Filinta Season 2 Episode 15 English subtitles

Well, you will stay here from now on. This is like a palace. -This is more than enough for you. -What is it? Did you take the net weight of my body? Calm down, Chubby. Former officer. You're talking too much. Hold your tongue. Otherwise, your mother will feel so sad. Leave my mother out of this. I'll pull you down and smash your bald head on the ground. Former thug. I'm shocked. I'm angry. I'm offended. You don't have a sense of humor at all. How will we be companions? How... ...will we be friends? Bekri. You don't make a friend, he doesn't make an enemy. Anyway, the kitchen is downstairs. If you need to eat or drink you will have to come down. Or you will let us know. Okay? Go on. Go on. Nobody will look for us in here. We are not running, mate. It's not justice we are running from, it's our enemies. Yeah, there is that. Good God. Go on. Go on, String Bean. Go on. Go on. What happened? Our spies are back. Farah. It is like she has vanished into thin air. We cannot find her. Things used to be so easy back in the day. Do you think Celal will be able to come back? What is that supposed to mean? You know what happened with more minor mistakes in the past. Celal knows what to do. They can't afford to change the Padre so soon. The Brotherhood hasn't disappointed us... ...this much in a long time. You are the best assassins in the world. Pride of the Supreme Council. You were destroyed by... ...two Ottoman officers. You have become the disgrace... ...of the century-old brotherhood. Davut Pasha. You have been following me for five kilometers. I was wondering when you would make an appearance. We would like you to come with us. Who are you? Your friend, Davut Pasha. Please. It is very important. If that is the case... ...let us go then. Giddy-up. Padre. What do we do? We learn from our mistakes, Supreme Master. But that was a necessary mistake. Exactly. Padre is absolutely right. Speak, Boris Efendi. Yes, Supreme Master. Like you always say... ...if you do not make mistakes, you cannot discover anything. The operation we carried out yesterday... ...showed us something very important. How strong we are against the Ottomans. With the brave plan we made... ...we found out that his daughter is very important for the Padishah. So much that, instead of sending an army to save his daughter... ...he accepted our conditions for the exchange... ...and did everything we asked for down to the last letter. An Ottoman Empire, that does everything we ask for... ...down to the last letter. An Ottoman Empire, whose bank is in our power. So, Supreme Master... ...with your permission for the operation... ...the Supreme Council has reached a level of power... had never reached in its history. Even if the mistake is on your end, Supreme Master. Fair enough, Boris Zaharyas. Tolerating failure for success... due to the endless joy that power ensures, Efendi Boris. Don't forget that. Davut Pasha. I appreciate your accepting my invitation. Sir Henry, why the secrecy? Please. Come on now. You and I both know how important discretion is in our business. If I visited you in your office, which we know is just a front... ...everybody would know about that meeting. I wonder why. Because you are the shadow president of the Ottoman Intelligence. Sir Henry. Listen, I am just... -Davut Pasha. Please. Do not underestimate us. Your family raised viziers and generals... ...for the Ottoman Empire for centuries. Moreover, your grandfather lead the Ottoman troops... ...during the war with Russia back in the day. And lost that war. Who knows? Maybe that is why you have dedicated yourself to the Ottoman Empire. To erase that shame. You are stubborn. You were exiled from Istanbul four times. You spent ten years in Caucasus on horseback. Spies around the leading cities in Europe report to you. Mr. Ambassador. Cut to the chase. Tell me what you want. Davut Pasha. What I want from you... to bury... ...the Supreme Council in history, with the help of the Ottoman Empire. The Supreme Council? We noticed your achievements. Together, we can destroy that secret organization. They say, if you collaborate with the English... become the slave of the English. Davut Pasha. Do not underestimate our power. We had you come to us. We can do more than that if we want to. What are you doing? You impertinent man! What kind of service is this? But you are... I am sorry, Sir Henry. We Turks know nothing about valeting. Did you think you had me brought here, Mr. Ambassador? Look. You misunderstood. You crude man! You cunning man! How can you bring the pasha of the Ottoman Empire in Dersaadet to you? How dare you? Don't you think I'm aware of every breath you take? We know where you will go... ...when you are thinking of taking a step. If I came here... ...I came of my own will, you should know that. If that Supreme Council, that secret organization really exists... ...the English would like to destroy it for one reason only. And that is to replace them. What? Were you going to use us as a tool, huh? We clean up all this mess... ...and you will be the free-riders, is that it? Apparently, you do not accept our offer. Excuse me, gentlemen. Mr. Ambassador. Your men. They know the way to the embassy. Pour us some coffee, Mustafa. Ali, you can eat, son. I'm eating, Pasha. Waiter, can you pour me some sherbet brother? What is this? I prefer my friends to walk next to me, not behind me. You protected me in the Supreme Council today. Why? -Protected you? Why? You are so arrogant, Celal. So arrogant. You don't listen to anything I say. I told you, Mustafa and Ali are respected enemies but you didn't listen to me. You faced them with a foolish plan and you failed. Don't worry. Even I make mistakes. About why I saved you... Because I have faith that we can be more powerful together. But that faith is only valid, as long as you remember... ...that Boris Zaharyas is the one who saved you. Have no doubt about that. Do you know each other? Celal. If only you listened to me. Everything would be better. They call this the "Pasha's Sword", Efendi Alexander. Even if it doesn't get any light... suddenly realize that it has grown so much. It is so stout. It grows deep roots. It absorbs the water of all the plants around it... ...and dries them up slowly. That's why you shouldn't plant it around other plants. Otherwise, you'll suddenly see that... has overtaken the whole garden. Like Boris. Efendi Boris... making the best of the power we have given him. That makes him both dangerous... ...and the best man we can use. You just... ...have to know when to pull them out. So? It's time. Start preparing. Come on, get up. -Where? -Mother wants to see you. Why are you here? How long will you keep me here? I don't know that. If Celal hadn't played us... ...we wouldn't have been talking about this right now. It was foolish of you to think that Celal would give you the assets. Where are the children? I don't know. I wouldn't have told you if I did anyway. What did they do wrong? Leyla. What do you want? -The location of the kids. I told you, I don't know, Leyla. Davut Pasha's men, Mustafa's drugs couldn't make me talk. Do you think I will talk to you now? They are kids, Farah! Kids! What sin did they commit? Yes, they didn't commit any sins. I was a kid and I didn't have any sins, either. But the Ottoman army slaughtered my family before my eyes! How can you be so sure? What if the Ottomans didn't slaughter your family? What if you remember it wrong? -You are trying to mess with my mind. -No. Suppose that the Ottomans slaughtered your family. Will other children pay for that crime? The children aren't paying for it. They are taken good care of. Do you understand? They are taken good care of. Being a part of the Brotherhood will be a gift for them. Like it was for you? Look at you. I'm a warrior. The root of all crimes and evil is helplessness. That's why they all deserve mercy. Some crimes... ...and some criminals... ...don't deserve mercy. You refused the training again this morning. You lied to us. My dear. You will never ever leave here again. Get that into that beautiful head of yours. Mustafa will find us. Ali, too. Who are Mustafa and Ali? I always hear their names. Your trainers... There. Another child that refused the training. She came here this morning like the rest of you. But she is very stubborn. She is rebellious. She doesn't obey. She will stay in the dungeon. All alone, in the dark. Take her away. -Stop. But she is very rebellious. She is just a little girl. What are you? Are you her elder sister? Yes. In that case, you are responsible for Berfu. Take them. They will train today. Two small achievements made the English come closer to us. I wonder what problem do the English have... ...with that cunning Supreme Council. They obviously have a bone to pick. Those devils want to rule all nations. They would not have come to us if they were not helpless. They tried diplomacy. They will take tougher precautions now. Let them come, Davut Pasha. Let them come. What do you have in mind, Mustafa? Farah. She is very important to the Brotherhood. But why? Yes, brother. That's why they set that trap yesterday. Luckily, you took measures and hid Farah in advance. Are they okay? They will not be killed. The children are assets. First, the kids. First, Farah. They are our assets. They call the children "assets." Why would a child be an asset for them? Ali, are you okay? I'm okay. Ali, you are shaking. I'm fine. I just have a stomach ache. You have a high fever. I have a stomach ache. Yes. Of course, the children are assets for them. What do you mean, Mustafa? Those guys kidnapped the children of Karahanoglu Adnan. Why? Leave my kids alone, please. Leave them. Leave them alone, please. Don't hurt them. Tell Karahanoglu Adnan Bey... ...that if he wants to see his children again he will do as we say. Children are assets for them, because... Because through them, they take hold of the most valuable things. How can I act as a middleman for the Padishah in Kirkuk... ...for English companies? The kids are alive and well. If you want to have them back safe and sound... How can I betray the Padishah? They want me to side with the British. Yes. Kids are surely assets for them. Through them, they take hold of the most valuable things. The powerful people that will do anything the Supreme Council asks them to, too. That is exactly our starting point. Abdullah. Make a list of the children that were kidnapped in the last 20 years. Just the powerful people. Alright, My Pasha. Add the ones that were reported as dead. Okay. Open the door. Call a doctor. Help us, open the door. Help us. What's going on? He is sick. If something happens to my brother... Nothing will happen. I will check him. Move aside, dear. Let me see. Zozan. Let us come, too. Listen. If you want him to get better, get treatment... ...if you want him to be well... will eat... will not miss the training... ...and you will obey. Understood? God. You called my beloved husband to be with you... least give me back my kids. Please, allow me to see them safe and sound. Please, accept my prayers. My poor little boy. Drink this. Drink it. You will be fine. Drink it. Go on, finish it. You will be fine. You will be fine. Drink it. Okay. Come on. Well done to you. Come on now. Come on, lie down. Hold on... Come on. -Where is my brother? I want Mustafa. It will pass. Lie down. He will come. He is in training now. Once the training finishes, he will come. Hold the sword tight. You will hit harder. Like this. Thhis is it. Are you sure? Where are we going to find him? -Do not worry. We know somebody who knows Istanbul well. Mrs. Sureyya. The bank is calling you for an emergency meeting in an hour, ma'am. Just like I guessed. Boris is gathering the managing directors together. Why is he doing that? He knows that we will vote for him. He will influence the other members by using me... ...and have himself elected as the bank manager. You see, Ethem Efendi. ...if you attack first, victory will be yours. Are they anything like they say? The Brothers, are they as skilled as they are said to be? Well... So they are. They are dangerous. They are like ghosts. You never know where they'll come from. Nice. Very nice. Think of what we can do with an army like that. Following you blindly, a magnificent army. You will infiltrate them, Cemil. You will infiltrate and learn what their strengths and weaknesses are. Don't worry, they won't suspect you. They think you are his soldier. You will tell them that I'm gathering the members today... become the bank president. But this is correct information. It is. If you want to gain someone's trust... should start by telling the truth. Welcome, Mr. Zaharyas. How can this be? Supreme Master. Forgive my surprise, what an honor. I hope nobody saw you. We know when and how to come out of the shadows, Efendi Boris. Of course. What can I do for you? What brings you here? You are acting really well, Efendi Boris. Acting? I respect your intelligence, Boris Emir Zaharyas. Especially when I think about where you come from... ...and who brought you into this position. I am trying to be worthy of your respect, Supreme Master. Trust me, you are doing it well. Memorize these names, Efendi Boris. These names are the ones we support and will become rich. The capital in the Ottoman Empire will pass into other hands. Supreme Master, these names... You will do what we want. Besides... will appear before the Padishah... ...and say that one of these names... ...wants to set up a weapons factory... ...with the help of the bank. I hope you have memorized these names Efendi Boris... ...because we will not accept failure about this matter. Okay. Send the goods. Yes, father. Greetings. Greetings to you, too. What is it, aghas? Let us talk about an old friend. Who? Have a seat. Mrs. Sureyya. This file came for you this morning. Ethem Efendi, wait here. Ruhi Pasha. Ruhi Pasha. What are you doing? You know what they say. Spoken words fly away, written words remain. Right? Now, if you'll excuse me. Will you excuse me? Ruhi Pasha. I was under his command. I was his sergeant. The Ottoman Empire has never seen a man like that... ...nor has it ever raised one. He would lead the soldiers to the frontlines... ...and would be the last to leave. He was a brave, courageous man. His soldiers would follow him to hell. So? Then what? Then... ...he was promoted to minister by the Palace. His downfall started then. What happened? We never totally understood. He loved his wife and kid. When he lost them... Did he lose them? His wife and kid were attacked. They died there at the scene. Guards? Them too, right? They leave no witnesses behind. How do you know? After that... ...Ruhi Pasha made huge mistakes as a minister. He could have prevented the riot in Damascus before it started. The riot broke out and he couldn't suppress it. Likewise, he didn't stop the Bulgarian Komitas. He argued that they would eventually obey the Ottomans. That smart, courageous man was gone... ...and instead came a coward, weak man. We never really understood what happened. Then he was discharged by the Palace. So he hit the bottle.