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headus is taking on wonderboy you know I don't know that you want to be stuck on your feet with either one of those guys Wonder Boy has such an awkward awkward effective and dynamic style and then you look at you look at pedis I mean this guy is famous for his awkwardness who did you ever see hitting cartwheel kicks in a fight before Anthony Pettis the Showtime kick I mean come on I think you wanted s before I know he's up for one in this case this guy's crazy on his feet these guys are gonna go out and stand at battle I think this is really compelling I really feel like we're just seeing it one more time over again is George Maas Vidale versus till and any of you that didn't want to see that because you thought there was a size discrepancy how about are you kicking yourself in the ass now for not seeing that I don't know that I'm ready to give you guys a prediction and instance the fight is tomorrow I guess it looks like I just flat-out won't be giving a prediction but I will tell you it's a really interesting fight if you look at the trajectory of Anthony Pettis I mean a number of years ago he's on the Wheaties box of years ago he's the world champion number of years ago he's that on a skid then people are calling for his retirement then something happens and some guy starts giving him a hard time and in like late lights three of his cars on fire man when Pettis went through all the stuff said he comes back he changes weight classes and he looks awesome doing it he is an amazing fight one of fights one of the best fights of the year against chiesa where he had to deal with tremendous adversity and came back and got a victory he then goes right into Tony Ferguson up which you had to deal with tremendous adversity I believe if I remember at his corner stop that fight where he broke his hand and also or saw all sorts of problems than that but it's a great contest now he's leaving that weight class and going all of way up to 170 to take on wonderboy but if you look at the matchup this is fun this is a very fun and interesting match and I think that's all I'm gonna say but I don't want anyone to dismiss this and go Enzo 145 don't do that don't make that mistake ask the guys at 1:55 how bad they regret making that mistake when Connor moved up a steep a how bad it regrets making that mistake with Daniel move up a still how about it okay don't do that when Marvin Oliver moved up right don't do that let these guys go fight wonder boys got a weird style but Pettis has trained for this Pettis is a weird stop wonderboy is trained for this go out and enjoy the matches but also keep your eye on the co-main event curtis blades young guy wrestler good hands he's taking on justin Willits young guy wrestler good hands now let's take one step closer look Willis has the heavier hands I don't know that they're better but I know they will do a hell of a lot more damage I know it Curtis blades and the experience that he had with n GaN oh he's going to respect power he just is take a little bit closer look Curtis blaze is the better wrestler a little bit quicker a little bit small a little bit more dynamic so I think that he is going to go and look to tie this try to get it to the ground probably can't do it with a blast double so what's the next option try to tie him up go into exactly what in a boxing range the referee would step in and separate you because nothing's happening no one do that make Nothing happen tie them up push them in the fence if you can start to eat your hands on him start to wear on Willits because what that will do is you start to drain its batteries it'll take some of that power away I think that'll be a very good effective first round strategy and I do think that's an interesting manner Willis is a lot more fun then guys are giving him credit for if you go watch one of his interviews or you watch mom he's got a certain level of cockiness to him in a certain level of charisma to him he's got something going on right now with Daniel Cormier where he can't get it right with Daniel and he's talked trash on Daniel well guess why that's interesting not because they're in the same division their teammates do you guys realize that they're teammates at at the aka and they don't really like one another and they don't mind going to the media and saying as much I don't have the full story on that but I think somebody should go out and get it I think that it's it's pretty interesting alright you know what I am gonna give you prediction so I'm gonna go out a bit of a limb here I am going to take Pettis I'm going to take Pettis on the same theme of Mazda doll going up stand up battle I think it favors a smaller guy I'm gonna go with Pettis on that I know that's going to surprise you I am also going to go with Willits how do you like that there's a prediction for the main and komané let's see how I do