Esri Autodesk Building Smart Infrastructure Together

our planet is facing challenges like never before with natural disasters growing and population rising fast our failing infrastructure is under increasing pressure now more than ever we need to plan wisely to build structures that are better aligned with the broader environment that's where two software leaders coming together can help Ezra's geospatial information system brings insight about the surrounding environment while Autodesk delivers a Building Information modelling process for structures combined it's a groundbreaking approach allowing architects city planners builders and civil engineers to collaborate more effectively than ever leading to better designs and cost savings it's streamlines planning as multiple scenarios are easily visualized to drive better decision-making in design GIS content is quickly imported from ESRI ArcGIS platform the most authoritative system of record BIM processes at meticulous design data to structural assets that can be trusted through the build and beyond seamlessly integrated the dual software technologies offer incredible power giving full understanding of a project's impact what we build today will be around a long time combining GIS and will allow us to design resilient sustainable environments that help us not only adapt to the future but thrive [Music] you