Extra Minutes Dr Stephan Grupp discussing when his medical trial will be available in Australia

extra minutes and have you actually had contact from parents in Australia we have had I have personally had emails from parents in Australia with kids with leukemia who again at death's doorstep who have no other hope who don't have other treatment options that's correct what do you say well right now we have this limited capacity to treat patients so it's very difficult to take patients from the outside so what we're working as fast as we can and we have a great deal of urgency on this is to try to make this treatment available to hospitals outside of our hospital and definitely outside the United States so what we want to do hopefully next year is to bring this treatment to hospitals in Australia and once you know the price is like you is it reasonably simple it's a complicated process to make the cells but the intent is to make it exportable which means that another hospital could do it it takes a specialized facility but those facilities exist in Australia