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hello and welcome to team edge and today's video the fire burst ice challenge where these guys try to see who can get the most items that are frozen in ice out of this thing each of you guys have a specific amount of time to get your item out of ice with a specific tool modality i will be telling you how long you have right beforehand just decided i'm just going to look at it and be like you got a minute you got those yeah sure guys let's do it because some of this stuff may be difficult guys the lighting ourselves on fire video i have shouted out in every single video for the past few videos and that's coming soon it just takes a while for these big production things where we have to get people from the real film business yeah now these amateurs here that is coming we're filming that in january and releasing it absolutely it's like set we're filming yeah okay let's do it may change though full body fire boys and girls please do not play with fire we are trained we have the fire department on call so don't play with fire fire department's always on call in case you're wondering that's 9-1-1 this will definitely not melt the ice i don't know why we have this all of your items will be brought in by your trophy han solo and kryptonite bring in the first item [Music] yeah this is what you guys do this is what you guys will win if you win this video this is your trophy hey hi han i don't know i already have a mattress i don't need another one in this bobby is a fish for you to uncover sweet you have to get this item out with hot bread stop i wrote this i think there's gonna be a lot more only i only admit cold breath okay bobby okay you're not even breathing nobody raised no quitter boy hey but why are you breathing so softly she raised the loser but she didn't raise a quitter the faster you breathe the colder it is that's not true yeah but no that's i want to make this a little easier for you flip it over i'm going to chip it out for him just man we're doing big things here kids [Laughter] wow this is actually really fun yeah wow [Music] there you go just so you actually have to do it i'm going to give you five minutes what constitutes him getting it out what is the whole thing has to be out i predict bobby's going to pass out before he even gets to that fish oh all right up tail broke off the faster you breathe the colder it is starting now are you getting in his way maybe really that's what i'm telling you i can't even hear him breathing he's breathing he's like i feel like are you i'll hold you up bobby just keep breathing hard oh my goodness here like this bobby keep going yeah no no keep showing me keep showing me go you want the little five minutes bobby just give up all right next so no point i i'm up there's no way he's getting that out all right my turn hey guys that's a that's a flamethrower stick around stick around watch that all right han bring in the next item for brian you say hun hi honey hey hon brian you have golf balls see golf balls you have to start a fire for real yeah there you go just got a vibe with it the whole time this is called a flint sparker brian you have three minutes to do this three i need more time than that okay five minutes oh is it that easy next time i need more time i know it's not the sparks don't oh maybe this sparks are falling oh come on baby i'm losing uh no you're good what's this mattress doing here man you would never survive in the wild they're off-brand crocs i'm not strong enough for this just warn me watch out don't don't hurt me are you getting me through yet oh i'm getting tired man don't oh just don't this is unfair jordan and i have to work a lot harder to get out of this thing than you guys do i need a nap i want a clean opening so i don't get any splinties on my way out okay [Music] probably shouldn't have put it in the water first oh oh no i inhaled smoke all right that's a failure for brian next item this is what you would have gotten dull use ranged golf balls guys like this video if you want to see us freeze bobby on a block of ice if this video gets 5 likes we'll do it ice is 2-0 so far for your next item boys you have to why's he looking at me isn't it bobby's turn you have to get out a picture of vanilla ice i'll get him out all right get him out and your method is matches is that the only thing he can use i don't know i might change that wait yeah yeah all right there you go okay why are you going at the thickest part the thing is right here trust the system [Music] okay how many minutes bobby you have 15 minutes for this you guys will hold one minute he's going to do them all at once but ready oh hey he's doing it it's working it's working really good actually look at that slime tip it over probably can get the fire to come up more why am i helping him yes no bob's dead oh leave it like that oh wait my hands never let go jack that's just gonna drip all over it no it's working bobby just keep throwing more twigs in there dude it's getting bigger we got this dude dude look at this side we're gonna get inside it looks amazing how is this actually working now he's just making a fire i'm coming for you vanilla ice oh no bobby why are you doing little giblets oh you see that it cracks bro that actually looked a lot cooler than i thought it was going to consider that a failure wait if it pops out in one swing does that count or are you just doing this for fun now one swing i'll give you it's going to explode yeah three two one [Laughter] just i'm gonna lift it up and see how much of it you exposed oh my god oh wow oh you did i burned the frame heads up boys this is all right bobby you get one swing three two one oh hey he got it i got him did he there he is i gave him a swing you got iced tea that's iced tea i don't know what he looks like that clean smell all right bob bobby you got iced tea i got ice i'll give you the original photo here's your photo of iced tea right there sick hey ice team sponsor us i'm gonna give it to bobby yeah that's a yeah he he exceeded my expectations and that's all you have to do all right my turn this is the prized item for the day that everybody wants all the kids are asking for these days a picture of the hottest rapper on the scene now his name is hot ice also known as icy hot jungle cracker and your method to get him out is to fan him with a palm leaf you have 45 minutes stop you have 45 minutes get them out it's gonna do absolutely nothing might keep it cooler though fan the royalty yes you give up yes i give up all right well this is what you would have won a picture of the latest rapper parai is he wearing our teammates and you just is he wearing a team editor yeah that's joey that's not nice i mean hot ice nice can i sledgehammer it out yeah sure oh my oh i didn't get him out dude hot ice oh my god oh there's some glass in here okay i don't know what the difference is between the ice and the glass all right bobby so brian was unsuccessful there for your item we're bringing back an old fan favorite my great aunt's ashes oh she's been in a few videos she was a big woman so we got a lot of ashes and she has more camera time now than before bring it in it's her urn grandma no not grandma oh auntie your job is to throw it on the ground i'm trying to get everything out of it okay got some gloves hey guys if you have any ideas for a flamethrower to be used on our channel comment it down below we'll pin our favorite one and we might just do it emphasis on the might ready get my great ants ashes out three two one wow it broke aunt cheryl you hilarious woman you've given us so much content i think all the water went in here brian you get a cat you have to use wire brushes to get this cat out all right brian you have 10 minutes starting now ow oh sorry [Music] okay maybe 10 minutes is not enough see i'm gonna say this is probably the most entertaining content i've ever been a part of right here [Music] it's sticking out his teddy graham tongue all right brian i think i made this a little too hard for you you think i'm gonna give you five minutes with this thing that's a flamethrower i was planning on saving this for the end but we have gotten to the impossible parts turn it on hit the oh hit that whoa [Music] oh my god and then if you want to turn it down you can give it less gas [Music] okay give it to me give it to me five minutes okay all right timer set the timer for five minutes okay wait oh whoa oh smart smart hat's gonna go oh meow meow oh my yes melting you're gonna get fluffy come on fluffy it's working i don't know ma'am i'm really dead do some low flame action i don't know this one ready here we go three two one all right okay i see where i want to go i have this dude that is oh you see that i've got the fire extinguisher here yeah i see him i'm trying him you see that shatter dude you're burning fluffy i know try not to burn them and you have to come from this way it's her her stop burning fluffy that's what i'm coming from this side that is hot yeah it's fire yeah this is for all those cat lovers out there we're saving a cat come on that crack just needs to just fan the crack crack maybe if i catch the cat on fire then it will warm up the cat and it will get out it'll be a safe it's a self-sustained fire get his ear free so he can hear us i'm gonna give you five more minutes five more minutes he's still solid man i'm also in the mood for barbecue oh we got a new tank oh my wow yeah i was getting engulfed it's not really doing anything look at him safe and secure oh his eyes are almost free this video didn't really work out like we expected i'm still having fun though he's not getting out [Music] wow all right now it's time to just mess around because that didn't work how do we get this cat out all right wait watch out it might explode dude it's really hot water it might explode i don't know you're more concerned about this over the flamethrower that i was hey that really did blow up pretty good oh wait oh oh fluffy no longer i'm volunteering my pets for team edge videos yeah he's definitely surviving that oh he ripped his knees i broke fluffy's face off this is just disturbing well this is creepy now this video has crossed the line hey i have to say really cold ice has beaten fire so far if that's the question we're here to answer we have answered it that's why we did this video all right for this next and final round wait what happened to han solo he left he died for this next and final round you guys get an action figure of me the j-raff bobby your method should you choose to accept it it is a flamethrower a flamethrower it's gonna be sick bro sick man okay let's do it go get it dude dude i look so cool i feel so cool okay here we go training oh there it is oh my gosh [Music] oh wow that is loud oh my god that is loud it's working it's is you wanna touch it i wanna touch it it's gonna be cold it's ice bro i've never done this before right well why is it such a weird it's so dry i can't believe you can just buy this on amazon all right bob i don't know what's your plan of attack bro where are you going to attack using this flamethrower no everybody wants to touch the ice that's cold turn off the lights wow yeah baby oh dude he's sizzling driving sizzling y'all ever eating cooked giraffe all right bob oh he melted his eyes oh his eye's gone look at his eyes bobby wait why are you helping us because it's so much fun don't burn his face you're burning his face oh no you're melting his eyeballs stop burning me look how hot the end is touch it i'm just kidding all right ladies and gentlemen i think we have concluded that there's cold ice 32 degree ice or below like a couple degrees and that's that's cold you know it's frozen and then there's really cold ice when you crank up the freezer all the way and it can get to zero degrees kelvin this thing goes to zero degrees kelvin it doesn't freeze his head bobby right there right right there oh yeah get in there bob focus on the weak point get it all right i've had enough all right ladies and gents this video has grown me i now have a newfound respect for fire and ice i don't really know who won i don't think either of them won because they were both defeated by ice the ice was so cold that it made you guys look like weaklings when you already looked like honestly i am very surprised at how resilient that ice was i thought it was just gonna that thing was gonna cut through it it's cold ice man i'm gonna award that win to me because you guys both dude like my low expectations you unseated them if you guys want to see a previous video we did with fire this one right here also if you want to see a video right here without look at that one i don't know something with ice right there also go check out our merchandise because we're coming out with new stuff constantly y'all our store is getting doper and doper so make sure you're there and you get this limited time merch coming in time limited time you know kind of limited sometimes some of them are peace bye