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[Music] [Music] hey well here's your guns well it hasn't reached the crossing yet the time for a couple of more moves it's yours now i know it i know jim i want you to watch this you'll move again all right uh we'd better hurry jim yeah yeah in here dolphy mag watches and now it's your move jim would you do me a favor if you see francis down at the station would you ask him to pick up those packages for me it'd be a lot easier for me to pick him up oh my god at times marshall crone when i can think of a very good use for this yeah figure it out the only way you can beat me every time you cheat maybe but how [Music] okay we're almost all set all right deep breath big smile hold it barbara doesn't know the first thing about shaving a man why even you'd do better than he can excuse me francis ah pictures well no i'll smile pretty for you how's that come on mac oh i'm sorry we'll try again he want me to folks back playing yeah i appreciate that thank you you ready all set take another deep breath big smile hold it there is she done francis oh yeah when will the pictures be ready francis so don't you get back from that new orleans honeymoon how much are the pictures gonna cost 56 and 423.90 cents payroll for port supply and camp crooks sign right there marshall it's mainly successful second lieutenant salary for a month okay now it's your headache well thanks uh payroll wagons will begin to pick it up tomorrow next day at the latest i hope all right boys let's clean it up oh harry yeah have you got anything for dulce coopersmith got two packages are you taking them you're gonna look mighty cute carrying these down the street marshall well look at there [Applause] want me to give you a handle no thanks i can do it all right thanks for helping with the picture though my pleasure standing somewhere nope just passing through looking for a job huh nope looking for gold gold and the cherokee strip why not i never heard of trace of it being found around here well i never heard of golden california until they discovered it it's true enough so i aim to try here like they say gold is where you find it good luck i tell you darcy then bags with stuff to bust and i can almost feel that money wanting to jump right out into my hands our hands kid oh yeah yeah and i found out everything you wanted me to know right yeah okay i'm learning pretty fast huh yeah sure here kid shake but not fast enough remember when a man offers you his hand just don't take your eyes off his other hand no hard feelings i gotta learn fast enough yeah that sounds pretty good now pull the trigger go ahead pull the trigger you know the plans three make you pull this off just as easy as four split a lot more money pull the trigger [Music] i would i was just trying to show you how quick i learned with your head you're learning your bones and you're gonna pull that trigger all right we got a hard night i was recycling for a couple hours imagine that sandy would have pulled the trigger [Music] he would too [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] [Music] me [Music] the farmer's overnight fixing to be a sod busted yeah well man's gotta know when to reap his crop farmer and it says here there's gonna be a perfect night for no move black is the devil's own soul you'd know yeah well he's a personal friend of mine the devil takes care of his own kid remember that if you want to stay a winner in this world oh hank i don't know about another one do you i sure don't maybe hank's uh and he's getting a little nervous a little old worried about that other world and maybe you're right now there's enough fuse but get rid of them fast right right oh kid don't forget to go all right let's get moving what's a hurry we don't hit the banks before we're gonna walk these horses i'd have to run them a little bit later let's go [Music] how's everything quiet nobody so much has cut their eyes in this direction i will leave you at five o'clock oh fine you can sleep easy till then i intend to uh jim uh it's a long watch a man gets thirsty there's a water trough right there and cold could just send up a little something from the wayfarer and how does he send you over some hot chili [Music] chili [Music] and [Music] fox [Music] so i got two guards one by the front door and one by the side [Applause] foreign [Music] and then [Applause] you give us a minute photo then move [Applause] [Music] so [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] thank so hmm yes done get it done so ah [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Applause] so jim what is it what happened you go back to bed wake up texas please come on i've got something to show you just want to show you something howdy just a second i got something to show you look it's gold mister gold mountains have a tons of it's the fourth of july for cimarron are you just all over the place more than i ever thought i'd see in my whole life when i thought it wasn't the whole world wait a minute what's the matter with you you don't know what you're talking about let's go you you you're the fella didn't i tell you gold is where you find it and i found it gold give me a second challenge wait wait a minute don't you understand man you all right i'll be all right jim get down kyogren hey hey open up the bar somebody the drinks are on me come on i'll let him beat francis just found gold he's a hero yeah it'd be the making of cimarron well the marshal wants him in jail oh i'll buy the jail i got enough here to buy the whole town of cimarron maybe even the whole strip i said it yeah it's dusty spell it out let's look at it come on all right look at that [Applause] he said he found gold yeah the kind good lord meant to be found by a fool the foolish is a fox who were they how many and where they headed huh well jim what are you gonna hold him for anyway smell it out fast i thought it was gold i i swear i did i'm not talking about gold and you know it what are you talking about the bank the safe was blown apart the bank they get the payroll wait a minute i don't know anything about no bank honestly you don't lie to me again look i thought i found gold i was just celebrating and that's the truth well if they get away you're not gonna have much to celebrate jim i just saw bailey at delivery he saw three men heading south across the railroad track i just put him on ice and then get a posse four men i'll do that jim you're not leaving me out of this are you sure you're up to it i've got a score to settle with one of them meet you outside and find me right if i don't come back with him start oiling your tongue or i'm gonna loosen it for you i don't know anything about no bank marshall i swear i don't [Music] [Music] all right it's not stay nice and cold be a lot cozier in our pockets yeah especially if a posse catches up with us three cowboys looking for work thousands of dollars in each pocket that you use you're here well how long you're gonna have to wait well i figure we can drift back here in about three months for a nice three-way split you uh plan to cut the kid out you mean we ain't meeting him in abilene oh no hank i figure if we did that we'd be doing that boy a real bad turn i mean he's got to learn don't trust nobody yeah that's right i mean we meet him he's going to trust us and pretty soon he's going to wind up just trusting oh anybody and after a while he's going to trust somebody and they shoot him in the back you wouldn't want to see that happen to a nice boy like that would you hank real high-minded ain't you jesse might say you're saving a kid's life yeah i like that fargo i think that's just what i'm doing let's start saving our own [Music] unless they double back no place for them to go but straight through [Music] [Music] you all right hey yeah that was a horse stepped no hole broke his leg all right we're not too far from where we pick up the pressure slip in the saddle i'll take that you ride double with fargo [Music] [Music] [Music] he's got a broken leg nothing else i can do use your hand there's a posse behind us by now one shot that'd be all over us but i can't leave him like that all right hank you want to die for a horse i'm just pulling a trigger yo i had two shots aren't gonna sound any louder than one believe him hank besides a two-way cut zone a lot bigger than a three-way cat come on come on let's get going get up get over boy oh boy don't go getting skittish on me oh feller this is liable to sting a little bit but it's just alcohol ah see it's good for a man's anderson's just what the doctor ordered for cleaning up that old sore on your back that's a boy hey you're getting so you're smarter than most people you know what's good for you don't you feller i don't hold you should you be as good as new in a couple days get this holder off that's a nice looking string of ponies you got there mister yeah i reckon they'll do here's how you boys could use a good horse and more like three now i don't know as i can spare three of them might let you have one though well we wasn't exactly figuring on buying it mister why don't you just cut us out three good horses slap our saddles on them and we'll figure it's a good trade you get to stay alive when we get the [Music] horses foreign ah [Music] foreign leg's broken a man would leave a horse like that ought to be hung you right in there i can't be too far ahead i and they need fresh moats might be here for all grimes place if they know the country we'll have to gamble they do they found that horse they're getting here yeah all right get to shoot what the horses well it's not gonna do us any good to pick up fresh horses if we leave fresh horses for them you get that bunch up there [ __ ] come on hank [Music] how's that gate oh forget him we need those horses get the gate close then come on [Music] three so [Music] here they come [Music] [Music] know something fargo what we might be better off alive in territorial prison than dead in this barn you quit easy don't you well i was just thinking got the payroll all stashed away nobody knows where it is except you and me nobody's gonna find it we could serve our time and get out we got a pretty little spot of cash to pick up when oh five years maybe more of course if we were alive we'd have a chance to break out we couldn't do that if we were dead can we now it's only a two-way split ain't it wrong just one way [Music] hold your fire come on [Music] don't shoot i'm the only one left i'm unarmed don't shoot [Music] the third one's in there dead that accounts for everybody and everything except the payroll you want to tell me where it is nah i didn't think you would he's gonna shoot my horses man like that ought to be hung yeah but not shut grammy the law look after him you got an extra amount i can borrow i scattered him i'd rather be dead than let the likes of him kill a horse and i raised you picked on the wrong man old crime he prefers horses to men oh well maybe that's because he smells so much like wine well i'd rather smell like a horse and a pool cat like you any day i never met up with a horse that would lie or steal or kill people huh you're gonna need some help rounding up your stop no i'll manage i'd get along a lot better by myself than to do with other people helping me well marcia what are you gonna do about that payroll now as long as i got you i don't have to worry about the payroll right now it's not going anywhere yeah right never with you [Music] the army pay wagon well there's two things the soldiers never late for ciao and payday marshall this morning kevin you catch him he's all that's left and the payroll i figured i'd let him keep him the man's in jail he ought to dream about something marshall isn't anything to joke about does he does he will you bring them down them well you know what i mean oh yes that'll take a month to replace that payroll and soldiers with empty pockets can cause a lot of trouble i don't want any more trouble gavin i've had enough so i guess we'd better pay them off pay him off with what you said that well thank you josie okay here you are captain have your soldiers try these on for size what did he take a sacrifice paper a fool's payroll too many eyes saw that money going to the bank figured it was better not to leave it where it was supposed to be i tricked him all right throw him in his head nobody all right kron you hear me you hear me i'm gonna kill you well you're gonna have to stand in line [Music] so [Music] again thought you'd never touch it what happened it doesn't matter sometimes you win sometimes you lose just one thing you don't ever do what what i just did you don't ever lose your temper and as that is his senses within himself like you sure wasn't now listen to me you're gonna be sending me to territorial prison pretty soon you then let go a couple days a week i'm not too sure about that crown thank you so much i connect you with me i thought he would he's nobody's full but he can't prove anything just keep your mouth shut man act innocent i won't crawl darcy i'm with you i'll take what's coming three cheers it's a big help what do you want me to do i should grow up i want you free and i want you in cimarron i will score to settle with this town and with marshall crowd help me sure any way i can just keep your ears open keep your eyes on crown wait wait just wait for me to bust out and get killed trying if i get killed then you do my job for me but until then what job killed crowd tell you what kid you do that for me and i'll put in a good word for it with the devil [Applause] food no are you done francis uh no i want to get a closer shot and get a better angle on those payroll banks oh is that goodbye to darcy yep he's on his way to the territorial prison if you're doing 10 years in the mines be good for a soul what's going on here it's for an article for a saint louis magazine it's going to be called clowns quiver con crown's clever contrivance and the photograph is going to be captioned deputies standing with fool's payroll well why don't you call them mcgregor's is a no never mind why don't we call it what yes marshall corral i'm not going to say i just put a man on the train who wanted to kill me i don't want another one running around town feeling the same way at times marshall crown it's a feeling i would enjoy marshall yeah a darcy fella he's gone in for a long time boy thought you didn't have anything to do with them i didn't didn't know anything about the army payroll not a thing never saw dozy before nope first time in that cell well what difference does it make to you whether he's gone or not then well well what's that got to do with you nothing nothing oh you're a beauty all you need is a halo and a pair of wings what you lie like a master kid can you prove that if i could prove it you'd be on that train with a dorsey by now out of my hair and out of this town well i ain't going to be leaving this town marshall you that fond of simron no but i got to set some place i'm not going to leave here with folks thinking the way you do that flush powder's enough to blind a man i'm going to get myself a job stay out of trouble and prove i'm innocent you might find it hard in cimarron getting a job i'm sure i will the way the marshall's been bad-mouthing me that's not gonna stop me from trying you know you could have to leave the kid i know what you mean five more minutes with him and he to convince me you think he does want a job i don't know what the thing oh that kid has got me on what is it well maybe we should get him a job so we can keep an eye on him with who how about grimy well he's always looking for a hand hey he sure has a hard time keeping him well yeah that he knows but he does owe me a favor then listen that stage coach goes right past his spread you tell the driver to stop off and ask grimey to stop by and see me hmm great [Music] don't see this is terrific [Music] marshall stage driver said you was wanting to talk to me i do grammy i sure do want to sit down and have some breakfast food no i'm fatter than town dogs it is um well i want you to do me a favor will you well i'd be glad to if i can i got a man i want you to put to work well that'd be a favor to me if you'll work he will yeah he said you do an honest day's work now will you just give me one and see all right come on this is bud mahoney he'd be glad to work for you he will sure he will won't you again whatever you say marshall you're not only good with horses but tools too i am tell you aren't you don't matter i'll teach you what to do come on son thank you grammy thank you marshall i'll prove you're wrong about me you'd do that nice corral good looking barn too stand a little fixing up some white wars take good care of your stock the lla course is a whole lot better than i do most people i ain't got no bunk ass so you can stay in here with me [Applause] she's a mighty untidy and i might nothing that i'm licking a promise won't take care of you when i had to clean her up oh there's some beans and fat back on the stove if you're hungry i'm going to go out and water and grain the old ponies and you get yourself settled and then we'll ride out on the mountain see if we can locate some phonies that got running out out there settle should have stood in jail [Music] so do the books balance less yes it's worrying me it's never happened before mcgregor how was your trip oh dusty hot but fruitful i acquired two excellent horses from mr grimes and at very good prices i might add matt did i overhear you right have you been dealing with mr grimes well let me tell you something about him i'd say that he was one of the sharpest horse traders in six counties so don't tell me that you outdid him have you forgotten i'm a scotsman well i wouldn't say i cheated mr grimes i drove a very astute bargain well i'll bet you without even looking that one of those nags out there is a tall lantern jawed gray room it is well how did you know well nobody but grimy himself has been able to sit on that horse for over two minutes you mean you deceived me no you were the one that was driving the hard bargain now weren't you hey they would tell me something how's grimy in the boy how they getting along well all right i suppose how do i like that is a boy making himself useful grimes keeps him busy if that's what you mean he didn't look particularly happy and i for one don't blame him you know what i intend to do what first thing tomorrow morning i'm taking that gray beast back but you won't be the first yeah i guess old grammy he must have sold that horse about 10 times to people who thought that they were outsmarting him well he'll take it back though won't he oh sure he will not go get his money back but with it he'll get a long lecture about being honest with his fellow man yeah that grimy he's a character all right but sometimes he makes a lot of good horror sense do you think it will do the mahoney boy some good working for mr grimes well sure it will that boy is going to amount to anything he's going to learn something off you learn a lot more of him than he will off those hard cases at the prison mine [Music] [Music] hey darcy i got your name in the magazine here take a look fool's payroll they never gonna let you forget that darcy i guess not [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] uh [Music] so [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] so [Music] you're a pretty fair hand with the rope boy where'd you learn that how i fit down in texas used to work nighthawks with a bermuda nighthawk huh uh-huh did you quit that job son or did you get fired why a man can't get rich nurse made in horses rich man has to get rich does he well no doesn't have to wants to how come well you know you know get to get someplace to make something of yourself don't talk about scale yeah i talk quite a bit to my horses just that ain't used to being answered well then just figure i'm a horse well now if you was i reckon you'd be smarter than most men are and again maybe you wouldn't be i reckon not more than likely you'd be a big old gangland yearling colt man got no brains at all young kicking up their heels feeling the roads and just as greedy as any man that ever walked on two legs you know a colt find himself a big pile of green fodder and he'll stick his head in it and he won't quite eat until his bellies are sticking out like a poison pup and he'll better like a baby from the pain of his grief rich gonna get someplace boy don't you know that nobody rich or poor in this world ever gets any place but to his grave don't uh matter where a man gets in life it's how he makes the trip ain't that right well i ain't it i thought she wasn't used to getting answered right maybe i'm getting spoiled anyhow you gotta admit that i'm right about one thing and that's where a man did yeah i guess so tell me boy how are you planning on making the trip can't say but whatever it is i hope it takes a long time long you got that door open why don't you go doctor that big gilda that scraped his leg sure [Music] [Music] [Music] oh grammy how come how come what you've never asked me if i was tied in on that bank robbery hey somebody's trimming this horse's foot already oh yeah i'd done the best i could with what i had well last night it's too late to round up any more ponies too early for sleeping so i figured i'd get the horses i had ready for shoeing hey you did a pretty good job of this got her smooth level across the bottom of my foot take just a shade more off here it'll be dog gone near perfect here hand me that brass i didn't have one of those myself so i couldn't get it uh done right to where the frog hits the ground well you know quite a bit about horses i'm just learning fast here give that a couple of turns i'll be ready to shape that shoe in a minute you uh figured i was tied in with darcy you know man lives around horses long enough he gets to thinking like one you don't worry none about what happened yesterday don't fret about what's going to happen tomorrow you sort of well sora lives for today the marshall does i reckon the whole town of cimarron feels the same you know son when i look at a horse to buy i don't pay no attention to what other people tell me about him i just look at what i see with my own eyes look at his eyes and his teeth where he's stuck together and the boom you show me a horse with good bone i'll buy him every time even if the good lord himself badmouth [Music] him that's a wonder boy uh could that count on you staying with me for a spell well if you want me to reckon i do good boom good boat some mail on telegraph it's important well i love you and see oh can't you see this is an important game not as important as this to all u.s marshals sam does is escape from territorial prison darcy you'll be headed this way looking for you very well he promised he would it could be he'll get wind to where the kid's working and stop off and see someone else first oh grimy yeah i better write out and warn him darcy doesn't care much for grimey either well there's no rust jim you've got time to finish this game maybe i do but grimey doesn't francis would you take over hey here come in [Music] hell what are you gawking at ain't you ever seen a man take a bath before staring at me like as some naked female just stand there say something you ain't no naked female that's for sure well this place certainly has gone through a lot of changes well man's got a right to make a change every now and then ain't he you never come all the way out here just say hello what's on your mind close that dead blame door i ain't dressed for the draft darcy's escaped oh you figure you come out here looking for me huh you and the kid where is he he's up at the high camp giving a string of ponies why i thought i'd take him back to town with me the man goes gunning for you doesn't make sense to have some extra help hanging around now what's the kid got to do with darcy grimey you're not trying to tell me that that kid had nothing to do with the bank robbery i ain't talking about what the kid was i'm not talking about what the kid is now no don't be honest there ain't a cold born that sometime or other doesn't run wild for a while a few of them turn out long most of them turn out all right depends on how they're handled and how they gentle down well you're trying to tell me that that kid has gentle down maybe forever that's what i'm saying well maybe there's a lot of changes taking place here look marshall i'll stake my life on that boy is that good enough for you that's good enough for me we'll both stake our lives on him but not on darcy i'll be sending out a deputy he can stand guard until darcy's around chances are he'll probably come looking for a kid before he comes looking for you and me [Music] expect to be seeing you again this soon well like i said devil takes care of his own it seems to are you looking good looks like you've been doing what i told you to do working honestly wrangling horses for the old man too i think it's got fun crown got me the job you like it well you know i forget is what you told me to do i trust you no i'm not sure i think maybe grimes does crown i don't know well grimes can wait grinds yeah that um that doesn't bother you dude again what well the idea we got to kill the old man no no of course not i didn't think it would anyway he can wait brown's one i want first so we to make him trust you oh that's easy you're going to turn me in so you go into town you're crying to come out here with you and it's going to look like i'm lying here right with these ashes he draws down on me i'm gonna just shoot him in the back from those bushes over there yeah well i guess i better get started huh you got all straight sure don't worry about it i'll get crown out here you can trust me [Music] trust you [Applause] kid hold it a minute i got a surprise for you all right come on [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] marshall i was just coming to get you it's darcy you see him yeah he's up at the high camp sleeping sleeping i supposed to be supposed to be yeah i take you up there with me and you get to drop on him thinking he's asleep and then he steps out and shoots in the back hello grimly he sure knows his coat what nothing again come on let's go wait a minute the hi hi cam's that way you don't trust a man like darcy well check up on old grimey first make sure he's safe then we'll head up to the high camp [Music] grimey hello kid are you bad i've been worse during the war had more lead in me and less meat on me michael [Music] anybody let's try and do something to keep you alive let me get a chance we can get a duck out here i'll get one where do we get you up on the bed [Music] so [Music] [Music] you stay right here so so thank you so [Music] is it dead yeah i always said the devil takes care of his might be fine right about now boys you mind trying to see that i don't find [Music] out uh he's gonna be all right he's strong's a horse i'm just too mean to die it appears that way well now uh all you got to do is to uh change the bandages every day and keep that wound good and clean right now let's take a look around this place you don't have to tell them anything about keeping things clean because he's right you should know to make a man laugh when he's hurt in this bed well that's good for your circulation marshall i i figure out how to take what's coming to me and admit what you already know i was in on that bank robbery i don't believe you huh but but i was you know that you're a convincing liar but if what you're saying is true well you'll get what's coming to your double working with that old horse thing so long again i hope i see around for a long time [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you