Filinta Season 2 Episode 13 English subtitles

So, those are the elite teachers that trained Mustafa and Ali, huh? We’re leaving. -Is that it? -Move. Anyway. We will see them soon. Are we really going to Istanbul? Don't believe me if you don't want to. But if you behave... will be united with your families tonight. They have realized that Mustafa will find us. Ali, too. I know neither Mustafa nor Ali. Either way, we have orders to take you. Still, you will not be able to escape the wrath of Father Shah. If you want to unite with your Father Shah... will be quiet. Well done, my beautiful girl. God. Please help us succeed in the exchange. Maruf. We have kept an eye on them like you ordered. They are at home. Good. Today will be an unforgettable day for Istanbul. Where are we going? Where are you taking me? If you continue to act like this, then you will be going to hell, instead. Do you understand? Don't worry. You will unite with your brother. That is if Celal doesn't try to set up an ambush. Move. Who are they? As far as we know... ...they have a supranational structure. This is all the information our intelligence gave us so far. They are uneasy, too. Of course, on the other hand... ...they are still investigating Boris' connection with the organization. If he pretends to be our ally... ...and then tries to backstab us... ...I will make him pay. Boris Zaharyas. That man covers up his tracks really well. There is nothing he won't do for power and dominance. I received your message, Chief. Welcome, Gazanfer. Go ahead. Tell her... ...why you kidnapped those children... ...and how you murdered their father. Tell her how you abandoned them and left them for dead. Come closer. Do not do anything wrong. Come here. The children. Are they okay? Are they alive? Lean over, answer her. Children are assets. You do not kill them. That is about it. I find that enough as well. If they are alive... ...Mustafa will find them. Mustafa. Yes, Aunty. I know that you wouldn't have brought her here, if that wasn't the last resort. You gave me the world with this news. Now... ...get this woman out of my sight. In the name of God. I am so tired of eating eggs. Don't be surprised if I hatch my own eggs soon. You will get married and save yourself soon. But me? I will keep on eating eggs. -Did you hear the good news? -I did. I felt so relieved. They are not invincible after all. That is a big achievement. God help them. I made the offer to Davut Pasha. What did he say? He said, "There a lot of men to fight. You mind your own business. Keep on training students." Pasha is right. Think about it, brother. If Ali was here, the eggs would have been finished by now. Yeah, you are right. Mustafa likes them, too. Ali, welcome. Ali! Ali! Please, do not make me yell. Well, don’t yell then, Sureyya. See? The other side of my face is here as well. Hit me and knock my teeth out. I was unfair to you, I'm sorry. Sureyya. Whatever you do... ...never bow down that beautiful head of yours. Never. Ali. There are things you don't know, that I cannot explain. You are my everything. I will not do anything... ...for the benefit of neither Boris nor other devils. Trust me. You are right about trust, Sureyya... ...but I was a fool. But you hit me so hard... ...that the ground swept under me. I thought my chin fell off, Sureyya. You made me so angry that I started seeing red. I could not control myself. It was supposed to be our best day. Do not think about any of that. We will overcome all of those things. We will leave the bad days behind us, Sureyya. We will be so... Yildirim Hodja. You are a fortunate man. Because I faced off those devils and survived? You faced them off and beat one of them. That is a big honor. I hope God lets me have that honor, too. Hodja. Those devils should be away from us and from the world. What is going on? Clear the way! Mustafa, welcome. I am not late, am I? May I write, Hodja? Do you understand what it says there, girl? "Once you say the name of God with love... will be... You will be free of your sins, like the leaves falling off in autumn." "Once you say the name of God with love... ...the sins will fall off, like the leaves in autumn." God says... ..."Oh my servants who have sinned against their souls... ...despair not of the mercy of God. Surely, God forgives all sins. Verily, He is most forgiving, ever merciful." Because until the bitter end... ...the doors to repentance is always open. I hope God puts us with the ones He has shown mercy. Amen. It's not my habit to come where I am not invited... ...but since everybody is here... ...I wanted to join and share your happiness. Take this woman to the dungeon immediately. It is not like I asked to come here! They trained the best Ottoman fighters and warriors. They trained Ali and Mustafa, too. -Do not underestimate them, Maruf. -Celal, we can... It is not Celal. It is Padre. I hope God makes you happy. Davut Pasha. Will you be my marriage witness? I will be honored. You didn't say it. Don't embarrass me. Come, Sureyya. You, the beautiful lady. You, the unexpected coincidence. When I see the beauty of your face... ...I fell in love with you at that very moment. My intention is... have a family with you, officially. If my words will assure and satisfy you... ...I would like to marry you. My beloved sir. I cannot describe my happiness. Since my heart beats with your love with every breath I take... ...I have no other desire than to spend the rest of my life with you. She is saying that to me, Abdullah. The past is the past. We should think about the future. I think... ...Leyla and you will look good together, you should know that. This is my will to you. If something happens to me... will not leave this man alone. What are you talking about? God forbid. Good God. God forbid, Hodja. Do whatever you need to... ...and even if I am not able to see it... will make sure this boy gets married. This is my will. God. Give us power, strength, faith and soul. Protects us from the manipulations of devil. Give us the will and the power to preserve our souls, God. God. Always give us... ...duties to serve our country and nation. Help us be aware of the devils... ...who are after setting traps... ...against our religion, our nation and our country. Give us full strength. Let us be victorious against the enemy, God. Bestow us... ...on this journey we have embarked on, with the highest position, martyrdom. Have you talked to Sureyya about the mahr? -I beg your pardon? -The mahr. -The mahr? -The mahr. Yusuf Efendi. Our boys are soldiers, who dedicated their lives to civil service. The amount of the payment is a known fact. Let us determine a reasonable amount... ...and not drag this any longer. Look at him. Ali doesn't get overwhelmed even when he fights the most despicable men. Now he is all blushed. Yusuf Efendi. We suddenly... ...decided to get married, so that the dark clouds would go away. Like Pasha said... ...if you determine something reasonable, we can afford that. Ethem Efendi. Discuss the mahr with Mrs. Sureyya. See if she has anything to say. Mrs. Sureyya... ...wants to save her husband-to-be from this embarrassment as soon as possible. So, she said that five five-pieced sets of gold would be enough. -What? -Five five-pieced sets of gold. That is nonsense. Forgive me, Yusuf Efendi. If she asks for this in order to save us the embarrassment... ...then we're toast, Mustafa. We're toast. See? She is coughing again. My heart is skipping a beat. Then, let's agree on one five-pieced set of gold. We don't have anything near a five-pieced set of gold. The only thing that the poor has is a small gold coin. Do not turn this into an auction, please. Go ahead and talk to Mrs. Sureyya. Ask if our final offer is reasonable. It is reasonable, sir. One piece of gold. We have reached a common ground. Is the mahr you have agreed upon... ...executory or due? You should decide that, too, right? I don't understand. Yusuf Efendi. We have not been able to attend the gatherings for a long time. We are unfamiliar with the jargon. I see, son. I will tell you in detail then. “Due” means when you pay it in advance. “Executory” means, God forbid, when you pay it in case of a separation. Yusuf Efendi, let ours be “due”. You know our occupation. Our future is uncertain. We had better pay it in advance. Mustafa. When did I ever deny you what I have? Here. Look around. We have some news for you to deliver to Mustafa. Understood. God accepted our prayers, Yildirim Hodja. With God's orders... ...and with the sunnah of our prophet, Muhammad... ...the benevolence of our elders... ...and before the witnesses... ...may God help you succeed and be happy. -Amen. -Amen. Sign it, brother. Come on. Congratulations. -Pasha. -Congratulations. Mustafa. Brother. Give your blessings. Prepare for the exchange. Leyla. Yes, Mustafa? You know what I have been through. You try to be happy despite everything. After the latest events, I realized that... ...happiness is not a destination. It's a journey, isn't it? It is. What I'm trying to say is... ...there are a lot of things in my life that I need to take care of. I have a hard life. But after the dark clouds over us go away... ...I, like everybody, would like to have a family. And I would like to do it with you. Mustafa, you... You, sir... Whenever you deem appropriate. The late Cadi Giyaseddin always wanted me to marry you. May he rest in peace. If you'll excuse me. Certainly. Do you see that, brother? They have already started gossiping. Did you think I was going to end up alone? My man, I hope you will get married. Mustafa. I give my blessings to you. Give your blessings to me as well. Crack as many as you can. He eats whatever you put in front of him. What am I supposed to do? I'm so hungry. I'm so hungry that I'm about to cry, Mustafa. The man is always hungry. There is nothing you can do, Mustafa. Hodja, can you crack a few of these, too? They broke their necks. They want to do a show of strength. I swear, I will show them what strength is. They left something for you inside. Place of exchange. They want Farah back. If they see even one officer, the exchange is off. -How? -Davut Pasha. If there is even one officer at the place of exchange... ...we will not be able to see the children again. Just me... ...Ali and Abdullah. -They want to corner us, Mustafa. -Let them try. Ali, go to the headquarters. Davut Pasha. If the exchange fails... ...make Istanbul unbearable for them. I am sorry, I scared you. Who are you? I am so rude. Please, let me introduce myself. Boris Zaharyas. What is it that you want? I need your help, Madam Doctor. I am sure you will find this strange, but... ...I need someone who knows poisons well. So, you have come to me. Actually, I used to have a friend. Poisons were his passion... ...but unfortunately, he is no longer with us. I am sure you will find this interesting. Please. -This is a poison prepared from henbane. -Yes. Do you think an antidote can be made for it? Could you do it? Why do you want an antidote for this? What time is it? Time is up. Do you feel the same? My arm is getting numb. This is it, then. They will come. Don't worry. Whether they come or not after we die... ...does not change a thing. What difference does it make? They make me mad when they come suddenly. Our apologies. We were busy. It is okay. A few minutes does not matter. Start your duty. So? So? Aren’t you going to inject us with the antidote? I think you got the wrong idea about being a soldier. First, you will do something for us... ...then we will do something for you. Tell me. What is your message from Boris? Okay. I have plenty of time. But you two don't have much time left.