Ferguson vs Cowboy was a fun fight


Chael Sonnen


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if you had never seen MMA he just hadn't and I was trying to tell you how good and how fun cowboy Cerrone is you couldn't just go back and bring up one of his fights and call me and go oh yeah jail I agree with you or eh-eh uh you know I think maybe over so you have to watch like four or five cowboy fights this guy is so dynamic he'll submit you on the ground he'll put you to triangle he'll stretch your arm out he'll kick you in the head on the feet of Nike and me in the body a punch in the mouth he can do everything but you have to watch a bunch of his fights tonight with Tony Ferguson was almost that one match where everything was coming out I mean Tony Ferguson getting taken down by cow but the only thing we knew going into this fight is it Ferguson's a better wrestler than cowboy well yeah he may be he still may be but he may not when it comes to MMA and cowboy I went out and showed it so one thing leading into this it made it interesting for me when I heard this fight was it now he had a Ferguson's best fighter in the world world champion that never lost his belt so in this fight got announced it was a quick turnaround for Cerrone there was a couple of variables there that you had to consider cowboy made a statement in the statement was so true and he said you know Ferguson has a really high pace a really good volume but I don't see him as a a real high-level striker and when that comes from a high level striker you have to consider right permit promoters lot fighters they lie all the time that's it that's true that's just a reality that Tony Ferguson is a really high level not necessarily as technical likes to stay on his feet even though he's a national wrestling champion a black belt under Eddie Bravo likes to stay on his feet this fight could be on the feet and Donald leave only needs to win eight minutes it's 15 he needs to win eight minutes he gets his hand raised two rounds to one okay made it a lot more intra well sure enough it was exactly what cowboy said when it came to precision striking yeah yeah cowboy was more technical that's true when it came to volume and presto knee Ferg did Tony Ferg and it was just great and it was compelling and then when the takedown started favoring cowboy all of a sudden there's an element that you never saw before but now Tony's getting pissed off and he's not backing down and he's coming it was just a mess as far as the end of the fight man I don't really want away an opinion on that the punch was late that's not an opinion Tony Ferg said it was it was late referee and the Commission decided that it it went to the nose did it go to the ID did it affect the outcome stoppage was the stoppage both guys were sports about it all in all though that was a fun night that was a fun fun fight