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this is aftv vip the official web app with members only content has no ads and a live in-game match center the buyer's predictor it has daily polls and the af tv 11 selector just one click away hi and welcome along to our af tv transfer daily extra special and i mean extra special because we got a very special guest with us today and that's frabrizio romano how are you doing fabrizio hello my friend always big pleasure to be with you so thank you for the invitation and happy to be with you and with arsenal fans no problem and uh of course in the summer and now a busy time of year for you what have you you've been doing all the usual checking ordering always yes trying to find something new also with new sources i always try to meet new people because it's important obviously with the pandemic it's impossible to go around the city and meeting new people but trying to call and to make new contacts because it's important it's not an easy window you know because top clubs are having big problems with money so in premier league also but also in other countries also here in italy like in la liga it's a difficult situation but let's see because i think in the next week something is going to happen do you think that like in this window we're looking at mainly loan deals because i i mean i do my show transfer daily every day and everybody's screaming out robbie we need to spend this amount of money on that money and i'm saying that this is a different window so do you think it's mainly going to be loans i think you're absolutely right just because obviously it's so difficult to spend money in this moment and the clubs are having big problems with spending money also because they can't plan with the future of the club they don't know what's going on with the stadium when the people can go to the stadium again also with the merchandising they're having b problems so it's incredible but big clubs are having bigger problems just because they had this kind of problem solved with the stadium issues with the merchandising so it's really complicated expect something to happen with loan deals at the end of the market so like in the last week in the last 10 days also because in this moment also when the clubs want to sell some player to loan out some player they can change their position in a long deal so probably today they're going to tell you okay i want a permanent deal or nothing in the last week something can change in the market so that's why many clubs are also waiting for opportunities earth arsenal too rush right at the end of the week yes yes yes yes yes it's typical but in particular in this kind of window with no money with no big clubs involved because really top clubs like bayern munich also juventus and inter and spanish clubs they are not doing anything so it's really complicated to move money in this moment okay well listen let's talk about some of um the players are asking players that have been linked with a move in i'm going to start though with players that could be going out because i think it's quite clear at all so they're trying to shift a load of players and none bigger than mesut ozil at the moment he's the guy that they've been trying to uh move out well since last summer or probably even be before that um links with fenerbahce links with the mls what have you been hearing yes the mls is dc united who are trying to sign mesut ozil and obviously fenerbahce are pushing with the player i'm told that the priority for the player is fenerbahce so he wants to go to turkey but they have to find an agreement with arsenal about the salary of the player also if he will terminate his contract immediately they need to understand how to do with the contract of wants you to deal with fenerbahce so it's never easy to find an agreement on this kind of salary for a turkish club in normal conditions imagine today in this kind of market so that's why they need some days to fix some issue is and everything is done yet so they need to to complete some details in the next days the player is hoping to move and obviously arsenal as you say they want to sell mesut ozil because they need to change and selling players is so important in this market to sign new ones so that's why arsenal are hoping msuzil to leave the club in the coming days fenerbahce are the favorite also because mls side dc united yes they're trying but they know that the priorities fenerbahce that he's really close to joint fenerbahce but it's not a done deal and with turkish clubs you need to wait till the end because it's never easy to complete the agreement obviously i think that the chapter of mesut ozil with arsenal is obviously finished okay there was another player linked with finn apache uness arms socrates socrates again another one of those players has been at arsenal hasn't figured hasn't played a single minute of the season we've been hearing about socrates he's another player who's going to leave the club as you said for brazil and as we saw also for saliba for colossians she would be the next one just because he's talking with many clubs as you said fenerbahce like one week ago contacted directly the players so they have not done anything with arsenal but they were just picking with the player then genoa had a contact also with arsenal trying to sign a player and on the start of the negotiation they were confident because socrates said okay let's talk about it about this opportunity of coming back to genoa because he was a general in italy before joining us milan and arsenal his in his career but now he's not so convinced about genoa also because of their position in the table here in syria they are not having a good season so he's considering also another option with real betis in la liga so to go to spain he could be an opportunity for him so we're thinking about the next destination but i'm sure that he's leaving arsenal it's over he was so close to leave arsenal last summer with napoli do you remember we spoke about it here also about the possibility of joining napoli if kulibali was going to join manchester city then the deal between manchester city and italy was cancelled and that's why socrates was staying but at the moment i think he's going to leave the club for sure okay there's one player that i think has been linked with a move away a lot of us arsenal fans are like horrified we're like no please we don't want this guy to go and that's uh following um balagun is one of our young players when he's coming in the europa league he's looked really really good this season but there is talk about him leaving yes and i like to speak about baldwin because i agree with you first of all my personal opinion he's an amazing talent really he's an amazing talent and it's crazy to arrive in january negotiating with these agents and not having a contract like one year ago or two years ago just because you need to be fast when you have this kind of talent so i agree with you about the player and the situation is that i'm told that is not close balogun is not close to sign with another club he has like 15 beats on the table from italian clubs english clubs also german clubs many clubs are talking with his agent because when you can do it because now obviously his potential free agent for next summer they are talking with his agent they are offering something different you know he has some big clubs ready to take him as part of the future of the club but also like middle table clubs trying to get him to make him play because balogun wants to play his priority is to play and as you said in europa league he was amazing but he was playing like 60 minutes in total in europa league and that's why the player is not so happy he wants to play and he's still open to talk with arsenal about a new contract if they will make him play he's just not happy and he's talking with other clubs just because he's not playing so at the moment the situation is so open if arsenal will change the situation with nicola teta making play in next weeks for sure i think the situation can change and we can sit with arsenal and discuss a new contract if not and if he will continue with not playing i think the player will go because as i said he has many dates he can decide for example between english clubs english importer clubs who wants him also for the future or going to play in a middle table club but to be a top star in the future so he has no problem for the future he loves arsenal i have to be honest i heard that he loves arsenal he would like to stay but if he's not playing for a young talent is terrible you know so that's why he's waiting to understand what's going on but i think he has also opportunity to stay if arteta will make it play it's going to be difficult for him to play though isn't it i mean look at the players in front of him you know lacazette aubameyang martinelli eddie and kitty are still there and the thing is i mean why why can't they come to some sort of thing where maybe they'd sign him to a new deal but then loan him out so he plays well what about something like that this is not the priority for for fuller you know he i'm told that he wants to be part of the project of the club like immediately and obviously you can say he's so young he has many players such an attacking role so he's not easy and i agree with you but he wants to feel like part of the project of the club also for the present so what to say is that is part of the of the idea of the player and i think when you're ambitious he feels like okay i'm ready to help this club he wants to play and we have to respect his politics so let's see what's going on but at the moment it's still open what they want to say also to arsenal are texting me like fabrizio is leaving yes it's a possibility but it's not a done deal so everything is open and we will see in the coming weeks what's going on okay um this talk of um matteo guendouzi who of course is uh now at her for berlin he's been having um a very good season they scored the other day there's talk of him coming back to arsenal off the loan we know that he went you know he was kind of shipped out unceremoniously because he weren't getting on with the manager and there was there seemed to be a lot of problems there but i've seen you speaking about this one gwen doozy is there a chance of him coming back you're right when you say that he's having a good season because artha berlin are so happy with him and i was checking with people around the club and they told me it's absolutely impossible that when do you leave the club in january so we will see next summer what's going on with arsenal we will talk with arsenal so at the moment the plane of the berlin is waiting and then at the end of the season they will talk with arsenal about the situation of winduci but they are 100 sure that the player is not moving in january so what we can say that arsenal is not signing him back and i think his similar situation with torreira you know utorrent is different on the pitch just because it's not playing so much with atletico madrid simiona has different starters in this moment in midfield but they want to keep the radar and also the agent on torreira said many times the player wants to stay so i think both will finish the season while nerd berlin and the other athletic madrid and then at the end of the season they will decide about their freedom with arsenal yeah because the terraria thing there was talk of him maybe going to fiorentina yes it was the possibility but i think no just because also in this case currentina has a lot of midfielders so if you change club and you're not playing olson ferentina would be terrible also for the value of the player you know so he prefers to stay athletic madrid the season is so long they have also the champions league so they are fighting to win the la liga this year so they're having a good season and he hopes to find some space in the coming weeks so that's why lucas torreira is staying escuenducito hertoberle okay i've seen you talk a lot about this next guy amy i've seen arsenal fans asking you question after question after question builder argentinian who plays for norwich midfield um we're looking for that number 10 type player that creative player could when dia be heading to arsenal what's your verdict on it here's one of the options i'm sure that he's one of the options there's been some contact with his agents in the last weeks like arsenal making some inquiry with many agents obviously when you're looking for a quality midfielder and as we say it is so difficult in this market to go for a sample to leon and spending 60 million euro 50 million euro to sign a war so it's so difficult to do this kind of moving this kind of move but they were talking with the agent of emmy bundia they are interested in namibu india but is not sure that he will be the the perfect player so they will decide after selling players the good option the best option they have they will go for it but for sure emmy buendia is part of the list he's appreciated as you say he's a skillful player he's a quality midfielder so he's perfect for what they're looking for but i'm not sure yet that they will go for him so you know it's normal for a top club like arsenal to talk with many agents and to be ready in particular when you talk about the market this is a quick market like january so you have like 10 days 15 days to to decide about your targets and you have to be ready also if one club will tell you we are not selling this player so sorry you have to be ready immediately with the other target so it's normal that we're they're talking with many agents with many opportunities and for sure amy bonita is one of the chances but also norwich want to keep the lay and the player so it won't be so anything but he's one of the options so that so what you're basically saying is not that it's not a thing that you feel at the moment and they're priced out or anything like that they just want to shift out players first exactly and they're gonna have a look they might have a go at getting wendy this january if it's doable exactly exactly this is a strategy but i want to say to arsenal fans i know you are the best one and some fun so i'm happy to talk with the people and i'm happy to say that is not just a problem for arsenal you know to selling people and then signing selling players and then signing players is normal look at barcelona they are not doing anything till they they sell a player and it's the same for real madrid they are not staining anyone it's the same here in italy with juventus inter can't sign any player if they don't sell any player here look at erickson what's going on if they don't sell eriksen they're not sending anyone in the same for player munich for many clubs so it's a complicated market so it's absolutely normal to wait a bit in this situation okay talking to germany julian brent that's another player there's been a lot of talk about and he's been taught that the russia dortmund would be willing to sell him for around about 22 million pounds is he a player of interest do you think to arsenal he's been scouted for sure he's a player appreciated by arsenal this is true but i've never been told that bruce dortmund were ready to sell him immediately in january just because their policy their mentality is always to keep the squad in january and selling players during the summer this is typical but german clubs and in particular by borussia dortmund they hate to sell players in january so i think would be really difficult to sign this player it was really difficult that now with the injury of axel bitsell in midfield for dortmund to sell brandt would be really really difficult so arsenal needs to go with an important bid to talk with bruce dortmund but i'm told that he's not easy so at the moment i would say is one of the most complicated options they have and i don't see brand moving to arsenal in january then never say never in the market but at the moment he's not a real option for arsenal just because borussia wanted to keep him in january and also right now after the injury of itself probably they will okay at the start of the window there was a lot of talk about isco um isco of course real madrid not really getting the game time 28 now but still um a good player um i heard a lot of talk about a possibility of a loan from now till the end of the season anything in that it was an option just because you know uh isc has been like offred to many clubs as opportunity because he wants to play more than this uh madrid he's not a starter so he's normal he was like his agent tolkie with many people but at the moment i'm told that there is nothing advanced with with arsenal you know he's not desperate to leave the club he's just talking with other clubs but he's okay with real madrid he's also okay for waiting like six months and then moving in the summer so he has no rush to leave real madrid if a good opportunity will come up okay if not he is happy with ronald reed till the end of the summer obviously we will see what's going on but at the moment with arsenal there is nothing advanced i would say he's the perfect player in the opinion for arsenal they need this kind of player because he's a quality player as we said for buendia but he's also a potential leader you know he won everything with real madrid he knows what means to to fight to win something and this is what arsenal needs in this moment in the opinion i always say look what happened with similan with ibrahimovic you know they were in a terrible situation one year ago do you remember also when they played in europa league against arsenal they were terrible and they signed ibrahimovic okay he's 39 years old but he changed the club impeding arsenal needs also this kind of players like like isco he could be a leader but at the moment there is nothing advanced all right i mean there have been some arsenal fans saying isco robbie's why are we getting these titles please over to you all he's finished i don't think that no no no no no no no i i'm convinced that this go he is ready for a new child he needs a new chapter you know because the throne madrid has always been a good player obviously a top quality player but never a top starter for real madrid so he needs to be important for a club at asuna he will be an important player the quality midfielder with our teddy i think he would be perfect i repeat at the moment there is nothing but i hope for him to to move to this kind of clubs like arsenal because he needs to show his qualities and i'm sure he's not finished trust me isco is a good player and for example i'm told that for to make you understand massimiliano allegri the manager he's not training any club right now but the next club where he will go the first player he will ask will be isco because he's in love with this co to make you understand also top manager wants him so let's see what's going on with arsenal i hope for you that you can go for this kind of targets because really he's a good player in my opinion yeah what about this one this is controversial right you you mentioned ibrahimovic right and this target here well i wouldn't say target but this is a player that mikhail arteta was asked about at his press conference he didn't say well he swerved all of the questions diego costa you of course was at athletic madrid he's now a free agent so there is a possibility that you could buy a play like that on a on a short-term deal say for instance no just because possibility is possible just because it's a free agent and you can sign him tomorrow morning with the right beat at the moment arsenal have not done any bid to sign diego costa so that's why michael steta is not speaking about him and coming back to what we said about balogun you have many strikers like obama young like i said and many others so signing diego costa would be like okay i'm killing balogun right now so i think they will not go for him he wants he would like to go to the premier league he would love to come back to the premier league so that's why he's waiting he received some beats from brazilian club chinese club ali lala also wanted him in aramaic football but he said okay let's wait a bit i will decide with my family he wants to wait for some premier league clubs to arrive let's see but at the moment arsenal have not made any move but you know with free agents you can decide also the day before as look at manchester united what they did for cavani they were never interested in kavanaugh for three months and then in the last week they signed cavani so anything can happen when this kind of strikers when they are free agents okay but suma at brighton um defensive midfielder again another player's been having a very good season very consistent now there's a lot of talk about arsenal being interested in in basuma i'm told that they're scouting him there is nothing advanced he's not is not a serious opportunity for the moment then we will see in the summer probably he could be a target for the summer yes because he scouted he's so appreciated by arsenal but there is nothing like official talks started with brighton so on this kind of targets i think we need to wait also because they are so happy in this position with thomas obviously he was an amazing deal unexpected by my side but it was an amazing deal so yes i think we have to wait till the summer for this kind of targets okay and um the goalkeeping situation at arsenal of course we brought in uh runnerson he hasn't had a great time since he's coming he's looked a little bit shaky he had that um horror show against man city now there's talk already about him leaving the club yes he can go alone to be honest david orstein has been amazing to report it he's always amazing about arsenal so happy to mention him but yes and he can go alone yes it's a serious opportunity and it will change the situation of goalkeepers for arsenal for sure they're happy with leno but renault needs to go i agree with you he was terrible against manchester city so he needs to to be a starter to play he needs to get confidence is similar to what's happening with kappa with chelsea you know obviously kappa was paid like 80 million euros so it was a different situation but when a goalkeeper is not playing and then he plays and he's terrible he needs to get confident so yes he can leave the club yes but have you heard of any there may be replacements because you know effectively at the moment also we don't have a number two goalkeeper do we yes yes i agree with you but at the moment i haven't heard anything advanced but for sure it could be an opportunity they need to sign another goalkeeper if they loan up earn so for sure yes at the moment there is nothing advantageous but just because when you have a lot of players to sell you are really focused on this so as we said before with socrates with ozil and another opportunity they need to understand what's going on with balogan so they have some problems to resolve in the coming days then they will go in for the quality midfielder and also for the situation of the goalkeepers for sure and um one finally mustafi there's still no word on it i know that that's another player where they would like to see him go he wants to go as well they would there was talk that you know he was offered a new deal which he turned down um have you heard anything at all on him there were many rumors about italian clubs again about mustafi with lazio always linked to mustafi and also roma but at the moment i'm told that they are not looking at mustafi genoa were thinking on this opportunity before trying for socrates they were making a try also for mustafi but they haven't they hadn't had an agreement with with the player so at the moment it's so difficult to move to italy keep an eye on other clubs just because he's available on the market as you said so it's a good opportunity for many clubs i heard also some rumors about barcelona but i have anything confirmed at the moment so it's nothing serious yet barcelona are thinking on eddie garcia and not on mustafi right now so for sure he'd be one of the other players ready to leave arsenal if a good opportunity would come it's an arm fabricio as usual man brilliant thank you very much for giving us a real insight into this january transfer window which is a difficult window it's it's january is always a difficult window but as you're saying this one is particularly difficult because of the situations the clubs are all facing because of this whole what's going on with the covet stuff yes just because they're also paying the wages you know the only thing that is not changed is paying salary to the players and you have to pay the salary to the players and you have to buy the players when you are when you want the new ones but you are not having any money from the stadium from the merchandising and everything so that's why the situation is really complicated but we hope next summer the situation will be back to the normality for our lives obviously and for transfer market too so thank you for having me as always and thank you for the invitation and see you soon and good luck for us see you soon now what what we're trying to do we try and see maybe uh if you're not too busy mine trying to catch up with you in that last week of the window maybe see if there's any um more activity around but listen fabrizio keep up the good work thank you very much and um also on af tv don't forget af tv picture chance to win a thousand pounds um before thursday's game against crystal matt palace make sure you get involved in that but for britain thank you very much thank you thank you again bye