Filinta Season 2 Episode 1 English subtitles

We've been training for six months for this day. Today is like a festival for us, Mustafa. Enjoy it. What else can you do? You haven't been eating and drinking properly for six months. You've lost your power. This man will cut you in half, I must tell you! He will. -You've eaten everything in my kitchen. -What? Don't you have a kitchen in your house, brother? You come to my place every time. You ate everything in the house, even the sourdough. Mustafa and Ali, brothers, give up before it is too late. We are ready. Cadi Efendi, tell your sons to give up. They cannot withstand two of the bravest Hodjas of the organization easily. Dervish Efendi, first, I am not a Cadi anymore, you should know that. And then, these boys have become two big, grown up men already. They have their own free wills, hard as rock, God bless. I am just telling you Giyasettin Efendi. It won't be my fault anymore. Now you are going to fight with your Hodjas. The master of all masters, Hasan Hodja nicknamed "The Bonebreaker". Zubeyir Hodja nicknamed "The Thunder". You have trained these guys for six months. Are you ready to have them graduate now? With God's help! -With God's help! -Come on! Are you ready? Give your blessings, brother. You! What can I do? Don't you see the man? He is this big! Call no man happy till he dies, Giyasettin Efendi. How are you, brother? I've seen better days. You are right, Dervish Efendi. Call no man happy till he dies. Thank God! Make way! Your Majesty the Sultan! Real sons of the Ottoman! Nobody can overcome this nation as long as you exist, with God's help. That's very kind of you, my Sultan. After six months of training, Ali and Mustafa Efendis defeated their coaches today, my Sultan. Good! -May God give you strength! -Amen. I congratulate you for defeating the two of the most valuable Hodjas that are big masters of war in the land of Ottoman with only six months of training. May God bless you! As it was meant to happen, the students have become the masters, my Sultan. Good. The improvement continues. Good. Come on, get some clean clothes on. We are ready, my Sultan. Then, permission is given. Leyla? What are you doing here? Umm, well Sister Ayse... I was curious... About what? If anything bad may happen to him... So you were afraid? You have your heart in your mouth even in a competition which wouldn't result in death. How will you feel after you get married? No such luck! He doesn't even notice me. Leyla, Mustafa is going through a very hard test. He will gather himself up soon, if God permits. And when he does, the first thing he'll see will be this beautiful face. Deal? Zorkin, my robust son! He is attacking like a rabid dog released from his chains. God bless! Come here. The time has arrived. -What's that, dude? -I don't know. I've been in here for all these years, night and day, and I didn't notice it! What do you say to that? Shut up! You're talking too much, enough! Make way! Don't worry! Just watch! You were talking like crazy. Talk now. I am gob smacked now. You talk this time, Mustafa. Continue to work! Duty is important, it doesn't wait. How do you like it? What is this, my Sultan? This is our Padishah's genius! My Sultan. Davut Pasha. Gentlemen, you are before the embodiment of the weight our state gives to intelligence. Under the shadow of our empire, there are four more sites like this one you're observing right now. As you'd know, intelligence operations have been pursued by the people who have been assigned especially for this duty since our ancestor Ertugrul Gazi, may God keep him in heaven. His Highness Mehmed the Conqueror Institutionalized intelligence and the gathering of information. This institution gained ultimate power with the help of His Highness. There is a saying; a horse neighs in accordance with its owner. And so it should, Davut Pasha! Yet the games being played upon the Ottoman Empire have never been as complicated and vicious throughout history. We used to fight with armies in past. We used to see, know the army that we fought against and could calculate accordingly. But now we are not fighting with the armies only. Intelligence has become the most important part of the war. Unconventional warfare moved ahead of conventional warfare. To exterminate us, they are training not only powerful armies but also skillful murderers. Under the rule of our mighty emperor, thank God we have not lost any piece of land during our fight against the infidels. Our intelligence organization has a great share of this success. Giyasettin Efendi. Davut Pasha is a bit of a prickly person. He has been exiled twice. But because of his aptitude and experience, we had to call him back each time. From now on, you will be working together. It is an honor for us, my Sultan. That honor belongs to us. Gentlemen, let me get straight to the point. We are encountering an organization that plays both ends against the middle, setting the empires against the great powers around the world. The organization's latest target is our land and our Sultan. This organization is very dangerous and massive. But of course, of course, you also have tackled with important enemies up until today. But the enemies you've tackled with are like British poodles trying to bite the tail of a big Sivas Kanga dog compared to them. I am sorry. Gentlemen, your days as officers have been left behind. From now on, you will encounter skillful murderers, not ordinary criminals. The territory that we will be busy with is the entire world, not just Dersaadet. Mustafa and Ali have proven themselves many times before, Pasha. If you say so. Have you ever heard of the Supreme Council? We have. But isn't that just a myth composed of rumors? Neither a myth nor a rumor. It is a solid fact that also our state has been after for approximately four centuries. Have you ever heard of the murderers of the Supreme Council? The Assassins. The Assassins, yes. During the crusades, Hasan Sabbah's castle... The Alamut Castle. The Alamut Castle, yes. The Crusaders were so impressed by what they saw and when they were back in Europe, they organized a crime ring consisting of assassins. By learning the black book they learned from the Assassins by heart, they learned the art of killing from a to z. And they became far more superior and merciless murderers than them. And with this organization, they have caused serious damage to the world all that time. With this organization, they have sucked the blood out of nations which fell into heedlessness, like leeches, regardless of their religion, language or race. And they also happened to kill some of our ancestors. May God keep them in heaven. Amen. These murderers are trained by the skillful masters who know the trademarks of martial arts of every country. -Are you ready to die? -Ready! Every five years, they are selected among hundreds of warriors, and their head is a well-respected man. Are you ready to kill for the Supreme Council? Ready! Are you ready to die for the Supreme Council? Ready! Shortly, they are lurking around in teams of seven. Pasha, if we have this much information... So you ask why we don't exterminate those scoundrels. If you keep quiet and listen, I will get onto that subject as well. Gentlemen, this Supreme Council matter is a very complicated one. The enemy that we are encountering is supranational. It is an international organization. Do you know what makes them strong? They are the owners of almost every big bank in the world. My Sultan, now I realize what you had in mind by making me the head of the bank. Economic power has become the biggest of all human powers in our century. They are busy with banking services on the ground. They are dominating the biggest commercial fleets in the world. They are the ones who capitalize the companies that have the operating rights of oil reservoirs. They own industrial investments in Britain and USA, the gun factories and the railway operations. That means, it is impossible to hinder their legal businesses and accuse them. So we need to find the underground headquarters of the organization. Yes, but it is not that easy. Because the organization is hiding in a very good place. Where? In Istanbul. Two of the most crackerjack officers of Istanbul are standing before me. You should have heard about them, right? Davut Pasha. Cadi Efendi. I am not a Cadi anymore, you must have heard. Giyasettin Efendi. I have trained every soldier you see here myself. But his Majesty the Sultan ordered me to appoint Mustafa and Ali to the organization. But you should know that your sons have a long way to go. My sons know that knowledge is life and ignorance is death. Don't you worry. What is their aim? I said we will get into that. We know that they are organized and located in Romania, London, Moscow and Indochina. And we also know that they're getting ready to establish a new Office on the American continent. Five years ago, we brought down their offices in Egypt and Tabriz. But we couldn't capture any of them alive. They cannot be captured alive. If they are captured, they commit suicide with henbane poison. It's effect is enormous. It kills immediately. Who are they serving? Their aim is to rule the world as Satan would have it. Boris Zaharyas, where is your daughter Lara Zaharyas? My daughter, Supreme Master? Yes, your daughter. Who is a big danger for you and us just because she knows that you killed all your family members. Boris Zaharyas, I asked you a question! My daughter... is dead. As you ordered, she could not survive the explosion in the police station. Lie! Boris Zaharyas, we think that you're lying to us. Gentlemen, the thing I am going to tell you is very important and should be kept as a secret deep in your hearts. Our biggest concern is to expose the infidel committee called the Supreme Council that is hiding in the shadow of Satan and teach that charlatan who thinks he is the Supreme Master a lesson. God asked the Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son for him. Do you know why he asked that? He tested his faithfulness. Yes, he tested his faithfulness. He understood how pure his belief was with this test. And we tested you with your daughter, Boris Zaharyas. They had tested me with my son. But, what did you do? I did what was necessary, Supreme Master. I sacrificed my daughter for you. You are still insisting on your lie. I will give you a last chance, Boris Zaharyas. You can either tell the truth and get out of here, I swear I'll spare your life, or insist on your lie and die. All right, you can take the patient to the service. How is she, is she going to live, Doctor? Calm down. We did everything we could. She is fine, thank God. She is going to live, if God permits. May God bless you! May God grant you a happy marriage. Can we see her? I am taking her to the patient room now. You can see her in a minute. -But only for five minutes. -May God bless you! Sureyya Hanim, welcome! Good to see you, my angel. What is all this shyness about? You saved my life. -That's why you're my angel. -Not at all, don't mention it. I just led you there, God has saved your life. Indeed. But if you hadn't treated that stab wound and watched me for days next to that man who has no understanding of a woman's soul, I would have been dead already. I agree with everything but I won't let you speak like that about brother Ali. So you protect your brother Ali. Of course I do. -Come on, let's go to my room. -Let's. Lying is considered as a great crime in our brotherhood. And it is penalize with the death penalty. But you're not lying Boris Zaharyas, you've proved that with your life. Hail our brother. Because he made a big sacrifice for us. Tomorrow has come closer to me, Boris Zaharyas. Go now. But don't forget, I have good thoughts about you. -Hodja? -Yes? -What will we do with this Davut Pasha? -What will we do? We will not only service our country but also fight neck to neck with the internal and external enemies that haunt the Ottoman Empire. Hodja, that man is taking a potshot at us all the time. It will pass, son. It will pass in time. We need to understand him. Like a bolt from the blue, we are assigned to a duty which he has been doing for years. Of course he would find this strange. Don't you think so, son? Of course, Hodja. I will go to the shop. Excuse me. Go. Go. Forging iron makes you feel better. Hodja... The matter is not just about Lara, we searched high and low for Boris and Uskuplu when we found time during our training for six months. Not finding them makes him feel depressed. Time will be his remedy. He will gather himself up. If God permits, Hodja. Boris Efendi? The lies that have been tested with death are far stronger than the truth tested with life. As long as you completely believe in the lie you told. Then you can make them believe in your truth, even the smartest ones. You don't need to understand. I have one other place left to go. About... Don't worry. We are keeping a close watch on it. You do not like Boris, do you? But you respect him. Arrogance is the biggest and the most obvious indication of stupidity. Oddly, Boris can manage to bury his arrogance. That's what I like the most about him. And that's his biggest weakness at the same time. The time has come. Go and finish the job. Be calm, calm down, dude, calm! Sergeant, the support crew will be here in a minute. You wait here. Come after me when support arrives. Mustafa shall find me for the brotherhood. Mustafa? I'll be back, don't worry. Once it is in my heart, Lara. I won't ever give up. You are the only name of the happiness in my life. I have seen what true love was with you. I do not care if I die now. It is so hard to live without you, Lara. Don't worry, I will never leave you alone. We will meet where you have gone to, if God permits. The demon! The smell of the demon!