Every member of this family owns a BMW 3 Series car

We are a BMW 3 Series family through and through. We drive nearly every BMW 3 Series model there is. To us, the BMW 3 Series is part of the family. I can't imagine driving another car. I can remember the feeling I had the first time I sat in a 3 Series very well. It was an awesome feeling driving along the highway at 220 km/h. It is that same feeling of pure joy that I still get when I sit in the car. The sporty feel and the way it handles are simply unique. I have been a 3 Series fan since the moment I first stepped on the gas of my husband's BMW. I caught the fever from my husband. It's like I've been infected. The E30 is my car for everyday use, and I have two of them. I also have a BMW E46 Touring. My wife has an E30 Convertible, and she has an E46 as her car for everyday driving. It's a great car, my 3 Series Touring. It just takes the curves so beautifully, hugs them nice and tight. I love driving it. My daughter has an E36 Compact. Ever since my childhood I've been a BMW 3 Series fan. That was because my father always drove a 3 Series and I always admired it as a child. For me driving anything other than a 3 Series is unthinkable. The E36 Compact is simply unique for me, every time I take it for a drive. Just me and my 3 Series. We've really got this system working perfectly. The next one up is my son. And I hope he'll be a BMW E30 driver as well. I've known the BMW 3 Series ever since I was a little kid. I internalized it. It's a really nice car. Yes, I can't wait to get my driver's license. Restoring cars, getting them in tip-top condition, that has become my hobby. I love to do it and I spend every free minute that I have in my garage keeping my BMW 3 Series cars in top condition. My son has started to help me, which is very nice. He comes into the garage with me and helps me a bit. He holds parts and helps assemble and mount things. We are the Roth family and this is our story.