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my objective is to try to prove to her that love exists welcome to ms mojo and today we're counting down our picks for every single anticipated romance movie of 2021. oh boy i'm making moves i'm making deals but guess what what you still ain't got no skills can we please talk about this later how did she know for this list we'll be looking at love stories rom-coms and films with significant romance subplots that are slated for 2021 releases keep in mind that these release dates are tentative and subject to change which romance movie are you ready to fall in love with let us know in the comments number nine in the heights release date june 18th 2021. all right all right everybody sit down sit down it's a story of a block that was disappearing we're all familiar with lin-manuel miranda's blockbuster musical hamilton but it was the tony winning in the heights that launched him into mainstream recognition this musical isn't specifically a romance as it's more about community culture and change not to mention the american dream i'm making moves i'm making deals but guess what what you still ain't got no skills that said there are a couple of significant romantic subplots between benny and mina and usnavi and vanessa john m chu previously directed crazy rich asians and two step up sequels given his background in love stories and choreography heavy productions we think he can pull off something special with songs like benny's dispatch when the sun goes down and blackout all of which have romantic elements if you missed it on broadway prepare to fall head over heels number eight redeeming love release date to be announced 2021 this christian love story is based on the 1991 novel of the same name by francine rivers who also co-wrote the screenplay with director dj caruso this book has literally changed countless lives and this movie will change i believe even substantially more lives while it takes place in the 1850s during the california gold rush the narrative is largely inspired by the book of hosea from the bible the story centers on angel a prostitute who turns her life around through christianity and a farmer named michael hosea in addition to the romance between angel and michael redeeming love is about learning to accept god's love and learning to love oneself i'm not a christian and this book makes me want to believe the novel was a best seller with more than 3 million copies sold and received multiple accolades including the ecpa gold book award from the evangelical christian publishers association number seven what about love release date february 12th 2021 what about love was originally slated to hit theaters in february 2020 it may have been delayed almost a year but this romantic drama should still be released just in time for valentine's day directed and co-written by klaus menzel the film stars marielle jaff and miguel angel munoz as tanner and christian respectively my objective is to try to prove to her that love exists our quest for love and the truth and of course let's keep an open mind for how this movie is going to end the two spend their summer in europe making a movie about love and in due course fall in love themselves in addition to these rising stars the film stars sharon stone and andy garcia as two parents brought together when tragedy occurs through this incident stone and garcia find the power in themselves to love again the plot sounds equally tear-jerking and heartwarming hopefully making it worth the wait number six little fish release date february 5th 2021 this sci-fi love story takes place against the backdrop of a pandemic although not exactly the kind that we've experienced throughout 2020 in little fish a widespread virus causes people to lose their memories look i'm sorry i don't remember you it's nothing personal olivia cook and jack o'connell's star as two newlyweds who attempt to hold on to their romance as this strange virus takes its toll the movie was supposed to make its debut at the 2020 tribeca film festival which was ironically cancelled due to an actual pandemic don't say it suck dumbass that's kind of sad yeah but i mean you got to do what you got to do yeah i guess since we've all been distanced from a loved one due to covid little fish should not only be a creative romance movie but a relevant one as well ariana boko of ifc films calls it quote the love story for this moment suggesting audiences bring tissues number five marry me release date february 12th 2021 another valentine's day release marry me stars jennifer lopez whose previous rom-com credits include the wedding planner made in manhattan and various others i mean i don't know what i'm doing here stuff what am i doing this is all a lie no honey it's more like a dream you know in this adaptation of bobby crosby's graphic novel lopez plays a pop star of course who believes that her onstage partner has been cheating on her on a whim at one of her concerts she decides to instead marry a stranger holding a sign in the crowd played by resident wedding crasher owen wilson if i do this i don't want to half-ass it i want it well-planned he's back working in reverse the two get to know each other after tying the knot it might not be the most realistic premise but that's always been part of the fun in lopez's romantic comedies don't say it like that i you made it sound dirty i i wanted a baby and i thought i had to do it alone it was it was before i met you the film will also include original songs by lopez and colombian singer maluma number 4 the kissing booth 3 release date to be announced 2021 the first two kissing booth movies weren't exactly what you'd call critical successes but they nonetheless exploded into some of the most popular teen romantic comedies on netflix the first film proved so successful that its two sequels were shot back to back the kissing booth three sees the return of joey king as l evans who was left with a life-altering decision at the end of the second film will she continue her relationship with noah at harvard or follow rule number 19 and go to berkeley with best friend lee oh boy it's really okay yeah thanks aside from being torn between the two brothers marco is also returning for the sequel which may create further issues you really do have a problem now the only problem i have right now is you whatever path l chooses we're ready to pucker up for one last kiss you know a romantic song came on i was like oh it's gonna happen but until [Music] [Applause] number three to all the boys always and forever lara jean release date to be announced 2021 like the kissing booth to all the boys i've loved before started as a young adult novel that inspired a romance trilogy on netflix i am not the only guy that got a letter wow you really think that you're special and then you find out that she wrote love letters to two guys unlike the kissing booth though the first two to all the boys movies both garnered critical acclaim hopefully the third film in this series can maintain that high quality based on the third book in jenny hans series always and forever lara jean naturally brings back lana condor as the titular heroine in the book lara jean finds herself at a crossroads when she's accepted into the college of william and mary while boyfriend peter is bound for the university of virginia can we please talk about this later how did she know although their relationship has overcome many hurdles will lara jean be forced to write peter a dear john letter you made me a promise a promise i know you'll keep so i only want one more promise from you during this time you spend apart tell me everything write it all down john scribble it in a notebook number two cinderella release date february 5th 2021 few rags to riches romances are more timeless than cinderella which may explain why we've gotten so many versions oh i understand but it's more than i ever hoped for the latest one sees cuban-american singer camila cabello assumed the role of fairy tale icon while nicholas galitzine stars as her prince the production is full of inspired casting choices including billy porter as cinderella's fairy godparent and edina menzel as her stepmother in addition to having a supporting role james corden serves as a producer and contributed to the story the film is being directed and written by kay cannon who previously worked on the pitch perfect trilogy sorry it just it's pretty lame awk excuse me synchronized lady dancing to a mariah carey chart topper is not lame based on the talent involved it shouldn't come as a surprise that this is a musical which should put a fresh spin on the classic love story what sweet singing makes me want to tarry just a little before we continue be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you'll have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you're on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one west side story release date december 10 2021 like a few other films on this list west side story was delayed due to the pandemic as a matter of fact this was also our number one pick for the most anticipated romance movie of 2020 director steven spielberg has a tough act to follow as the 1961 adaptation of west side story remains one of cinema's greatest love stories of all time i didn't believe hard enough loving is enough of course the 1961 film not only came out on the heels of a hit stage musical but countless other interpretations of romeo and juliet my wife [Music] death that have sucked the honey of my breath i've had no power yet upon my beauty nevertheless director robert wise put his own unique signature on that best picture winner [Music] in america we believe that spielberg can do the same especially with a cast that includes ansel elgort as tony and rachel zegler as maria do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from ms mojo and be sure to 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