Extreme Pets – Do Not Try This at Home

What happens when wild animals become pets? Meet Mulan, a fully grown Bengal Tiger. Abdullah has been tending to Mulan’s needs since she was 3 months old, and the only family she has ever known. One way to protect himself is to ensure Mulan is always well fed. Pasta for a Meat-eater? Guess there’s some Italian in this Bengal cat after all. Good morning. So, this is Agee’s treat for this morning. This happens to be pasta. And uhmm. What’s this? What’s with these wild pets and pasta?! It’s greek rice. This is Dawn and I’m Mark and we’re Agee’s keepers, so to speak, and friends. I’m her companion, her disciplinarian, her trainer. I think sometimes she thinks she’s my mistress. She gets very jealous of me when I’m talking with other people. Are you happy? Look at that. She’s closing her eyes and she’s just really really happy. Polar bears are the largest meat-eaters on land. Agee is the only pet polar bear in the world. But a bear’s gotta work! AGEE earns her keep as a celebrity polar bear. Stand up. Mark is working her on what he calls the smile. It’s actually a roar for camera. Good girl you are. So how do you teach a bear to smile? Cookies as a bribe, and Chocolates for rewards. Smile! Good girl! Smile! Good girl! This is actually a very difficult behavior to teach any bear, let alone a Polar Bear is laying down… Crawl. Good girl. …because that is total submission. Good girl. What a good girl. Offer her another one. Although Agee is well trained, Mark is very sensitive to her temperament. There you go. She’s not closing with you. She might not be in the mood. That’s all you’re going to get. Yep. Meanwhile, someone else is in a better mood to play. Mulan is much more Tigger than tiger with Abdullah. But, she weighs about 140kg. One swipe from her paw can smash a cow’s skull. So, playtime gets pretty rough…and sometimes…out of hand. That was no attack by Mulan. But, accidents happen when wrestling a big cat with razor sharp claws. Yet, Abdullah’s love for his friend is unrelenting.