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how's the gum razz my name is check the oh thank you and welcome to flappy bird knock-offs I see Bros may know you can't play flappy bird anymore unless you didn't delete it but there's a ton of knockoffs of flappy flappy bird and I thought we're gonna play the one that was suggested the most first it's called iron pants but before we begin I'm gonna have some lemon juice I need my lemon juice for this shit man lemons technically this game is free and it doesn't have any apps I don't see how it's I can hurt anyone that it exists still the fact that games like physics is it's just like hey I'll fucking thing yeah all of them this fucking tell me to hold holding does not work why oh okay okay I got it okay I don't got it at all just like in real life it's almost hard getting in the first window haha six joke come on I gotta beat my flappy bird high score of like 50 million this is really hard man okay fuck me fuck you fuck my new shoes don't do it they're new come on easy this game's easy this game is easier than your mom owns on some tequila fuck's sake [Music] the way it looks like oh no you breaking breaking breaking pick it how does that even touch yeah now you're just touching my ass I like it a little bit you can do it what you want if you see me on the streets feel free to touch my ass anytime you like just sayin how did we get to this conversation let's get to ten baby let's get you motherfucker dad [Music] that's my victory dance all right now 220 that's never ever happening I just think the pay's in the fucking flappy bird is so slow that it just pisses you off even more I guess but the guy isn't even fucking moving you're just like come on stop flapping and more flying you piece of fucking shit then I just like starting with our name of RIT 14 holy shit okay 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 mine do any mod that how am I supposed to go off when it's I hold up I thought it was gonna make 20 we're gonna fucking make 20 man fuck you this is gonna become like a new genre of gaming like flappy games okay okay 2000 love it Oh does the game get harder or is it my penis shut up pills seriously 15 bitches 16 bitches mini job are you enjoying this oh that's great you know I wish you should go out someday just you and me mad woman thing entity dolphin you're a dolphin right hey I'm not racist man whom will be I'm sick that amends it up and Yosuke fun for Shuggie okay I'm just not gonna talk [Music] what an even fuck 24 lucky number okay what's next yes dog dumpy doggy its oh you have lights oh yeah then the game was buggers okay what's with the fucking lag holy shit why is it upside down for you too lazy to carry I can't even keep up please much over of course of course you know what fuck fuck that one I'm Adam and I don't even all right there's a couple more on the PC that I want to check out so there's the flappy flap mo which is an MMO of flappy bird because of fucking chords that has to exist I can change theme apparently I can be this up sperms okay of course okay so so you can see other people fucking dying and shit this is just like real life great now I can just feel bad how much better everyone else is at this fucking game okay it's funny how fucking many dies on the first one this is this game in a nutshell man I'm gonna beat you you motherfucker yes no I am the Golan's Fadem a shit what the fuck booty what hell are you doing what is you inning that's bullshit everyone knows poorly pie is the real pudding pudding pie no alright well now I I actually like that one that one's pretty cool let's check out another one another one is flappy bird alright here we go okay oh god that's obnoxious fuck come on how's that 17 when did I get 17 I'd rather die than listen to this oh gosh that was fun right vocalist bird press space to flap whoa oh my god it's like I'm actually flying brother oh yeah become the flappy bird they said now come on alright well this is pretty fun I think I'm God what the fuck is that this is what I'm wasting my life with okay well let's embrace it fantastic of wrecking balls and select am I on nope no more no fucking more okay so this one is probably the best one because fuck you that's why was flapping now bitch I don't even know what's going on anymore I don't even know what's going on ain't nobody get through this ain't nobody guess in my flappy holes that's enough flappy bird for probably ever there's probably a ton of them that I missed but I wanted to show at least some of them but let me know which one is your favorite so I hope you bros enjoyed anyway leave a like if you did I really appreciate it it helps me out a lot and as always it's a breakfast for you stay awesome bris love you [Music]