Feature Complete Linux Mint 191 Review

what's going on internet AG back again today in 2019 and we're looking finally the final release and review of Linux Mint 19.1 I'm gonna make a concerted effort in this video to make this as quick and to the point as possible because if you've been following my channel for the last couple of months I've spent a fair bit of time with Linux Mint it's starting to feel a little bit like favoritism but honestly there's there's so much that this desktop is doing right that that I do want to take the time to actually give it it's it's fair time in the Sun I think for me personally I have not used Linux Mint a whole lot in the last few years and coming especially to Linux Mint 19.1 it's the final feather in the cap for what is a very very feature complete desktop in fact I would argue that Linux Mint 19.1 is probably one of the most feature complete desktop operating systems that you can get period and here's what I mean by that obviously I think KDE and the plasma desktop still has more features enabled or at least accessible to the user out of the box but cinnamon does and Linux Mint as the flagship OS that ships cinnamon seems to be able to do a wonderful job of providing a really simple and easily understood user interface user experience but at the same time giving you all the power robust tools customization that you could possibly want so first of all robust feature set so I mentioned that I think Linux Mint is feature complete now what I mean by that is that all of the key features that you would expect to see in an operating system to be able to keep your operating system up and running healthy without with minimal intervention by the end user these are the tools that Linux Mint has focused on and really given a lot of time to for example we all know that Linux Mint has one of the most robust update manager tools in Linux and possibly the rest of the OS world as well just the amount of customization you can do here the amount of what how often you want updates to come through whether you want certain packages withheld if you want to Auto apply the different priority levels of update and they've scaled that up again by being able to show you what kernels are available and what kernels are installed on your system this is all in an effort to be able to give the user much better control with graphical tools over their system also they have a really robust backup tool that they debuted in the last couple of releases they've obviously got their original backup tool mint backup which has the personal data backing up and your software selection backing up but they also have system snapshots now by utilizing time shift and they've really put a lot of time and effort into using time shift as as this tool will probably be a game changer and an excellent Savior but type of tool for a lot of linux users again it's really simple to get your head around but the difference that this makes is akin to what time machine did for Mac users it sort of separates you from having to worry about backing up your system because it's just that visible now when it comes to customization again really robust tool set here cinnamon gives you a lot of fantastic options to be able to customize the way that your desktop looks but without going overboard now as per usual for a linux mint release they give you some fantastic wallpapers but boo halle wallpapers are one thing the theme customization in linux mint is such that it is simple you do have different options in terms of whether you want to use a lighter dark or darker theme you can change the icon colors but most of it just revolves around the colors the mint Y theme in my in my opinion is minimal enough that it's not going to offend anyone but the customization that they give you with colors I think is a nice accent so again a robust customization doesn't just stop with appearance when it comes to the actual OS stuff and the desktop environment stuff when it comes to for example applets that you can install to your cinnamon desktop there are so many applets to choose from when it comes to expanding the functionality of your Linux Mint desktop it's it's actually amazing like a Pomodoro timer if you want to have a quick 25 minute time of chilling down on your or taskbar it's very easy it's a one-click install to get that and to plunk it anywhere on your panel the same then also applies for desks lids which are basically desktop widgets again download whatever you want and you expand the functionality of your desktop again this isn't bombarding the user with a bunch of crazy tools and options that could baffle the user it but it tucks away all of these expanded functionality so it's available for those people that want it so again same thing can be done here for desktop extensions where if you want to make your desktop function in a different way especially in regards to transitioning between workspaces and that kind of thing you've got a few different ones to choose from there as well and again the the customization kind of goes on here and in terms of accessibility and the amount of time and attention they give to non what's the word non-western markets when it comes to input methods and language support this is really important if a linux distribution or linux project is going to be considered global it has to be able to have really strong support for input languages other than Western western-style languages so it's really great to see that cinnamon makes this a priority and the linux mint team make this kind of accessibility a priority and that's what i mean by if sort of feature complete robust tools all that kind of thing is this is all stuff that when you dig a little bit deeper with mint these are the tools that you get compared to a lot of other derivative distributions that are just kind of you know slapped together by a few people also again that robust tool selection extends to software so when it comes to the software that linux mint has available at its disposal the it obviously has everything that are bun to inherits in terms of a vast repository of software but it also has flat-pack integration they're ready to go out of the box sorted in the software manager with ratings and reviews this is huge and for a lot of different reasons but the fact that we can get up to date software delivered through the form of flat pack by default without having to enable or tick any boxes or anything in Linux Mint is a huge boon for just that having up-to-date software and being able to run up-to-date software now again I think if we wanted to take this a step further it'll be great to see some categorization of some of these flat-pack apps but the fact that they're here and I can easily install and remove them without having to enable or disable anything by default out of the box is is a huge win the other thing that that has come into focus with this with this most recent release is Nemo the default file manager again continuing with that theme Nemo has become one of the most robust file managers out there of course I still think dolphin is the best file manager just Under the Sun in general but Nemo has a expanding set of of tools and tweaks that you can use with it and and just a simple thing that a lot of desktops don't do including your own by default is being able to customize the the color of your folders again this is a very small thing but for for a usability thing of being able to just quickly identify where which folders are which again this feature is inherent in the fact that you can change the overall color of every single file and folder and icon in the system anyway but the fact that they've just included this is a really nice touch and you can just come in here and customize what color folder you want again this is a very surface level thing but in terms of what this file manager is capable of and especially the speed improvements that it's been given in in the next 19.1 is really encouraging they have enough features here to satisfy traditional users and they also have enough simplicity that new users aren't baffled by what's going on okay so the the final thing that I want to touch on is theming and layouts again this is this is something that gtk based desktops haven't always done well in my opinion in terms of having everything symmetrically laid out having things make logical sense in terms of where they're placed and cinnamon is one of those desktops that just makes sense from what most people are used to what do I mean by that well everything is laid out notice the amazing amount of Cemetery and grid alignment that they've got going on here they don't have a bunch of whitespace that's just dead they've got window controls in the top in the top right where you have the clothes maximized minimizing the order that they should be but you can change all of those things if you want as well the default layout of a lot of the work that they have been putting into especially their welcome screen and other updated I guess ex dialogues with the tabs on the left hand side here just all of this is such simple design but it's effective and it makes it feel a lot more timeless than maybe some of the the more trendy design trends that end up they if they hand up ticking off a lot of a lot of productive desktop users alright so up until this point I've been pretty gushy with the next minute so now I'm going to round out the video by talking about some things that detract me personally from music Linux Mint and some of the things that you could do to remedy some of these things okay so first of all Linux Mint the way that the LTS release is structured is that it is based off an LTS of one to release and they build each of their subsequent releases their point releases off of that so that means effectively you're running the same software base and kernel and everything else from an OS that is already almost a year old so that inherently has its problems you've got a very old kernel out of the box you've got very old software now this is remedied by the fact that the software manager supports flat packs out of the box like I mentioned before so you can get more up-to-date software for the apps that it counts for me personally this would be evidence in the form of kdenlive the video editor that comes in the repositories of Ubuntu is a little bit older than the one that is available on flat hub also the same would be said for GIMP GIMP out of the box here from the Ubuntu repositories is still version 2.8 which makes zero sense but the one available on flat pack is two point ten point eight so again this is one of those things that makes a lot more sense and why I'm grateful that flat pack is there now when it comes to kernels again this is one of those things where you can kind of take two you can take two different approaches to how you manage your kernels the fact that Linux Mint 19 point one has now got a feature where you can manage the kernel straight out of the box with the tools that they have presented with you already is a great step forward and honestly the fact that you can install the Linux kernel 4.18 is a great step in terms of having a kernel that is more up to date than the 4.15 kernel that you're using by default now if you want to take this a step further you can use a tool called cuckoo UK you you and this gives you access to a lot more Linux kernels that you can manage install and install using a graphical tool but the fact that Linux Mint actually has one built in now they can give you a slightly more up-to-date kernel is a great step now also the other complaint that I have about Linux Mint is the fact that the power management tools are a little bit basic at this stage so when it comes to customizing what you want to do with your with your power management now again I'm running this in a virtual machine so it's not going to present me with all the options that there are which is completely fair but when it comes to that I guess the kernel modules that are being used and also the the power management tools that they are present that they present you with when you're running on a laptop a very basic they just kind of you know what do you want to do when you close the lid you know that kind of thing I would love to see some some I guess some more battery life enhancing tools installed out of the box that would be great to see where it makes sense on a laptop again you can remedy this by using things like TLP by installing a more up-to-date kernel by looking at power top and seeing how you can minimize the usage there but again these are just small considerations that a distribution like fedora has given a little bit more time and attention to in recent in recent releases also my only other criticisms would be that some of the software selections out of the box aren't the best and Nick over at Linux experiment he was talking about the fact that some of these software selections are a little bit weird or maybe a little bit antiquated compared to what we do or what most people do with their desktops nowadays and so that's a very small gripe finally the only other things that I would really love to see in cinnamon as a feature ad would be Universal search so that so that you can search across your apps and settings and and files with one simple search bar because at the moment it just searches your apps so it'll be great to see Universal search very similar to what you can find on K runner and also on genome shells search and also there's no notification center this may be to your liking it might not be for me personally I find a notification sent it really helpful because I like to be able to turn off all notifications coming in so I can focus on what I'm doing and then go back and review what notifications have come in afterwards genome shell has a great interpretation of this as do other linux desktops and desktop environments really that's all my complaints about the cinnamon desktop so it is almost feature complete but despite that I still think it's one of the most functional robust and feature complete desktops that you can get in 2019 out of the box thank you so much for watching I hope you found this video helpful instead of being yet another Linux Mint review let me know in the comments below what you would like to see added to cinnamon as a default feature bearing in mind what they have now is a really great balance of minimal but yet feature-rich so let me know in the comments below thank you so much for watching subscribe if you like this content on a regular basis and I'll catch you all in the very next video peace out ladies and gentleman [Music]