Extra Minutes Reporter Discussion with Charles Wooley

extra minutes when you meet Rhys and I want to clean you when you see mother program you'll realize this isn't a 19 year old this is a 40 year old we're talking about this points never had a teenage he is the most mature teenager I've ever met i felt quite reassuring flowing with him in fact i started to think better to fly with thick healthy 19 year old with an old pile admire each whose arteries maybe a little bit narrow and i won't have a heart attack like after all these years of flying i stood a man orlando neck a couple of most amazing places he touched down in i just happened to be there cuz you know i travel around the world for a living you know i was doing a story in oshkosh in ohio the world's greatest their show and brian dropped him and so we timed it of course but what amazed me there is every aircraft known to man and a few not know the man or woman for that matter and Ryan knew them all it's all look there's no such as that I've always wanted to be one that was extraordinary he really is for 19 years he's a 70 or 80 year old aviation buff and you're the guy from the Frog Hollow flying club in Merimbula absolutely at the other place I'd met him of course was sri lanka where I tried to introduce him to some very interesting food and some very hot chilies potete given he's sitting in the confines of an aeroplane he very wisely much more wisent me much more mature he decided that he would