Fighting With My Family Review

[Applause] fighting with my family a movie based on the WWE Superstar Mona's page is coming out pretty soon and I was fortunate enough to go and watch it a few weeks ago and now I'm gonna give you my thoughts on it some people would call that I'm fighting with my family review and that's because that's exactly what is the right word it's the right word this is a fighting with my family review to kick things off it's good easy to watch from start to finish it does take you on the journey as you see page start out as a professional wrestler in Norwich England and slowly make her way up the ranks before becoming the youngest Divas Champion in WWE history and that is a true story it has been made to be as accessible as possible and on that note if you do consider yourself and diehard WWE fan there are gonna be certain things that happen the movie where you sit in your chair raise an eyebrow and go well there's no way it would have happened like that that's clearly a bunch of poppycock and it's not poppycock it's a movie it's not real it's been done to make the story more flavorsome and just so it make sense given the context of the people around Page in the film so I just want to get that out there in case after you've seen it you feel the need to point out well that can't be true and that can't be true there's an essence of truth in it but they've just shifted it around structurally so it works here and it does ensure it's not a biography and it's all been done just to be entertaining and that's exactly what should have happened for example I don't think it was the rock the told page drawing WrestleMania 30 that she was gonna debut on Raw 24 hours later but that's what happens here and it's a nice moment as is the style of it while this is a WWE and Dwayne Johnson produce film it has a real British heart to it mostly because the director is Stephen Merchant who also has a small role in it it captures the feel of the UK and the UK wrestling Steve wonderfully right down to seeing shows in overly carpeted pubs if you have seen the documentary that it was based on it aired on channel 4 a few years ago just imagine that but with some cinematic scene and that's where we end up a big reason for this is the cast nick frost and lena headey are excellent as Paige's parents as is Florence Pugh who plays Paige and really she stills the whole damn film aside from actually looking like her Mormons from zero to hero and the struggles that can go along with that even though you are heading towards your dream is absolutely spot-on if this is like a big breakout moment for the actress I will be surprised it was to such a level I now want to go out and check other films she's spinning because I think she's really talented she nailed it there's also plenty of me on the story for you to sink your teeth into because it's not just the happy-go-lucky tailed you've got everything with Zach Knight Paige's brother who wants nothing more than to become a WWE Superstar but he doesn't and he has to accept that while also seeing his own sister seeing Paige go on to had crazy success and obviously there's everything that Paige when she gets to NXT and doesn't exactly blow the doors off the place it never gets overly complicated or two-layered and we much rather stick to the top line but that's exactly what the film is going for he doesn't want to get you in the cinema seat and then present you with this dark tale of devastation but it does want to paint a picture of what it takes to become a success and the pitfalls you have to try to avoid and that's kind of a cool thing to touch upon too because even when it looks like somebody is kicking ass it's always something beneath the surface that they're probably having a hard time with to see it put out in this way especially when wrestling is involved well I liked it I think it's a good message to send out this but yeah bring it right back this does follow Sarai a night as she does decide I like this pro wrestling thing and makes it all the way to the big time and you also get to see and makeshift Rio makes you NXT tryout no less at the o2 arena this is hilarious in many ways because the man responsible for that is the one and only Vince Vaughn if you've watched any single comedy films over the last 20 years at some point you will have seen Vince Vaughn so if you are a wrestling fan like me and you understand that NXT work plus you've seen in other movies it's really hard not to watch it and go wait a minute that is just Vince Vaughn my giddy I know that's what acting is he's playing a part but it's just so far removed in two worlds that I never thought I'd see come together I couldn't help but chuckle away though I've mentioned it here although fair play to mr. Vince Vaughn he does a damn good job with it and kind of serves as the film's mentor being a wrestling movie - you're also gonna see a lot of in ring action and that may be where the film is at its best tessa blanchard stands in for florence pew to take on the role as page and just goes to show she is really good pro-wrestler so you can do it in the ring you've never seen it go check her out and now she can also do it in the movie ring whatever that means she was the perfect choice all of these matches are also balanced enough that I only tie into the story and make sure that progresses and give it the drama that it's so needs but also tells non-wrestling fans who may have just stumbled into this movie look it's crazy well why don't you check it out it's really entertaining it's really fun but also it's a dangerous thing to get involved with that I think is really important and goes to show that accessibility that we were talking about earlier wants to educate but also give a little nudge to those who understand it whereas the plot is deliberately very on the nose when you do get to the little bits like Paige going to NXT and working at how that training system works or see some really small shows do they're competing on you're gonna have two schools of thoughts I'd imagine either you're not gonna get it at all because you don't understand this crazy industry or you're a super hardcore crazy friend that we've talked about and you're pointed in go that is gibberish and it is different because it's a scene from a movie but it all depends on what hat you want to put on when you do indeed sit down and your theater you're just happy to take what comes you have a good time but if you maybe wanted something a bit more real and a bit more truthful you're not gonna get it it's also very mushy and tries to toy around with melodrama in order to hit you right in the gut but if you like that kind of stuff you're gonna like this it's like the notebook right I don't get the notebook I've watched it a few times but I do know people love it just because it is so small sees it you're like schmaltz well here's some schmaltz it uses all the old tricks in the book to get it but isn't with so much confidence and trying to pretend is trying to do anything else you can't help but just shrug your shoulders right on a train s for proper WV fans don't worry you have been catered for too not only does the rock have a far bigger role in this then I actually thought you would do I thought be here and they're actually nice a big chunk there's also one scene with Sheamus in the big show that I liked way more than I should have done Sheamus especially comes across like the biggest goof ever intentionally so and he deserves a hell of a lot of credit for it is a blink in you'd miss it moment but you know what it's like we all feel like we're part of this special Club and when you know you're seeing something that only other members of that Club will get it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy that will happen here as well so it's a feel-good British movies it just so happens to be focused on wrestling and that is a lovely niche to have usually with these things to get hard-hitting expose days like the wrestler or you get absolute nonsense like ready to rumble if you've seen ready to rumble once you know that was one time too many so to get a halfway house which is film first wrestling second is a lovely balance it never hits you over the head too much with it and just goes to show you here's this world that it exists look at the kind of stories that can come up the event look at the successes it is Britt that doesn't mean if you're an avid movie go you may feel like you've seen this all before but again I think that's what they were going for fight with my family isn't trying to break the mold it's just trying to tell you a story about Paige someone that managed to overcome a damn lot in order to get as high as she possibly could within an industry there's pretty hard to crack through the ceiling in the sum it up just before the credits roll you get that kind of text you always do in movies that are based on true stories to let you know what the characters did next and one of them simply says the rock went on to have a very successful career away from wrestling even though the rock is in the movie which goes to suggest that yes he did do something after he had left the ring but for me that sums up exactly who fighting with my family is for but yeah it's alright I had a good time I enjoyed it I saw it once maybe I'll watch it again when it comes out DVD or blu-ray or I downloaded it leagues we live in a crazy world and 2019 what you can do that to show to other wrestling fans but it is something that was still your time away for a couple of hours and then you can just move on to whatever xanex it's nice it's lovely and if nothing else Stephen Merchant is an underrated gem and anything he does I'm gonna support to the hills and again the role that he does have in it he plays the guy that doesn't understand wrestling at all and even these facial expressions the man just gets it shout out there Stephen Merchant no never get to have a comment below and let us know what you think I fight with my family when you're excited to see it or your plan is set and then come back after you've seen it and you can let us know more like share and subscribe no matter what coach comm read yourself some articles follow what culture on Twitter I want culture WWE and you're already here on what culture wrestling why not what yourself some more videos my name is Samuel Oh from what culture thank you very much for watching they have got all the way to the end of the video and yes still what are too long didn't read I would simply say fighting with my family is very good that's it man he went out and he bought a film magazine and it just had the title and then all the text was it's very good but it is it's fun it's easy its accessible all the words that I've dropped throughout the last 10 minutes or so here on this newfangled crazy system we know as YouTube and if nothing else is enly just nice that people are releasing mainstream wrestling films I know that everybody's involved and the Rock's involvement absolutely help with that but Stephen Merchant we mentioned him he of the office trained he's now kind of got involved wrestling Nick Frost Lena Headey she's from games of throne for goodness sake there's a lot to take in here and if it's a success maybe we'll get more down the line and I'm all for more movies about pro wrestling there must be some things we haven't touched the Bret Hart Screwjob I know he had hitman shadows whatever that was cool we could do something with that Undertaker he had a crazy career Mick Foley there's loads of stories that I would like to see make it to the big screen and if it starts here if this starts a resurgence I'm gonna be alright with it and also that will just make more wrestling fans and you can never have too many wrestling fans it means more people are watching the product that means more companies are being successful and means more wrestlers can say hey why don't you pay me a bit more money just look everybody's making more money that is what it's all about I mean I've taken this and I've kind of blown it out of proportion but that's just what I do fighting with my family it's good