Far Cry New Dawn Customization Trailer Ubisoft NA


Ubisoft North America


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[BIRDS CHIRPING] [DOOR OPENS] [MUSIC - SELECTRACKS, "EVERYBODY HERE GET UP"] (SINGING) Woo! [MUSIC - SELECTRACKS, "EVERYBODY HERE GET UP"] Get off your feet. Get up out your seat. Everybody here get up. Hands in the air. Get up out your chair. Everybody here. Get up. Get up. What the heck you waiting for? We got some haters over here. We got some haters over there. We got us people in the middle acting like we just don't care. [DING] [MUSIC - SELECTRACKS, "EVERYBODY HERE GET UP"] Ain't nobody out there hating war. It's a shame, but you can't. So stop acting lame. Everybody up. Get on the floor. Come catch the feeling. Run like your stealing. Look around and you got nothing to fear, and take a second. Catch your breath to see if it's safe. And stop.