extra minutes I love this room this is like where creativity happens for sure this is your little home away from home it is it is and your piano over here I mean how many hours have you spent with your bottom on that stage a lot definitely a lot of a lot of writing sessions a lot of like coming up with different lyrics I wrote you know the pretty much all the almost all the songs for the girl on fire out we written here brand-new Mia was written right here at this piano girl on fire was written here I think a girl on fire is one of my absolute favorite songs oh thank you gonna love that song too yeah it makes me feel like you just feel like yes I am yes I am even when you're not feeling that hmm you know cuz sometimes that's actually what the song is about the song is about you know going through a difficult time and did you know straight away that girl on fire as you're writing it to thinking this is going to be a huge it um I definitely am an advocate of not claiming what's going to be a hit or not because you know I respect the music and you just don't know what's gonna happen with music so I just personally I've never been a fan being like this is a hit I don't I don't do that but I definitely knew that I felt I was like this feels amazing like it feels good and I remember being in this room and then running out and calling my husband like I think we just wrote something like I think we just wrote something that felt amazing so it's like you feel excited about it definitely feel that other so tis just a girl and she's on fire hotter than a fantasy only like a highway is super actually really simple she's living in a while and it's some fire fill the catastrophe but she knows she could fly away and that's the thing about songs it's like whenever even falling like it's really that's two chords it's not even like 1700s or 15,000 changes it's like that kind of tended to be what happens but when it works it works and the simpler it sends the V just when you can relate to it and get it and you feel it and it's free it's it's incredible girl on fire did you think it is some of your best work um I love I love that song very much like lyrically and you know the way that it's a composition it's definitely the best compositions that I've done yet by the way after I wrote this on I asked myself what in the world was wrong with me and why did I write it this high because actually 10 because it's a passion like in the moment of singing is a passion of just like I'm on fire and we can do it and yes and then it was finished and I recorded I was like man is great that's so good and then you realize you have to sing it like 300 plus times back-to-back night after night after you've already sang an hour and a half worth of other very high songs and I realized this is not a good idea what I did but it sounds brilliant she got her feet on the ground and she's burning it down got ahead in the cloud and Sheila Becky this girl is on fire this girl is on fire yeah well thank you