Fawn Gets Colorful Cast After Breaking Leg

this little fawn was scared after its leg got caught in a soccer net especially when people started to approach it but first responders were there to help members of the Howard County Police Department in Maryland showed up to cut the animal loose was there in less than a minute the fun was free it wasn't interested in making friends and ran away but this bond in North Carolina wasn't running anywhere it was discovered limping through downtown Asheville animal rescuers were called to help and it was determined that she had a broken leg bone probably from being hit by a car she was fitted with this colorful cast to help her heal rescuers named her Alex and she's being cared for at the Edith Allen Wildlife Sanctuary Alex has plenty of friends to keep her company while she recovers once it's determined she can survive without human health she'll be released back into the wild these fawns may have been separated from their mothers too soon but they're lucky to have kind humans looking out for them for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Mara Montalbano