Fast Food Lovers Find The Best Dollar Menu




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- Sup 2018? - Hey, we're gonna be tryin' out some foods today. - Maybe you've heard of the dollar menu. - Oh yeah, that's your favorite discount duo. - Discount duo! Some would call us a broke Worth It. (laughing) - Yeah, we're gonna be tryin' out the dollar menu today at a bunch of different restaurants. - Bunch of different restaurants. (laughing) - Let's go to Taco Bell first. - I've had Taco Bell recently. I'm more excited for Wendy's, I don't know if that's important information. - I love Wendy's. Wendy's is my favorite, but we're on our way to Taco Bell (laughing) - We're just gonna talk about Wendy's. ♪ Taco Taco Bell ♪ ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ I want to eat at Taco Bell ♪ - [Worker] Hi, how can I help you? - I'm gonna get the cheesy bean and rice burrito (sped up talking) and a spicy tostada. Yes. - Welcome to the after party. - Oh, I smell it all. We're doing it in the order that we pull these out. Oh, classic cinnamon twists. - Twists. A pleasant styrofoam. I can't tell if this is a dessert. It's so hot, it's so hot. (screams) - Oh my god, that's hot. - Oh baby, I like her. Oh, I'm excited for these! They're gonna be good. - [Jared] I'm enticed. - I wouldn't hate a guac and a little bit of sour cream. - Do they have guac? - I don't think so. I'm gonna open the next thing. I'm gonna take a bite from this end then I'll pass it over. - Okay. We're not gonna Lady and The Tramp it. - Mm! How do I feel about Fritos? - Fritos, the chip. - Oh, I love Fritos. It tastes like the inside of a cabin smells. - It does. It's a very... There's a smokiness. More nachos. - Oh, here it is. Oh, a spork! - Did Taco Bell invent the spork? That's where I first encountered them. - In she goes. I just like new ways to eat the same thing. Oh, the bag doesn't end. Oh! - Whoa, that is... It is cheesy rice and beany. - I want to eat this while I'm falling asleep. I have a feeling I'm not gonna love this one. It's just gonna be cheese. Dry. - It's cheese and dry. (humming) Oh my god, there's still more. - I've had enough. - They gave us two. - They gave us two! - [Jared] And one's chicken, one's beef. - My mouth just farted. Did you hear that? (laughing) More? - They're cinnamon rolls. - I don't want it. - Okay, I thought they were gonna be like a cinnamon bun. Oh, they're inside! The goo's inside. - Oh. What a nice surprise. - Is it? That was pretty good. A lot of redundancies. - A lot of redundancies. - I would give it a seven outta 10. - All of it? Total? Their dollar menu? - Total, yeah. - This the value of their dollar? ♪ We're going to try a dollar menu today ♪ ♪ Gonna eat it right down in the old fashioned way ♪ ♪ Through your mouth ♪ ♪ In USA ♪ (laughing) - [Kate] The old fashioned way of eating through your mouth. - I'm trying to get everything on the dollar menu that's a dollar. What do you want to drink? - I would like, believe it or not, a Diet Coke. - This is gonna be exciting. (humming) Let's just pop right in. - They're all so hot. It really is made fresh. Here you go, buddy. - Oh no! - It is pretty good. - It's a little too wet for me. - That's what she said. (laughing) The classic cheeseburger. Why are they so good? - I like the tiny lil' onions. It's like different layers, but the same layer at the same time. - This is the good stuff, baby. - Two regular McChickens and a spicy. (laughing) They should just put two or three chicken McNuggets in there. The cheeseburger was so happy and then - We should have waited. - We should've waited. You know, seven outta 10. - Seven outta 10 for Mickey D's? I was gonna give them a six outta 10. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah, because of those chicken sandwiches. (burps) Alright, we're at Wendy's now. I'm gonna get three four for fours. Alright, let's eat some food! - Yeah! Okay. - Wendy's. - So the four for four, you get fries, you get nuggets, you get a drink, and you get a sandwich burger of your choosing. We're in perfect sync. - What's up with the fries? - Where are the fries? - Mhm. Now, Wendy's used to have different fries. Do you remember their older fries? They would get wet in the bag, - Yeah. - which I liked. Goin' on to the nuggets. - Yeah, definitely better. - These are good. - Chicken meat. - Onto the birds. - [Jared] Crunchy munchy. - Actually, that's a very good chicken sandwich. - [Jared] Junior bacon cheeseburger, baby. - I love that they're square. - It looks like a classic drive-thru burger. (laughing) - That's good. When am I gonna be vegetarian? Not today. 10 outta 10. I think for... - The whole four for four thing. - The four for four is so nice. - But even if you don't want all those things, give it to a friend. - This is totally not brought to you by Wendy's, but Wendy, if you wanna talk... - Call Mr. Buzzfeed's office. Well, let's go bring this food back to Mark. - Okay. You're welcome, Mark. You have a lot... - You got a lot to catch up on. Alright, got the food. - Can I have one? - Yeah, yeah. Alright. - I love chicken nuggets. - We're gonna give the rest to Mark. - [Kelsey] Take a nugg. - Take a nugg, bro. - That depends, how much did it cost? - They're dollar nuggets. - Yeah. (upbeat music) (door squeaks)