Filinta Season 2 Episode 11 English subtitles

How is Aunt Ayse, Leyla? We've been coming here all the time. As you see, her temperature has dropped. It will be easier from now on. I hope so. Mustafa. If there is anything I can do... I know. Don't you worry. You're always with me. Boris Efendi. I have some important news. But it is a little bit complicated. A prisoner has escaped. While doing so, she caused havoc. The army is on full alert. What are you talking about? Farah. She is more talented than I expected. Good. Remember I told you that I'd have a very important assignment for you? It's time. -Chief. We have been looking for you. -What is it? Davut Pasha would like to see you as soon as possible. Let's go. Hamit Efendi. Hamit Efendi. Yes, ma'am. Hamit Efendi, I will first go to the kulliye, then to the herbalist. I have to buy medicinal ingredients. Do you think it is still open? -It is late. It is about to be nighttime. But you know better, Madam Doctor. If I hurry, I will make it in time before the inn closes. Okay, ma'am. The prisoner has escaped. She martyrized two of our sons. She is probably out of Dersaadet by now. God damn it. They always move in a group of seven, right? Yes. I am sure she will find her brothers. Our only chance is to bring her here before her brothers find her. How? There is a way. Who is that woman? Is she one of them? She looks like the woman in interrogation. Yes. But she is in prison. Look, she is drawing something on the door. The Brotherhood. They communicate with each other somehow, don't they? Correct, Mustafa. Mirror House, Uskuplu's house. It was full of codes. They mark the last place they have been. Yes, Mustafa. So... That woman marked the place we caught her... that her brothers could find. -Mansion. We are going to the mansion. -Hurry. -Garbis. -What is it? Put your hands in the air. -What? -Put your hands in the air. God. What is going on? I have news from Boris Zaharyas. For Padre. You are talking to him. Kneel down. You are dreaming. Tell me. What is the news? Before that... ...Boris Efendi has some conditions. I am late. I hope it is not closed. Asli Nur Hatun. Thank God, you are okay. Where have you been? Asli Nur. Asli Nur, are you okay? We are going to the hospital. -No, it is fine. I am fine, really, there is no need. That is not possible. I cannot leave you like this. Do not move. Boris Zaharyas has some wishes. From now on... ...we will come with you wherever you go. Has the Supreme Council approved you? Who? If the Supreme Council hasn't approved you... ...your lives mean nothing to us. Boris Zaharyas will learn our rules... learning his lesson. Farah has escaped. What are you doing? Help. Help! Somebody! -Sister, hold on. -Help! Who are you? Someone you would not want to know. Boris Efendi said that this news is very important for you. Idiot. You've cost me time. Ejder, Destan, come with me. -What are we going to do with them? -Take them as soldiers. Then meet us at the mansion. What does it mean to take as soldiers? There is something else that worries me before that. By "something else", you mean... It is as if he is hitting with a rock. -That is not a rock, brother. If it was a rock, you would not have been able to handle it. Remember I told you that I'd have a very important assignment for you? Oh, by the way... ...never hit them back. Yes, Boris Efendi. Come here, you rascals. Hold on. Come here. Turn around. These are way old. They are way past their devshirme time. It is the Supreme Council's order. This changes everything. Are you hungry? Like I have to ask. Of course you are hungry. I just want one thing from you, kids. You will do just... you are told. If you disobey my orders... ...not you but... of the other two with you... ...will die. Understood? Come on. Come on now. Now, go inside and eat something. They are sweet kids. Nothing. We found nothing. There must be something. There must surely be something. Mustafa. Son. Accepting defeat is a virtue, too. I am sending the officers under my command to Istanbul, gentlemen. It is here. What is this, brother? It is where our fugitive is. Abdullah, I swear Mustafa has started to scare me. What are you doing, Abdullah? In case someone comes after us... ...I'm cleaning it, so that they won't find these signs, brother. Why can't I think of stuff like this? Did you see that? Yes. I did. Who asked what it meant to be a soldier? Soldiers are fighters who do what we say. This potion you see here... ...took 20 years for the Brotherhood to develop. He asked the question. The poison running through your veins... ...will fill your heart in 24 hours. You don't have to take that long. Dying suddenly when you can die every day. The antidote of the poison is here. If you come and get the antidote every day, you will live. -And if we can't? -You will die. You don't say. We will really live from day to day after all then. So, nothing has changed. Same old... ...same old. Here's the old man. If you don't follow Padre's orders to the letter... Poison. We have to be very careful. Come old man, come. You have been watching me for a long time. Speak. This place is not safe for you, girl. We have been watching you so that you will not be harmed. The stars are beautiful, aren't they? Are you okay... ...sister? I have not been okay for such a long time. You should go, come on. My brothers will be here any moment. It will not be good for you if they see you. As you wish, dear. What is it? Are we leaving? If I have learned something through my years in life... ...that is... sense the danger in advance. We have no business here tonight. Mind yourself and listen to what the old man says. You will live longer. The meeting of two triangles. That is a bridge. But which bridge? There is a cross under one of the bridges. That means it is a place in Istanbul where the Christians are the majority. Pera. The crescent above the other triangle is a place where Muslims are the majority. Fatih. The place where the two meet. We are going under the Galata Bridge. Move. Under the Galata Bridge. Ali. To the horses. I thought you would never come. If I were you, I would not do that. Don't do it. Don't do something wrong... ...or I will not care about the information we will get from you... ...and shoot you on the forehead. Celal, what are we going to do? There is nothing we can do. They are high in numbers. They will see what we are going to do. Abdullah. I made this especially for you. Easy. Easy. Farah! Follow them! Don't do anything wrong! Devil! Come on! You devils! Who are you? Kidnapping innocent children... ...burning women... ...killing an esteemed man like Cadi Giyaseddin. Who are you? What is your goal? -Davut Pasha. -You stay away! Those men you killed... ...were my officers. They were my sons. I trained all of them personally. We learned to fight like this from you. I was just a little kid and you slaughtered my whole family. You will pay for all the things you did... ...throughout the history. Davut Pasha. You know better than me. Taking this woman's life in exchange for our martyrs' lives... ...will not calm your desire for vengeance. But... ...with the information we will get from this brain-washed woman... ...we can wipe out all of those devils. Kill me. If you are man enough Davut Pasha... ...kill me right here, right now. Pasha. Kill me! Pasha. You will not shoot her, right? -Kill me! -Enough! Take her out of my sight. Stop. It's such a lovely night... ...isn't it, Sureyya? There is something we need to take care of. Since you wanted... meet me alone... a night and place like this... must be important. You brutes! You are using kids as shields. Let the kids go... ...and face us like men! So, you are the snake that I will crush the head of... exchange for Giyaseddin Father. So, you are the one... ...that killed Padre and took Farah prisoner. Filinta Mustafa. Good. You know my name. Not only your name... ...we know everything about you. But there is something you haven't learned. You can never defeat us. What are you doing, Mustafa? Mustafa. I am so glad that you are not afraid of me anymore. I was never afraid of you. I was just cautious about what you might do. That's it. That is what matters. Caution. Let me give you a secret. A lot of people worked for me throughout the years... ...but none of them realized that difference. Because courage just gets you on the road... ...but the only thing that protects you from the traps on that road is caution. You and your fancy words Boris Zaharyas. Trust me, those words make you neither better nor smarter. Really? We are going to put an end to some things here. You are very cautious. Since you lower your gun against me... are either retarded... ...or you really are crazy. Stop talking nonsense. With all the kids you've kidnapped, your intention is not fighting. You would, if you wanted to. Those weasels are plain cowards. Look at them, hiding behind little children. This is their way of fighting, Ali. It doesn't matter to them whether they are women or children. You have a plan on your mind... case you fail to rescue Farah. What is it? Nice. Yes. I have an offer for you. You either accept my offer... ...or starting with the children here... ...we will all die, one by one. Don't do something crazy and make me kill you. I was so sure that I would destroy you when I came back to Istanbul. I must have been blinded by revenge. I have never considered you my equal. Don't. I can kill you whenever I want. But it's not about killing. This war has started to harm me. So? So, Boris Zaharyas... ...I have decided to support you on the bank matter. I will vote in favor of you to become the sole authority. Come on now, what do you want in exchange? Ali and Mustafa. They will live. Love. Right? Love. Makes people do a lot of things. I don't know why they have a target on their backs but... ...their enemy is very sneaky. Ali and Mustafa will not be able to resist. Few people have seen Padre's face so far, Mustafa. They are... What are they, Mustafa? You killed our Padre, who raised us and made us warriors. You took our sister, one of the best warriors Farah, prisoner. Shut up. Ponytail. What is your offer? I have something that belongs to you. And you have something I want. In exchange for Cadi Giyaseddin and Padishah's children... want Farah. -That is right. Let's put the personal vengeance on hold for a while. After we get what we want... ...this war will resume. I accept. You've seen my face. Memorize my name as well, Mustafa. My name is Celal. Okay, Ponytail. I guess they call you the new Padre, huh? Well done. Celal! You killed my father. I swear, I will be the death of you. I don't think you will have that chance. Stop. Mustafa, the children. He is done with the children. And I... ...if there is an enemy like that, will do... best for you. That is what I wanted to hear. After all... ...our secrets bring us closer. My Lara. The true owner of my conscience, my daughter... so far away. She is my daughter. The only power that can appall me. As you know... ...we don't want our enemies to hurt our loved ones. Leave her out of this. Nobody... ...nobody will be... ...left out of this. Sentimentalism is weakness, Sureyya. You will come to understand that. Celal! We won't exchange the children with Farah, will we? What needs to be done, will be done. -He will tell the place and time. -Well done. You were so brave. Ma'am, did he realize anything? I told him what's necessary. We'll see if he understood what I implied. We are here just as you ordered, Boris Efendi. What happened? You were not welcomed, were you? My bad, I should not have sent you there by yourselves. But we delivered your message. Undoubtedly. Undoubtedly, you did. Now go and see a doctor immediately. They beat us bad, man. Does it hurt? Come on. -What are you talking about Mustafa? -You heard me. They will give the children in exchange for Farah. -This is a trap! -Of course. Our primary duty is to save... ...Sultan Neslihan's and Cadi Giyaseddin's children. Where will the exchange be? They will inform us on that, Davut Pasha. We should be very careful. Very careful. Mustafa, will we have any opportunities in this? If you are talking about capturing them all... ...that is not easy. You never know what they will do. But if we have an opportunity we should use it. You are right. I have to inform the Padishah about this. There is something else. -What is it? -Farah. She should be under our watch. Why? You saw how she easily escaped... ...from the place you most trusted and know best. She is the only leverage we have. That is why she should be under our watch. Alright. Where will you take her? Somewhere nobody will find her. So it is true what they say. Istanbul is full of tunnels beneath it.