Fast N Loud S16E03 Vintage Payday

[Music] [Music] what you think is good right now on fast and loud Hunter Richard Rawlings and his cruel monkeys are going back in time to dust off a forgotten Jim whoa and race towards of vintage painted that's pretty gross Richard's been driving yeah Oh No but the brakes aren't coming their way call the knock off and knock it off right dude and three on the tree when Richard drives off in a blaze of Blois there's no steering the sweet smell of success turns sour but it's his buyer who delivers a breathtaking surprise [Music] it's a great day to be alive even greater driving this 1937 feeling racin it's an exact replica of a car that ran in the Indianapolis 500 back in the day and it's awesome while I'm driving this vintage muscle towards gasoline he asked it all started a few days ago with a hot lead from Tony Taylor and I got a sweet deal for you I like sweet deals my old boss in Savannah Georgia okay he's buying up some cool old cars I think the vintage handicar work perfect for him was he talking like 175 issues guys got money he has something I like people with their own banks - I've had this Buick stash away in the back of monkey trap along with my other cars loved it but now it's time to move it on down the road [Music] I figure I'll add a little money have the monkeys rebuild the car lickety-split and sell it to Tony's guy then this monkey gets a whole bunch of money back so I've got the view traceroute for one last ride before I have a budgetary into it [Music] [Music] that sounds good looks like I lost my windshield deal that's not gonna matter because we're gonna build it really hold on I didn't know this ran and now you're selling we're gonna build it yeah even if it didn't run we still have a little bit you're right yeah what do you want to do to it nothing really how do we build it not do anything to it well I mean I want to build it more or less the same car but I want to upgrade it bring it up to date some of the work is a little hokey what's up David right sure I bought this car a couple years ago for my buddy David Coker in Tennessee it is a recreation of the shape rate that was run at Indy between 33 and 37 what beer can on four wheels I mean this thing has got beer there's not a huge market for 1937 Indy car replicas but I might add myself a buyer and he's only interested in it if it lives up to the rest of the vintage cars in his collection so the only way I can get some money out is to put some money in is this a street-legal car yes 100% what's the Scott for corporation over here I think it's for strahm's dude look at that if you look at the frame look at that they just bring detail to it at all I want to change the colors I just don't know what color I want black but we do everything did you hear him say that Yeah right you file equal green things would be like British racing green British racing green which is between green and black killer palette has to represent what this car was in the 30s I think when we leave the frame silver but go in and detail it do all the nickel plating all the stuff it would have the interior I think would be great if it was like a saddle brown or darker brown I decided to work on something from the early to mid 30s I mean I don't do that a lot here and it's to me that's kind of like what I really like change some the details where they're they fit the car a little better I love stuff like that the body looks pretty good but are we stripping this all the way down to the raw metal I think we should I mean I think we should what you got it apart there's no reason that's it yeah especially with all the rivets that we got anyway we're gonna need you to do some research and start finding some of the true colors from back in the 30s and 40s this is basically a replica or a tribute of a Buick Schaeffer Hey which was an IndyCar race in the early thirties and Indianapolis fill shape Rick was famous for building cars with Buick and that's what we have here is a car that's meant to look like an Indy car for the early mid 30s with a Buick straight a power it's pretty cool it's not really a real race car swarm street car replicas are made for guys know if you're X we're going to fix it so let's try to keep them out of ditches I'm with is this gonna be one of these things that you want done like in seven days no more like six weeks the guy interested in it has some cookin and wants to see it then he's got deep pockets so we all have to make it right on time and by we I mean y'all I'm skeptical because we're talking about blowing this completely apart and down to the nut and bolt I don't wanna start cutting corners you know try to make it time you see me cut corners I've seen you drive right there you got that corner all the time yeah right here's the plan for the Indy racer I want to make this replica every bit as awesome as the real deal when the green flag drops start by rebuild the transmission go through the motor and get new cars on it internally we'll change that loser red into winning British racing green down the backstraight we'll get those spoke wheels rewired and upgrade the dash in the gauges then we'll cross the finish line with new leather interior I'll give the monkeys 20 grand and six weeks to get it done you gonna park this thing or you just if the car will tell you what it needs what do you want I gotta talk we need to go look at maybe give us a taco along the way that's who we'll drop just drop us off here mater we're just down the street and I think I found a gym it's a 77 Chevrolet Blazer two-wheel drive from the same family ownership since new and here it is K fives and things like that all the Chevy trucks of that model years are really going well right now and it seems relatively cheap at 5 grand so I figured why not see if we can't get it bought for half that hey sir hey relics car worth my name's Carl worth I live in Dallas Texas today I'm selling my 77 Blazer missing the back window we are missing him back window this is a three on this tree we round the tree what's the story you said that your mom bought this new my mom bought a new it was my first vehicle since where was that that we got all this rust this would have been in an Oklahoma okay after I graduated out of high school Luther or give you some high school things back in a few yeah it's been clean since so it's an AC AC went out in 89 and I just never fixed it the tops never been off and it still has the original AM stereo the mustard colored trim is only available in 1977 it was the only year they did that there's a reason cuz it's ugly yeah well let's start yeah start maybe fifteen years so we should make it back to my shop absolutely how many miles right 140 82 yeah it does run he says it'll make it anywhere we need to go five thousands probably the number once it has been cleaned up and got new tires on it what have you so I got to get it down from there I don't know I'm the old interweb do your asking around five but it's got a lot of rust that's the only thing that's killing it he's pointing out the rust to the back window this broke out everything that was listed on the internet and maybe he hopes he's that good in 40 years how about 2 grand man I can't do two for two grand I'll take it back to Oklahoma put it back in the barn how about 2500 cash I'll just drive out of here 25 cash I need to be at about 325 so you did the whole cash thing people are really tough until they actually see the money cuz they don't wanna see that go back in your pocket smart move yeah you should watch the shove-it doing that for a while I understand that you have to keep some meat on the bone I get it and it'll probably go to a good home guess I got the where's home meeting sell sell that's a deal there you go man alright tip the 2500 it's great we can get it back clean it up but it's the afternoon doing anything else have fun guys place little spinners good job thanks getting to the bottom of the Blazers bad smell runs pretty well don't say that you're gonna jinx dad jinx thanks it's what you put in the universe [Music] there's no maybe the gas cap wire loose spiderweb it's got to be bad gas or something because it was running fine it's not overheating I think it's gas man it's got many guys related we picked up a bunch of junk in the tank or so yeah like that look that says beer will you call mater y'all get it loaded call me I'll be in here welcome to buy cars with Richard 101 [Music] period-correct is this thing have to be close to period-correct because it's supposed to represent this car that was raised in from the 30s in here we can do a few things but we can't make it obvious something has to be a cohesive design that means that no obvious new parts the number one thing is we have to get these wheels off to get them to date more wheel the main thing is keep everything hardware wise bag it and tag it it takes a little longer but we got to do that because we don't know what we're gonna use and we're not going to use you just get it apart plain coffee lid this has been driving it yep that's pretty gross we need to use these will sent for sandblasting right away because as soon as that's done the whiz gets shipped off to have this boat rewired and that's gonna take a couple weeks in itself we can't afford to have that kind of holdup with any car back on the ground I got a wrench for the wheels these are actual vintage wheels and very hard to find so we have to be very careful with them because if something happens to them they're almost impossible to replace a part of that trainer okay hey so I'm not trying to piss him off why would I be pissed off I'm in a great mood today according to my records the 37 Buick that's in about 743 pieces back here mm-hmm supposed to be unpaid in the books oh well how much does it say we owe him there's no price listed so god only knows what its gonna be now I mean he's let it sit here for a year - I forgot that we hadn't paid him for it can you just call in i'll calling bv screw this up Phoebe do you have a hundred thousand dollars I can borrow all right you call him yeah he's probably gonna want more money your fault [Music] here we go Richard yeah remember this IndyCar thing I got from you we were just going through your mandatory and realize it and paid you boy what do you mean what are we doing with it oh here we go here we go bad spot dude this is a pit stop we'd be losing I wanted to give you 75 grand for it's been stored at the world-famous gas monkey garage and storage fees here are really expensive because we take the best care of our cars it's called a knock off so you can knock it off right it's going this I really want to buy it though and I have been every intention of it I thought I did now I don't wanna give you a hundred 25 but no I don't want to tell you what I'm doing with it because we're gonna do something cool with it [Music] replaceable spinners good job we know where this negotiations go how about I just send you a hundred grand holy crap that sucks well that one back together Richard doesn't know anything about this Jesse feel all right you're getting honey grand now I think it's made out of things made of unobtainium definitely unobtainium I need the time later Christie's endemic one hundred thousand dollars now that you loosen it let's see if it'll catch it at all [Music] there's no Brian Atene well there is unless you bring something that we all quickly back that's a lot of wires of course yeah we have six weeks start to finish to get done done always the same the big enemy time perfect let's go hold it stinks so this sucks come on this campus is making me nauseous richard has us cleaning up the blazer cuz he's sniffing around for a buyer I mostly smoke Cappy alright let's wash this thing but then we also have to get it running we gotta replace the busted back window and I think he said something about losing the fog lights Vicky and I will clean up the outside but we'll send Mike on a search-and-destroy mission for the source of the foul smell inside how's yours looking I don't have peeling clear coat mine was garbage this is where the original clear coat is that does not want to shine back up and this is where the pain is and that shines it up that's fine I think it's cuz it's ready to go oh yeah it's ready for liftoff [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] - huh are you coming back I'll come back eventually you're good carry on Thanks yeah we show your boss and I'm we're about a week into the tracer bill there's a few things to tackle before we pull the motor transmission Jeremy's having a cow runs right here I made some holes here where the grill mounts down here that were hitting trying to see if this heads of the bolts will line up in these holes and allow it to fit better and Josh he's building a new floor from scratch I've got my cuts perfect I'm really excited about this I'm using the bead roller to put some bends in the floor panel rolling these beads into the floor makes it much stronger and more rigid more turns the die makes the staff or the panel gets Jeremy introduced me to these nylon dies that I've never used before Bailey offers which we use on aluminum doesn't gouge up your corners beautiful I put a bunch of tape on the back side so it's not all scratching it up the money out there for this I'm pumped meanwhile I'm remaking the drag link that isn't up to snuff it goes from the steering box to the front axle welding the tire right directly to this piece of tubing it's probably not something we want to live with I'll drill and tap a new length of tubing on the lake why do I keep feeling like this project is putting us behind the eight-ball the tie rod will be spreaded on one end at the other end of the drag link I need to make a tapered slug enter a little hole in the tubing see what actually goes behind it so I can be properly welded with what's called a rosette weld and that will be a lot stronger ultimately this is a smart safe thing to do it's the last thing you want to do is have your steering fail when you're driving because there's like holding steering well the car won't go wherever you're trying to turn breathe the paint shop is bubbling over you got that in your eye then so badass I like super mechanic making leaps and bounds in the Blazer oh yeah they want that motor held a lot of oil we held off as long as we could to pull the motor of a 37 doing so we could fabricate some parts but not only a few things are left before the motor gets pulled first the grill has to come out then the fuel tank comes out and last to transmission know where I want to put this but very so careful we're all clear to yank the straight-8 3:45 motor is the heaviest engine that Buick ever built at 745 pounds not to mention it's one of only a handful of parts that's not a replica on this car it's gonna be tricky as hell finding parts I don't I would guess it's very difficult and so I don't want to risk any chance that the chains come across and put any pressure on any part of the motor because if I damage the motor then this whole timeline shop and the entire car will not be what we need that's a great spot to hoist it this beast of an engine would crush our regular hoist so I'm gonna use the forklift to pick it up whatever you ready do not drop it whoa no more seems a little back heavy Jason all right watch your fingers sweet wonder look okay in the back you can jump off I'm swinging it watch yourself yeah we'd ever want to get it down as soon as we can wear it so far so good don't turn anymore though I'm just getting this closer to the ground so much safer with it down you go back here he's gonna be able to hit nothing that is big man besides that thing massive all's well that ends well now the chassis ready to go at the same time looking at these panels yeah it's a little work Kiki's gonna lend me and Tony a hand on the paint and bodywork on account of that we have so much going on with the 37 music I guess you wanna get these over to the bike shop and start degree swim and stuff this cars got a lot of panels they're lightweight and oddly shaped that means that the work can get really tedious really quick hey might come check it out you got his billet pans are pretty beat-up oh yeah so we're gonna need some aluminium welding you know anybody that does that are busted really good right here yeah I mean Jeremy can hit it up and knock it out but we're gonna have to pry strip it now okay when it comes to stripping you know I'm all game but that's not this kind of stripping this panel is so thin and delicate that if I hit it with this sand blaster it's probably gonna warp it so we're going to use aircraft paint stripper to remove all this old red paint remover do not use on aircraft aircraft so we can use it on it just harmful if swallowed clears my sinuses they call me hiring alone Haywood anymore can't breathe I bet you're supposed to wear a respirator with this mask that sizzling sound that's the paint being melted right off the middle if you got that in your eye it's easy scrape off but it makes kind of a toxic mess I always think this is a good idea until I do it all this left is to hold my nose show all the way this red sludge then I can hand the panel over to Jeremy defense make sure you wash your hands experience speaking from experience we have done a lot of work [Music] what did you say you say you wanted the car done quick so you see how much of it is still left you know what speed we work at so where are we at for sure okay so your your chassis is that the blaster exact later today okay Mike Tony and Keenan have got all the body panels ready paint the floor order fabbing is done the panel under the radiators done the majority say 90 at least 90% of the fabrication is done there's a huge batches of four nickel plating what color we going on the chassis itself I think it should be silver I don't like it was but a little fatter silver than it was that's for the frame itself that's the only thing the silver like a Simic loss not glass like that if you put a similar glass frame and then you go and put bright nickel Bolton it's not gonna look right and we're going with like a British racing green yeah and actually I've been doing a lot of research I found they 34 model Schaeffer eight it was dark green so we actually are doing something that was done back then so that's actually changing the car to making it more like what it was back then am I supposed to resemble we have to make a decision on color for engine and trance now my suggestion is really really dark maroon because the green is really dark the black start all right cool that works for me this there's gonna be done right mostly because the guy that's looking at it knows vintage cars but on top of that it's gotta be done on time because if I miss that then I'm missing out on the sale and that hurts me the most I see what y'all get it done before we have to have it done and I'll work out oh yeah you're right working out something we're working out more hours [Music] we've got a new rear window to replace the busted one but the channel that holds it in is useless without some repair in order to put a new window in it we got to glue the new one in it but I can't stick to rest or the window will just fall out say I'm glad someone take the rest right off Tony thinks it'll fall apart but I think I think I can be saved the back ends still in one piece know what kind of coffee do today after a healthy application of glue some painters tape will hold the glass track with the bag in the toe gate will let it dry in place done after the boys replace that back window BAM now we're gonna make it run we've still got one last thing we need to fix they must really be busy over on the mechanic side because now this painter it's gonna try to get this blazer running well see if it starts make sure it's not gear as always there's three things to check air fuel and fire as a big ol carburetor with the air filter off and it's sort of go jeez Arno Hill next check for spark that's our fire see that water right there go into the distributor yes that one that's loose look at this a pan got fixing cars don't get used to it give it a bang so badass I like super mechanic let's hit the streets boys cruise this thing everywhere doesn't know I can't pee anymore either you guys think you're all funny games right I will say it's the first time I've ever seen a blazer do a wheelie we're checking the brakes and suspension and the throttle response is excellent well let's just hope you didn't break anything you have to fix ah runs great suppose clean as it would get yep alright I also said take out the fog lights fog lights the reason we didn't take those off is because it has a hole underneath it and it just be a hole yeah if it's all rusty around I mean I can do we can take it off it's not a big deal I mean the horizontal turn just holes take them off because also the wires are hanging down and what-have-you it looks like it's a wheelie cool blazer and I'm wheeling it's really cool right now seriously I'd love to have fun but I don't like having fun when it comes to money so when y'all got it done in this perfect call me I'll call my buyer Tony and come look at her I think max is I made a wheelie thanks oh it was fun I'm fast and laughs nice k5 Richard there's a hard sell on the blue so I got 10 grand but his buyer has something up his sleeve I got something in the trailer that you want to see he's been fooling me [Music] we're racing the clock building from the 37 Buick racer replica at the moment there are two parts left that are bolted together what's got my attention now are the front brakes one of the unique things about this car is that these brakes were made specifically for this car which is kind of cool we're not gonna change that but we are gonna change the way they look because these look a little bit too modern for the rest of the car make it look a little more appropriate for a thirties Indy car I'm gonna use the milling machine to remove the bottom through the fins on the disc and then flatten the rest out just a bit I don't wanna take off all the fins because they had a certain amount of structural stability I'm just gonna make them all level because before they were all rounded to my flat and off [Music] alright after getting on the milling machine and start cutting I realized that some of this over here was actually two-part epoxy and not aluminum anymore so all this is filled with basically glue so now I have to stop will this part up and I'm afraid to go much further as far as machining it flat because I don't wanna run to the same situation so I'm gonna weld up these spots here Rima Sheena flat in the end I want this to be a polished finished piece not just as cast piece like it was before I just gotta finish up brining away the epoxy out of the grooves between the fins before I filled them with metal just wait go sometimes you kind of start digging into the stuff you really never know what you're gonna find this time we found two-part epoxy I'm using the TIG Miller create pulls a filler metal to plug the grooves that'll also add back some extra rigidity to the disk and that's a good thing when you're dealing with a narrow specific replica these ones are kind of Elton's you find hiding in the closet now I just need to flatten down the welds between the pins a little bit and these backing plates will be ready to sit down for polish looks a lot better not I think it's not a huge change but it's enough to where it's not quite so obnoxious now that's the idea get the ignite I'm not unisza get the obnoxiousness out of it cuz it'll be a knock just guy driving it bounces out I like it thanks you know why they call that a bell housing don't you because it was invented by Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell was way before that he was trying to sell my damn Joe what some things never change well I got a pause on prepping the panel's for the 32nd on this British racing green thing that's on Richards mind he wants to find the perfect shade of green to really keep the cars off as possible I already got it mixed up some I shoot it while I'm doing that I'm gonna get Brian mixing the other one so he's already found there so he's gonna mix it up and then we'll get sprouts done it and get him over to Richard I [Music] got a knock out this last Brad a green we just mix because I know Richards gonna be hot on my tail wondering if he can see something his choice is gonna be a factory British racing green or a lot of our version of that night I'm looking for paint samples and be good then we got green and green so which one do you think is British racing green yeah we all like this one better well I don't speak for you but we like that one better yeah we do and we're not saying that so that you pick that one does that work you'd be surprised but I like this one better personally because I think with the rest of the colors were doing it's gonna give that car a better flavor than I think this gets too dark I think so and also that looks like a vintage color it really does that one it is all right cool cool can you try not to get all the fish eyes and credit fish house that was scratches in aluminum I just grabbed two pieces off this crap table you can't even do a spray-out man this is crap stuff yeah what did you come to check it out here a while back I scored 77 Blazers from a guy here in Dallas Texas I got the guy down to 2500 bucks the back window was busted out it needed a little tune-up but they're building in popularity just like the short bed trucks the Blazers they're going up every day you're gonna sell them this that's what you meant by blazer day I thought you meant blazer dead oh look at that he's already here he brought a trailer so I guess he's loading it up and gonna get gone oh that's a bad negotiating point when you show up in the trailer I'm Dave Hall owner of restore a muscle car out of Lincoln Nebraska is it a bandit man himself I've known David since we did the Bandit episode with Burt Reynolds you got yourself a bandit he specializes in restoring Trans Am xand with friends with hurt himself they saw a picture of my blazer does the market trend wants to get on board before that blazer train leaves the station nice k5 oh great k5 one owner jump in on zebra ride we got it all nice and warmed up all right you'd rather be here in Nebraska right now anyway pretty positive Nebraska I mean it's just a good Chuck because everything is supposed to do the guy's mom they don't all three speed on the tree it's nice right I like it yeah I've always liked k5s I bought this place 2500 then I had painting body guys but a day into it city with that I'm making money 5 grand why not ask for double that love the two-tone with the trim and having the original paint you know there's nothing to hide cool so what we call 10 grand these things are rare more like maybe something in the 5 usually that big a deal we're both car guys I'm like come on just shell out the 10 grand maybe I got something in the trailer that you want to see don't do that - all right let's check it out and that's the Dons army he's been fooling me a surprise drive from Richards Papua place to build runs into a big roadblock I've got another problem that's presented so I mean this branch run away back to gas monkey I said to get me out of the bar I got the truck like you said with mater and we're heading the gas monkey you know what I'm not even dealing with you today they got them scooters here anyways it's only 5 miles [Music] maybe I got something in the trailer that you won't want to see oh don't do that ah he's been fooling me you finished it Dave surprised the hell out of me you finished the car you knew I had my own it's a hard to find 77 Trans Am loaded horse beam black collection superior the exact kind of car I hadn't asked and it was one helping upgrade from my old comic derive here right horse collar see done full frame off restoration it's perfect ready to rock and roll four-speed black blocks interior Carlos eats AC you know car store everything in here like stocking stock correct yes I mean you can eat it off the bottom in this car I'm fixing to look at it I'm a pretty smart car guy so I figure there's fixing to be some horse trading going on I'm a 10 where ya on the Blazer I was at five unit want to do five different but where you had on this oh this this is probably an eighty eighty five thousand dollar car eighty five grand and I want ten how about 70 and you can have the Blazer I got something else for you what now but wait there's more you're familiar with Reynolds being in the movie that's me yeah and it being good friends with Burt or your birthday and then he pulls out the jacket get out this is happening this is the leftover material and they did a small run here recently with the original materials I mean you cannot find one of those that's pretty damn cool that is freaking rad so now I got to come to 75 I'll tell you what I'll do the 75 and the Blazer that's that gives me my 10 okay and you get close to what you need done yeah works kick-ass that's right 75 grand he takes a blazer I get the car in the jacket and my high school days are complete again it's awesome look at that blazer boy so it's a good day I got my blazer got my 75 grand and best of all I got Richard his car and a jacket first birthday there you go see making deals getting real jackets bro here happy birthday I got you this jacket for your birthday too jacket looks good you don't I'm doing right now what's that what I do best sitting showoff okay I'll take this to Evie come here I'm making you a bed come on it let's do some paperwork hey can we steal your chassis yeah I want it we'll take it if you're willing to give it up someone grab Jackson so I guess you guys will be that at this end right behind you so we brought in the hand with three of us walking out of five about three weeks left on the 37 view and we're running ahead of schedule which is great what's the chassis came back from the sandblaster like going in so now we're ready to begin building the car because the parts we send out for nickel plating just came back thank you looks good we're ready to build it once we have all the nickel-plated parts sorted and accounted for and there's a ton of them we can finally get this build underway how's it looking good man you're doing really good job on the stuff yeah you're concerned the end it didn't hit me till just now I haven't seen any hardware so these parts are great but if we have no bolt none of the bolting got sent all the original something gets sent out oh it all the mass rush to getting out the door oh no I mean we've got the u-bolts and things the big boats but we don't have the hardware to hold the plates and things like that on the important hardware I mean we got a little arch we got painted stuff we've got places tell me of another bucket somewhere they're both the hardware get left on a table sorted and prepared to go to the plate or it just didn't go to the planer which was a big mistake because the look of this car is almost more important than the way performs we have all these pieces we have a chassis but no way to put them together so now all all this rushing to get to this point we have to stop dead stop and stop the whole crew because there's no way to assemble the car so I have to come up with a plan it gotta come over too quick if this is color we wanted Mike swears that this is the exact swatch but it looks like primer to me I mean you're gonna have a great contrast but that it just has it looks like primer but that's the way it would have been well quite frankly back then it would have probably just been sandblasted and all bolted on it was just been utilitarian that's great for me because I found I've got another problem this presented itself this morning and if I can continue with this friend released we can do something else what's that we sent all the plating out in the mad rush to get it done and it looks great but no the hardware got sent so we have no bolts of both anything to the frame parts look great come parts are great yeah house look with a green come yeah what's the deal on the hardware how long's it gonna take well I called him this morning and they said they would rush it but it's still gonna be tomorrow afternoon that cost us a day of actually hanging parts behind this is good okay so there we go the trials and tribulations of owning a hotrod shop everything's moving along but we forgot to send out the bolts that need to be nickel-plated so now I can't assemble the frame until we get those back and things gonna sit there with nothing on it next week on fast and loud that's 100% the Ronco the 37 it what racer gets ready for some southern charm what'd you do just drop the paint gun and win everywhere but Richard of the monkeys aim whistling Dixie hey why don't you not watching help okay that's not done it's supposed to be done when I got back close though we only started our night shift yeah what's up sir hey this cars already been featured in a couple of magazines of course you started seeing Richard once big dollars for an iconic gas monkey car and Richard break some bad news to the team [Music]