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ticket okay get in the truck you two related it's in the box put it down pack it up was the other one what the other ticket I only have the two step back please don't step back do this please get back from the line now two tickets to people I only have lap I'll take Oh Chuck right hi this is William your will your ego yeah you tell me so it's white right yeah get in the truck let's go Janet welcome come on come on let's go for a truck ride come on here we go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] let us finish with a verse from Luke there was a certain rich man of just clothed in purple and fine linen and fared sumptuously every day and there was a certain beggar named Lazarus which was laid at his gate full of sores and it came to pass that the beggar died was carried by the Angels into Abraham's bosom the rich man also died and was buried and in hell he lift up his eyes being in torments and seeth Abraham afar off and Lazarus let his command aliyev ascension to the ground earth to earth ashes to ashes [Music] well we'll are you up there Seville reveals itself to those who go searching who said that my goodness I meant who said that quote Werner Herzog of course it's your secret spot says we were kids Prabhat didn't notice actually sometimes she'd join in chris has got a thing about weed chris has got a thing about a lot of things and sent my naked thing that just for kicks yeah stay fresh and clean don't wanna start stinking up the service you know what else might help with that a shower I'm kidding you smell great I do smell great tell your friends thank you for coming be right there huh nothing I know this is a hard day to go over all this stuff but with you and Britt on your way out of town you know that still be there when this is done it's better we deal with this now we just appreciate you helping out on such short notice as well and I both we both appreciate it yeah of course she was a good woman all right contents declared familial possessions all belonging to an Olivia Olsen Chuck all to be received by the primary benefactor Christopher Thomas Oates you you sign here and heirs I assume these items have sentimental values a few photos mementos video tape short straw anything huh hey listen death is just it's just a part of life you know strokes a stroke you can't control these things best not to try at least you didn't suffer Casablanca why is it so important hey I know we'll walk out Thanks it was a pretty service you guys both look so sharp she would've liked that right hey what's going on in that head of yours we're so close I know Baba was a special lady no I mean we were so close you and me so close to getting away from all this it's just life it's nothing we can't handle I'll just deal with the odds and ends make sure your brother's alright that's right that exhausts me make me sure my brother's all right that could take years hey well are you doing just like it's rough beasts yard I can blame Baba's videotape it's Baba's relief bottle there's a lot of junk out there see what I mean would it be so bad we just took some time yes yes okay we are not setting our plans of course the firm was nice enough to give me a few extra days and that's it and quite frankly I don't want a light behind we need to be solution-oriented we need to move on if we let the problems in this place weigh us down you know to play oh yeah didn't sleep be patient with him he struggles a lot trying to keep it all together yeah we just have to be an ass about it of course he does what are we watching vacation tape I don't know it all seems to be taking place in this town 10 Dale those are our parents our parents it was in the box at the tape that baby could be anybody oh well when was it taken August 23rd 1988 yes thank you will I got a call a real estate agent lists this place actually you should probably hold off on that actually I can't well no I mean come on hear me out so we Google Maps this town called ten Dale which was actually surprisingly hard since it was declared a distressed municipality ten years ago it's practically a ghost town but a charming ghost town super charming and then they have this thing called Sasquatch watch which is probably a tourist trap but okay why you guys telling me this okay it's like an eight hour drive away Wow more like ten but more like eight and we were thinking of going and finding mom and dad you want to find the people that decided they didn't want us anymore right well I mean know who knows what happened right wouldn't wouldnt you want to know you're not serious he's not serious we've all been through a lot and you and I are heading back east next week it might be nice to go on a little family vacation what is wrong with you Chris it could be fun alright it's a it's a well-deserved break from what what do you need a break from Chris if we probably lost Baba not just you oh come on he's been the victim his whole life poor will needs more help in school poor will needs more confidence poor will needs extra attention poor we'll can't pay his rent it's bullshit he's almost 30 years old and he's still working for minimum wage I chose a hard career what career I'm an artist okay because you took an adult ed course at Community College and before that what was it surf class in Nicaragua was it that was a viable business venture you don't know how to surf you know what I'm going to ten Dale I'm gonna find mom and dad I'm gonna do it alone if I have to okay and who's gonna foot the bill on this pipe dream now that bothers gon me you know what this was your breakfast you call this being solution oriented Oh what you really thought you get to ten down on a ten-speed okay Christ printed these out we should start handing them out at every stop on the way [Music] Bigfoot fact number six several accounts of attested hearing unusual high-pitched yelps upon alleged Bigfoot encounters other instances describe the phenomena as a human-like whistling sound how is it a fact of the existence of the Bigfoot fact number seven communication by wood knocking may also serve as navigational lead in nocturnal conditions [Music] Sen Zell population not many September 13th might seem an I've reached ten Dale three hours behind schedule I fear Chris our expedition transportation coordinator will discover the debt incurred on his credit card after lengthy detour side practice while he slept we are looking into the barbershop busy locals presumably gets a half fashioned here we are surrounded by plenty of nature tourists Lumberjacks possibly Bigfoot of course our mission morning sleepyhead you did some exploring as well I see not a single motel or any food made in the last 20 years and I should kill tourism why the hell did we agree to this something-something bonding with your brother or something something and who said that couldn't tell you that good ideas were just flying back and forth well hey everybody Will's here are you talking to yeah that's not the point I saw something Oh Brit do you hear that we'll saw something you're an ass so big photons and breakfast maybe oh holy shit yeah okay that's life that's what the sign said yeah thanks rock-paper-scissors he was under here we are this shitty asshole Kevin but that's cool wait a second oh my god that is awesome dude well what are you doing yeah really yeah Hey hi hi Emma this is my brother will well this is unless she owns the bed breakfast what's up yeah so we're gonna get her stuff if you're finished not doing whatever it is that you're doing yeah no that's that's perfectly good thanks establish yourself as pervert chick and there's yourself in front of local hottie double check yes - couple extra moments go got everything so how long are you guys planning on staying probably turn of the mirror actually do the Presidential Suite you'll be showing the top floor with my and Shannon eyes does it matter to you where did you get those skittle spot oh em please the fire pit outside and here we have the inside of our shitty old cabin well oh yeah okay all right that's pretty serious why not so pretty on here there's a cot in the living room your brother don't usually get more than a couple guests at a time so I hope this will do he's not too picky he's barely helped strange actually well he'll fit right in with the local son it where's your bathroom uh just press the stairs in first door on the right see yours what Mary I mean god I'm sorry we don't we just I haven't had this many guests in a while so guess I just like to know who's who do you run this place in your huh no no not exactly my uncle Hank he helps out from time to time but legally it's mine that's a lot of responsibility yeah tell me about it nobody appreciates that either well I do because if I had to spend another second in that car with my brother I would have swerved into the opposite lane well I'll let you get comfortable just call my name if you need anything Chris you said it was up in the air how long do you mean you're staying uh-huh two three days max good cuz I know this was my idea and all but we have a life to start starting yeah why don't we get started right here those Aussies are looking for that money hey mate now back to dangerous place little buggers will sniff me out and eat your life if you're not careful and you kill these things with your bare hands this fuckers are vicious I mean now take your arm off like that and these drop berries kill people all the time too fucking right Shaun tell them that the one that tech Tigran took a leg off on one guy trousers too so what brings you guys in telling you ask that what brings us out here love Bigfoot Bigfoot mate Bigfoot right before fucking Bigfoot made to the Sasquatch watch no fucking Bigfoot met this old couple way back they said head 210 down that's where all the action is quite insistent actually what fucking insistent actually don't fucking move look at me now you're gonna run [Laughter] I think I got him how long way back there come on we gotta set sail before the trails oh he's a poet love expensive poet yeah you're a fucking expensive poet trucks at the gate they'll see you guys there in ten is this some sort of a sasquatch watch why are you here oh we saw our parents well there was a videotape that was shot here in tenday okay yeah our parents on it and I see that tape oh why do you think it's yeah it's worth something I'll tell you what I will trade you the videotape if you take me on the Sasquatch watch okay hand over the tape on me right now I'd have to ask my brother he's good I don't understand why the guy needs to tape so badly also worth noting I'm sure he can take you out tomorrow God knows there's nothing else going on in this town I don't know either Chris and that tape is the only evidence we have of our parents might give us some clues as to where they were last seen that's not an area well just get some sleep and we'll look for it in the morning it's probably in the car the car yes and not next time Jesus interruptus infant nope it's a fucking sham why Bigfoot right could be in Europe person is the concept of backpacking across foreign soil lost on me when the country is this Biggie's look just enjoy the ride chant might not get to go Bigfoot hunting again oh we are and will the Conqueror next time baby [Applause] she loves behind I am there that wasn't win-win doesn't closed doors especially not when it's not blowing animals honest it's like an animal [Music] vaccinations yeah I can sleep in here no no the monsters say open doors is easily as close them now some chicks dig scars let's do this [Music] everything I do you need help getting back yeah that's just some sleep okay [Music] take the brought Thailand for Christmas stick with me now payoffs coming I hope it's worth the trouble I wouldn't be here if it wasn't do you remember to lock the doors maybe was a bunch of school kids or something tapes gone and the battery's dead so now what I don't say you have about a 1 in 30 chance of finding your parents makes you say that there's only 60 people left in town Oh math works thank you 100 hours after suffering is like the lazy expedition continues as research the few remaining inhabitants the information as to the whereabouts our parents we split into two groups Chris and his fiance Brett and me Ilan alone with so these yeah yeah well I mean no no no I used to chew her out when I was a kid I found this camera after Papa died uh their foster way strokes are a natural part of life I can't control them best not to try nice it was fast I'm so sorry Manu EDI Thanks that's it's been hard see him she the only family you guys had yeah yeah pretty much just me and Chris and he is hot I've been getting along really it's complicated you know I mean and and now him and Brett's are moving to New York and Arnaz yeah Wow well I mean come on I'm a big time too oh I don't doubt it yeah I mean I'm gonna maybe the guy catches Bigfoot on tape just might yeah anyway thanks for the ride all right yeah we're still okay hello we are from really really friendly folks up here salt of the earth [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah do you know when the tourism and information office opens yeah about ten years ago um then do you know anything about Thomas and Janet oats need lots of answers huh I need customers but this if you could just do like Wayne well machine neckbeard worse all types of tourists used to roll in and out of this town I probably couldn't tell you if I had met them head back it makes you ask that my parents your parents hello I mean biologically yes me and my brother Chris we were raised by another woman she's actually from these parts Olivia Austin Chuck some color blah blah look at that nope never heard of her turn to the left sure as the Sun rises there has never been anyone in this town by that name Curtis strop what's that figurine on the mantel wild man superstition lots of that in ten Dale what kind of superstition well some time ago natives lived here taken from the land given to the land small things the animals usually offerings if you can believe it what sacrifices yeah they still do it natives ah why not don't have none see after the white folks settled people started going missing children mostly they put a red mark on the door every home to lost someone why'd you go missing you are mr. Q&A aren't you I guess I wouldn't put them up there if I minded people talking about it Wildman toko of course you that's what the native said and the red purge the white man drove a mouse they kill them [Music] yeah 5:50 please and thank you yeah see what happened after the purge poof half the town taken by the Wildman taken where are they taking do you really want to go to all this trouble just for a wives tale well I'm Curtis you mind finding our friend here a map Thank You Emma yeah looking at it right now left the car unlocked with the lights on no no no there's nothing on the tape everything looks good they're free to go to shots around town that's it I do thing go bunch of slammed doors rude copy that that's ready to go back uh actually here please pick up the gear head in the woods and why would they be in the woods cuz that's what the barber said you sure you guys don't want me to come with you no that's okay it's a family thing anyway we'll meet here tomorrow this exact spot yeah yeah see you then you guys ready yet yeah it's got me so excited I got a good feeling about this 1800 hours we continued our journey on foot the bugs are buzzing as a birds they see me careful of the prickly bushes no I'm coming yeah no all right safe to say we're officially lost doesn't make any sense the map says that we're snot a map will it's some doodle drawn by some backwoods morons why would they draw us a map to know where US snows Aussie horndogs are the only tourists they have they need our business our business for what there's no one here this town's fucking dead what about our parents they did too this is a waste of time okay all of this what you don't think I see what it is you're doing feeding Brit a sob story about how we need to do this how we need to find our roots well guess what will our roots don't exist our roots are long fucking gone and pretty Greece with me Chris stop it the only reason she agreed to do this is because she's a nice person and she feels sorry for you I do not feel sorry for you I'm believing you and so does Chris he's don't put words in my mouth all right you don't see it you don't see what he is family I'm your family well maybe family is overrated and there it is right Chris the patron saint of douchebag cocks around the fucking world go to hell will ya save me a seat okay you know what I am sorry I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment to you I'm sorry that you have to move to the other side of the country just to get some time to yourself well you said it not me do you ever think maybe I want you out of my life that I'd be happy if you left well great because I'm tired of keeping an eye on my irresponsible half-baked older brother I don't need your curse I don't okay I'm tired of you weighing me down will do you think you're better than me I think I'm trying harder at life yeah yeah and you're a friendless dickbag how's that working out for you sorry I can't hear you over your steroid jack body it's on that my god the two of you were unbelievable your brothers brothers it was more than that you're adults start treating each other as such or swear I'm gonna leave you on the side of this No what why are you carrying adderall on our family camping trip is it something I sometimes I yeah what he thinks is funny I used to focus all right you have no idea the kind of pressure that I'm under because you never feel any of that pressure no no no not you honey I swear okay it's it's never you it's just it's my life but I am your life I'm a part of your life and you're keeping me separate than the other parts I don't I don't need it okay it's not that bad I swear I've just been hard lately okay look you might not want to do that we are on the side of a mountain and you never like how long have you been the water a while [Music] [Music] great will you just good night well my breath oh I was liquid fire Chris why'd you get that so Baba's relief relief bloody bottles found under the nightstand so uh adderall drop it Louise you dealer is that old crazy lady Vanderbilt across the street from Bubba's yes you get to just stop talking and yes yeah briefly old broads got the best shit I can't believe that I think you just left a little bit you must be hearing things again it's getting closer back to sleep same pattern three knocks every time as well [Music] well well well [Music] the hell's going on fucking crazy Hey [Music] [Music] I think you just greeted me guys [Music] [Music] well what the hell were you thinking can't aspire your fucking gun [Music] Emma Emma let her eat something [Music] well the car driver [Music] Wow well come on Emma hey wait for me okay see we don't worry [Applause] [Music] a week yes to a hospital okay take it to town where there is hospital [Music] [Music] [Music] give me your jacket [Music] evening ladies everything all right yeah we're just heading in for the night I'm showing my guests here some trails uh-huh didn't happen to hear gunshots out there did you oh is that is that what that was sure okay yeah yeah fine thank you I'm good I'm sitting in the backseat just because I think I think I just had a few too many to drinks responsible good girl well how about you let me take you to back home we're okay sir Thanks we just want you to get home safe if I can see this well well [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well definitely didn't Adam definitely didn't hit him Oh what was I thinking well well that was a red perch they didn't chance nobody nobody turned on anybody they couldn't get out even if they tried they just they didn't you well [Music] Wildman [Applause] hey I was thinking you know that per courage it works across the late can't we just use her and what the kids go yeah you know what Curtis that's a great idea why don't we kill everyone that stumbles on the ten Dale huh no no how about that driver that brings in the groceries or you know what about that nice little family that breaks those cookies for the coffee shop huh think before you talk the Bigfoot book says there's some things that whistle and sometimes hey do not blow no seriously I'm just I'm just saying okay you just gonna listen you're gonna start your listen well hello [Music] Curtis what the hell did I say about you playing on that goddamn radio we'll go ahead anyway we're starting you may want to get inside here we go [Music] [Music] John John well then where is she will you're right shirtless I said I'm fucking fine okay I got this you go to the baby they grab our shit we grab bread and let me get the fuck out of here [Music] [Music] many people have you need a green ticket of course some they send our kids and if they're good they will grow up they will send more people like you more people like us fuck you now gods are gonna love you wait what part of keep an eye on them don't you understand you know there's a process to this they weren't sent by anybody so they get out as usual [Music] you want it out [Music] I know it's alright you want it out and he thought those kids were your opportunity but there are no opportunities left [Music] now for you [Music] he's done and I'm gonna leave here without the girl we have to kill more people come looking for them you said so yourself and if we let them go they'll bring this whole thing crashing down on us we're fucked you're the one who started this mess you drew him a fucking map I thought they were sent to us Christ hey if we're screwed either way then it doesn't matter if they live or die we can let him go and do the right thing what exactly is the right thing Curtis shut up and let me fucking think the Aussie the girl and now the two brothers that's four tickets out of ten Dale now we have sacrificed enough for this town I want my ticket what about the Aussie girl when you let go you watch that fucking mouth of yours she's as good as dead in those woods as much he has strapped to that post now those boys are going to the gods and that is all there is to it what if they're halfway to the next town talking to the police she gonna be okay she's not upstairs where's my girlfriend she just went to get some help at the next town right that's why our cars outside we'll start the car I'm searching your house help them with the car you kill him that's your ticket on the line right [Music] are you trying to do here I need a boost from your truck think that'll do it but okay house worth the try come on let me fix you a drink we'll call for a tow in the morning what the hell a shot right I don't think want to be doing that now are you [Music] [Music] Chris I killed egg we gotta go you lost a lot of blood you're not thinking clearly I need you to concentrate all right we're scores [Music] [Music] whoa whoa easy there partner what are you doing with him let's take it easy all right we can talk about this put him down look you just make sure your brother there feel careful now it looks like we had an accident already huh we don't want another one now do so gunned down shit that's enough you just let him come to his senses on his own this this here's a transaction and you are the currency and brother over here to side of the join the party tried to save us how do you do Hank we're good to go at least we know where it is don't look but I think they're recording us I found tapes in the basement of everything we somehow get out of here we'll have everything we need to expose this powder and honey plan on doing that [Music] what the hell are you doing [Music] guys outta here need to tell me where you are like it's been help are you there easy I shouldn't have kicked you in your head that year at summer camp I'm sorry I said I wish I was a single child ha ha just please don't swing not anymore well not at first but just save the apologies grab the next fucking chain [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well gosh dead Startalk my dad's got the truck how they get a bad guy speech [Music] we get the car where you going thanks [Music] [Music] hey keep that in mind when you pick up my wedding ring [Music] I gotta get you kids leave the tapes will [Music] [Music] [Music] you wanted a bad guy speech you think I'm the bad guy all the gods do mistake that is all they have ever done take take take what about me this health would be dead without me I pay for the sins of our fathers and when the gods are angry I beta [Music] Wow easy we'll turn and walk away and walk towards the truck will [Music] towards the truck we need a fuck get the dog yaps truck they'll kill us anyway think about the rest of us simply not afraid it is done in my dish having go home start a family [Music] Wow stop [Music] [Music] you ever get a motherfucker [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] look I'm I'm sorry to tell you this but your lady friend who was shot didn't make it but she did manage to call 9-1-1 I've got a whole unit up there right now serve agency but I have to ask you why are you filming all this here you are not us in the basement tapes hundreds of them sacrifices we'll get a VCR I'll have a look at this stuff and see what's what but that takes time in the meantime I need you to answer some more questions [Music] unfortunately my men haven't seen anything and we need to talk about some other salient facts you what salient facts you were caught in the stolen car and the story that goes with it smells worse than you look what about the skull we found oh you mean this girl seemed better hoaxes madness now this better not be some kind of a stunt young lady or else all of you were in serious trouble because we don't respond to that kind of thing very well especially since I sent my best man up there to comb the area make sure they don't stay take a right up [Music] they're smart okay they can communicate they probably cover their tracks they could have taken all the evidence of course they knew people were coming there's gonna be no one left in that town you think I'm making this up hey Bill back happen come back would you I got a friend here with a story you might enjoy ah now the first thing you two are gonna do is call a lawyer go ahead yeah what's going on [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music]