Filinta Season 2 Episode 12 English subtitles

We would have felt it, wouldn't we? Felt what, woman? If something had happened to our daughter... ...we would have felt it, wouldn't we? Yes. It’s just like they say, "a mother knows." Let's hope that God will bless us and them. The apple of my eye. I hope that... ...God never tests a mother's heart... ...with such kind of pain. Amen. Is she cold now? She can't handle the cold. I wonder if they will keep her covered with something. I wonder if she is hungry. I wonder if fear is keeping her awake at night. Who will hold our daughter’s hand when she trembles in fear? Who will console her? Who will hug her? Hopefully, we will find our children. Don't you worry. Hopefully, we will find them. You haven't touched your food. I guess you aren’t going to eat it. Fine. I won't make you eat. You will eat sooner or later, when you feel hungry. My father, the Shah, will find us. He will make you all pay for what you did, one by one. My innocent girl. If they find you... ...there are many others... ...who will make me pay before your father, the Shah. Besides... haven't seen... ...what I can do yet. Did you take oud lessons at the palace Sultan Neslihan? Like I even have to ask. Of course, all the daughters of the Padishah... ...have to take music lessons, right? Give the oud to Sultan Neslihan. Let her play us some palace music. Never. Look at you. You’re disobeying my orders, aren’t you? Because of your... ...unnecessary obstinacy... innocent person will die. Stop. Stop. Will you obey me? Yes, don't kill her. Okay. From now on, if you disobey my orders, she... You are ruthless, cruel, and a murderer. Play. Do you think this mortal... ...will leave this world without you? Unless God wants it... ...even a leaf doesn't move. In the middle of my heart... ...your love burns. May God let you be with us. -Father is here. -Hooray. Come here, come. Sister? You heart will take you to the loved one. Your soul will carry you to the loved one. Don't lose yourself in your pain. Maybe your suffering now... ...will one day be your remedy. My husband used to say that. I have brought some medicine for your pain. Compared to the pain in my heart... ...the pain in my body is nothing. Sister, I have a feeling. You will unite with your children. -What if I can't? -What are you talking about, sister? Heaven forbid. What am I saying? Heaven forbid, yes. You know what, Leyla? I haven't been away from them even for a day since they were born. Now I'm missing them so much. Of course you are. The pain is not in my back. It's in here. I'm running out of breath. There is a lump in my throat. I feel suffocated. I don't have my children, his legacy anymore. God, give me patience. Show some mercy to your miserable servant. Sister. Mustafa will find and bring your children. Happiness is so close. My Sultan. Davut Pasha is here with some information about your daughter. God, please. Send him in immediately. Aren't you afraid that I'll run? I'm so afraid, you don't even know. That is hard to do. First of all, he lives close by. Second of all, these tunnels are like labyrinths. You can't get out of there unless you know the way. Besides, there is a guard at every door we passed. Try if you want to. You will be signing your own death warrant. So you've brought me somewhere no one knows. What are you planning? Do you think I will talk? No. I will give you back to your beloved brother Celal. This exchange will be made, Pasha. My Sultan, if you allow me... They will determine the conditions of this exchange. This makes our job harder. Pasha. The hope of the person who sets the trap... ...equates to the intelligence of the person who falls into the trap. Mustafa made the right decision. We have the smarts to deal with this danger. But the only bridge that can take us to them can be demolished. We have to take into consideration... ...that they can take out only leverage and vanish into thin air, my Sultan. Faith, Davut Pasha. Faith. They cheated. God didn't let their tricks and plans succeed. "Without a doubt, God is the best of planners." We might have never known about the woman they sent to infiltrate. God didn't let them have their way... ...and we caught the woman. Moreover, we will be able to use her as a leverage... get our children back safe and sound. We should consider this a gift from God... ...and organize the operation accordingly. As our Padishah commands. We understand them better with every step we take, Pasha. Filinta Mustafa, Knife Ali and yourself. You will cut the Gordian knot. If this is a trap... ...take your measures accordingly. If not, come back with good news. Whoever tries to trick this country... ...will face retaliation, Pasha. You can feed yourself a little with this. Whatever it is that you did... ...we never treat our prisoners poorly. I've heard that. You only give poison and try to make them talk. Well, what do you do? -For them to have a quick death... -Abdullah. Let's go. Okay. Abdullah. Thank you. Azrael. You are on a death tour tonight again. How? Exchange? What is going on in Istanbul? A very important prisoner has escaped today, Boris Efendi. -So? -So... ...Filinta Mustafa managed to catch the prisoner in a very short time. He and his skills. Nobody can escape him. -We learned the girl's name as well. -Farah. But how can you... Esat Pasha. Do you still feel surprised over something... ...that happens in my turf? What is Filinta Mustafa's connection with this girl? No, no. Even my power has its limits. It’s not like I am the Minister of Internal Affairs, how should I know? But... ...after the death of Cadi Giyaseddin... ...that man, who is not even an officer... ...has no validity I think. I am surprised. Why? Both to your reaction when you heard the news... ...and your thoughts about Filinta Mustafa. Esat Pasha. You really have no idea... ...about what is going on around you. Do you? I advise you to open your eyes, my dear friend... ...otherwise it is only a matter of time... ...before you will be replaced by someone else. Esat Pasha. During your tenure in office... ...your achievements has made us proud. We would like to see you in better places. Boris Efendi, you do not have to worry about my position. Our Sultan, may God give him a long life,... ...talks about his trust in me all the time. Well... Wait a minute. Let me understand this. Cadi Giyaseddin is murdered. Padishah's daughter has been kidnapped. And the Padishah told you that he trusts you fully? Exactly. Now that is what I call news. My dear friend, please, forgive me. I had the wrong idea about you. That means that the Padishah is thinking about promoting you. Esat Pasha. You are a valuable person... ...who nobody wants to give up on. We have a lot of business to do with you. Done? I would have liked to see Zozan's face when he got the telegram. Zozan will do what needs to be done. What did you say? You heard me. We are setting out with the children tonight. Give me that telegram, let me see it. You know the rules better than me, Mother. You just carry out the orders. I raised you well. I really am proud of you. You shouldn't delay the orders. I will prepare the children. -One more thing. You are coming with us as well. I guess I have more to see. Orders. Help! Help! Let her go! Don't you see? Her hand is bleeding. Let go! Let go. -Let her go. Never. These kids will never be injured again. You will keep them in sight at all times. Berfu. Take the kid and tend to her wound. Easy! Easy. They are our benefactors. Thank you. Don't be afraid. Sultan Neslihan. I see you watch over and protect the younger ones. Where are you taking us? To your father, the Shah... ...beautiful girl. To your father, the Shah. He has missed you so much. Father. Why didn't we... Question who the woman was, right? Yes. You never know. Maybe she was going to turn the port upside down. Besides, that woman looked suspicious. What I don't understand is... could a woman trust herself so much that she stood up to us? That woman... ...obviously has a devil she relies on. This place is not safe for you, girl. Are you okay? My brothers will be here any moment. It will not be good for you if they see you. As you wish, dear. What is it? Are we leaving? If I have learned something through my years in life... ...that is... sense the danger in advance. Mind yourself and listen to what the old man says. You will live longer. There was no need to... ...cause disconcert in the middle of the night. We will learn what that is all about soon. You know what they say. "Don't look at the devil, and don't pray." You see, son... should not attempt something you won't be able to overcome. I will take Farah in public. What? I will take her to Aunt Ayse. Are you sure? I'm not. Mustafa, Aunt Ayse is in so much pain. Taking this woman to face her... ...will cause her much more pain, don't you think, brother? Everybody has a conscience, Ali. If it doesn't come out when she looks at a mother in pain... ...then that means it will never come out. Then good luck, brother. I have a lot to do. Good luck to you, too. I'll meet you at the headquarters. Alright, brother. Come in. Yes, Riza? We have not heard anything yet, Mr. Minister. Boris doesn't back down easily, Riza. I am sure he is up to something unbeknownst to us. He hasn't been to the Orient Club lately, either. Yes, Mr. Minister. I don’t care how you do it, just make sure you find out where he is going. Mr. Minister, maybe he really is not doing anything. You don't know Boris. Didn't you see how he treated me last night? The mighty Esat Pasha. The man, who is about to be grand vizier. Boris Zaharyas is power hungry, Riza. We will find out who is in the centre of that power. Yes, Mr. Minister. You may leave. Riza. Yes, Mr. Minister. Are you hungry? Fine. Go downstairs, the maids will prepare food for you. Thank you, Pasha. He thinks he can sit at the same table with the Minister of Internal Affairs. Good. You have an appetite. You didn't even leave the crumbs. Didn't they feed you well when you were little? I was never little. There is was lot of bread that came with your meal... ...but you still ate the one that fell on the floor. We were destitute. That's not because of destitution. You know the value of food. Like all the orphans. Yes. You are an orphan, a foundling. Just like me. And you figured that out from a slice of bread and the crumbs. I didn't figure it out. You showed me. Yes, one who knows to look, sees. You separate those innocent children from their families... ...and leave them orphans. Shame on you. You are conscientious. Aren't you? No. The children will come with us. No. You are conscientious. How do you explain it to yourself? We are tied to each other with the same sibling bond now. They will serve something so big that you can't even fathom. Which is? So you decided to make an exchange... ...and didn't tell us about it. Supreme Master. In the book of the Brotherhood... -In the book... is advised to take initiatives like that. Are you lecturing me about the book of the Brotherhood? Forgive my audacity, Supreme Master. What you did is by the book, yes. We have done many examples like that before. Well, what is our gain from this exchange, Celal? Supreme Master. By killing Giyaseddin, we have achieved our strategic objective. We showed our power. We taught a lesson to the ones underestimating us. Now, with the help of this exchange... ...both Farah will be rescued... ...and your order will be carried out. Mustafa and Ali will die. The plan sounds okay. Boris Zaharyas. What are you trying to say by pounding your hand on the table? I have not finished talking. For years... ...nobody has said anything that opposes the Supreme Master. What will those children serve for? These are things you cannot understand. Maybe I can. Try me. You won't regret trying. We live in different worlds. What kind of a world is that? A world that we control and where you dwarves serve us. Dwarves, huh? If you rule the world... ...don't you think that your so-called brothers... ...should have come to your rescue by now? Don't worry. My brothers are good at following my tracks. Boris Zaharyas. You are in dangerous waters. Forgive me, Supreme Master. I do not mean to disrespect you, never. I know that this will be the end of me. Yes, that will be the end of you. I have no doubt about that. Do not sit down, Brother Zaharyas. Speak. As the member responsible for the Brotherhood and Padre... ...I thought that my right to express my opinion was reserved... the book of Brotherhood before the Brotherhood's operations. If I am wrong, Supreme Master... ...please forgive me and correct me. Proceed. I am much obliged. Now, if you allow me, I have a few questions for Celal. Where are the Brothers now? At a mission I assigned to them. What kind of a mission is that, Celal? It is a surveillance assignment. About spreading the greatness of the Supreme Council. Are we going to take action? Soon. Do you think we are going to succeed? Just joking. It was a joke. We are the Brotherhood. You fool. Come on. Where? You are too valuable for me to take you out of my sight. Get up. You really know how to talk to a woman. If you do something sneaky... ...I will break your neck. You really know how to talk to a woman. But we have a little problem. What? You have a lovely dungeon here... ...but it doesn't meet all the needs of a lady. That thing. That thing. Supreme Master, like you said... ...every second that passes, Padishah, Mustafa and Ali... ...tightens the circle around us. -Boris Zaharyas. Nobody can tighten the circle around the Supreme Council. Of course. Of course, Supreme Master. But despite that... ...Mustafa and his team inflicted heavy blows on us lately. Supreme Master. If you allow this exchange... ...Mustafa will pay for what he did to us very soon. I wonder. No one can escape from us, Boris Efendi. And they should not. Supreme Master, I think that the responsibility of this exchange... ...too big and dangerous for me to handle by myself. I would like to say here... ...that I can support this plan... ...only if the Supreme Council has the responsibility. To be honest... ...I do not want to end up like poor Stefan. And of course, Your Grace,... ...despite all of this, the success of this plan... ...will be an indicator of your power to us. Boris Zaharyas. Do not be afraid. Nothing we talk... ...and decide together here... ...can be attributed to one person. If you are going to be afraid,... ...then you should be afraid of... ...the possibility to fail at the responsibilities you have taken on. You know best, Supreme Master. The operation... ...has been approved. Celal. Yes, Supreme Master! You will make the initiative you took... ...a lesson for the enemy. We don't want failure. Translation: Orhan Cevher