Filinta Season 2 Episode 14 English subtitles

I am Celebi Riza. I am the aide-de-camp to the Minister of Internal Affairs. You may not know this, but Mr. Zaharyas is the president of our state bank. And unfortunately, according to what we hear... ...they will organize an attack on him with this poison. A possibility. Even if it is a possibility, the Ottoman Empire does not want to lose... ...a man like Boris Zaharyas. -I hope. That’s why we need the antidote. If the Ottoman Empire is at stake, the rest is not important. The Ottoman Empire is grateful to you. When can you prepare the antidote? I have just prepared the antidote. You are lucky. Is that so? -Please, wait. I will reproduce it. -Thank you. Yes. I'm waiting for you. Boris... ...met with Sureyya yesterday. They had a secret meeting. Good. he met with one of the partners of the bank, Mrs. Sureyya. Why? I don't know. I swear, I don't know. About what? You deserved it. Yesterday... addition... In addition? Esat Pasha came. They talked about Farah. What did they say? Farah escaped. Then she was captured. That’s it. Good. You will be useful. That’s it for today. Tomorrow, at the same time. Ejder. The antidote is ready. Here I have described the side effects and how you should use it. Is that so? Great. The Ottoman Empire is grateful to you. Madam Doctor, there is one more thing. This matter... -Should be confidential. Understood. Could you please tell me your name? Leyla. Mrs. Leyla. Thank you very much. Like the old days, huh Riza? Just like the old days. Esat Pasha doesn't appreciate you. You did a good job. Anytime, Boris Efendi. -Is everything ready? -As you requested. Everything is ready. I see. We need to get ready. Now, behave kids. We’ll wear these. Mustafa, come here. Lean over. Are they ready? Like well-behaved children. Are you going to leave me a widow on our wedding day? What’s that supposed to mean, Sureyya? Let me help you. If not now, when will we ever make use of all this money and power? Let me do what I can. This is a state matter, Sureyya. You should understand what I mean. She may be able to help us. Wait. I’ll be back soon. Will there be an exchange? If you behave, yes. Guards! My brave boys! Bekri Agha is bored of waiting. You may get angry, you may laugh. This mystic and paragon of beauty... ...will kill me here! Don't call me Bekri Agha anymore. Call me a poet, for I speak in syllabic meter. They are the dungeon roses. Prisoners and rats. Bekri Agha will take all the cash. Greetings. -Greetings to you, too. And greetings to you. Padishah's daughter has been kidnapped. You will fight with us... ...and we will look for Padishah's daughter. You may die for this cause... ...but as free men. Or you can wait to die here. It's your choice. If this succeeds... ...Padishah will pardon you. If you try to escape... ...I will find you before the officers do and I will kill you. I will do that. What is your answer? I miss the light outside. I accept. I couldn't ask for more. Let’s go then. Fine. Sifahi. Tonight. Here. Open the door. Stand up. You are going to meet Celal. You are here. Welcome. Come here. And you come too. Are you tired? Like they said, if you behave, this will all be over quickly. Be quiet and just do what we say, okay? You wanted to see us, Boris Efendi. What have I done to you? I let you betray me. What? It’s all written in the book. They have made you their soldiers. Right? They are using you as slaves. In order to gather information about me. Yes. If... ...there is a mistake here... ...that mistake... mine only. But there isn't a mistake here. There can... ...only be... Kneel. Kneel. Garbis. Cemil. I knew they would treat you like this when I sent you over there... ...but I couldn't tell you about my plan. But in time you will see that I was right. Now... ...they think you are soldiers. They will think that the news you deliver to them is real. And you will... ...deliver them... from me. News which is not true. But... ...most importantly..., the two of you... ...will infiltrate them. You will come to yourselves in the morning. Do you think we will be able to unite with our daughter, my Sultan? I hope so. I hope so. Isn't there anybody else besides Filinta Mustafa and Knife Ali? With God's help, they can defy the world. Celal! Let’s finish this. Weapons! Ali. Mustafa, what about them? Let that be our difference, huh? When you have soldiers, you are not taking a risk, Padre. Maruf. When you have soldiers, you do not take a risk, Padre. Okay. But be very careful. They have Farah. And we have them. I thought it was my turn. If something happens to you on your wedding day, Sureyya will kill me. -Yes. -Well, actually, it was my turn. Alright, Abdullah. Alright. Then it will be my turn next time. Okay. Move. Come on. Come on then, Mustafa. I wonder how you will survive this minefield. Gladden your heart, Sister Ayse. You’ll see, they will bring the children back safe and sound. I feel a big lump here. Don't say that, Sister. Besides, they wanted this exchange. Farah, in exchange for the children. I cannot believe it. That girl, Asli Nur... ...was actually a good, obedient girl. God bless you, Leyla. How can I ever repay you? Don't say that, Sister. Don't talk like that again or I will be unhappy with you. Do you think... ...the children will be rescued? Ali. This is our last chance. I hope we will succeed. I hope so, Abdullah. What are you doing? You won’t use it when Maruf is there, right? No. I will use it after Farah and Maruf come over here, safe and sound. Then the three of them will be blown up into little pieces. What is it? Is Celal not here? Padre does not deal with simple things like this. I thought Farah was important to him... ...but I guess I was wrong. Farah is important to all of us. Send Farah this way. Now. First, the kids. They’ve stopped. Do you think they noticed? First, the kids. God help us. First, Farah. They are our assets. Let’s do it all at the same time. So be it. You are going to Celal. Walk straight ahead. Come on kids. Walk straight ahead. Don't worry. You will be united with your family. When this is over... ...we will take care of the unfinished business, Mustafa. We never have unfinished business. Farah! Follow my voice. Kids, calm down. Keep walking straight ahead. Welcome, Farah. Yasmin! Now! Damn it. Bless you, Bekri. God bless you. You noticed what's going on at the last moment. Well done. You don't have to teach an ambusher how to ambush. -Destan. Kill them all. -With pleasure. Down! Sniper! We have not finished yet. Bekri. They put a bomb on the other side as well. They are cunning men. I did not notice. We’re fine. Relaxed. I see your hodja trained you well. I broke his neck just like that. Just like I will do to you. Mustafa! Maruf! Ali, stop. Stop, Ali. The kids are here. Please, stop. Stop, brother. Stop, don't go. Mustafa! I should have been there as well. But there was no way to convince that stubborn man! -It was impossible, ma'am. -Why? Mrs. Sureyya. They didn't go to make war, they went to make an exchange. We would have gone, too. But they set the rules of the exchange. That’s impossible, Ethem Efendi. Those devils, whose assurances you cannot trust... ...set the rules of the exchange and those naive people followed those rules. Mrs. Sureyya, they went there to save the children. I hope they save both the children and themselves. I hope so, ma'am. I hope so. Stop, don't go. Mustafa. Maruf! What are you doing? Maruf. Maruf took the risk, knowing what might happen to him. Come in. Any news, Pasha? Why didn't you send soldiers? If we had sent soldiers, those devils would have found out. We would have lost our chance- if we ever had one. Davut Pasha carried out my orders. Okay. Have the children been rescued? Are they safe? We don’t have any information about that yet, my Sultan. Mustafa will cut this Gordian knot. We are leaving. But... You couldn't finish the job. They figured out our game. They will corner us if we stay around any longer. It’s clear now. Next time, I will finish what I started. Move. They escaped. Kids. Father Shah? Where is Father Shah? Is that the children? Hooray. We will be pardoned. It's not that easy, Bekri. These are neither Cadi Giyaseddin's, nor Padishah's children. I had my doubts that the children they’d bring to the exchange would be them. How? I knew where we would start. We made our own plan so that we wouldn't be deceived. We had a chance to catch them and decided to use it. In case they weren't Padishah's daughter... ...and Cadi Giyaseddin Efendi's children... ...we would have rescued three innocent children. They are our children, too. But we couldn't risk losing Farah. The enemy is devious, you know. And we had to be cautious. So we involved Yasmin in the game. Don't worry. You have been rescued. You are safe here. We will give you a new home. You will be happy there. Okay? Abdullah. -Yes. Don't be afraid. You will be very happy. Take these kids to Yusuf Efendi. Okay. Let's go. Come on. Come. Don't do anything tricky. You can walk, right? Okay. Be careful. If you want, I can carry you, okay? Come on now. So? What about our pardon? Some other time, Bekri. You deceived us. Did you really think we were going to give you back to your families? You... You are liars. We are not the liars. Your hopes are the liars. Your empty hopes. Empty hopes deceive people. From now on... more mother and father, that's over. Forget them. You will forget your mothers and fathers. Come in. The children they found were not the right ones. -What are we doing? -What are we doing? What are we doing? We failed. We don't know if the Supreme Master will let us live or not. Farah is waiting for us out there somewhere. She is waiting for us to rescue her. What are we doing? You are the Padre. You should say what we are going to do. We will first try to stay alive tomorrow. If we can stay alive... ...we will save Farah. Farah. Where are you? This is your new room. You are a liar, too. I didn't... ...Mother lied to you. Don't worry. She lied to me a lot when I was your age, too. You will get used to it. You will all get used to it. Has something happened to the children? No. Nothing happened. What happened then? The children they brought to the exchange weren't ours. You tell her. You? Did you tell her? Yes, I did. Mustafa, she was suffering so much. I thought she would feel a little bit better. Okay. You have my complete trust, Mustafa. May God give you strength both mentally and physically. Amen.