Filinta Season 2 Episode 10 English subtitles

Davut Pasha. We have all the information about Esat Pasha. His greed and ambitions caused him to go off the rails. But as they say; "It is better to have an enemy you know than an enemy you don't." We were unable to achieve our original goal by assigning him to that position. Until we achieve our goal, we will preserve the current situation. We've kept track of everything the people who he was meeting with and working with. This matter has become more vital day by day, my Sultan. We will keep track of everything he does, even the breath he takes. One of the people that is the closest to him... ...his assistant Riza... has proven to be a bastard that can easily be bought. We'll do what's necessary, my Sultan. May God bless you. Good. Riza. Today is such a good day, Riza. -May God keep you happy, Pasha. -Of course He would! He should make me happier, Riza! Because soon we will get rid of Boris Zaharyas forever. -Have you gathered the team? -Yes, we have. They are waiting like pigs to the slaughter. -Let's have a look at them. -Come on. Blade Ali. Snapshoot Abdullah. Filinta Mustafa. Cut it short! -You Smooth Kid! -All right. What would you say... ...if you were given the chance... be free... ...reborn again... ...and start a new life? We'd say "Oh God!". I'd like to stay here, in this dungeon. Why? I haven't paid the price of my sins yet. You, Sifahi? I'd do anything to get out of the dungeon. Who wouldn't like his freedom and be a decent person, aside from Hafiz? We weren't born bandits! Look at me. We're in a war. A dirty war without any rules. A war that you wouldn't feel out of. If you stand shoulder to shoulder with us in this warm... earn your freedom back. Do you think that person who is held captive would talk? We couldn't make her say anything useful. How is it? It is fun, isn't it? Because while we hunt the soldiers that are chasing us down.... ...your brothers in arms.... ...your friends.... ...we take so much pleasure in it. When we catch them off guard... ...they make this strange sound! And when we stab them... ...they sound like chickens. But no sound gives me just as much pleasure as the puppy-like sound they make whilst begging for their lives. Are you getting angry? Don't. What did Davut Pasha tell you? Don't get angry. It's still in my ears. Enough! I wouldn't do it if I were you. She hasn't talked, has she? No, she hasn't. You can continue your games as long as you like. You can set any trap you like. Sooner or later you'll talk. Yes Celal, she didn't commit suicide when she should have. What happens if that girl named Farah, who has been captured alive, talks? That's impossible. Farah would never talk. Don't beat the wind. The knots on the driven pile cannot be untied. Where are the children? If you are not going to open your mouth... ...we will have to do it in a different way. Where are the children? There is nothing we can do about the incident that happened yesterday. It was Padre's own fault. Brothers. Our military service has been carrying out the orders of the Supreme Council perfectly for about four centuries. We need to elect a new Padre at the moment. I cannot think of a better person than Celal for this job. But for this decision to be made... ...we need to vote right after receiving Boris Zaharyas's approval. Mustafa, this is something that has never been tried before. She has to talk in order for us to reach the children. Sodium Pentothal is a poison. Too much of it will kill a human being. They are good with poisons. No problem. Padre. The elected person who will be working for the benefit... ...of the Supreme Council under me, who is in command of the Brotherhood. Celal kidnapped the Padishah's daughter Neslihan Sultan and on the same night he killed Cadi Giyaseddin. What a great achievement! But... ...on the other hand, there is the murder of Padre and the incident that caused one member of the Brotherhood to be captured alive. And that's a great failure for us. So great that we can't even imagine the consequences that will be brought about. And Celal tells us his captive sister would never talk. But how does he know that? Easy! Where are the children? Who are you? I am going to find them like I've found you. Where are the children? None of our brothers die in a war. The souls of our brothers never die! Where are the children? We raised you! Your mothers and fathers were slaughtered by the Ottoman soldiers. Let go of my daughter! Leave her! Leave! I want my mother! Who are you? Where are the children? Who are you? Leave her! Leave! I want my mother! Who are you? I don't know. I don't know. Yes, Celal. How can you be so sure that your sister won't talk? Or... ...if she does, what happens? Nothing. What the Brotherhood knows about the Supreme Council is no more than what the enemy knows about the Supreme Council. The Farah I know would never talk. Even if she does, there isn't a possibility that she knows anything about the Supreme Council. Farah. Does this Farah... If you allow me. Does this Farah know where Neslihan Sultan has been taken? She doesn't. -She doesn't? -Not even me. Nobody knows that. Upon the Supreme Master's command, the children are being relocated all the time. For safety. Leave me! Excellent! Supreme Master, you've thought of everything. I think Celal is perfectly suited for this duty. Get on your knees, Celal. Are you ready to follow our orders exactly as I say in order to achieve our supreme goals? I am ready. -To do anything you are asked? -I am ready. So... ...I am rescuing you from blindness. Our faces will be seen by your eyes only. From now on, you are the Padre who is the head of the Brotherhood. Stand up. Stop! What do you think you are doing? This girl is a specially trained person. She won't talk the other way. What is that? -Sodium. -What the hell is "sodium"? We can call it the elixir of truth. When the right amount is used, of course. Are you poisoning this girl? We can't get over her convictions any other way. You should understand. This girl is going to talk, Mustafa. No superstition is solid enough to be unbreakable. Take her to the doctor. Padre Celal, your new duty is to command our military service. Boris Zaharyas, if you have any suggestion to make to the Supreme Council, go ahead. I am grateful, Supreme Master. In my opinion, the Supreme Council should show the strength to finish the job it started given these circumstances. -That means? -That means, the Supreme Master as Padre Celal has just indicated, if the children are safe the unforeseen consequences of this operation compel the Brotherhood to carry out an inevitable duty and that is to kill Filinta Mustafa and to rescue Sister Farah. Or... ...if it is impossible, to exterminate her. Thus, the people who dare to underestimate the power of the Brotherhood will pay for this lesson with their lives. I would like to put this suggestion to vote. Stop! You can't enter! Miss Sureyya, you have to come with us. I approve of Boris Zaharyas's suggestion. The Brotherhood team will chase Mustafa and Ali and rescue their sister. She likes horses very much. When I saw her enthusiasm about the henna ceremony... She is just a kid. My Sultan? I thought; "Filinta Mustafa, Blade Ali the deceased Cadi Giyaseddin will be all present there. How much safer could it possibly get?" I was wrong. My Sultan, that was not your fault. Whatever happens within the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire is my responsibility. And even more so if the subject involves the kidnapping of my own daughter. This meeting will be kept strictly secret. That's why I had you brought here. Gentlemen, you cannot decide which methods should be applied off your own bat! You haven't made enough progress! Neither your experience nor your knowledge would be enough to solve this kind of complicated matter. Davut Pasha. You still think we are the officers from the hood, don't you? But you are wrong. You know nothing about us, but only prejudice! You think nobody can never know what you know, don't you? But we have observed this very well and you should also know. In the world of irregular warfare, nobody commits a crime just because it is a crime. Everybody has economical and social political purposes, right? The thing you should learn from us is that... ...regardless of what purpose the criminal commits, it is his personal style that gives himself away. That person may be a thief, a murderer, or a spy! We're all human after all. The only thing that gives us away is our humanity, isn't it? What you don't get is our talent in understanding the individual characteristics of the crime. If you could just trust us, just a little bit, right? If you could trust us even a little bit. We will be able to work together and overcome the enemy. The people that are after us are very dangerous... ...trained, and talented. But they are not invincible. I am going to ask a great sacrifice from you. Your order is my command, my Sultan. I want you to support Boris to be the executive president of the bank. But nobody will know that I've asked this. As our Padishah commands. We're going through very hard times. May God protect our nation and state. Amen. Amen, Miss Sureyya. As long as patriots like you exist, this nation will strive with God's permission, and ride out the storm whenever they get into trouble. Boris is an enemy who we have all the information about. Let him feel safe. He shall idle around with the money he thinks he possesses. And we shall reveal our enemy that's hiding in the corner by watching him like a hawk. Ali is a lion-hearted young man. May God grant you a happy married life. You are right. Yes. I was prejudiced against you. I couldn't see that you had made so much progress that would otherwise have taken years for even our most talented intelligence officers to achieve. I didn't want to admit it even if I saw it. Cadi Giyaseddin was an enlightened person, a man of justice who was held up as an example. I thought his sons wouldn't keep up with this dirty war. But you should know that my intention was to protect you all the time. Alright. Make your team, Mustafa. You'll be the leader of this mission. I entrust you with full authority. Consider it done. We're ready. But remember... can learn a line from success and a book from failure. Just like I did. Together. We will succeed together by the help of your experience. Hey you! Take a look, dude! From now on, whenever I call you, you will stand before me, prim and proper. You may regard me as your commander from now on. Hafiz, pray for us, too, that we will come to our senses and perhaps we might redeem our sins and become clean again. It is easy to get rid of the dirt on your clothes. You wash them and it's gone. But the dirt on your heart will never go away without remorse and repentance. You are like a book. You talk so sweetly, like honey! Let me get a taste of that honey, Hafiz. Wow. Wrestling is my favourite sport. Would you teach me too, Hafiz? Be careful. The person who a repentant man hates the most is the one who reminds him of his past life. Things are so complicated, gentlemen. So complicated. As he has chosen us to fight... ...the subject is so complicated. Tomorrow's another day, Hafiz! -How is she? -She's still unconscious, Pasha. Inform me when she regains consciousness. Celal is late. Do you think the new Padre will be one of us, huh? So, what? Do you want to become the Padre? Who knows? Perhaps this friend will become the Padre. Oh, right! You ordered three cups of coffee, one black! Right? Let me fetch! They will bring them anyway but tell me, do you think you are fit for a Padre? Brother, leave me! Leave! Leave me! Oh my God! Now tell me what you want to tell. Destan! Celal told us to wait. He didn't tell us not to have fun. Brother, obviously you are a smart man. And well-built too. Yes, we can say that, right? Go on, let me listen. Would you accept if you were asked to be the commander of the strongest army in the world? What do you say? I never got the chance! But, I swear I'd do the best! Yes, of course you would! Well, he can't even tidy his bed when he wakes up! What a commander! Shush Ceyrek, manners! Don't humiliate me in front of my friends. Okay. Hang on. Black is yours. We used to be officers. When we look someone in the face, we can recognize who they are. Enjoy it. -Officers? -Yes, officers. But we've never caught a criminal. Once a criminal came to us himself, but we were unable to catch him. He ran away. Ceyrek, speak for yourself, dude! I caught lots of criminals myself. Come on. But you haven't drunk your coffee yet. You are so lucky. And your friends too. -Oh, well. -If they took a single sip, they would be addicted to our coffee. Never mind that. He saw the talent in me, dude. Yes, he did. Come on, take the empty cups, come on! All right! Gentlemen. We couldn't finish our conversation in the morning, sorry about that. Where were we? Oh, the sounds! The sounds your friends make while they are dying. Look at me! Leave her. We do something accidentally and if she dies... I guess we have overestimated the Ottoman Dynasty. Look, the old uncle who is in charge can stand before me with 10 people. Shut up or I'll kill you! You do not have the courage for that. You can only torture a woman whose hands are tied. How many people are you? The brothers go about in groups of seven. Where are the others at the moment? -They know how to hide well. -Of course, Celal. Or would you like me to call you Padre? It doesn't matter. Whatever you like. I think you would have understood how a respectable enemy like Filinta Mustafa was when the Padre died. Believe me, he wouldn't forgive a single mistake you make. You will get to know the Brotherhood better, Boris Zaharyas. With time. The time and the words shouldn't be wasted in vain. You can't take either of them back. Now, deal with the Sister Farah issue first. I will remind you how polite I am about the Farah issue time to time. I'll find you when it is necessary. You used to tell us not to trust people so easily, but Boris Zaharyas... You don't need to talk so indirectly, Alexander. You are asking me why I have chosen Boris instead of you, right? Excuse my forwardness, Supreme Master. Everything has a reason, Alexander Efendi. Everything does have a reason. And, Alexander Efendi... ...little monsters are eaten by the big monsters. Davut Pasha! How are you, aunt? Thank God. The children... Any news? We are doing the best we can, aunt. Let me bring your medicine, sister. We are on the trail. -Mustafa. -Say it, aunt. Giyaseddin used to trust you the most. If there is a person... ...who can go and bring my children back...'s you. I told you. Promise... ...I will find them and bring them back to you. Don't worry. Take care of yourself. Ethem Efendi, we will accept Boris Zaharyas to be the executive president of the bank. Madam? We will vote for Boris Zaharyas. -But, Miss Sureyya... -What? What did you say that you will? Excuse us for a minute. Do you know what that man named Boris has done to us, Sureyya? I know what Boris has done and that he is more capable than you. So why? Why are you supporting him? Why are you letting him have complete access to the bank, Sureyya? Look Ali, there are things that you don't know. -Tell me then, Sureyya! Tell me! -Are you telling me everything? What you do, what your duties are? Everything I do, I do for the benefit of my state and nation, Sureyya. As I said... ...there are things that I am in no position to explain! I want you to support Boris. But nobody will know that I've asked this. The money, isn't it? -It is all about the money! -You are going too far. Will Boris make you richer, huh? So be it, Sureyya. So be it. Ali!