FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE Gameplay Trailer Nintendo Switch




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what would you do different I told you I'm going to take back what's ours stop running you have something that belongs to me damn Fran let's move off with you this is Aslam she has she been on for you the strong you really are a sky pirate you seek the octa for deep within the jungle of gold more there is a corner of the favoured where a Miss storm surges and seas well what are we waiting for not exactly close compensation is that what you want straight to the point aren't we I like that but you must consider the prize the dawn shard lies within and rate walls treasure [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] the insurgents in revenues to operate 11 at present however should they guard external support to the situation could worsen Her Majesty cannot abide weakness least of all in herself now's not the time should this fight drag on Rosario will enter the fray the defensive doll master is their excuse and we will have a war between empires tell me do you still desire the stone I'm against this vampire must pay but destruction we should leave this place let me guess sandstorm something far worse you took my father's life why spare mine now you would have me live in shame if that is your duty yes I must treat you as I would on door as I would treat any a better of the Empire you failed Landis you failed on Mosca oh you were to protect yet you still hold on to your honor Wow I won my freedom yet my past is being cut away forever I needed to get away from his death that's why I followed you the Rattler I knew is gone [Music] hey face my rap use its power to restored our mascot something like that it will not come to that I am sure I have faith in her faith in you both reach out your hand lady Ashe that which you must grasp is something beyond revenge something greater than despair history begins anew and so how solid or lives are