Eva Marie Teases WWE Return NXT Star Set For CallUp Booker T SUES Activision

[Applause] oh my God he's all imagine well born from what culture today I'm Andy Murray from walk culture it's the new you guys we get that right this is the news and we start off with a big return being teased for WWE and that is yours and my favorite wrestler ever even the room even money my sister they come and bury your sister WWE all red everything yes has teased a return to WWE she was just eliminated from season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother over in America which also starred a swimmer Ryan Lochte and Tom green anyway with her exit interview with TV insider she went on to the year basically so that it could be on the cards she said I'm always gonna have that itch I absolutely love wrestling you never know of course if the opportunity arises and the timing is how it's supposed to be I definitely would come back to shake things up because and she's not wrong here I can always bring the heat oh you can yes she go she continued to say that she didn't push you can continue by denying that she was contacted for an appearance at last month's Royal Rumble but did say I've been emails and talk and exchanges back and forth it's definitely been talks for sure so he could be in the fight line eventually yeah I am a hundred percent are pretty Eva Marie coming back like I do although I know it's Eva Marie like she can't really do anything but I was kind of the whole point ww used her so well in her last run to just annoy dorks 7 the internet like go do your voice her when she got a big ego like that was the whole point like she come in with these over-the-top entrances and then you know that ring announcement thing with a Naomi Madison was supposed to be that we're I'm through off camera it's just really really funny good stuff it's just a shame she got knocked down by that Wellness Policy file yeah she's the antithesis of female wrestling her last appearance was the go home smack now head of SummerSlam 26 year which was subsequently replaced that by Nikki Bella because of that Wellness Policy issue and then she left her degree August 2017 and it's not like there's a barrier to not being able to wrestle in WWE hi Jax is there so you know anyone can can come back and make a return and I think if they need it for a certain angle cheaper great yeah absolutely like there's absolutely a place for a character like that into these were crane centric environment I'd like with people like Becky Lynch Aska Charlotte Ronda Rousey of course doing all these great things having these great high work-rate matches just imagine Eva Marie coming back and being a really annoying troll like she can't even do a headlock properly it's amazing she's great bring her back that entrance - voiceover this used to have his baby Louisville is stuck in traffic from Concord California so beautiful in front seat anyway anyway enough Eva Marie and we're gonna move on to someone who's very different even read in that he is your man and also you can wrestle as well I guess and Booker T oh my miss rayon your best friend he is suing Activision maybe hasn't those guys to make a bunch of mediocre video games and it's because and get this they sin tubes are allegedly there I've stolen his GI bro likeness of all things and put it in black ops 4 which of course came out a few months ago so I've got some quotes here from the case and it basically says they could have drawn the character in black ops David prophet prophet Wilks they couldn't draw him anyway Lee wanted but they choose to steal Booker T's GI bro that's how the complaint goes there's some more extrapolation they put a picture of the black ops character alongside GI bro go look it's basically the same thing now looking at it there are some similarities there yet it's a tough call I I'm gonna defer on this to my good friend a jewel scale who of course to stuff it on this channel and yeah I showed him those two pictures and his direct quote he went yes you can definitely see some inspiration there and he said people have been sued for a lot more for a lot less yeah absolutely and it's just like man I think if you can earn some off of anything go and do it like you know just be some coins out of Activision they've got way too many like but like it's just a kind of a weird one do these two look alike there's no years in the comment section below moving on more Elimination Chamber news to bring for you now and that is the news Kofi Kingston has replaced Mustafa Ali in this Sunday's Elimination Chamber where the dummy W championship will of course be on the line not only was he announced as being a part of that being the representative from the new day on last night Smackdown life he stole the show genuinely another phenomenal gauntlet performance we saw it happen with Seth Rollins last year and we've just seen it with with Kofi Kingston he wrestled for nearly an hour the match to see who qualifies for the number six entry in the chamber he defeated not only the WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Daniel bloody Bryan he also beat Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe before eventually being submitted by AJ Styles who then got RKO out of nowhere and ran yo and got a number six lot but yes Kofi Kingston looked absolutely phenomenal he was all everyone could talk about never of course never had a World Championship reign a lot of people talking about it following this performance though yeah I think this accomplished everything they needed to really it was a really cool replacement for Mustafa Ali yesterday we spoke about Andrade Rey Mysterio and a few other guys but this was really cool like he came completely out of the blue like you forget how good guys like Kofi Kingston are because he in the new day he's used to taking every third tonight off because of the way the team works we do two a time all that stuff he doesn't get a lot of singles matches either but when he does he comes out with stuff like this and he just kind of blows you away now he's not gonna win the chamber he's not gonna be WWE Champion I don't think that oh yeah a long stretch for the father were even talking about this as a possibility shows that that thing was a success I think he's gonna kill it and he was awesome in that God well the Daniel Bryan segment was fantastic a bit slower during the Jeff Hardy but it heated up again during these some more jumping and he got beat down and the AJ's style stuff was fantastic that respectful I'm gonna help you up and then cool started slapping him around him let's fight it on this day really great stuff and I kind of want coffee to be the last man eliminated having finished second clear 11 years since his debut on ECW it is and yeah just really I've mentioned this require some time actually that he deserves a singles push and my early prediction now is yes it comes down to Daniel Bryan versus Kofi Kingston are due to shenanigans I'm gonna predict this is a long shot here Luke Harper gets involved and then you have a three-on-three match with Harper Rowan and Bryan versus the new day at Fastlane there's you much and you know that's just do so much yeah sounds good to me brother and some other elimination chairman you update you on as well w you have revealed that that sasha banks has reactivated her shoulder injury on Monday night rule she is still expected to complete at Elimination Chamber and she tweeted out a response basically saying what happens I will be ready on Sunday I think this is probably a little bit more other work yeah than an end the gym injury concern so good yeah good I guess hopefully she's there because I always put a little Billy's just okay yeah I first don't have to start not to say about this yeah they're starting off against senior drill of Mandy Rosen given how bloody stiffs Sonya speared Bayley into the god damn floor last year I'm a bit worried about that fuck so what you did was a legend Bailey's really good he'll be fine anyway so final story of the day speaking of women's wrestling we may have an NXT call up on the horizon and one of the best wrestlers in NXT will miss division who hasn't necessarily had a lot to do storyline wise of her own is on her way to SmackDown according to your friends a PW insider not Jackson Pollock I'm talking about who am I talking about Candice Lorraine yes of course evil Johanna Gargano his wife and she's great she's fantastic she should have probably been called straight up to the main roster given that she's done nothing in developmental anyway to be an easy-fit now the talk is that she might not make TV immediately she'll primarily be brought on to fill a house shoe lineups because obviously any was now we have Becky and Charlotte moving over to Rolla they have some pulls to fill they need a good worker to do that Candice is great I think she'll be a good fit absolutely she looked really good in the rumble yeah we know she can go it's been seen enough performances elsewhere I think I think she'll be she'll be a real star yeah and the only thing we can do to keep it away from her husband's little weird Joker gimmick in it they're gonna salvage it I promise no they're not okay they might before we move on to your Twitter questions today just a very quick moment to say all of our thoughts here at what culture of course going out to peddle Pedro Morales his family of course Pedro Morales first ever triple crown champion sadly passed away yesterday great loss to the industry yeah a hundred percent hundred percent right let's move on to your Twitter questions then never get you can tweet the matters at what culture WWE we'll start with a question from Ryan Mawhinney who says when aew TV starts up would you like to see as general manager if they go to absolutely nobody and I think the authority figures have just kind of strangled WWE television over the years even the good ones slightly I love William Regal but we don't need them on TV I like to a marathon two or five we don't need them on two I don't like him at all why come on till five we don't need them do not nobody nobody at all you don't need on-air decision-makers New Japan does not have an on-air decision maker that promotion is doing rather fine no nobody yeah I think you either have a decision maker but they are never seen or someone who I think it was really underrated has done a phenomenal job the anonymous raw GM last we want to Angela Dawn's question she asks who is currently the best and worst commentators in WWE I think having three commentators on each show is too much they all suck now they're done they're like all of them are good at their job they're just at the will of a tiring old man screaming in their ear so even Michael Cole on his day is a very good commentator he's very good at what they want him to do but some German answer this subjectively I'm going to tell you who I like so I think is the best one I think is and the worst for me I'm sorry the comment section is gonna absolutely hate this it's Margaret a low blow the guy has one speed it's 11 out of 10 all the time he'd be brilliant if he regulated that but if he's going oh my god what a snapmare within the first minute of magic I cannot take that serious I'm sorry and your people love them I'm in the minority I accept that the best oh wow and Tom felt that say Tom's a nice yummy goodness dude Tom Phillips is fine isn't it yeah I like I can just remember moments that I have Tom Phillips buddies Tom Phillips I'm gonna say best it's a flip reverse it I would say Maranello okay but I I will put a caveat in in small doses yeah I mean that man said the worst what was that like he said about Pete done in wargames he might be a vegan but he's got a penchant finger-food a awful dawn just stop that and worst at the moment I hate to admit this Renee young no fan she's not being booked she's not being bashing sake book she's not being given a lot to work with you know she sounds stupid all the time it's not you're not helping her a ball Nick breaking all the time and also whenever they go we're talking about this whole thing with your husband not helping her yeah no it's terrible Renee young my think is the most skilled broadcaster in WWE when she leaves this company she will leave this company at some point she will have a great career with a major Sports Network and WWE will sit let's be sitting there going what why did we do this there they've big rector B so as of right now she's the worst but she's got me got scope yeah not long she's simultaneously the worst I'm the best they meet her the worst but she's probably the best like final question comes from manual on Twitter who says should WWE scrap title defenses between the rumble and mania they seem like unnecessary tools I mean that's a very good point I think that they should certainly not have to pay per views between the rumble of mania again as they're doing this year that complicates man genuinely forgot about Fastlane when I was chatting about someone the office yes yeah walk into the line fast lane 20 bone air whatever but like I don't necessarily think that having one title defense is a bad thing because this is a company that does turn a struggle with long term storytelling and long term today unfortunately is due to three months they get very repetitive they start doing the same things week after week you see the patterns emerging and it just gets a bit of a pain in the backside so if you're able to have like an interim program for the February pay-per-view where the champion can not have to concentrate on the Rumble winner and the rumble when you're gonna have a different type of singles huge then that's cool by my because a bit variety and the prevents rooms from getting steel before WrestleMania yeah I think it all wholly depends on what you're doing in the interim like the Elimination Chamber if we were looking to if it wasn't so obvious though which would Daniel Bryan is gonna be in the holding the W chime here because they go into mania I think we all be excited you remember the one where Bray Wyatt won and there was all different people in there and you think you know God and even the one we were so we were like hoping again hoping that they even change it but the one with when AJ stars on defend against Cena and Owens and what-have-you I really enjoyed that but only because I was like oh please just give us a jobber sessions yeah they didn't it was a bit rubbish yeah it was an F all right let's move on today's and finally and it's actually a little bit of breaking news oh my because we all know that there's a Seth Rollins he's gonna face Brock Lesnar for the universal championship at WrestleMania but in the interim we mentioned they're about title defenses we could see Brock Lesnar face a real legitimate WWE legend because he got called out on Twitter last night by who tweeted this prophet up on screen oh the Brock Lesnar I break back and a coupon you and that Becky Lynch is how oh god bless the Iron Sheik know I've heard a few things about the iron sheiks for her account that might ruin the magic yes with it but watch it watch and undermine Disney yeah have you ever heard steve corino's impression of the RNC so look it up on YouTube I'm not gonna repeat it okay very problematic very yeah yeah but yes Iron Sheik Brock Lesnar a fast lane before we head to Wrestlemania Vince make it happen let's hear your thoughts on that and all of today's news stories in the comments section below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe and make sure you check out what culture s things podcast by searching for what contrasting on either iTunes or Spotify we have daily wrestling podcasts on there my next Andy Murray thank you for watching and we will see you soon