Extra Minutes Flyin Ryan discussing his 44000km journey flying solo around the world

extra minutes your mum and dad are such nice people I didn't have the heart to say to them what if something goes wrong yes yellow and at the whole time for two years it's been our absolute number one priority is safety you want to see that this is successfully completed and what mum and dad have been a part of that they're part of the team I've got a kid your age and I'm still not quite sure how I'd feel but I'm starting to worry for you though it is beautifully planned it is and I think that's you know it's it's all about you know people say all sorts of things about your preparation if you if you have a fantastic preparation will have a fantastic performances well it's an object lesson isn't it when I flew down with you our crew car drove through the night and hit accounts exactly right so we were much safer than they were no flying it had a better driver that's flight flying is very safe at some you know it's the one thing about aviation is no room for complacency and you know I think that's your number one priority make sure that you you know your limits and your train make sure you trained well and your planned well and I think that I hope and I think it will all go well tell me what you did in order to get flying lessons I found out that you know I could fly solo on a 15th birthday and I set that goal if this other guy could do it why couldn't I I then and got a job at the pen be a supermarket you know my boss Darrell was on seven dollar sixty-five an hour and I worked an hour 45 minutes three nights a week after school and he was a good boss he paid me for two hours so between that and washing a truck on the weekend I had the money before tonight to do any hours flying so you funded yourself into a pilot's basically I got quite a long way and then a friend from the fo'c'sle Aero Club recommended I go for an AOP a pilot scholarship and which I did you know so Eddie's it's a long road but if you want it bad enough you'll do it