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hello guys is chris here and welcome to a video all about my private youtube video now a little while ago I made a prediction on the BPL team the season in FIFA 15 and I said the number of players I get wrong in that prediction will equate to the number of my private youtube videos I'd show you lot in this video now I was pretty confident you know my FIFA knowledge I was thinking maybe two or three on a bad day seven I got seven wrong that actually happened so today I'm gonna be showing you lots seven of my private youtube videos I wanted to do private videos instead of just old videos because I know quite a lot of people has done you know the reacting to old videos if you don't know a private YouTube videos are by the way this videos that have been uploaded to my youtube channel in the past but since then I've made private only I can see them basically there are reasons why I don't want to share these videos with the world which you'll see so um now I'm going to share these videos with the world but first we're gonna have to go to one of the darkest places we've ever been to in one of my videos ok the thirteenth page of my uploads to get the ball rolling this is the first video the date on my youtube channel I did actually upload some before this as well but I've deleted them since they're on another channel you guys might remember the nerf wars I might mention but anyway that's a story for a completely different video today we're looking at this video titled tight tighted tight now that is a good word to be there so uploaded on the 19th of July 2010 and titled modded nerf Vulcan EVF 25-plus shooting test almost got 5,000 views before I private at it and I mean looking at like dislike ratio you know even back then I just had it okay right if we can just all mentally prepare ourselves that would be just brilliant um just lower your expectations and solve viewing of me as a youtuber I should probably explain what these are by the way nerf guns are like little plastic guns that shoot plastic darts and I went for a stage where I was just absolutely obsessed with them and what I did in this video I had this knife Vulcan which is kind of like a machine gun turret plastic gun and I kind of modified it sawed off bit of it and I wanted to you know share it with the world ok right we're ready let's come on let's do this together here we go which got a title so far hi this is a video about my modified enough Vulcan and what I've done is I've taken out the air restrictors on the belt and I've taken out the air restrictor and the actual gun um I've also sort of though oh the voice alone just what was heard of my life I don't know if any of you have seen Simon's reacting to old videos / we've come on intro to rival here's now let's just appreciate this again hi this okay no let's give previous me a benefit of the doubt and I modified enough Vulcan and what I've done is I've taken out the air restrictors on the belt and I've taken either suffocate yet instead um I've also sawn off the front and glued a few parts on to make it more accurate I'm oh my god why don't I cut this video now I knew that I had my audience in the palm of my hand you know I was captivating them with these slow pauses you know the soothing tokens so yeah as I said I'll probably put a picture of the original gun on the side or something now but you can see I like sword swords is that that must be a word oh come on it's what being a fifi youtuber does to you I I'm actually gonna have to look this up sword Sawin what I sword yeah I saw okay let's just pretend that didn't happen so I sawed off the front of this gun and you know glued a few parts on I was really happy of this you know it basically I sort of the front because uh that actually bit the fired the gun was farther back and this huge bowel just made them all deflect and go in all kinds of direction so I knew my stuff about nerf guns you know you can't deny that so I felt like I wanted to put into a YouTube video and um clearly also felt that I hadn't experienced enough bullying in my life yet I can't even be angry about the like dislike grow issue I would a hundred percent disliked after after the high okay so shooting test from there to that wall let me explain it so we don't have to sit for any more of this soothing tones yep okay memo's on the top of gum I love the way I felt the need to tell you guys the camera was on top of the gun despite the fact it took 10 seconds completely wasted time putting it on top of the gun onto the shooting test look out for the sheer power I like a killer man Sir Alex Ferguson why you made yeah look at this layer I thought slow motion was just so sick in those days that I would just show the sheer power can I just say I'm asking myself every two seconds why I'm actually showing you guys this a lot more powerful than it was before and that's it I don't know if you guys get here that I love the way I left it like a bit of me going like at the end and just the straight cut it out wow how many times as I watched that video through before I uploaded it safe to say I think it would probably be about two or three times because if anyone watches that video any more times you'll become mentally unstable right and there we go thanks for watching in the star wars font I was the epitome of cool don't even question it and that's it okay um should we look at comments tips do you want to okay well as an experience I hope we're all mentally stable just enough after that let's just get off it as soon as possible despite the fact I am showing you my private youtube videos I'm still picking out the ones to show you so there are some that they just cannot ever make it into one of these so moving on to my first video that got to about 50,000 views don't even ask me how I made this video on enough dot types warm fire blast-off I know you're probably jealous of all of this and probably this like dislike ratio as well but bear with me I definitely used requiem for a dream as well that was the only backing music I actually did ah this is just so epic okay so what I did I essentially stole pictures off the internet if you're the guy who uploaded this these pictures I'm so sorry put them into a nice slideshow put a couple of annotations on it got 80,000 views don't even ask me how look how informative this is I mean this is just top Chloe's are the top ender YouTube in those days but yeah I remember checking this every few days and I was my mind was just blown when like one day it got about 5,000 views and I was like how can that many people be watching one of my videos in one day that just absolutely blew my mind I don't think I could have chosen a soundtrack as well which could have fit the video any less but uh nevertheless here you go look at this slideshow yep early 2011 those were the days right so that one one's not even that embarrassing you guys probably like why are you showing us this like what is the point it's not embarrassing at all oh my god the banter back then I remember this I got 12 likes on this comment I was like I was like sure my friends like I like it that's got 12 likes on YouTube kind mate who is the most popular in school now look at that deleted his co-ed probably absolutely put him down so hard he just deleted his YouTube channel this guy was like well this is completely fake it's not coming out and I was like well it is yeah like like my own videos okay I'm so glad I'm not this person anymore I can just just want to put that out there I don't feel like I can waste another one of my private YouTube videos on this but this was basically exactly the same but for a different note on that one got 70,000 views I don't understand how how did it got any subscribers from this by the way I should mention I got up to like five hundred thousand views and stuff at like 50 subscribers that's not a very good turn over is it okay let's move on to the next one best collapse group ever actually this noscope montage is my first video today that's public on my channel you can go have a look at that one some serious tackers anyway best Colet noscope ever i mean look at this but even back in those days couple more explosions and that's suitable for the fifa community you know right let's have a cup black of I was just obsessed with black ops I this noscope oh my God look at this just wait for it bang but no scope jungle those two guys they probably just never played Khan again they're so devastated after that look at these two just unsuspecting of any kind of danger and then bang on the floor I was so happy I was like sending that to all my friends and they were like you're a nerd and I was like like you only 180view that and that deserves millions in my opinion to this day but uh yeah I mean that wasn't a very embarrassing one I fit you just like what am i doing look at this I got any copyrighted songs I use what can I say I was just a bit of a bad man yeah I feel like I should probably show you my first compilation I haven't made this was in fee 411 I'm back in the day when this was when the thief community first started to grow you know it's when kscypher started to grow my claim to fame I was in ksi first eight thousand describes the case so you know ksi if you're watching love me I don't know we don't need to have a look at this goal by Arsenal because it's gonna even Percy Nasri fàbregas yeah nice I actually do one let you guys watch this cuz I book add some commentary over the goal nothing this was so second time see that was no one did that at the time and I was like yes I've got got in here and 400 views later and no more subscribe this one works slightly better though cuz in the commentary you actually heard Nasri hit the post and it just sounded it just fit so well listen so I mean like it hit the post and actually hit the post in this laundry so there's so many levels you know I was expecting so many subscribers I said you have 460 views oh yeah nice I'm one of the six likes well done Chris really well done and then I used waving flag for the song this was just such a sick world cop song back in these days my compassion of about the same level no as long as I did two skill moves to be very and just put it away that was a compilation or my opinion didn't even need to take people on it just be two skill moves and then sweat nice Oh like that rainbow click yeah yeah get done mate he knows he knows I'm not reading this one public afterwards actually cuz I really like taking this compilation this next goal this is my best goal I scored in FIFA 11 this was kind of before all twenty was big so I was playing kickoff most this time with like Brazil or whoever with five star skills look at his caki bang Petter check is nowhere near it made some of those flash effects I thought I was so sick but in reality just made the goal harder to see and so essentially ruined it the state of some of these goals I put into this conflation like look at this one it's another McGee spin and then I'm pretty sure I just sweat it to fàbregas again yeah nice compilation goal what can you say what can you say I love the way I say subscribe for more FIFA videos now in HD by HD I meant instead of pointing a normal camera out my TV I now pointed at HD camera at my TV despite the fact my TV still wasn't in HD but uh they don't know the Hat today right it's at three so three three or four four five 1585 we've gone through five already whoa oh Gove of the week oh no okay right this is this is just gonna happen isn't it this is gonna happen I've got to show you guys okay right within this prepare to lower your expectations and viewing of me as a youtuber even lower how did the five likes and no dislikes how was that everything okay so back in the day in FIFA 12 I decided that it would be a good idea for a series where I could take out a game that I played over the week and basically commentate over it and you know if it was really exciting or something and uh taken away of the entertainment previous past Chris eyes and welcome to game of the week episode one and in these or just be picking out a game live played in the week and just sort of commentating over it and it won't necessarily be the one of the most gold score but just the most interesting goals or the most entertaining videos as I don't know how people walked away from these videos stable mentally as I've said many times but like how I know everyone says this but why was I so depressed I just sound like there is no light in my life I didn't have a problem like so I just had a camera that I just would take the audio from and just sit next me and just talk into it and these were the best clips the best of my audio clips so uh you can imagine what the others were like see no I literally can't I can't imagine how they I don't even know let's move on step I'll miss it anyway I got extremely lucky they're showering hit the bar and the post that's never happened to me before but so lucky then let's concede haha terrible defending and I've just left wall Oh mom I don't want my warm I turned in my life I'm bringing out Valdez cheese I'm bringing out Mikey from FIFA 12 and your phone gone and walk on note honorable Ronnie was the defender is step Weaver now am i you should have avoided that goal yeah you should do right you should I knew back then there's a muffin I'm pretty sure I absolutely wrecked this guy here let's have a look all of these top tons oh no I did not just happen what what how is this my game of the week I've one of the sweaty goal in the 90th minute what is wrong with you four string player to play against so this is the kind of image I would even back then this is the kind of image I'll be putting out how I play fifa key little pushing against wet in the 90th minute this is how interesting my FIFA oh no okay maybe I scored awkward he's all oh here we go okay so that was the only reason I made this my came with weeks I wanted to show you guys at each other's game stuff my accent gave me the week story still do thanks for watching and I'll be posting these ever you Korso with probably a variety of games yeah probably won't be a comeback next phone be something else but hahaha oh [ __ ] I just ran out fingers - sounds like I probably won't be a a comeback I'll probably be next week bye even back then I was just inconsistent uploading like as soon as I started talking about when the next episode is gonna be our side oh ok so I've got two more to go we're getting there come on we can do this I first have a pack opening is there um I love the way puyol is the player I put in the title my god things have changed this was my first pack opening I had a HD PVR for so you know I was hitting the big tiles with the big boys now and I think I got an enforces second pack let's err as find out how I introduce this one see if I'm kept up hey guys so fish 2010 is and welcome to my name oh you guys can still see this my URL my youtube channel to this day it is sort Chris 2010 because that's what I decided to put as my youtube channel fun fact for you up to about 2000 subscribers that was my youtube url and at about 2000 subscribers I realized I cannot actually keep this if I'm going to be popular I cannot be known as so Chris 2010 it's just not gonna happen anyway yeah I do got a HTTP VR as you see I'll go 144 km omen some I think so the best player in formal over yes so that's my kind of team voyage pack opening 70k is going to be spent on 15k packs and 70k is going to be spending look at this date these days of pack openings of a hundred forty K better if you imagine if you did that now I would get slaughtered just skip ahead for everyone's benefit here aa second pack I don't know how I remember this is this bad well I definitely gone influence impact second seven five seven set second pack ball banks not a great player again pretty shopping Oh what boom oh my god I had no I not a great player I said oh my yes that is a second form I've ever got some people chose it on squeaky back then it's just stayed the same very half of that got informa now how about so boring look at this this is the classic like fast fifi youtuber 20 minute or whatever unedited pack opening before you understand everything about life ah don't even know how I just don't understand why I don't put any energy life I'm gonna go for YouTube just did come on just stop attracting the bullying Aaron Ramsey in that pack and I just haven't even mentioned it always wrong with me oh that's a shock I don't know it's annoyed me we're moving on okay well I'm gonna just skip to the outro before bad things happen making a few more recently I know we've been like why can I not speak properly join this video cuz I'll be bringing lots more HD so I look like I everyone slays they hate you so much I don't even care about my personality or in these videos the HD that's all we should care about I've just left 10 seconds of nothing at the end of the video flawless editing well I think we're all pretty much new people after that okay could we could we not do a seventh can we just go just leave it there guys no okay so we find ourselves on to the seventh video the last video I'm gonna be showing you guys in this video and it's a series could players stats lie that's series name though 38 like someone dislike to be fair this this might not even be embarrassing so guys it's circus thousand ten year and open okay you stats I think really like well the player feels so why don't we do that intro the players stats I think well like um what why did I think that was like the best of my audio clips to stick in the video I was wrong with me oh these graphics though I'm eight is it probably the days of pain to send actually think it was stuck oh look at some of these goals I probably been the goals I scored least oh wait don't you're running Wacka Wacka here I mean a wacko I'm pretty sure I do unless he just was better at skittles in these days like it is bad I wasn't commentating I was sick I'm just gonna put it out there show some more tech of Slovakia I think that's what the cool kids call it Oh Oh long shots four days get the count right so yeah you can see like 250 goals scored in 159 games so you can see by that that he's pretty amazing yeah pretty amazing questionnaire to pay oh no oh you're like you'll have to pasty-faced got the horns over the ball I'm pretty pretty sure I nailed that saying haha in the next episode so please subscribe like this video and bye why did I not have a proper outro why was it just by maybe it's just simplistic that's what I was going for you know why complicated I suppose why even make interesting videos right and that concludes the UH the experience as I said I think we're all pretty much new people now um if we could all sort of just forget about the last what 15 minutes maybe is this video gonna be long and trance or move on with our lives but yeah I hope you guys have enjoyed this video I it was actually quite a lot of fun going back through this video so if you guys have enjoyed this please make sure to leave a like tell me in the comments if you want me to uh have a look through some more of my private youtube videos because as I said there's there's a large source of them okay so uh thank you so much for watching I hope you have enjoyed the video make sure to check out my last video if you missed it and yeah as I said make sure to leave a comment or you for this video in the course flow please subscribe um I'm now in HD please subscribe so uh you know my next videos will my next video will be uh goodbye and I'm gonna leave ten seconds of um awkwardness at the end so good luck setting through this most about ten seconds now shortly