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hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back to team edge we got the full team here today we got bobby j fred jordan brian and john behind the camera what's up john hello john train that can't turn the camera off pretty fast i feel the most punished hey give a sexy smile to the camera huh what'd you say that's mine today we are doing the forced philly floppage belly flop the forced belly flop challenge but when these guys get a question wrong their punishment is to literally hold on to this frame not just a question around why do you guys watch this stuff wait why is it forced though cause the last time we did belly flop trivia you guys all chickened out yeah you wishes no i might chicken out this time too this is high bro hey but i will say hold this we're to be wearing these because last time i did belly flops from this eye i felt like i hit my head against a wall that's because you're you're supposed to land with your belly not your head and we got dj freezie in the house running the table there you go that is one bad dude right there if they belly flop three times they are officially eliminated we will go until there's one winner gentlemen this one is the disney round this is so dumb this is the dumbest thing ever this is dumb this is dumb because he doesn't know the answer you know your brother came up with these questions yeah now for this round you guys whoever gets two incorrect answers has to do the belly flop then we move on to the next round who wants to go first me bobby does bobby do you want to go first no okay who do you want to go first joey i gave him a chance i what was cinderella's slipper made of glass did you know that no how am i supposed to know what no that's like slippers that's like just focusing no who makes a slipper out of glass hey bobby i'm telling you right now i'm loving the vibe of this video there are some videos where it's like okay if i lose not a big deal or if i have to deal with the punishment i can deal with it but this is one that none of these guys especially joey bobby can you fall did you seriously not know that her slippers were made of glass no why would i do you know who cinderella is she's she had seven dudes in her house and what [Laughter] jordan this question is for you what was the name of the fairy in peter pan [Music] did you know that one bobby i know i know i've taken all right bobby what is the name of andy's neighbor in toy story i don't know should we give him a clue okay sorry no no one said yes the answer is sid oh sid that's one no no for you bobby i didn't even answer yet [Music] you just said you didn't know the answer you know i haven't even answered i'm just like oh no hey i was gonna make a guess are you gonna say sid no but not at all but hey i could have hey bobby here let me tell you the preview of the next of the next round just so you know there is somewhat of a chance to see if you know nope you're not gonna know that round either yep you're not going to go to that room this is fair because he doesn't know things joey next question is to you what is the villain's name in a bug's life improv palpatine so this is just me working through my thoughts this is an answer he's a grasshopper he's a cricketer no he's a grasshopper i think his name may be hopper i think it may be squeaker okay hopper that is correct in the movie brave oh what country does the story take place do you know the answer bobby you can jump in and answer if you want scotland oh he said it first oh he said it first no i did no jordan said bobby if you guessed this wrong you're belly flopping bro so i'm gonna belly flop this is a star wars question you know star wars right probably i've seen star wars name a planet in star wars that rhymes with tatooine tatooine uh rhymes with tatooine oh bobby remember you can phone a friend billy wait you know you're gonna phone a friend i'm a phone a friend yeah hold on oh the guy who wrote it oh the guy who wrote the questions [Applause] hey name a planet in star wars that rhymes with tatooine all right bobby we you live on but you lose that phone to friend now okay use it up joey back to you yo name one of the three wishes that the genie cannot grant in aladdin grant more wishes can't i mean it's not on there but it is right yeah yeah wow wait didn't the question say one of the three yeah one of the three that wasn't one of his three specific rules yeah it was you can't you can't ask for more wishes you cannot no it was cannot kill anyone cannot bring anybody back from the dead you cannot make anyone fall in love but i do think yeah he does mention it i mean if i can bring my nerd cap out he does mention it but it's not one of his official rules that is wrong wikipedia they have nothing but you can put stuff in wikipedia john has determined that that is not one of the three sorry plus i hope this doesn't affect our uh oh oh wait what sport was chicken little's father famous for oh oh is it uh uh football baseball baseball he said two answers baseball's mine look i will not accept this whole thing you guys say an answer thinking that's your answer and then say but i didn't say funny give me the last one final answer is baseball no i'm sorry john should we allow he said football first he said it very determinate i mean like you did that put them all at one yeah let's put them all on one okay oh was it baseball it was baseball baseball yeah bobby let me find bobby no that's bobby i'm gonna try and find you an easy one all right bobby your question is what species is yoda i know i've heard it before i can't remember you did not hear before bobby guess are you gonna flop here let's get him in here just to get him nervous i'm telling you man an answer is better than no answer okay okay i have a phone a friend i know someone that i can call that one no you don't know hi bobby give an answer he's a he's an iguana oh the answer is unknown really how do you know prove it to me that he's not an iguana no that i don't know prove it to me but i should acknowledge that the speech can we i need to sit down for this because this might be a while i'm being serious if you guys haven't already go check out our merch store we have a bunch of dope items there and they're only getting doper and doper and a serious question i don't know what the benchmark should be should we sell a raggedy torn up shirt like what bobby's wearing i mean if you want to see something like that give this video a thumbs up i don't know if it hits if you're genuinely interested in buying a shirt that bobby just cuts up with whatever random design all right we are at two minutes bobby you're making good time so far now bobby realistically how long should we brace for hey can we just roll a real quick clip of bobby uh struggling to fall backwards on a cabbage bob you're literally just falling bobby you're just falling on your back my dude i can't handle it come on bro just commit just go go for it bro hey get high start yelling yeah let it out bob i want to hear you i never hear you yell his voice is too deep this merges like ah that was a big step bobby percentage-wise how close are you bobby john's gonna need to replace his battery and that's exactly why i'm asking actually [Music] turning it down [Music] all right let's not make him do it we gotta move on it's just jordan and i now we thought we'd spare bobby the trauma his heart was starting to flutter probably not healthy on that note bobby really wants to do that torn up shirt so on the other note bobby really wanted to do that too you got to give him that he did not though all right moving on to the next round called name that term round what each question is given to one person if you get too wrong you have to belly flop joey the sea east of israel contains a high salt content dead sea aren't you the area between the surface of the earth and space [Music] is called the atmosphere hey he's back folks [Applause] hi music [Music] gotta get that boom boom boom joey the lower third of your spine that term sacrum that's not part of your spine is it lumbar lumbar oh yeah the part of the guitar that contains the frets the hand is that is the neck the front is like the bones in the back of the guitar jordan is going to win this round he's an instrumentalist he knows stuff the dilemma where there is no escape because of mutual conflicting conditions see i have a mutually conflicting condition so you get this wrong you're flopping i have a mutually conflicting condition i don't know the answer but i want to oh phone a friend oh who would you like to phone um dk oh okay our editor kill though hopefully yeah he can only be on the phone for 10 seconds just so you know that's hey joey needs your help we're filming answer this question forum a dilemma where there is no escape because of mutually conflicting conditions what is that term 10 seconds [Music] you've let me down three two one bye joey okay you are flopping my friend okay three throwy cheaters two double entendre paradox catch 22. oh man time to pop bro time to man i feel for you man pathetic push me forward do you want me to push you no you want to push you remember joey if it is not a legit flop you got to do it again i'm gonna tell you right now it's gonna hurt his shins you ready oh he's goin good good that was a good flop that looked good [Applause] congratulations to jordan moving on to the next round it is jeopardy round in this round we're talking about food raise your hand first to answer answer with the question if you get one answer right you are safe last person to be unsafe belly flops if you don't answer with a question you automatically lose the round and belly flop so this is built for three people well biologically engineered vegetable looks like mini green trees oh that was joey on that one for sure yeah broccoli the answer is what is broccoli what not too wrong no one no it's too fast no no get in there bro get hyped joey come on let's go dude i'm not rushing you man take all the time you need this is too high bro it's not it's lower than what you did the first time it's lower than you would okay someone pushed me hey i just i'm gonna push you you're serious okay jordan you do it okay you ready yeah okay oh you're good do it again bro you had it you were hey just commit bro all right ladies and gentlemen that is not a successful flop he led with the knees that is a deal down there or else i quit then quit really jordan no come in ready here we go but once you do it once it's not that bad it's there or nowhere honestly i want to see oh here we go here we go oh yeah that was good that was good no that was good obviously the knees did come in it passed it's a passable flop comment on a scale of one to ten yeah there we go ladies and gentlemen right now you need to go comment down below on a scale of one to ten how good that flop was or just comment weak all right next question we are still on jeopardy we are on to s sports all because i answered it without a question jordan currently has zero flops joey has two flops the winningest quarterback in nfl history for regular season games what is who is tom brady there you go yes you flop but no bud get in there here you go let's try to hype him up all right hey hey show them how it's done [Applause] [Applause] all right joey no excuse now how in the heck did he just do that the term that describes the acceleration of an object toward the center as it moves in a circular trajectory what is centrifugal force yeah is that centrifugal that's going outward look at me i'm a nerd i ain't know there's anybody jordan that's so lame oh dude my gosh dude that was phase first i would say that doesn't even count that's a flop bro that's a flop bro hey i have a chance to win we are moving on to the final round because whoever answers correctly wins and the loser has to flop oh wow this is straight up first person to answer wins cast your votes who's gonna win all right this one's called the backstabber round the person who gets this right gets to force the person of their choice to belly flop that's the other person saskatchewan is a state in what country canada oh is it canada all right jordan how do i pick to go in the water huh all right brian oh brian that's why i was so excited you said pick anybody he's going home he's doing it there can't be any hesitation though there can't be any hesitation [Applause] and go [Music] wrong i saw the legs wow to the side you curtsies bro make sure you go watch our very first belly flop video right down here and go watch the video that youtube recommends for you right here and check out our merch store so good so good bye yeah