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every time he's like what are we gonna hit i'm like what are you taking a thread there we go good morning california baby what's going on everybody jesse james west here hope you're having a great day i'm gonna be chomping down on my friend's toes right now enjoying the sunlight in the morning i do this every morning i'm really loving california so much and i hope you guys are enjoying this content in california it's definitely more fun to make so if you guys are new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button turn on your post notifications and drop a like for the boys it really really helps when you guys see the video as soon as it drops helps the channel grow and in this video i'm giving away a 50 gift card to either ride or transparent labs so make sure you guys turn our post notifications and subscribe and then comment down below whether you want rise or transparent labs and i'm going to make sure that i'm personally sending you 50 let's dive into this because your boys hungry if you guys are new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button it turns out only 50 of you guys that are watching these videos are actually subscribed to brother reach a million by the end of the year by hitting that subscribe button i want to say thank you guys and i'm going to be doing a giveaway in this video i'm going to be doing a lot more giveaways on this channel so stay tuned and subscribe let's dive into the day because this stuff is banging banging all right you know what no no no no i can't speak what i need white monster to start the day off right come on give it to me guys this might remain anthony mantello it's quite the day ahead of him classified information but i want to give you a little update on the apartment we built some stuff full apartment tour will come when everything's ready i don't know you i bought two couches okay you know good that made me feel i was like i'm an adult they're futons for guessing they can fold down they're leather they're black i mean it's just beautiful it needs a little red it needs a little red all right so next up we're gonna be having a nice pre-workout for the boys okay no no no no what up transparent labs baby you guys know the deal code jesse we're gonna be doing a little stim free because we're already so cracked out i don't wanna know i don't this this is not mine let's just blur that yeah just blur it perfect we got transparent labs though okay hell yeah coach jesse will save you 10 off rivals going down to the deck to fight to the death now oh you just like made out with that let's get out of here ladies and gentlemen it's time to go to zoo culture baby we're gonna go walk over it's a beautiful walk on the way some nice mountains then we gotta get a palm board meet up with this awesome fit girl her name is simone you guys have seen her in the [Music] past [Music] so we made it to zoo culture we'll be smashing back and biceps before we do a little bit of cardio with a fake girl she's gonna whip my ass we got a dope training session right now not a lot of people are here which is awesome so we're just gonna dive into it we're gonna start off with some pull up once we get warmed up get this rolling baby let's go [Music] terry crews yeah when you hear usher in the gym baby yes so we're gonna be doing some lap pull downs we're gonna do about four sets 12 to 15 reps really squeezing and then immediately come over here and you're gonna do a cable press down this will get you the gnarliest lap pump where you just look four times larger you try it out i promise you you'll be sore the next day [Music] listen come here bring it bring it in do you want to have a secret you want some gains right now do you just code jesse on anything rise down below dude like if you want increased aesthetic muscle gain oh jesse baby j-e-s-s-e i love you guys what are you hitting it's like oh this guy's today you're taking a threat leg day every time he's like what are we going to hit i'm like what do you think we're going to hit just a you immediately jump to like this yeah are you training calves though come on so adulting adult things yes you do your laundry i have to do my laundry still oh my god somebody licked me and that scared the hell out of me little boys kill it suck i'll catch you later there was a we're talking to everybody something wiping my ankle i don't know what it is next thing you know the dog licking me all right we gotta get back to this workout that's nutty nutty let's go we're making gains out here baby listen i don't know what you're saying but this tarp's off for the boys it's already been off [Music] um tarps off it's time to get an arm pump we're about to collab with a fit girl we gotta look good we can't little these little string beans right now not okay so listen if you're looking for a workout plan go to grab one i promise you you will not regret it i promise you fantastic stuff like um underwater body fat i think yo how do i sign up for that done done done done you guys want to see that video comment below baby [Music] come on and then we're gonna go get this cardio session get it nice and ready this is the best form of cardio am i right yes sir let's go find the next bicep exercise i have no idea [Music] there we go boys that's what i'm talking about arm day complete i think it's time for some good old cardio i'm gonna do a little bit of abs keep it fun fun and fun and fun let's go are you ready my good friend simone last name chris chris assistant chris chris chris is in i'm ready for a challenge okay sounds good destroy him please yeah i'm gonna kill him though i'm a little scared not not that bad though but what do you wanna start with like i would put you through burpees just because boys this one's for you so you better subscribe all right follow her ig okay do it you're gonna you're gonna coach me but there's a little twist you're gonna join me in the workout all right so we're not gonna do burpees we're not gonna do burpees oh god this is actually heavy what are we doing with these these mechanisms medicine slam half break piece medicine slam half burpee things don't worry jessie's crying on the inside i am crying on the inside a little bit do two jumps one two two and up down and then we go again okay i'll go i'm gonna i'm just gonna follow along all right boys let's hit it two [Music] trainer of the year you guys didn't know i gave her a bottle of syrup back in october when i interviewed girls in the gym now she's my training coach are we doing this again mommy fiverrs round climbers all right next up simone just demanded that we have to do mountain climbers so we're gonna do that now listen this is the adventure i'm going on let's do it [Music] let's do oh my gosh you're signing yourself up for this you wanted to get started no sorry let's do it should i go on you yeah i'm beating her about faster i just throw myself can you do a backflip i don't know is it a good idea can i do a backflip absolutely not i hit her backwards if i crack my head open take over the vlog subscribe we're gonna do a little bit of abs we're gonna do leg raises with the partner pushing down to make it a little more difficult and then i'm gonna make simone do it come on come on come on jesse what is that i'm done five yes there it is next up we're gonna be doing some medicine ball tosses with the partners and then you tap on the side and then you throw back there you go come on yep there you go yep yeah you got some abs of steel [Music] yes pushing me harder than grant [Music] so simone left i don't know why she didn't tell me she's a professional soccer player i have an important thing that's a tinder profile you put that on not that i have tinder boys this is how it's done throw crap oh my god it's so much harder than you think no jesse does i got this i got this i have to do this just if if this falls between my legs i'm done oh my god it's really hard it looks good all right are you ready it's your turn now i don't think it's for me what i don't want to do that one looks like we're only doing that one we're gonna what do you want to do next we got lip balm for the gym gotta stay moisturized always so we're gonna be doing some box jumps and battle ropes and then what is the last one you know what it's called the simone moon team ugh that's actually tough my heart is pounding from one being nervous i'm working out with a woman then some cardio because one time it's like this and then the other time it's like that and then it's like let's go go go there you go [Music] [Music] i'm trying i can't boys this one's for you man and the four percent of girls yeah i went down from six to four i love you too uh look at my space pants okay so we are finally finally finished simone you kicked my ass it was a very good workout but i got some questions for you the people want to know so on a guy what is the most like attractive feature a guy can have like while working out you know i mean like a workout like body part for a body part what's the best part on a guy so i've gotten biceps and back that's good i mean what legs it's very important legs are important i was about to say that i don't like when guys over here like doing chests every day and they're not so if it's arm day every day it's not good ah don't talk to me just plain to approach a girl at the gym any advice don't i mean no i'm done wow i've messed up with one too many just just don't be creeps like don't be creeps if you want to talk to somebody go over like be nice about it don't creep okay number like number one do not be a creative get in the corner don't be afraid like yo what should you do lurking oh yeah don't don't do that no no no no no that's a workout right there we got a whole entire vlog for the rest of the day so just stay tuned subscribe of course but most importantly drop some more to follow she put me through one hell of a workout you guys saw me suffer and if you want to see me suffer again comment down below more simone and we'll do it workout is now complete me and grant just killed it we uh had some talk some new friends got some very very awesome collabs coming you're on the lookout okay you guys got a little hint of it at the beginning of the video we're gonna go get some food chill out finish a video and just keep the day rolling baby let's go all right we're inside we're gonna have ourselves a nice little post from transparent labs coach jesse saves you 10 off but listen i'm gonna have this i always have this and my creatine after my workout with a pond of water just to kind of make myself feel good okay that's all heading over to go get my car from the subaru dealership brakes had some sort of issue we're having not what is breakfast in spanish i know dinero no that's money comment down below what lunch is in spanish because i don't know it el muerzo honestly i'm just like teaching you guys spanish all the time so hopefully you're remembering all of it so it's my first time ever being in la traffic absolutely ridiculoso they'll say what's up what's up people how you doing i'm gonna make sure you subscribe otherwise you're dead to me oh my gosh stelios sorry it's time to pick up chelsea let's go baby i'm inside chelsea once again i wish that wasn't a car but it ain't no problem okay another song to check out is popular monster by falling reverse hey hey if you can't tell i just love life i love it okay and i hope you do too here we go here we go i'm a jersey boy i still have to come to california and put my own gas i mean listen there's one thing i know about pumping gas and it's to be soft on the entry bam don't worry you can uh you can thank me later it's fine wow 40. well it was 60 last time i was here so i guess that's not that bad and now let's go home let's go baby keep going grant oh my god i'm so scared all righty people finally we got a meal i finally showered and everything we got sweet potato cubes egg whites along with some turkey in there i keep things really basic really plain but it tastes really good because i put ketchup and mustard on it basically it feels like i'm at a baseball game eating a hot dog give it a little taste test sweet potatoes feel a little bit hard most definitely are i'm going to end the video here i want to say thank you guys so much for watching if you're new to the channel subscribe comment down below if you want a 50 rise or transparent labs gift card i'm personally sending you guys 50 that way you can cop some of it maybe even use code jesse let me know what else you guys want to see in california make sure you stay relentless peace [Music] you