey havens with the fair fight 2020 right what you're doing right but I just feel like it should be louder like are the mic to me I feel like our democracy is damn near dead until we fix that I mean our democracy is at stake and people need to understand that I mean simply because we've had a democracy for 250 years or so doesn't mean it's always gonna be there what the Russians are trying to do things to it I would say that the Republicans are trying to undermine from within our democracy with gerrymandering voter purges voter suppression and we've got a fight to save our democracy what do you say to people who are saying oh what's the point in voting if it's just gonna be you know voter suppression it's just gonna be people interfering with the election process and all of that what do you tell people who say well my vote doesn't matter anyway every vote counts and we also have to understand that people die people sacrifice people committed themselves to a struggle to allow us to have the right to vote John Lewis got his skull cracked on the Edmund Pettus Bridge so that people would be allowed to vote three civil rights workers give their lot gave their lives 1963 Mississippi again they were trying to register people to vote we dishonor that legacy we dishonor their work if we don't do the simple thing of voting now that may mean it may mean that we're gonna have to wait in line for 3-4 hours in districts where there are people of color which is unfair shouldn't happen but I think to make sure that that doesn't happen the next time we have to put in place people who will really value the right to vote but it's a legacy there's you know we have to honor the work the commitment the effort of people for many years ago I was gonna say do you recommend that people go vote early to just gonna make sure in case there's any issues you can smooth that out and know ahead of time and let's really great point I think that every we should take advantage of those early voting periods that exist in different states vote as early as you can to make sure that your vote gets counted you may be minimizing the amount of time that you're gonna have to wait but again Republicans have tried to you know decrease the number of days that are available for early voting you know Republicans want to make it more difficult to vote they think that you know some Democrats are of the view that the more people vote it's you know it's best better for us that's a defining issue I think the parties we think more people or a vote that will help the Democratic Party they want to restrict the number of people they want to pick their voters they want to decide who should actually be allowed to vote a lot of Democrats that come up here they say that the reason they don't tell the truth about what's happening with the election security ability they don't want to discourage voters from voting in 2020 Democrats don't want to discourage yes they don't wanna discourage voters from voting at 22 if we tell people hey there is Russian interference yeah of course we know is voter suppression made some kind of blocking like security bill we tell people that it'll discourage people from going I think truth truth is always a good thing all right let people understand what the deal is people understand what they've got to overcome I mean the history of african-americans in this country shows that you know we're able to deal with truth and to overcome you know so put it out there tell people what's out there what they're gonna be up against we'll deal with it know you think is voting in 2019 2020 2021 you think that's difficult yeah maybe it might be a little inconvenient but think about what dr. King had to put up with John Lewis had to put up that's hard they're a good marshal going into a city in the in the south trying to case me I'd like get out of town before you know before the Sun went down that's hard even when it's because people came out in overwhelming numbers to vote right yeah I'm sure they were suppression at that time too sure there were attempts to try to um you know keep the count down but young people came out people of color came out that's what we have to have in 2019 in 2020 you know every presidential election is important the election in 2020 is existential I mean this is one where we have to get everybody who's eligible to vote out there to to cast a ballot Donald Trump cannot get another four years he's damaged our institutions damaged the norms that we've had he could destroy things with another another four years you think he wound up in jail I don't oh that's interesting I mean I don't I don't know you know I think the the case that put Michael Cohen in jail he has been named as an unindicted co-conspirator and so clearly he could be charged once he's out of office that he would no longer have the ability to say you know sitting president can't be indicted questioned and ultimately would be whether or not next Attorney General the next president would make a decision that he should in fact be prosecuted you know Gerald Ford made the decision that Nixon should not be and granted him a pardon I think that same issue that same question would confront you know the next president that you know I think come on ergo B's no no no I'm saying reflexively you know emotionally I'd say yes but I have to think about what's the impact on the country you know what would we do by putting Donald Trump one trial potentially putting him in jail would that have a negative impact on just the nation that needs to heal after he's well you know the nation should care about the impact of our criminal justice system on individuals and what it does to them also what the the criminal justice system has done to communities of color you know for instance so I think it's a legitimate concern to understand what is the impact of a particular prosecution or prosecution policy is gonna be on individual communities and on the nation as a whole radicalized out of all Trump's and feasible offenses which one could President Obama have gotten away with no exactly no trying to prosecute him they wouldn't put him Jeff Winnett and so why are we having any empathy for Donald Trump if Donald Trump wasn't the president he was just a regular citizen wouldn't he be going to jail forget if he's a regular citizen if you say that Obama was goodbye to go to jail it was a federal statute that says you can't offenses no no well it couldn't gotten away with they certainly would have held hearings and all this of whether they ultimately would have prosecuted him you know again I don't know I don't know it's a tough question is again I said as I said reflexively instinctively I'd say yeah you know yeah given all the stuff that he's done but I think you know at some point you some policymaker some decision maker is gonna have to step back and say do we really want to do we really want to do this I mean he should be held accountable you know and that's that I'm I'm always a person says that there's you know individuals should be held accountable for their actions and he certainly ought to be held accountable for all that he has all that he's done has he ever reached out to you at all Trump yes no he's talked about me though he keeps saying like he says I want my Wiz my roy cohn I want an attorney general like Holder was too Obama he protected Obama none of which is true no I wish well he's found his guy boy and boy I'm stoned isn't a guy now bar as a bars doing his best he can to try to protect him what is what is acting Attorney General William bar doing wrong how much time do we you know he is he's broken through some again those norms you know that we that we talked about the he's too close to the president you know there has to be a wall between the Justice Department and in the White House the question is how you know tall that wall needs to be but bar has done things that are inconsistent with what I think an attorney general ought to be doing you know his in his testimony it's pretty clear that he's been talking to the White House about things remember that interaction he had with Carla Harris where she said is anybody suggest you mean if you're started a prosecution and he had a hard time answering you know that question which I thought was pretty telling and so he's uh he's been an interesting Attorney General what did you think when you heard when you read the transcript between Donna Tubbs and Ukrainian president it was disturbing you know the notion that the president would reach out to a foreign leader and ask for information help in getting information on somebody who was a potential political rival again inconsistent with what we do in the United States breaks norms at a minimum potentially breaks statutes you know and its worst and so it was it's very disturbing now it's simply the beach and you see how that investigation proceeds who ultimately is involved in Trump says his fake he said the transcript a representative Adam Schiff read yesterday in front of Congress is fraudulent and Adam needs to step down for reading the fraud in the transcript how do you deal with something like nothing to lose I guess I mean you know there's a theory you know if you tell the big lie and you tell enough big lies people will think it's so nobody that people think well nobody could say that big a lie so it must be true I mean it's a weird kind of thing but that's one of those Trump big lies well I think Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats had a lot to do with that because they weren't acting like anything he was doing was wrong they was acting like it was normal so the general public accepted it is normal so I'm just glad that they're acting like something is wrong now yeah well no I think you know I would say that the house was trying to hold him accountable I would I would say that they maybe should have started a little earlier and been maybe a little more aggressive than they had been but there's certainly reacting now and you know but it's also in the face of you know from the Justice Department and from other parts of the executive branch really unimaginable opposition again not responding to subpoenas not making people available to testify these are in things that are inconsistent with the with the norms the way in which the executive branch usually interacts with with Congress and so they've had to deal with that they've been forced to go to court to do things that normally just people's alright I got subpoenaed I'm gonna come testify get subpoenaed down Justice Department tells people you know don't show it how do you think Donald Trump will be reelected no I really don't think that he will be I think that I think it's gonna be a fight I mean I think you know he I'm not a poker guy what's the thing he'd do a straight some description about he'd get something in poker that's almost impossible to you know which is to win by winning in three states seventy seven thousand votes you know didn't win the electoral college I will guarantee this the Democratic nominee for president will get more of the popular vote than Donald Trump right the only way he wins is to win in the electoral college and I don't say it's a guarantee that we'll win the electoral college but I think I'm pretty certain that we will I don't think that the American people we're gonna have an energized Democratic base you know I think young people people of color the Obama coalition I think will reassert itself and I think the majority the American people will reject that which trump has stood for these past you think Joe Biden is the best bet for Democrats in 2020 I think we've got a bunch of good candidates I think he'd be good I think you know other people who are running would be would be good well I like I like caramel I like Cory I like Amy I call you know I think any one of these Democrats is better than you know that there's no there's no question and I like the programs I think they'll be more honorable they'll be people of integrity in a way that he has not been so I think it's not saying much when the bar is Donald Trump though no I think well yeah we'll get back to norms you know we'll have presidents we'll have a new president who would conduct himself or herself in a way that we'd expect them presidents to do the way Brock Obama did you know do you think it's time to get rid of the electoral college absolutely there's no reason to have an electoral college I mean we're the only industrialized nation the only advanced democracy that elects people in that way the vote ought to be simply who gets the greatest number of votes not like who has the number wins the greatest number of states why isn't that really something that people are pushing for because I feel like that should be a big deal especially considering the last election well people actually are there's this thing called you have to amend the Constitution there's also this effort called the interstate compact to do away with it so what would happen is that the states would cast their electoral votes not for who won the state but who had the greatest number of national popular votes and in that way you would ultimately do away with the electoral college and I think so far you've got states that total about 196 electoral votes you need to get States to total 270 votes and then that would all the electril college would still be there question about some of these candidates holder why she had black people trust Joe Biden and the reason I say that is because you know you look at the 88 crack laws and the 94 prime bill and you know you listen to the things he said about Barack Obama being the first mainstream African American has a bright articulating clean like why should we trust him other than the fact he was Obama's vice president for HS well I mean there are things that he's got to certainly explain in his record but I think you got to look at the entirety of his career and make a determination about whether or not you think that he would be a president who would have the backs of communities of color I tend to think that that he would I've known Joe Biden for you know 20 years or so I've served with him when he was vice president and I think that in spite of all the things that you've talked about which I get are legitimate concerns and things he has to explain I think that he would be a person committed to civil rights and committed to the interests of people in the african-american community Hispanic community in a way that you know the president he's served Bhama was he won't even admit that the 94 crime bill was wrong and it caused mass incarceration well I'd say the 94 crime bill didn't cause mass incarceration it certainly there's an argument can you make that it certainly accelerated it because it had those provisions that help States build build prisons there also was some good preventive measures in the 94 crime building people I think too often don't talk about but I think as a society you know we were in a different place in 94 what crime was a top-three issue we reacted wrongly to the way in which we should deal with crime we didn't focus enough on the things that caused people to be involved in crime we didn't come up with enough measures to help people get rehabilitated once they were in the system didn't make opportunities available to people once they were leaving the system we've learned a lot from from that so I don't think that you know he should certainly be questioned about it but I don't think we should put on him you know the Black Caucus it's good for a lot of the things that are contained in the 94 crime bill it was the nation was in a different place at that time and we have to make up for what we did back there I I'm you know I always think about the fact that we had a crack epidemic back in the 90s and we don't we used it we use the criminal justice system as a way to deal with that now we're dealing with the opioid crisis and everybody says it's a public health health his problem and that's what we should have been doing back in in the 90s you must have thought of Chappelle special you must have thought of Chappelle special the Dave Chappelle special yeah the whole joke about the opioid crisis crack epidemic okay yeah do you think senator Harris has been unfairly labeled a cop by her critics yes you know she's used the DA in San Francisco the Attorney General of California she was I think a progressive prosecutor did a lot of you know a lot of good things no they might have been policies that she put in place that she would think now looking back maybe she shouldn't have done but I think Carla needs to own it yeah this is who I was I mean you know I was the US attorney in Washington DC at a time when the crack epidemic made Washington city with the highest per-capita murder rate in the country we put in place a lot of policies that people now say well maybe you shouldn't have done that and you know I think about did I do everything in the right way but here's the deal you know I was the prosecutor this is what I did I did it and you know with the best intentions and I think that's what she should do but I think a lot of the criticism of her with regard to her being a prosecutor is you know I think unfair what did you say about like black prosecutors in their ability to seek higher office so they just stand down because they know they're going take kind of criticism no I don't think so because I think some of the best people we have some of the you know most forward-thinking people are these new wave of progressive prosecutors who have been elected in a whole variety of places and you know I wouldn't say prosecutors shouldn't be considered for higher office in the same way that I would say defense attorneys should not be considered for higher office you know I mean just because you defend a person who's charged with murder doesn't necessarily mean that you condone murder in the same way that prosecutors who are putting policies in place on that might have had unintended consequences should not necessarily be disqualified from you know seeking higher office you think the first step back is a good thing yeah I think it's a good thing but it is as was labeled a first step there's a whole lot more that needs to be done I think people need to understand also that maybe the one of a few things that I would agree with the Trump administration but that's only you know we have to also look at the context when sessions came in as Attorney General he reversed a lot of the things that I did as AG a lot of things that the Obama administration stood for and tried to take us back to those you know the war on drugs years so the first step that was good but it needs to have what's what's the second act you know what are we gonna do more in terms of reforming our criminal justice system or criminal justice policies a lot of people know to say President Obama did nothing for it for criminal justice reform you know prison reform but you know he wasn't allowed to in a lot of cases right well it was hard to get things bills through Congress but if you look at what I did at the Justice Department was a part of the Obama administration we cut back on the use of mandatory minimum sentences he pardoned number of people commuted sentences I know thousand people something like that we had a much more enlightened policy with regard to criminal justice and we ended up with a an administration that reduced crime first administration in 40 years that reduce crime and reduced the federal prison population at the same time so you know I think we can just point to the numbers and say that I think we did things in a different way we did things did you face a lot of racism being the first black person in your position as Attorney General I certainly faced a lot of you know political heat took a lot of political heat you know as one in the back of my mind how much of that was a function of race and how much of it was just that I was this kind of you know loudmouth guy from from New York you know the vehemence with which people opposed Barack Obama and Eric Holder III still try to wrestle with it how much of that was was race how much of that was just was just politics they saw in him changed they also saw in him I think the future and he's very disconcerting to think that you know this guy represents what America is about to become and it means that we are not gonna have power in the way that we did so I'm not sure I'm not sure how much it was racially based and how much it was simply uh definitely was a lot of race-based oh yeah now there's you know there's certain enzyme een when I was at in I guess listening to Barack I guess was the State of the Union address and that guy stood up and said you know you lie and I said to my team in yeah if he were a white man giving a State of the Union address what a congressman have the guts to stand up and say you lie absolutely at some level at some level that guy that guy had you know I was subconscious unconscious whatever there was that was there was a racial thing and you still haven't changed your mind about possibly running oh it's a little late in the game for that my guy I mean I mean it's not really didn't know much name just a couple of I'm sorry yeah well you know I mean we start a writing campaign you know I need a what do you need 150,000 people and you gotta have so many I don't get it easily I don't know about that anyway you wouldn't run even next even to for the next one 2024 you wouldn't run I don't know I mean I mean the last time I say I promise you guys did if I made an announcement it would be here so I'm just hanging with you guys today that's just a Friday in New York that's all a little bit yeah RIPD office RFP to him and the officer who killed him was a Daniel Pantaleo he was fired he was fired but not prosecuted and I was told that you told the family you wouldn't let the case go to the next the next administration that true yeah I mean I am you know the case was really at the beginning stages when I was Attorney General and I think it's it's disheartening to me to see the way in which that case played out it took too long to resolve should have been resolved during the Obama years I think I think you know there were the Civil Rights Division clearly wanted to prosecute that case I think the prosecutors up here in Brooklyn perhaps didn't want to proceed seemed to me that there was a basis for that case to proceed civil rights attorneys should have been allowed to to prosecute the case that's one of the places that I think that this administration and bar made a wrong determination I mean everybody saw the tape mm-hmm you know and at a minimum a jury should have had the ability to consider all the evidence and make a determination as to whether or not Pantaleo should have been held criminally responsible there was nothing y'all could have done well when I was there as a G I mean the case just wasn't formed it wasn't at a place where we could make a decision no I I think you know as I said just to be frank I think it could have been resolved during the Obama years I think but for whatever reason you know it was not should have been you did you feel like I fell asleep at the wheel because y'all thought Hillary was gonna be the next president so you thought okay if we don't handle it in the next administration well but you didn't think the next administration would be this administration I don't know you know I don't know exactly what happened within the Justice Department and why a decision wasn't me but I think there was certainly sufficient amounts of time for a decision to be made it shouldn't have been left for um the next next administration what Democratic candidate has the best criminal justice reform plan you think oh that's an interesting question you know I worked with Cory Booker on things we did during the Obama years I think mayor Pete has certainly talked about these things I think Amin was talking about him I think Jill Biden had said some some good things as well I'm sure you know Elizabeth Warren has a plan she has a plan for everything I don't know about Bernie Sanders I don't want to be unfair but I think everybody has shown I think an appropriate sensitivity to those issues and I would guess that the next Democratic president would have would make a primary thing that he or she would focus on no criminal justice reform I think that would be absolutely necessary and what is it an impeachment inquiry and what do people expect from this process I mean for the impeachment inquiry for dummies go the house will investigate they have six committees are investigating the administration and on a number of fronts the Judiciary Committee ultimately will have to decide whether or not articles of impeachment kind of like an indictment should be considered by the full House of Representatives they then vote all you need is a majority vote and if you get over 218 votes for impeachment then that impeachment would serves as an indictment goes to the Senate where the trial actually occurs and you have to get 2/3 of the Senate to vote to convict the president before he can be removed from office we've had two other presidents who have been impeached neither of whom were actually convicted Andrew Johnson and Nixon never actually was so it's a difficult process like a couple of years no I my guess would be this is the me some of that's gonna be relatively quick the speaker has said that she is gonna focus only on what we've been hearing about these last couple of days which is the whole question of Ukraine and the Trump interactions there so you could get some she says she wants to get something done by the end of the year do you think this is overshadowing everything else we need to be focusing on - as far as moving forward and being progressive and the Democratic nominees it's certainly gonna take up a lot of a lot of space a lot of time people gonna be focused on that but my hope would be that you know people in Washington - often don't understand you can walk and chew gum at the same time you know all right you can you can certainly be considering this at people's impeachment stuff but it's saying you can still be passing bills to deal with those these problems that we you know that we continue so I hope that um that they'll keep that in mind you know they'll be certain people will have to focus a lot of time on impeachment but there's a whole bunch of other people who can be doing you know other things dealing with criminal justice reform dealing with climate issues dealing with the problems in the in the economy these are all things that can still want you health care there's still things that we can we can do at the same time you think up until this point the Nancy Pelosi and the house themes have been being cowardly when it comes to Donald Trump no I don't think so I think that um you know one of the things I would have talked about if I'd run is that we got to be prepared to fight you know this is not a time if he's gonna break norms and he has this is not a time to think that we can fight back in a normal way we got to be prepared to be tough to fight to bring some New York to this campaign and he's ready to fight back yeah hey what part of New York is not tough you know I mean think about right Bronx Brooklyn Queens you know Staten Island sometimes think that's more New Jersey but that's fine we'll let him hang you and President Obama still speak um sure sure yeah he actually moved he lives about like four five blocks me now he lives in New York no no I love you DC in DC what does he think of the current state of our nation when y'all just at the crib mmm sitting around drinking a beer play some basketball watching TV what does he think of the nation I mean I think he's concerned I mean you certainly hit you know he is a guy who wanted to have again a norm so that he would not have to retire he'd be an ex-president he wouldn't criticize his successor in the way to George Bush didn't you know criticize him but he has used his voice I think strategically appropriately to raise concerns about things that Trump has done he campaigned real hard with me in 2018 as we were in the process of trying to elect people at the state level and the federal level and so I think he's used his voice that way I think he's obviously concerned about the direction of the country concerned about the way in which Trump is tried to reverse in Republicans and it's nothing don't is that all trumpets what the Republicans have done you know more generally tried to reverse what he got going with the Affordable Care Act take away the protections that he put in place with regard to health care tried to reverse our criminal justice stuff tried to reverse things with regard to climate that he put in place so I think he's uh he's very concerned about the fate of the nation and I suspect you know you'll see him in 2019 and in 2020 campaigning for Democratic candidates endorsed I suspect you won't endorse anybody like as as I will campaign like he'll do you see a lot of Republicans now coming forward in support of impeaching Trump my guess is be that as time goes on you're gonna see more people more Republicans making determinations saying well you know this guy will imperil my real action and therefore I'm gonna try to distance myself from him and maybe support articles of impeachment we've Mitt Romney's or he's kind of making some noise in that way my guess is that as more information comes out more Republicans will pull away from him I didn't see my presidents are so scared of big business whether it's giving him tax breaks not taxing them at all or seems like the NRA has so much influence why are they so scared or big business well some are I don't well I'd say some of the Trump on all things necessary scared a big business and he identifies with big business he thinks that you know supporting big business is actually gonna help the country helped a special interest that you know he likes to be nice to think that he's he's a part of I think Democrats have got to understand that you know you get a focus on Main Street you gotta focus on what's going on in the communities that give you have given Democrats support traditionally absolutely what are the measures that we're gonna put in place is gonna make the lives of regular people better I mean you know big business has got to certainly be a part of the equation they helped create jobs I understand that but on a day to day basis what are you doing to help you know the average person in Brooklyn and Queens you know what are you doing for them and I think that's a measure of a candidate a measure party and I think Democrats have generally done a better job of that than Republicans does it bother you every when you have a Google your name and the other Eric Holder comes up that bother dish out of you yeah I remember the night that happened my daughter sent me a text and said wow how did you see who killed Nipsey Hussle you've got your name and I thought she was kidding mm-hmm you know and I woke up the next day and now yeah Google my name and so all right that's it's the other Erica you know you know I like nips not even another air code he just like he's just something else all right yeah there's a guy whose name we haven't be recalled yeah yeah it's uh as unfortunate I mean cuz nips he seemed to be a guy who was on the verge of I think we're already in the middle of doing some really positive things and we need people like that right you know we're looking now what the 25th anniversary of you know ready to die and I think about Biggie and as good as he was you know the future that was denied him as a result of same thing with you know with Tupac now say it it's kind of sad to think about that do you follow everything that's going on in hip-hop because he talked about no west coast rappers without mentioning be is the 24th I said biggie first before I talked about to pop you respect to the West Coast guys though you know I like Dre six nine and him understand yeah what do you think about that what do you think about snitching I'm just curious Eric old remember hook oh yeah remember I'm a prosecutor you all call it station I call it a person's help a cooperating well you know now call it help you know I mean if the guy is trying to cut a deal to you know lessen the amount of time he's gonna spend in jail and it's gonna hold people responsible for doing things that were antisocial and you know harm people you know I think that's more jail time I should say what do you think will get time surfers and what she was talking I don't know I mean you know he'll he'll get less jail time I think than he otherwise would have maybe we'll end up in the witness protection program what is that they really like move you to Wyoming and they move they move you to places give you new name give you all kinds of but it's only like two years right and then I can't talk about an awful lot but I mean it the amount of time you spend there can be substantial you know you get a job because you can't work with the big six nine on his forehead you can get that removed yeah you know tattoo removal I got all mine take it off did you think that I might Tyson thing it's gone now you don't see so they can change your whole identity and image and everything no that's your image but they can certainly give you you know new birth certificate new social security security number well yeah that's that sorry there there has been that issue I mean you know if you oh I know somebody $10,000 and then suddenly poof you know you're gone what is that what is that person that's a good way to get out of food alone all you students out there between the witness protection program this is the Eric Holder relief program join join the witness protection program everybody saw about canceling student I got a new way of doing do you think the Democratic Democrats lack leadership no I think we got a lot of leaders you know one of the things you understand is that the party out of power doesn't have a single person who is seen as the leader of that party or if you know when Barack was the president he was a leader of the Democratic Party in a way that Trump is now the leader of the Republican Party and so when it's when you're out of power there's a whole bunch of people who are vying to be the leader you know we have Nancy Pelosi we have the candidates who are now running Chuck Schumer in the Senate so yeah I think we've got a number of people who are leaders but when we win the presidency in 2021 that person that president will be considered the leaders of 2020 well when you start person gets sworn in you convinced that the Democrats are going in 2020 cuz I'm not I'm convinced but I'm gonna work like hell to make sure that it happens until some election security bill gets passed I'm not convinced it's gonna be hard because the reality is that publicans are gonna cheat yes no they're gonna try to you know keep people away from the polls they're gonna move polling places they're gonna do a whole variety of things that when we had a voting rights act that was intact and a Justice Department that was concerned about it we could prevent a lot of this stuff but we don't have those tools now so we got to be prepared for a tough fight but it's a fight that we can win you know I think that's the thing people shouldn't be so discouraged there's not a time for despair this is a time for action and I think if you keep that as the way in which you're gonna conduct yourself we can win this fight we have to be lay down forget it I'm just not like we talked about earlier we have to make people aware of what they're up against absolutely election security bill needs to be passed absolutely right I think that's absolutely right looks like we're gonna finally get one allow a vote in the Senate sign it it's necessary it should have been in place a long time ago we should have been in place months and months ago and you know if Trump Trump Trump doesn't want to leave the White House because if you leave the White House he's probably going to end up in jail ya know you know he's gonna fight like hell to not leave the White House that's interesting you know a Bill Maher I think once said that you know Trump is not gonna leave I thought to myself that's ridiculous but as I've thought about it I'm thinking you know this guy with all the norms that he breaks through I think he loses and then it'll be interesting between say November and January when he would have to you know start packing or less I wonder friends till he pardoned himself will he try to do that yeah we used his power no one's ever done that I don't think you can do that but no one's ever even thought about doing something like that and so will he pardon you know all the people in his administration he pardoned himself that's that's something that I wouldn't take off the tape could William bar challenge it like say if it's a close election right could William bar challenge it and then it goes to the courts which which which was Trump has a lot of his people in there and they could say hey you know what some foul business happened Trump gotta stay in the White House cause something like that happened I mean you know you have to look at it state by state you know Nixon he was interesting in the 1960 election Nixon actually thought that there was a basis to contest the election because of votes that came in I guess in Texas and in Illinois but ultimately decided after talking Eisenhower that he wouldn't contest the election now it's possible that Trump if the if the elections closed he could look to certain states where it was close and it might change the math in the electoral college might try to do something like that so I you know I wouldn't take put anything take anything away from what they might do which means we got to make sure that these margins are as big as we possibly can make every Democrat keep saying that's not a good strategy Alabama wins well you know I mean that's I think that's that should be our goal you know we can't lose you know Wisconsin by I know forty fifty thousand votes Michigan by 10,000 volts whatever whatever it was we need to make sure that black folks in Milwaukee are out there voting young people around the University of Wisconsin and are voting people in Detroit are voting people in Philadelphia Pittsburgh and voting you know those three states that gave Trump the presidency we need to make sure the young people people of color the Obama coalition is out there in voting in big big numbers so the ghost of Obama has to win the 2020 election foot not to help well the reality of Obama you know we did it in 2008 we did it in 2012 we can do it again in 2020 this guy that at 150 federal judges he's got William bar got the whole Senate I don't see him leaving man not without a fight like we talked about we haven't seen nothing normal thus far why do we think that in 2020 is just gonna be normal beat him at the polls and poof he'll be gone well I mean he might not want to leave but there's got out he's gonna happen he's gonna need support from people to remain in office if he lost the election and I actually think he will leave but the question would be who would support him and I don't think you're gonna find people you know in his cabinet people in the military I don't think you know I think ultimately you'll you'll have this my final question how does this Donald Trump saga aim when you once again when you amber rocks sitting around yeah drinking a beer placing bets how do you think this ends I think it ends with his defeat in 2020 or his impeachment and conviction I don't I don't take off the table the possibility of a conviction I certainly think he's gonna be impeached I think that's certainly gonna happen the question will be does he get convict and I think over time as we were talking about four and as more Republicans see more of this evidence and see how the public starts to react to this and if his poll numbers go even lower than they are and if their poll numbers start to decrease because they're associated with him I think you start to see people peel off from him so I think the possibility exists that he could be convicted I'm almost certain not overconfident but I'm almost certain that he'd be if he doesn't get impeached that he will be defeated at the at the polls in 2020 and I think history will be very unkind to this president yes it will be seen as a corrupt administration that you know really strained the alliances that we've had with our closest neighbors with allies we've had since World War two he's favored the special interests over the people he's put our climate at risk he's divided the nation he's played race for political gain history's not gonna be kind to two Donald Trump's go make for a great movie tell brethren Obama to buy the rights to it with his Netflix yeah there we go well Eric Holder we appreciate you for joining us always good to be here with y'all thank you so much Sarah cold Oh get out of oh that's right get out and vote it's The Breakfast Club good morning [Music]