Explainer Video Production Process 2D Animated Explainer Video Arigato Studio

ready to make an awesome explainer video and swipe your competition with style you might be scared it's going to be a long and gruesome ordeal not anymore other companies but in no time because we took the hassle out of the process and know you're just five steps away from mastering the art of video marketing step one is briefing our project manager we'll send you a brief please fill it out to provide all the information we need if desired we can schedule a Skype call to help you out step two is scripting based on that ear so the first draft of your script and give you options for the voice-over artist selection we'll also send you possible art styles for your video pick one and choose wisely you must young padawan this decision is final done it's time to step up the awesomeness step three is storyboarding will define the key actions of your video and create a storyboard a storyboard is a scene-by-scene representation of the video this will be in company of some illustration samples which will depict how the video will look like do these scenes transmit the right message this early stage is the best guy to send us your feedback step four is illustrating all the illustrations will be made based on your Corrections and get on point for the final boredom crushing step which is animation animators will breathe life into your original idea and then our sound designer develops the background music and sound effects for that extra punch that will knock everyone's socks off but Congrats you've mastered the art of video marketing be warned is a must in order to master this secret method the process usually takes 15 to 20 working days for an additional fee you can speed up the delivery in order to ensure fixed time frames you will receive only two opportunities to make corrections per stage we will only advance once the previous step is complete since any indecisions or imprecise feedback could hurt your wallet any additional Corrections will be charged separately so are you ready to create a butt-kicking explainer video well contact us today and get a free quote arigato studio say it better kick butt [Music]