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Horror Happy Hour


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the most extreme violent brutal psychotic gory disturbing disgusting horror movies in creation list French extreme first up is martyrs followed by the equally extreme inside and frontiers meet little self-mutilation movie in my skin trouble every day high tension laissez-moi my favorite repulsion by roman polanski baby blood and it's bizarre a little sequel weighty blood Jasper no irreversible I stand alone and Enter the Void Hong Kong extreme first up is fruit Chan's dumplings the infamous men behind the Sun men behind the Sun lavatory of the devil men behind the Sun three something men behind the Sun for Black Sun Riccio the story of Ricky and red to kill the human pork chop next up there is a secret in my soup daughter of darkness and trilogy of lust - if you're gonna mention Hong Kong extreme you got to mention her in you the untold story aka bun man Ebola syndrome and his new flick taxi hunter possibly the biggest section Japanese extreme first up is silence oh noes Suicide Club Scion Soto strange circus battle royale grotesque the infamous guinea pig series first up flower of flesh and blood mermaiden a manhole and he never dies devil woman doctor the devil's experiment of the Android of Notre Dame in the unofficial 7th lucky sky diamond splatter naked blood kitchy Koo Dian Chi banquet of the Beast organ the all night long collection female prisoner 701 scorpion Red Room and Red Room too sexual parasite aka killer pussy tumbling doll of flesh entrails of virgin entrails of a beautiful woman Muse Annie squirm fest and squirm fest too Takashi Miki first up is in print by Ichi the Killer a very creepy audition the very disgusting visit our cue last up goes ooh Yoshihiro Nishimura and Oberoi Gucci first up machine girl Tokyo Goa police the ultra silly Robo Keisha vampire girl vs. Frankenstein girl hard revenge Milly and hard revenge Milly bloody battle mutant girl squad hell driver samurai princess meatball machine quest up rubbers lover at a little Korean anti extreme the butcher 13 Game of Death and meat grinder here's some old-school American extreme for you Last House on the Left and its subsequent remake Last House on dead-end street I Spit on Your Grave and it's remake ms 45 combat shock Henry portrait of a serial killer maniac forced entry Caligula sweet movie Herschell Gordon Lewis The Godfather of gore first up blood feast The Wizard of gore two thousand maniacs the gore gore girls Color Me blood red a taste of blood the gruesome twosome new school American extreme can't mention it without mention saw and saw two and saw three and so for and so five and so six and so a seven hostel one and hostile part two The Hills Have Eyes and The Hills Have Eyes - Jack Ketchum's offspring the girl next door the collector feed cannibal long pace is one of my favs centipede victim dead girl Antichrist family portraits a trilogy of America scrapbook the Turnpike killer bizarre lust of a sexual deviant sick girl dag captivity Carver seed 100 tears automaton transfusion nutbag murder set pieces the Gateway me penis the hood has eyes slaughtered vomit dolls regurgitated sacrifice slow torture puke chamber toe tag pictures August underground August underground mortem August underground penance redson tower mask head murder collection vol 1 sella turcica the german extreme thus coma brutal do el slasher barricade fear makers la Petite Mort and dirt Otis angel olaf it back cream you dose lord of the living death a burning moon black past one ting of Rebecca Verlaine house of blood dark divorce Legion of the Dead beyond the limits George but great necromantic necromantic to SRAM and dirt Otis King Andria's schnoz violent shit the trilogy which consists of violent shit violent shit - mother hold my hand zombie doom Niko's the Impaler demonium anthropophaga s-- 2000 Goblet of gore zombie 90 extreme pestilence and unrated the movie Italian extreme cannibal ferox man from deep river eaten alive demons Salo 120 days of sodom Ruggiero Deodato animal Holocaust jungle Holocaust house on the edge of the park Jodi Amato beyond the darkness anthro Profis emanuel in the last cannibals Emmanuel in America Caligula - the untold story an erotic Knights of the Living Dead Lucio fogey The Godfather of gore the beyond city of the Living Dead cat in the brain and of course zombie the New York Ripper House by the cemetery Dario Argento deep red Tenebrae opera sleepless mother of Tears Jennifer and pelts Belgian extreme Man Bites Dog the pig fucking movie and lucker the necrophagous Spanish extreme aftermath Genesis in a glass cage and 8:6 diarrhea serial-killer other extreme subconcious cruelty broken at a Mason's Pig mum and dad thriller a cruel picture the Virgin spring snuff 102 philosophy of a knife bony games taxidermy ax and Singapore sling extreme horror tea Dead Alive followed by the rage bad biology someone's knocking at the door one-eyed monster piranha 3d feast - sloppy seconds evil aliens brain dead dead snow wrong turn - hatchet hatchet - cabin fever cabin fever - Ryan Nichols it feed gutter balls hanger star vehicle at gutter balls teeth early John Waters first up pink flamingos female trouble and desperate living tromo toxic avenger blood sucking freaks rabid Grey's Mother's Day Romeo and Juliet terra firma and killer condoms oh and of course poultry Geist coughing Joe this night I'll possess your corpse at midnight I'll take your soul awakening of the Beast the embodiment of evil Oh Alejandro Jodorowsky El Topo the holy mountain Santa Sangre mondo cane Ted of listing them all I'm just gonna say the mondo cane collection phases of death one through six traces of death one through five phases of gore trilogy and now the most extreme film of all time A Serbian Finn you