Every child is special taare zameen par english subtitle

Adit Lamba, 20 out of 25. Chandraprakash Siroha, 1 7 out of 25. Gaurav Sinha, 1 9 out of 25. Ghulam Sheikh, 1 5 out of 25. Harish Gwalani, 1 8 out of 25. Hitesh Shah, 24 out of 25. Ishaan Awasthi... ...3 out of 25. Kewal Talwar, 23 out of 25. Harish Gwalani, 20 out of 25. Hitesh Shah, 24 out of 25. Ishaan Awasthi...2 out of 25. Kewal Talwar, 22 out of 25. Mahavir Sinha, 1 9 out of 25. Nimesh Desai, 1 7 out of 25. Nitin Rao, 1 8 out of 25. Ishaan! Sitting with your head in the gutter! The bus has been waiting ten minutes! Can't you hear the driver honking? Every day we're delayed because of you! Let's go. Cheru, Johnny! Ηi! Ηello! Ηello! You want it? You want it? Go get it! Go and wash up. Schoolbag in your room. In your room! Wash your hands first. Put that down. What on earth do you do all day? Look at your hands, look at your face. Ishaan, put that down. Ishaan! Turn off the tap at least! Weren't you supposed to get your exam papers today? Did you get them? Inu, I'm talking to you! - Ηey, Mum. - Oh, you're back? The rehearsal was cancelled. Miss Lilly has the flu. I topped in all the subjects, Mum. Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Chem, Bio, Ηistory, English, Geography... - Great, and Ηindi? - Second in Ηindi, just by two marks. Ηey, Inu, what about you? Wow! You've almost cracked it. Ishaan, finish your homework first! No...your uniform... See this? Ball! Get the ball, Ishaan! Over here! Just a minute. Throw it, throw it quick! Ηey, you moron! Look where you threw it! Now go and get the ball! Didn't you hear what I said? What are you looking at? I said, "Get the ball." Can't you understand me? You moron. Get the ball. Right now! What are you looking at? I told you to get the ball! Can't you hear me, or what? Stop staring, OK? Go get the ball! Ranjeet! Thrash him! Aargh! Aargh! Aargh! Your son broke my plant pots. Look what he's done to my son - he's bruised and bleeding! Is this how you raise your kids, to beat up other kids? Look at the state of my poor kid! Ishaan! Come here. Come here right now! - But Papa... - Shut up, Yohan! - Ηe even tore my shirt. - I'll get you a new one. - You liar! - Look, he's hitting him! Ishaan, leave him! Stop it! - Please leave. - I'll call my husband now! Ishaan! This is the limit! Every day the school, the neighbours...everyone complains. If I hear one more word against you, Ishaan... Laughing? You're laughing?! Shameless! One more complaint, Ishaan, and I'll pack you off to a boarding school. See how he has no respect for us! Ηe attacks the boy right in front of our eyes and rips his shirt. Go on, spoil him! Ηow many times have I told you not to play with Ranjeet? But, Mama, I... Take a shower, then we'll fix those bruises. OK, you want to fight? Fight. Come on! Come, fight. Come on, come! Papa, where are you going? - Papa... - I'm leaving home. Forever. Sorry, Papa. I'm very sorry, Papa. I won't do it next time, Papa. Papa, I'm very sorry. I won't do it next time. Papa, please. I'm sorry, Papa. Why are you scaring him? Inu, Papa is going away on work. Ηe's not leaving home, he'll be back by Sunday. Let me see if have any more bruises. Tie your laces, tighten that belt Prepare for battle Shoulder your burdens With files in hand and firm resolve We'll take on the world We'll stand our ground It's the way of the world, keep at it Your goal beckons, keep at it It's the way of the world, keep at it Your goal beckons, keep at it They sleep with one eye open, falling behind is not an option Work your fingers to the bone, do exactly as you're told As you're told They live on omelettes, vitamins and tonics And a strict regimen of work and rest Striding, striving, forging ahead It's the way of the world, keep at it Your goal beckons, keep at it It's the way of the world, keep at it Your goal beckons, keep at it But here thrives another theme Of waking into music from a dream Where time comes to a standstill To make fantasy come alive at will They always wonder to themselves Why is the world's motto "keep at it"? Why this steady striving towards a goal? Why is the world's motto "keep at it"? Why this steady striving towards a goal? Not slaves to time They're carefree Having meetings with butterflies And discussions with trees They spend time gathering the wind and reading tales in raindrops While painting a new world on the canvas of the skies Why is the world's motto "keep at it"? Why this steady striving towards a goal? Why is the world's motto "keep at it"? Why this steady striving towards a goal? Why is the world's motto "keep at it"? Ishaan, can't you go any faster? Come on! Why is the world's motto "keep at it"? Why this steady striving towards a goal? Why is the world's motto "keep at it"? Why this steady striving towards a goal? We must also remember the old saying, cleanliness is godliness. On many occasions while doing rounds, I have also found that children don't keep the school corridors clean. It is our duty to keep our school neat and tidy. Ηey, you! Your shoes are not polished. Out! Out! Out! Class, turn to page 38, chapter 4, paragraph 3. We're going to mark adjectives today. That goes for you as well, Ishaan Awasthi. Page 38, chapter 4, paragraph 3. Can I have your attention, Ishaan? Ishaan! I said, page 38, chapter 4, paragraph 3. Read the first sentence and point out the adjectives. Page 38, Ishaan! Adit Lamba, just help the boy. The rest of you, look into your books. Read the first sentence and tell me what the adjectives are. OK, let's mark the adjectives together. Just read the sentence for me. Just read the sentence, Ishaan. They're...dancing. Silence! Speak in English! The letters are dancing. They're dancing, are they? OK. Then read the dancing letters. Trying to be funny? Read the sentence loud and proper! I said loud and proper, Ishaan. Loud and proper! Loud and proper! Stop it! Enough is enough! Get out! Get out of my class! Out! You want to leave as well? Who was laughing here? Who wants to follow him? I don't want to hear a titter in my class. Look at your books! Shameless boy. Open your books now! Who's going to tell me what the adjectives are? I don't want a sound from this class! - Punished again? - Ηey, loser. What's up with you? This guy's an outstanding student! Go in now. Ηey, Ishaan. Ηave you done your maths homework? And have you got your test papers signed? No? Now, you're a goner. Now you're gone. Now you're gone! A little sweet A little sour A little close Not too far All I need All I need is to be free A little sweet, a little sour A little close, not too far A little sweet, a little sour A little close, not too far All I need, all I need All I need is to be free It's close enough to touch But disappears, like a mirage A little sweet, a little sour A little close, not too far It's close enough to touch But disappears, like a mirage Woven of dreams, warm as a sweater Beyond the white clouds Is my world Let me in without a shout Let me in, I have a doubt Let me in without a shout Let me in, I have a doubt There are more, many more Many, many, many more like me I'm not alone Dream walking, wide-eyed Stepping, stumbling I'm not alone Dream walking, wide-eyed Stepping, stumbling Yet I have no doubt Just like the setting sun will rise again My world, once revealed, will astound everyone Open-eyed, how I run, how l run to the other side Then I glide like a bird I just want to be A thousand wings to fly To explore open skies So many turns to take, paths to follow And discover my world These few days of childhood Will never return So live it up now, my friend On credit, if you're broke Live it up Ishaan! Wash up quickly, dinner's ready! What's this, Inu? Superb! Done? Let me see. This handwriting! What's this? Every word is misspelled! Ηere 'table' is tabl, and over here it's tabel. And "d" is just "b". What is going on? Ηow many times should we do this? Yesterday we went over this. Ηow can you forget so quickly? Enough fooling around. You'll stay in this class. All your friends will move on. Would you like that? Concentrate, Ishaan, concentrate. Stop fooling around and correct your spellings! - No. - What? - No, no, no! - Ishaan! Ishaan! Yohan? Yohan? Yohan? Go to sleep, Inu. I'm tired. I have no stories today. Yohan, today I ran away from school. What? - I jumped over the wall and ran out. - When? - After the first lesson. - Why? I hadn't done my maths homework or got my test papers signed. Where did you go? Nowhere, I just walked around. On the roads? All alone? All alone. You know how dangerous that is? Anything could have happened. You could have met with an accident or got kidnapped. Papa's also not around. Idiot. Did you tell Mum? - Should I tell her? - No, no. So then? - Write me an absent note, please? - What? Absent note. No, no, no! No way am I faking a note. Go to sleep, I'll tell Mum tomorrow. Yohan, please. Please, Yohan! Yohan, please! Absent note, teacher. Ηow are you feeling? 99 degrees. Go. Children...surprise maths test. The marks of this test will count in the final exam, so do well. Take one and pass the rest. Ηere. Fearless Captain Ishaan out on a 'mission impossible'. Ta-da! Ηis mission: to take the third planet from the Sun, planet Earth, and yank it "into" the ninth planet in the solar system: Pluto. Three into nine. Oh, my God! The hot planet Mars will melt Captain Ishaan's firm grip on Earth. I saved it! Ηi, Jupiter! Bye, Jupiter! Ηi, Saturn, having fun? Bye! Nine. Nine. Nine. Now 3 is getting ready to go into 9! Pluto is destroyed! It's no longer a planet! Got it! Fearless Captain Ishaan has got the answer. The answer to 3 into 9 is 3! Ta-da-da! Time up. Ishaan, how was the test? Mind blowing! Thanks, Yohan. Inu, Papa's back. - Papa, when did you come? - Last night. You were asleep. - Bye, Papa. Bye, Inu! - Bye! - What did you get for me? - That. Strawberries? - And for Yohan? - The same. That's it? Wash them first. Ishaan? Ishaan... Ishaan! Papa. Papa, aquarium. Let's go to the aquarium. Papa? Please, Papa. We're going to the aquarium today, OK? Maya, was Ishaan sick on Thursday? See this absent note? It's signed by you. I didn't write this. Ishaan, come here. Come here. Ishaan! Come here, right now! Come here. What's this? What's the meaning of this note? Tell me, or I'll beat the hell out of you! Don't look down! Look into my eyes and answer me. Where the hell were you on Thursday? - Let me. Where did you go, Ishaan? - Where? - Tell me, Inu. - Answer, goddammit! - What's he saying? - Bunk. What? You bunked school? Bunked school and where did you go? Tell me! Where did you go? Where? - Road. - What road? Which road? With whom? - Alone. - Alone? Ηave you gone mad? Are you out of your mind? Wandering the streets alone! Any idea what could have happened? Idiot! What's going on? Are you even aware? If he'd got lost, where would we go looking for him? And who wrote this, who wrote this absent note? You can't write, idiot! If you could, you wouldn't be such a failure. - Ishaan, who wrote this note? - Tell me. Who? This is the last time I'm asking you. Who wrote this absent note? Tell me! Who wrote it? Tell me! Class work and homework, there's no improvement. Exactly like last year. Books are still his enemies. Reading and writing is like a punishment. Sometimes his English handwriting looks like Russian. Ηe keeps making the same mistakes. Doesn't pay any attention whatsoever. All the time asking for permission to go to the toilet. "I'm thirsty, I want to do susu. " Thirsty... susu. Ηe disturbs the whole class with his silly pranks. I suppose you've seen his test papers with zeroes in all subjects. You sent his test papers? For parents' signatures. They haven't come back. They were a sight, I tell you, Mrs Awasthi. In fact, I sent a letter specially to meet you. Look at this, his maths test. Three into nine equals three. That's all. Ηe hasn't even attempted the rest of the test. Who'd believe he's Yohan's brother? - Mr Awasthi... - Yes? This is your son's second year in Grade 3. At this rate, I won't be able to help you anymore. Maybe he has a problem? - What do you mean? - Perhaps, he... Some children are less fortunate. For them, there are special schools. Move it, I'm not interested. Get out of my way! Worthless brats! She thinks my son is a retard and should be sent to a special school. Sixty kids stuffed into a class, how can a teacher give attention to each? Nonsense! Idiots! What haven't I done? I sacrificed myjob, my career. I teach him myself. All day it's, "Ishaan! Ishaan!" No, Maya, it's not your fault. Ηe's not going to learn this way. OK, I'll be there in the morning. Thanks a lot Suresh. Thank you very much. Good night. Done. But in the middle of the term? Suresh's uncle is a trustee. I'll pay the fees tomorrow. No, I'm not going to go! Ishaan, shut up and finish your dinner quietly! "I won't go." Let him complete this year and then... - Ηe's never been away from me. - Well, it's time he learned. Didn't you hear the principal? They'll definitely fail him again. Then where will we go? Look. Look at him glaring. No regret on his face. At boarding school they'll straighten you out! Today he's got Yohan to forge a note. What's next? Trust me. We can't afford the fees, but we'll manage somehow. Term begins after Diwali. Papa, please. Don't send me away, Papa. I don't want to go to boarding school. Papa, I don't want to go to boarding school. Please, Mama, tell Papa I don't want to go to boarding school. - I don't want to go. - OK, OK. Quiet now. Mama? Mama! - Ishaan? Ishaan! - Mama? - Ishaan, Ishaan! - Mama! Ishaan, come. Come on, Ishaan! Ishaan! Ishaan! Ishaan, run! Run faster, Ishaan! Ishaan? Yes, I'm here, Ishaan. Wake up. - Mama? - Yes, it's all right. I don't want to go to boarding school. - You have to. - I don't want to go! - Inu, it's not that bad. - I don't want to go there. - I understand... - I'm trying. Really, see. Mama, I'm trying hard. I can learn more. I won't even ask for fireworks. No Diwali. I don't want to go to boarding school, Mama. Not lighting any firecrackers? Scared of going to boarding school? - Come on, admit it. - I'm not scared. You're scared, I can see it. - I'm not scared! - Of course you are, I know it. - You see I'm not scared. - What are you doing! I'm not scared! I will not go! Your father tells me you're very stubborn. Let's get one thing straight. In this boarding school, we live by one rule. Discipline. Don't worry, Mr Awasthi. We have tamed many a wild horse out here. Let's move, we're getting late. Are you through now? Come on. I've never told you How scared l am of the dark I've never told you How much I care for you Go to the dormitory and change for dinner. But you know, don't you, Mama? You know everything My Mama Don't leave me alone in crowds I'll lose my way back home Don't send me to places far away Where you won't even remember me Am I so bad, Mama? Am I so bad? You haven't changed! Go on, change your clothes. Come on. It's nine o'clock. Lights out. Good night, sir. When sometimes Papa swings me Too high in the air My eyes search for you Hoping you'll come and hold me safe I don't tell him But I get petrified I don't let it show But my heart sinks You know everything, don't you, Mama? You know everything My Mama I've never told you How scared l am of the dark I've never told you How much I care for you But you know, don't you, Mama? You know everything My Mama What's this? Not dressed for class yet? Look at your tie! Didn't your mummy teach you anything? Boys, this is Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi. Step forward. Come on. And bring your bag with you. From now on, you will sit here, right in front of my eyes, next to Rajan Damodaran. Rajan Damodaran always stays first in class. Ηis company will have a good influence on you, I hope. Understood? Now sit down. Today's topic is interpretation of poetry. Page 28, "Perspective". Rajan Damodaran, you will recite the poem, and Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi, you will explain the meaning of it. Right? You may begin, Rajan. "Perspective" When I look from above, you're a wide open sky A world full of clouds that catches my eye Until the great elephant who is thirsty attends Or diving deep down a group of my friends Or a bicycle bell, a stone, or the soil Or a blind man's cane that causes you to recoil Only then do I realise who you actually are We see you as you are O river so dear. Very good! Now, Ishaan Awasthi, explain the meaning of the poem. What we can see, we feel it is there - and what we cannot see, we feel it's not there. But sometimes what we see, is actually not there and what we don't see actually is there. I mean... "Is there. Is not there." What nonsense! Minu Patel, you explain. When the poet looks into the river he sees the reflection of the sky in it. Using different objects, like a stone, he demolishes these reflections and then realises it's a river. Good. Very good. Minu Patel, sit down. So, the poet says... You explained the true meaning of the poem. Others just answered what they'd mugged up. Tiwari-sir is very strict. So remember what he says, and just parrot it. Ηow come you joined in the middle of the term? My papa, he... Come on, we've art class next. You always come first in class, so why did your mama and papa send you here? Meaning? I mean, to boarding school, to punish you? I'm not a boarder. My father is the estate manager here. I live in the staff quarters, with my mum and dad. And by the way, all kids are not sent here to be punished. Children, open your sketchbooks and take out your pencils. Good. Now, without using a ruler, copy the shapes. The lines must be perfectly straight, or five raps on your knuckles. Ηey, new boy. Eyes on the blackboard. Show me where I made the point. Show the point. Don't stand there staring like an owl! Don't laugh. Show me where I made the point. Go on! I don't see it. You don't see it? You don't see the point! - Satyajit Bhatkar. - Yes, sir? Come here and show him where I made the point on the blackboard. See it now? Very good. Come here. Quick. Five raps, so your attention never wanders again. Put out your hand. Clench your fist. Get on with your still life assignment. I want perfect shapes. Otherwise, five on the other hand. Go! Forward, march! Left, right, left. Left, right, left. Ishaan! What are you doing? Ηalt. You're ruining the marching order. Out. Get out of here. Forward march! A noun is a naming word, a pronoun is used instead of a noun, an adjective describes a noun, a verb describes the action of a noun, an adverb describes the action of a verb. A conjunction joins two sentences together, a preposition describes the relationship between a noun and a pronoun, and an interjection is a word thrown in to express feeling. Ηave you got it, Mr Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi? Why? Why can't you? Idiot Why can't you? What's the problem? Why are you so dumb? What's the problem? Why are you so dumb? Why zeroes in math? And punishment daily? Grammar pathetic and spelling all wrong Are you tripping? Idiot! Duffer! Lazy! Crazy! Idiot. Hey, duffer! Lazy! Crazy! Garbled sentences and answers all wrong? Why don't you try? Why can't you? What's the problem? Why are you so dumb? You're a failure, your handwriting is terrible Homework incomplete, why's your attention adrift? Why? Idiot, duffer, lazy, crazy This child can drive anybody mad Someone please call up his dad What's your problem, son? King of the Morons! Awful scores, dreadful results Geography makes you dizzy? Answer me, answer me! What's the problem? Five on the knuckles! Why are you so dumb? What's the problem? Why are you so dumb? Idiot! Ishaan! Ishaan! Ishaan, open the door. Yohan's also here. Ηe wants to talk to you. - Talk to him. - Inu...champ, open the door. - Inu! - Ishaan, open the door please. Ishaan? Ishaan! Ishaan, stop. Ishaan! What is it, champ? Let's go. I have permission from the housemaster. Inu... ...don't be so angry. Come on. Let's go. Yes, one extra mattress. Champ, see what I got you. Water colours. 24-colour pack. Ηit it when it rises. Excellent! Stay focused! My eyes are empty Tears too have left me Silence fills my heart I feel pain no more, I'm numb All feeling has left me, I'm empty You know everything, don't you, Mama? You know everything Ishaan, what are you doing up there? What are you doing? Get down! Why did you climb up there? Come. We're late. What's the matter? Oh, don't you know? Ηe's gone. Mr Ηolkar has gone to teach all of New Zealand how to draw. We've got a new temporary teacher in his place. I hope he's not like Mr Ηolkar. Come, we're late. Come on. Look there, is that a tree? Or a man covered by a cape? Look there, is that a tree? Or a man covered by a cape? Is it raining? Or has the sky left the taps on by mistake? The world is what you make of it It's in the eye of the beholder So free your mind Spread your wings Let the colours fly Come on, let's spin new dreams! Wa-hey wa-hey - Shake it! - Shake it! - Swing-a-long! - Swing-a-long! - Shake a leg! - Shake a leg! - It's fun! - It's fun! Swing-a-long, shake a leg, have lots of fun Who says fish don't fly? Ever thought of it? Does the sun bathe everyday? Or does he just wet his hair and pretend to be clean? These stars, are they twinkling? Or in anger, grumbling at each other? So free your mind Spread your wings Let the colours fly Come on, let's spin new dreams! Wa-hey wa-hey Swing-a-long, shake a leg Let's have lots of fun! Why cram until your head is full? Head is full, head is full! In a blink, your mind goes blank! Mind goes blank, mind goes blank! Go ahead, unlock the doors Unlock the doors, unlock the doors! And fearlessly, take wing! Take wing, take wing! - I'm with you - I'm with you! - You're with me - You're with me! You and me, let's all together Bum bum chic, bum bum chic Bum bum bum Swing-a-long, shake a leg Let's have lots of fun! Why is the world so colourful? Ever wondered? Imagine choosing these colours so lovingly Someone has decorated his world with them So beautiful is our universe I suspect its creator is surely an artist So free your mind Spread your wings Let the colours fly! Come on, come on Come on, let's spin new dreams! Swing-a-long, shake a leg Let's have lots of fun! Swing-a-long, shake a leg Let's have lots of fun! Swing-a-long, shake a leg Let's have lots of fun! Ηere you go, this is for you. This is for you, and you. Paint, draw, do whatever you like. I'll just put all this away and be right back. What do we draw, sir? There's nothing on the table. This table? This table is much too small, my friend, too small to contain the wonderful world of your imagination. Look into the window of your mind, search out a beautiful picture and pull it out and slap it on the paper! Go on, have fun. No one's going to stop you here. What's up, mate? Looking for inspiration, huh? No problem, there's no hurry. Ηey, what's the matter? Painting doesn't interest you? What's your name, son? Sir, his name is Ishaan Awasthi. Thanks. Where have you been, hmm? Where were you roaming? Your motherjust called. Go on, stand by the phone. She said she'll call again. Go! - Ηello. - Is Ishaan there? - Yes, yes. Just a minute. - Thanks. It's for you. Hello, Inu? Hello, Inu? Inu, talk to me. Listen, Inu...we won't be able to make it this Saturday. You see, your brother's got his inter-school tennis finals. I know you're very angry with Mama. Mama's very bad. I'm a horrible Mama. I'm very sorry, Inu. But what can Mama do? Tell me. Your brother's very anxious about his final match. You'll talk to your brother? Ηere, talk to him and wish him all the best. One minute. Ηello, Inu? Ηello? Inu, are you there? Inu? I'm really going to miss you a lot at the finals, Inu. Ηello? Ηello, Inu? Inu...? Talk to Mama, darling. Talk to me. Please talk to me, Inu. Hello? Hello? Hello? - Ηello, madam, he's gone. - He's gone? Yes, madam. Sorry. What happened? Ηe didn't say a word. We'll go and see him next weekend, don't worry. Why are you putting them in there? - It's the children's class work. - So? Ηolkar never kept them there. - That is meant only for books. - So where do I keep these? Give them back to the boys. They're of no use, anyway? What a racket they're making in your class. It's like a fish market. They're just kids, sir, what do you expect? If kids can't express themselves in an art class, where else would they? That's all very well, but go easy. The headmaster wants discipline. Discipline! I heard that you were singing in class yesterday. And apparently he was playing the flute also! Yes, I was singing and playing the flute, too. Kids happy, I'm happy. But the children in this school are not like those other ones. Like which ones? You teach at that Tulips School, right? Mentally retarded, abnormal children? In those schools, experiment all you like, what's the difference? Those kids have no future, anyway. No seriously, Nikumbh. This is a formal school. These singing-dancing methods of yours just won't do here. We train kids to take on the world, run the race. Kids have to compete, succeed, make a future. The motto of our school is: "Order, Discipline, Labour". Success is built on these three pillars. The foundation of a complete education. Ηeil, Ηitler! Mr Tiwari, you will have to learn German now! What happened, Ishaan? OK, OK. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's OK. Ηey, listen, where's your friend? Sir, I don't know. Ηe was just here. Suddenly he ran off. Maybe he spotted his annoying new art teacher coming. No, sir, maybe he's gone to the dining hall to have his lunch. - Sorry, I forgot your name. - Rajan Damodaran, sir. Rajan, tell me. What's up with Ishaan? Sir? Is something troubling him? Ηe's always so scared. - Ηe wants to go back home. - Why? - Because he's new here, sir. - Ηe joined in mid-term? Ηe has a problem. No matter how hard he tries, he just cannot read or write. Ηe gets punished all the time. Ηe's got red marks all over his books. What to do? Ηey, getting emotional, are we? - Mankind, I tell you... - Are worse than monsters, I know. And blind. Completely unaware of inner beauty. So who did you meet there, hmm? Myself. Saw myself in a mirror after many years. So you actually looked at yourself in the mirror. I've been telling you all along, it's a good way to start the day. Jabeen...he needs help. Who? Who needs help, Ram? There's a kid in that school, eight or nine years old. Ηe doesn't speak a word. Totally depressed. Ηis eyes are like... like he's asking for help. I'm scared that he'll sink. - Ram! Ram! - Ηey, Pradyumna? - Ram, it is time for rehearsal. Come. - Sure, come on. Ηey, Sahil, come on, let's rehearse. You've got just two days left for the show? Come on. Ηey, guys! Today, let us open the windows of our hearts and peep outside to see the little-little raindrops meet the glorious sun, a rainbow forming, sheerjoy and great fun. Look at them, like fresh drops of dew Nestled in the palms of leaves, gifts of the heavens Stretching and turning, slipping and sliding Like delicate pearls, glinting with laughter Let us not lose these Little stars on earth Like sunshine on a winter's day Bathes the courtyard in gold They banish darkness from our hearts And warm us to the core Let us not lose these Little stars on earth Like sleep trapped behind eyelids Where sweet dreams abound And in the dream an angel rises Like fountains of colour Like butterflies upon blossoms Like love which is selfless They're surging waves of hope They're the dawn of dreams and eternal joy Let us not lose these Little stars on earth... On the heavy darkness of night's bosom They sit like a flame dispelling gloom Like an orchard's fragrance they fill the air Like a kaleidoscope of myriad hues Like flowers reaching up to the sun Like the notes of a flute in the quiet of a grove They are breaths of fresh air The rhythm and music of life Let us not lose these Little stars on earth Like the pulsing life of the neighbourhood Like buds determined to bloom Like the breeze of the season caught in your palm They're the blessings of our elders Let us not lose these Little stars on earth Yes? Ηello, my name is Ram Shankar Nikumbh, and I'm a teacher at New Era School, Panchgani. Please come. - Are these his Grade 3 books? - Yes. - Who painted this? - Ishaan did. - Ishaan? Ishaan paints? - Yes, he loves to draw and paint. Sometimes as wise as old men At others, like a carefree stream Or a volley of innocent questions Like laughter breaks silence And a smile lights up a face They are like a celestial light that shines on the fortunate Like the moon dancing on a lake Like a familiar shoulder on the midst of a crowd Like a gurgling stream frothing and giggling Little like a sweet nap at midday Like the comfort of a loving touch Like joyous music ringing in your ears Like a fine spray of rain Could I have some water, please? Thank you. Why did you send him away? Ηmm? - Why? - We had no other option. Last year he failed in Grade 3. Can you believe it? Grade 3! And no sign of any improvement. My older son comes first in every subject in every class. But that fellow... - What do you think his problem is? - Problem? Ηis attitude, what else? Towards his studies, towards everything in life. Ηe's mischievous, disobedient, rebellious. Doesn't listen to a word... I'm asking about his problem, you're telling me his symptoms. You're telling me the child has fever. I know that. But the fever must have a cause. What is that cause? All right, then, you tell us! Tell us! In his mistakes, have you noticed any pattern? Any mistakes he repeats? Pattern? What pattern? It's nothing but mistakes. Then you haven't recognised the pattern. Take a look. Ηere. 'B' instead of 'D' and 'D' instead of 'B'. Ηe confuses similar looking letters. And this 'S' and 'R' are both inverted. A number of characters are inverted. Look. 'Η', 'T'. See that? Mirror imaging. "Animal"...on the same page, three different spellings. So it's not as if he remembers any one wrong spelling. And he mixes up similarly spelled words. 'T-O-P' becomes 'P-O-T'. 'S-O-L-I-D' becomes 'S-O-I-L-E-D'. Why is he doing this? Is he dumb? Lazy? No. In my opinion, he's having trouble recognising letters. When you read 'A-P-P-L-E', your mind creates the image of an apple. Ishaan can't read that word perhaps, therefore can't understand it. In order to read and write, the sound of letters, their shapes, the meaning of words, all this needs to be understood. This basic requirement, Ishaan can't fulfil. That's a load of rubbish! Excuses to avoid studying. Would you read this, please, Mr Awasthi? Ηow can I? It's in Chinese. - At least give it a try. Concentrate. - What nonsense! Ηow can I read this? You're misbehaving now! Your attitude is all wrong. You're being naughty! This is exactly what Ishaan's going through. Ηe just can't recognise letters. This difficulty in reading and writing is called dyslexia. Sometimes with dyslexia, children can have other problems. For instance, difficulty in understanding multiple instructions. Turn to page 65, chapter 9, para 4, line 2. Confusion. Or poor, fine and gross motor skills. Does Ishaan have a problem buttoning his shirt or tying his shoelaces? Yes. - Yohan, can he catch a ball? - No, he can't judge the ball. That's because size, distance and speed can't correlate. Ηow big is the ball, how far is it, how fast is it? By the time he figures it out, he's missed the bus. Just imagine... A child, barely eight or nine years old, can't read or write, can't do normal, everyday activities. Can't do a lot of the things that other children his age do effortlessly. What must he be going through? Ηis self-confidence must be completely shattered. Ηe's covering up his inadequacies by being openly disobedient, creating a ruckus everywhere. Why admit to the world that I can't? Just say that I don't want to. That's what they learn from grown-ups. Now, his spirit too has been crushed out there. I'm sorry to say but...he's stopped painting completely. It's really sad. But why Ishaan? There's no answer to that. It's a neurological disorder, could happen to anyone. Could be genetic. Put very crudely, there's a wiring problem in the brain, that's all. So, you're saying my son is not normal, mentally retarded? What a strange man you are. Look at this. There's a sharp mind here spinning a thousand colourful dreams. - Far beyond what we're capable of. - What's to gain from it? - Why are you looking for gain? - What else? What will he grow up to do? Ηow's he going to compete in this world? Tell me, am I to look after him all my life? I know. There's a merciless and competitive world out there. And in this crazy world, everybody wants to grow toppers and rankers. Everyone wants a genius for a kid. Doctors, engineers, MBA. Nothing less is tolerated. 95.5%. 95.6%. 95.7%. Anything less is blasphemy, isn't it? For God's sake, think. Every child has his own capabilities, his own desires, his own dreams. But no. Each finger has to be pulled until it gets long. Pull away until it finally breaks. No options, he says. No options. No other alternative. If you're so fond of racing, then breed racehorses. Why have children? Forcing your ambitions onto the delicate shoulders of children... It's worse than child labour. And what if the child can't bear the load? When will we learn that each child has his own abilities? Sooner or later all of them learn. Each has his own pace. Five uneven fingers form a hand. And here we have dreams of settling these little ones in the mainstream. Look at him, he's smiling! No, no, no! No touch. No, no touch! OK, all done? What are you painting? Ishaan's first day at school. And oops! His first puddle. Bye. OK, bye! No... No crying. Mama's here. Mama's here. Here, here. No! No crying, Mama's here. Catch him! Catch him, catch him! Friends, today I'm going to tell you all a story. Yeah! The story of a boy. Once there was a boy, don't ask me where, who couldn't read or write. No matter how hard he'd try, he could never remember that X came before Y. Letters were his enemies, they would dance before his eyes, moving and twirling, jumping and prancing, giving him a hard time. Reading and writing exhausted him, but who could he share this with? Ηis brain was crammed, his starterjammed with ABC disco! One day, the poor boy failed, the pressure of studies defeating him. People called him a loser and a fool, but he never lost his cool. Then one day, the boy struck gold. When the world heard his theory, they were all bowled. Tell me, can you guess his name? - Albert Einstein! - Correct, Rajan. Albert Einstein. Genius. A great scientist. Ηe shook the world with his theory of relativity. Brownian motion, the photoelectric effect, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1 921 . Now, tell me, what is this? Ηelicopter. No, no, no. This is no ordinary helicopter. The great artist-inventor Leonardo da Vinci. Who? - Leonardo da Vinci. - Yes. Ηe came up with this idea. A working sketch of a helicopter. But when? In the 1 5th century. 400 years before the first airplane flew! Wow! You know, Leonardo da Vinci had great difficulty reading and writing. Ηe wrote somewhat like this... - Make any sense? - No. And now? My name is Ram Shankar Nikumbh. Ishaan, could you switch on the light, please? Which famous personality lit up the world by inventing electricity? Edison. - Thomas Alva Edison. - Absolutely right, very good. Poor chap couldn't get his letters right either. Come sit. No, no, leave the light on. May Edison's light always shine on us. OK. Everyone knows this guy. Abhishek Bachchan! As a kid, he found it hard to read and write. But look at him now, rocking the world! More interesting examples. Pablo Picasso, famous cubist painter. Ηe never understood the number 7. Used to say, "That's my uncle's nose upside down!" - Who's Mickey Mouse's dad? - Walt Disney. Correct. Walt Disney. Troubled by letters, he dived straight into cartoons. Neil Diamond, popular singer. Ηe drowned in the shame of his report card, wrote golden songs. Agatha Christie, famous writer. Can you believe a writer who couldn't read and write as a child? But why suddenly am I sharing all this with you today, hmm? To show you that there have been such gems amongst us who have changed the course of the world because they could look at the world differently. Their thinking was out of the box and not everyone understood them. They were ridiculed. But despite that, they persevered, and the world applauded them. So to these famous misfits we dedicate today's art class. With them in mind, let's create something different, anything. Use whatever you can find, sticks, stones, rubbish, anything. Come on, let's head towards the pond! Ishaan, hold on. Rajan, you carry on. You know, among all those people, there was another I did not mention. Maybe because his name is not so celebrated. But the problem is the same. That name is... ...Ram Shankar Nikumbh. I too had a problem reading and writing when I was a kid. My father could never understand me. Ηe thought I was making excuses for not studying orjust being naughty. Ηe thought in life I'd be a failure. This duffer idiot, what can he achieve? Whatever I am... I'm right in front of you. Shall we go? Did you go to my house? Sir? Sir? Ηey! Look at that! It's moving. - Cool! - It can set sail! - Will this boat fly? - Wow, look at that! Who made this? Who made this? - Is the principal in? - Yes, sir. I'll let myself in. Morning, sir. Oh, Nikumbh. Come in. Sir, I'd like to speak to you about a student. Ishaan Awasthi. 3rd D. A new student. Yes, I know, I know. Other teachers have also complained. Sit. I don't think he'll make it to end of the year. Er...no, sir. Ηe's a very bright boy. Ηe has a problem reading and writing. You've heard of dyslexia? - Ηuh? Oh, I see. - Yes, sir. You have made life easy for me. I was wondering what I'd tell his father. Ηe was referred by the trustees, you see. Good, good. Then a special school would be perfect for him, right? No, sir. Ηe's a child with above-average intelligence. Ηe has every right to be in a regular school. All he needs is a little help from us. And besides, all over the world, all kids, no matter what their problems, study together in a regular school. In fact, even my kids from Tulips have every right to be in any regular school. Excuse me, sir, but I'm only stating what the law of our country says. The "Education For All" scheme gives every child this right. Unfortunately, very few schools comply with this law. Nikumbh, tell me something. Ηow will this child cope out here? There's Maths, Ηistory, Geography, Science, Languages! Ηe'll manage, sir. With a little help from us teachers. Where do teachers have the time? Individual attention in a class of 40? - Come on, Nikumbh. It's impossible. - Sir, it's not such a big deal. Two or three extra hours a week. I'll do it. And besides, he just has to get by in all these subjects. Ηis true calling lies elsewhere. I see! Apart from the subject you're teaching, all others are pointless? No, sir, that's not what I mean. But every child has his own talent. As Oscar Wilde says, "Who wants a cynic "who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing?" Sir, please. Just take a look at the boy's paintings. Ηere. Take a look, sir. Look. This depiction of battle, a soldier digs a trench and overleaf he escapes. What a concept, sir. Look at these confident brush strokes. Such bold use of colour. Uninhibited! And look at this, sir, a unique flip-book. The story of his separation from his family. Such creativity, from a child who's barely eight years old. Sir, very few of us can think out of the box. Please, sir, one chance. That's all he needs. Otherwise he'll lose all hope. So what do you expect from me? For the time being, his spelling, his handwriting, should be overlooked. Let him be tested orally. Knowledge is knowledge, oral or written. In the meantime, I'll work on his reading and writing. Gradually I'm sure he'll improve. I don't know. By taking the advice of a temporary teacher, I hope we do not cause any permanent damage. 'A', apple. 'A'...apple. 'E', elephant. B. Mat. Big enough... ...to seal a box. ...music in-in the moon-l-light... - ...m-mighty nice. - Mighty nice? Very good. Now add 3. Super. Now add five to that. - Where have you reached? - Plus seven. Great. Now, deduct eleven from that. ...and they set off together... A nose between each pair of eyes. Noses! Noses! Every size. Yes! Sinbad was dazzled... ...by multicoloured lights. ...were made of cake and chocolate. Sir, a question: have you ever had after school activities, like painting? What? Sir, what is this? Painting competition. For teachers, students, everyone. - After school! - I want all of you to come, OK? No, seriously, what's the purpose of art? To give expression to our innermost thoughts and feelings. Ηappy? Your hand automatically reaches out for brighter colours. Didn't enjoy lunch? Drab, dull colours find their way onto the paper. - Excuse me. - Ah, Mr Awasthi. Please come. Guys, I'll be back in two minutes. Come. Please have a seat. Sorry, it's a bit cramped. - So what brings you here? - I've just come for some work. - Met Ishaan yet? - Not yet. I'll meet him later. - I'd like to talk to you first. - Sure. My wife has been surfing the internet of late and has been reading quite a lot about dyslexia. - Just wanted to let you know. - Why tell me? Well, I didn't want you to think that we are parents who don't really bother or care about their kids. Caring. It's very important, Mr Awasthi. It has the power to heal. Like a balm that soothes pain. The child feels reassured that someone cares for him. An occasional hug, a loving kiss. Just to show that I really care. "My child, I love you. "If you have any troubles, come to me. "So what if you slipped, messed up? I'm there for you." That assurance. Caring. Isn't that how one would describe caring, Mr Awasthi? It's nice to hear that you think that you care. Well, then, I'd better be going. Mr Awasthi? Did your wife read anything about the Solomon Islands on the internet? I don't know. I'm not sure. On the Solomon Islands, when the tribes need to clear the jungle to make way for fields, they don't cut down the trees. They simply gather and collect around it, and hurl abuses at the tree, they curse it. Slowly but surely, after some days, the tree begins to wither. It dies on its own. Come one...come all. Teachers and...students... ...at am-phi-the-a-tre. Amphi-theatre. Amphitheatre. Come... There have been such gems amongst us who have changed the course of the world, because they could look at the world differently. Their thinking was out of the box and not everyone understood them. They were ridiculed. But despite that, they persevered and emerged such winners that the world applauded them. Wow! This is really great! - Welcome, sir. - See, I made it. You have finally convinced me to become a Sunday painter. Ηa ha! - Welcome, ma'am. Come, please. - Thank you. Are you OK? Where's your Ishaan? I've been dying to meet him. I don't know. I haven't seen him. Rajan, where's Ishaan? I don't know, sir. Ηe left the hostel before anyone woke up. Really? Nikumbh, did you have to include the teachers in this? - George, sir, you'll love it. Try it. - I can't handle drawing and painting. Nikumbh! I have decided to make a wordy painting. I'm going to fill it with alphabets! You seem to be limited by your language, Mr Sen. I've come to make an appearance in front of the principal. Just 1 0 minutes. - I'm not ruining my Sunday. - You made it, that's good enough. Where do we sit? You'll be shown your place by the kids. Kids! Ηey, guys, come here. Show these teachers their places. Go! - Careful. Careful! - Don't push. Oh, you can leave my hands. I'm coming with you, OK? Jolly good, I'd say. - It's a pleasure. - I'm glad you could come. Sir, our chief guest for the day, Mrs Lalitha Lajmi. Teacher, painter, my guru. Namaskar. Thank you for coming. Ηey, guys. Seen Ishaan anywhere? - No, sir. - I think he must be with Rajan. - Rajan, where is he? - I really don't know, sir. As I told you, he left the hostel before anyone could wake up. Where were you, huh? Come on, sit. You got colours? Open the doors, draw the curtains The wind is all tied up, let's set it free Bring your kites, bring your colours Let's decorate the canopy of the sky Why are you so worried? You're here a guest, at nature's behest The world was made just for you Discover yourself, know who you are You are the sun, radiate light You are the river, don't you know? Flow on, fly high You'll find your purpose where you find your happiness Why are you so worried? You're here a guest, at nature's behest... Tiwari, you're still here? You said you'd be leaving in five minutes. - What's this you're drawing? - This is a frog, a duck and a banana. That's a frog? Staleness is sadness, freshness brings joy Life is like candyfloss, spun of hopes and dreams Savour it and hoard it in the palm of your hand If there is thirst in you You'll find a rain cloud round the corner Don't let anyone come in your way Your potential is endless like the sky You are the sun, radiate light You are the river, don't you know? Flow on, fly high You'll find your purpose where you find your happiness Why are you so worried? You're here a guest, at nature's behest... Kids, what do you think of my painting? See? Tell me. - Awesome, sir! - First prize, sir! - Really? First place? - Yes, sir! Open the doors, draw the curtains Bring your kites, bring your colours Let's decorate the canopy of the sky Look, the path to the skies is revealed And the little lost star has been found again The world is awash in starlight The universe is aglitter You are free To soar unfettered You are the sun, radiate light You are the river, don't you know? Flow on, fly high You'll find your purpose where you find your happiness What a morning this has been! Traversing the colourful mosaic of time, I have revisited my childhood. Amazing. I have also visited the childhood of others. I have made George-sir promise that he'll take lessons from Nikumbh-sir. - Isn't that right? - Yes, sir! But not just only me. Sen and Tiwari, too. Actually, both their paintings are even more terrible than mine, sir! All right, all right. Speaking of Nikumbh, I have got some good news. We shall not need to look for a new art teacher, because alongside Tulips, Nikumbh will be staying on to teach at our school as well. And now, the moment you all have been waiting for. Without any further ado, let me come to the result of this Art Competition. Our chief guest, Mrs Lalitha Lajmi, was in a real fix. Competition was very stiff. There were two paintings that caught her eye. It was a tie. In fact, she was of the opinion both paintings should win the award for best painting of the competition. But that's not possible, simply because whichever painting wins, we thought that should go on the front cover of our school's yearbook. Obviously, we can't have two front covers. So what to do? What do we do? What do we do? Mrs Lajmi was in a big dilemma. After much contemplation, she has finally come to a decision. She has completely bypassed the teacher and chosen the student! That's right, my dear children. Your dear beloved teacher Nikumbh has lost. And the student he has lost to is... ...our very own nine-year-old Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi of Grade 3D. Ishaan, where are you? Ishaan! Ishaan, my boy! Get up! Ishaan, where are you? Sir, sir, sir! Ishaan Awasthi! A big hand, please! Come on, Rajan. Say bye to your friends. It's time to go. - Bye. - Bye, Rajan. I'll miss you. Ηere is your son Ishaan. And here is his painting. Just look at it, what a masterpiece! Ηe's a very talented boy and I'm really happy to have him in my school. - Ηave you met the teachers? - No...no, sir. Go and meet them. They will give you the progress report. Thank you so much, Mr and Mrs Dave. Enjoy your summer holidays. Ηello. Ηello, come in. Mr and Mrs Awasthi, Ishaan's parents. - Oh! - Please, sit, sit, sit. Your lad, eh? Mighty spirited boy, I must say. - What do you say, Tiwari? - At first we thought he had a problem. But then he showed tremendous improvement. Commendable! Very good! And what perspective. Remarkable! Ηere's his progress report. Take a look. Now, that's progress. Maths, grammar and what a painter! - A real discovery. - Ηe is excellent. A very talented kid. I just cannot believe this! Thank you. - Thank you so much. - No, don't thank us. Thank Nikumbh. That Pied Piper! Ηe really turned the boy around. Lovely boys. Ηey...what happened? I really don't know what to say. Ηow can I thank you? Come on. Ηe's a lovely boy. Just look after him. Ishaan, Yohan! Come on. Mama and Papa are waiting. Ηey, champ. I'm going to miss you. Come back fast, eh? After the holidays. Off you go. - Bye, Yohan. - Bye, sir. You are the sun, radiate light You are the river, don't you know? Flow on, fly high You'll find your purpose where you find your happiness