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Lisa Nichols


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Welcome back to the Lisa Nichols show, where we have delicious dialogue and courageous conversations about the things that matter about the things that help to transform our lives, about how to touch the next best version of ourselves. I love your comments. I love the feedback. I love the #aha moments. I love what comes up for you and what you're thinking and what occurs when you're looking at the videos. I love the dialogue between different tribe members. When we're talking, I love the support. Please continue to comment your comments mean the world to me. And now I want to share with you, my understanding of everything happens for a reason. Someone just recently asked, what does that mean Lisa? When it says everything happens for a reason? Well, I have four things. One, it's a mindset. It's a mind set that allows us to divorce ourselves from our need to control all things. Lord, I know I need to continuously divorce myself from the mindset that I can control all things. So number one, I think making the statement, everything happens for a reason allows you to relax and let go of it and really divorce yourself from the belief system that you need to control all things. And number two, I think that it lends to the, this great statement that I once heard years ago, I don't know who I heard it from first. I didn't create it. It just has been a lifesaver for me. And that's the quote man's rejection is God's protection. Whew, for me, that means when things don't go the way I thought they should go. Sometimes it's not, it's not only okay. It's for the best that there's something I couldn't even see. Now, the word man is used loosely man's rejection is God's protection can also be a woman, could also be a job. Could also be a project, could also be a career. It could be anything. But for me it says, when this door doesn't open for you, it's because you're being protected. Not only is there another door, but that door wouldn't serve you at the highest level. If you want any further man's rejection is God's protection. It's been life for me. And three to recognize there are blessings, even in the no, even in the breakup, even in the release of a job, even in the, you didn't get the proposal, even in the thing that you thought you should have in the no lives blessings as well. And four really understanding that everything happens for a reason is an invitation to see beyond the inconvenience. In the moment into the learning lesson, everything happens for a reason. Watch this, everything happens right here for a reason. It's an invitation for you to see beyond the inconvenience, beyond the rejection, beyond the loss of a job, a career, a loved one for the lesson or the opportunity. Sometimes the hardest thing for you to do is to reach past pain and grab an opportunity to learn, reach past pain and grab some compassion, reach past pain and grab the blessings of the existence, especially in loss. But I believe that there's an invitation. You don't have to accept the invitation, but there's an every difficult moment. There's an invitation to see beyond the inconvenience to see beyond the pain, to what's the learning lesson. What's the opportunity? What's the blessing? Now remember this show is not just a monologue. It's a dialogue. It's a delicious conversation between two people actually between about 200,000 people or so a tribe, a community. I would love to hear from you. What was the big #aha on this? What have you been holding onto you couldn't find reason for it. What have you been frustrated about? And one of the four things I've said went, Oh, that might just be it. Please leave me a comment below and let me know. I'd love to hear all. I realized that show me that you see, you could see the lesson beyond the inconvenience, the lesson, beyond the inconvenience. Please let me know what that is. Let me know the lesson that you get. Let me know the lesson that may not have come to you in the moment, but eventually you ended up getting it and leave a comment. Let me know. And then be sure to subscribe if you haven't already done. So listen, we are found now you've got to subscribe and just join the tribe and look out for more content, more dialogue, more courageous conversations after all this is your home. And we hear where your tribe, your weird, strange, unique unicorn drive. Yes, that's us. And I, I will always be your sister in prosperity and impossibility. And every single time that I say that I believe in you. And I love you. It's not for lack of other words. No, it's simply because I do. I believe in you and I love you and I cannot wait to see you real soon.