Extraordinary Albino Animals Are Defying the Odds


Inside Edition


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these animals might not look like their fellow species but they certainly have a special place in people's hearts some animals are born without pigment in their skin albinism is rare in nature but albino mammals reptiles birds and amphibians do exist here's some of the most remarkable albino animals we've spotted first up ash the cutest little albino sloth you've ever seen ash was rescued by a couple in Costa Rica after falling out of a tree they brought the little baby to sloth sanctuary Costa Rica where he cuddled up to his stuffed animal for comfort they fed ash goat milk until he was ready to chomp on leaves and learn to live in the wild and then it was on to that climbing life next up this little guy experts say you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than finding an albino raccoon in the wild but rescuers found this one in need of help in Pennsylvania he got the medical care he needed and they got a glimpse of his beautiful and rare faith some albino animals would struggle to survive in the wild instead they find a safe space to call home and zoos that's the case for snowflake a very rare albino alligator experts estimate there are perhaps only 100 in the wild [Music] this albino orangutan was released back into the wild in Borneo the King Oliver was rescued from captivity and rehabilitated for more than a year then it was time to make the journey home watch she heads back into the forest and then makes herself comfortable in the tree she really stands out because wall orangutangs are usually in orange brown color Alba is totally white [Music] this beautiful albino giraffe and her baby are living in their native Kenya Rangers had heard rumors about them but never spotted them then mother and baby emerged from the woods and showed off their beautiful white bodies the mama giraffe seems just as interested in the Rangers as they are in her or her baby wanders off to explore when they stand next to her regularly colored giraffe the contrast is remarkable and then they gracefully make their way back into the forest Sherlock the schnauzer is sensitive to the Sun his pale skin needs to be slathered in doggie sunscreen and he dons these cool shades to protect his sensitive eyes but the Australian pup loves to live that normal doggy life unlike the many other albino animals in the world is definitely something to see this is Inside Edition calm [Music]