FUNNY OMEGLE REACTIONS Fridays With PewDiePie Part 74

see how cigarette - bro and welcome to so today I thought we're gonna do another omegle it's been forever since the last time and faretta pot is for you rose after all so I'm looking forward to do some good old change so basically what we're gonna do is we're gonna ride in tres pure to pack and then and we're gonna do video how do I do that okay finally oh god I don't want to talk to random you could get dicks out there alright here we go why stop no it's not it for a bit come on what the fuck well you are awesome George you are awesome yeah are you okay there you can make everyone smile you're even Noddy yeah don't do anything do you have a hat that's better thank you I should go can't believe it hahahaha don't be ah no oh no hey what what's your dog's name pop booshka babushka named Edgar I like your boxes Thanks definitely box down there I can't hear anything how's the gun okay pretty pretty happy now hello and people Nick Smith like what the hell don't you know who I am so what kiss thing ever ah hey to 3 a.m. cure in all the damn you crazy go to bed right now no I want to speak to you I've been searching you for two hours straight oh wow oh my gosh what happened how does it offend you like for real like that's you hey I'm not a 12 year old girl okay okay hello looking for the name I don't I don't know I don't think so it's okay no way peace lies watch what me now don't hang out eating my patient sucks and I see you it's like the best thing ever that a bird under your shoulder yeah how's it going why are they doing for you to follow hahahahaha LSP hi yes how's it going hi how's it goes ah I'm good how are you oh god I'm getting shivers tummy and everything nice exactly ask me okay summer know make my every fucking day right right now I'm like I don't know how to speak English I know it I'm so excited I love you and I'm so happy right now but it's really funny to meet new people who are looking for you and Rufus wishes for to present her to you and one ways for us to meet you oh my god that's perfect I'm sorry I just want to say that I love you and you're amazing and you're so beautiful oh my god right right back at you hi ivy oh oh my god I was I was just on home people for fun and dunno I love you and if I'm Russian I love you how do we awesome videos I'm glad to hear a thank you so much every always it is so much baby yeah I get every hour I heard back from ERISA oh my god yes I'm so happy I'm happy too with lobster love you so much oh you're just a mate believe it I let me so much now you just make my days oh my god awesome Oh watch me I thank you for existing my love now thanks you thank you very good from this mango locust all right press that's all the time I had for today with omegle it's always really cool to chatted with some of you bros sorry I can't talk to more anyway I don't know what else to say just that stay awesome bros i really do appreciate all your support if it wasn't for your brothers I wouldn't even making video so thank you so much say awesome it comes a bro