hey guys it's me Miranda X you guys don t know what you want me to do for my video and what you guys said you want to control my frickin life from today because you guys are freaking lunatics and you want to control my freaking line so anyway he's certainly basically going to do a bunch of polls today online and you guys are gonna Joker - oh my whole thing so what happens when you wake up the four freaking noon to be illegal alright so first things first any parent wants to go somewhere today like sixteen hours of sleep so today he's gonna be a tough day at door oh so aren't we into this okay I'm letting my fans control my life for a home with aim make sure the phone in all my pool so you can pick what I do for squinching what should I wear today so the options were red pants and my cat shirt which is what I'm wearing but I'm wearing my pajama Burson 99 cent store outfits being in suit and pajamas and you won't pick bathing suits 33% are your parts it's never gonna happen well I do have been tunes but it's freakin cold outside so I can't just weren't being suing or else everything will shatter and fall off my body parts of my body that I need you know what I mean so I'll put on a bathing suit over my clothes my clothes these are my clothes I've got some really cool jacket I never shown this to anybody but this is where I keep my scandalous clothes in case from when I get married to joy Persephone as well so so please close your eyes if you don't under the age of 21 this drawer is not appropriate for you to see what's in fine thank you [Music] - of course baby - all right so this is the bathing suit that I have into Genie cans and like I said it's freaking freezing days so I'm not gonna just wear this I'm beep pong and half on my part think you know I'll get my flaps so I'm just gonna put on over on my pajamas feels like I've been hung there we go let's see what you guys having new names thanks question what should I eat from breakfast I am starving so I'm really excited to eat now so the options were meat meat meat and meat and you guys pick meat wait what oh I didn't finish you don't mean what's a table I can't eat myself this one I'm starving how do I eat myself there has to be something edible that's me somewhere they usually love eating hair but I have lice right now oh this looks like me maybe she is edible tastes like paint me this baby's animal not spring good actually not oh I'm sorry how could you do this to me it was a typo I was supposed to eat meat right beans just gonna starve the next poll freaking jokes what should I do for my exercise today not themed sit watch myself or look at stuff you guys picked watch myself thank you finally an exercise that I like let's get in it so if anyone wants to follow along with my exercise routine first you have to do is find a mirror so I found one here the next you just look at yourself [Music] so I would probably do this for another hour or two and then um do the next poem next poem what should I sing so I love to sing all day every day and practice my singing and I'm really disappointed you do not pick myself you pick carny freakin B so she's poor but I guess you know say little beep you can't beep with me if you want to these expensive these just red bottoms theses my shoes and dripping them fine lengths you don't make no sense cuz I'm painting fun nights you know it you know we top the pop charts y'all play knowing you want to eat for lunch I'm so hungry the options were talk about McDonald's Burger King or all the above luckily finally you guys are being nice to me and you picked all the embalm so I mean my uncle go out and get those things for me so I'm so 19 I am starving I'm literally storming today thanks for lying before I eat my lunch I'm gonna show you guys the next poem which is what should I make a video about and the options were slime cuz that is all it contains my dolls eating or nothing and you guys paint eating because again you must love me so since my uncle just got me all that food I figure I'll eat all my food while I'm filming myself and do a mukbang so that's what I'm gonna do now so if you guys want to see the full milk-bone stay on the lookout for that it's coming very soon so you guys kicked out McDonald's Taco Bell and Burnham store means didn't let me eat for breakfast yeah thank you [Music] right I'm getting pretty bored so I figure I need to hang out with the friends so I ask you nice who should I call to become friends with and you guys picked the 99-cent store even though the options work James Charles joined Graceffa nice Vika and Ronald McDonald as well but you guys picked $0.99 don't work so I'm gonna give them a call right now and see if they want to be my friends all right go look up the 99 cents don't follow something out 4 star rating on Yelp so this is a really fancy one hi this is Miranda I was just curious if you would be willing to be my friend could you be my friend okay why do you like I don't understand why she needs a second to think about being my friend like she put me on hold like that's not what friends do this is a very Road so I hope she says sorry someone just say they're buying up abaya friends don't make friends wait for them to finish checking out a custom log I can literally hear her ignoring me oh come on friend I'm not gonna be your friend if you're gonna act this way answer me Oh needs a room hmm freaking kidding me she hung up on me I'm calling a different one that was the rudest person in world user busy hey I thought your friend if ur entwine hi is this the 99-cent store hi I'm just um curious if you will be my friends can you be my friend yes I need to know if you'll be my friend rejected by the 99-cent store three times the Rena print 99-cent stores which I did me way enough we get famous porcine Oh what should I make my entire audience sing on stage during the show well I was just in Austin Texas and I made them saying don't forget to wipe so here we go you won [Music] [Applause] when you lean I'm so hungry I barely eaten anything today so next question is what should I eat for dinner the options weren't McDonald's talked about the zone or nothing then gone nothing didn't win but I almost did with 27% you guys want me to freakin starve tonight you guys pick discern which I'm very grateful for so it's time to get some food I'm starving I have a bunch of chocolates here from a little shame this is Italian I think yeah maybe it's Spanish for minimal sure Rochelle this is a bunch of chocolates and then I also have chocolate ice cream for dinner [Music] I love Joey nice cream really hard I'll brain breathe so I'm gonna keep eating this and I'll get back to you when I'm done thank you never gonna finish all the chocolates and I'm finish the entire box of ice cream so I'm really excited I feel really for a French chef Dubin eaten like a riddle day and I'm so excited I can't wait to do next point missing me a poem I think mine asked you guys what I should do for band I think I should ask you want it closer to when I wake up cuz I don't know where Ben gets home I gotta go you guys tell me what we're doing I miss Austin it's been a very long day so the final question i axe you guys today to control my lifelines what should I wear to bed and you guys picked a ball gown even though the options while pajamas bathing suit or a poncho you guys picked a ball gown which you know what actually is a really good option because I'm a princess I need to look like a princess dress like for implants so I'm really excited about planes nice about this ball gown situation because actually have a beautiful ball gown given to me by my very own joy Persephone's fonts from the $0.19 door who I actually do not like anymore because they would not be my friends but they do produce really high quality clothing and really delicious fans so you're only being hated on the clothes but I do not like the people there and they were very rude to me and would not be my friend so I'm gonna put this on and we're gonna get in beds [Music] so thanks so much for watching everybody I'm ready for bed so it's time for me to get snooze in but I love you guys so much thanks for watching make sure to click the thumbs up button and subscribe push the button over 15 chains all things thank you have a good night thank you Miss thank you so much thanks for coming tonight's to the show so I'm so happy to be hosting the Tony Awards tonight to start off I'm missing an original piece that I wrote it so good I can't thank you for giving me all of the awards I'm so happy I finally told me please be my friend and my house every day no one will play with me no one answer my call will you be my friends if I get famous all my could eat more meat but if I go downstairs to my house I just want to gave on lips when I meant wait to join Lord I don't want 100 other people who are tracking you want you [Music] think you you