Extra Minutes Ray Martin discussing HIV retasked to cure cancer

extra minutes now this is a really exciting story about cancer that a lot of stories only is about cancer usually quacks and quackery will always hear about cures for cancer but they never seemed to come out they never seem to work out this one seems like it's a breakthrough this one seems like it really is going to make a difference because they've taken this really left field idea of taking an HIV virus or a virus from that family of a virulent horrible terrible viruses and they've managed to they put t-cell from a human body into a cocktail with this virus and they take it all the bad parts of the of the HIV and I just get what I like to call the mongrel so they get this sort of real mongrel from the virus put it in the t-cells and then put it back into the human body and they go hunting cancer and a bit like pac-man they just go whack-whack whack-whack beneath the cancers the virus is a terrible virus but there's a good property and the good property of the viruses that's ability to put a gene into cells we isolate just that property and we get a Ritter of all all the bad stuff so yes HIV has been retasked to do good in this kind of treatment the doctors our reluctance to accept that this is a breakthrough because we've had too many cures for cancer come and go and and never work in the past the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is widely regarded as probably the best Children's Research Hospital in the world they're doing fabulous stuff the hospital itself and the laboratories and Research Center is as big as a town almost and they have managed to pump money into this research center at a time when Philadelphia the fifth biggest city in America is is poor it's it's not as bad as Detroit but it's hurting for money but they've still money managed to put federal and state funds into this children's research and hence they've got the breakthrough and they knew it was left field they knew the idea of using an HIV virus was pretty risky and probably dangerous well they've taken all the danger out of it and they've put it into these children and and they've now they're brave enough these are conservative scientists who say no no no weed out of a cure it's not a cure don't call it a cure but they say we think we're going to break through and we think we're on the edge of something fabulous I believe that this may actually be revolutionary in cancer therapy but we have to prove it so I believe it may be but in order to do that we have to show that this happens successfully at multiple hospitals which were in the process of doing and we have to show that it can work in other kinds of cancer in general change in clinical medicine is one step at a time but this was a seem to be at least it seems to be at this point a big step forward how close are we to Australia well the the researcher this this dr. Steven Grubb who was the is is a medical genius I think but he thinks there are companies like England and Germany and Canada or Australia where our scientific research is such a higher quality that he can pass on this particular research to us and see if it works here fingers are crossed again as it does but he says you know maybe by September of next year sitting within a year or so that he thinks he can transfer this wonderful science to Australia and as I say fingers crossed we'll see if it works here