Filinta Season 2 Episode 16 English subtitles

Will he get better? It depends on his strength. We will see. He’s a survivor. It depends on what you do, of course. I can make him better as long as he hangs in there. If you know how to make him sick, you know how to make him better, too. What are you trying to say? Do you think I don't know what you did? Ruhi Pasha... ...lives like an insane person now. Where can we find him? These are Ruhi Pasha's medals. He sold them for liquor money. And I collected them one by one. Take these to him. Alright. There is something here, Davut Pasha. These are the documents you found at the Mirror House, right? These are all parts of a code. -A code? -Yes. Every number here stands for a letter. I mean, that is how they communicate. Like an alphabet. If we can decipher this... If we can figure out how they communicate, we can catch them. That's right. Their location, their hide-out... ...where they are hiding the children. Of course, this is just the beginning but there is hope. Can you decipher these codes? I may not be able to do that myself but I know who can. -Hurry up. -Yes, Pasha. Pasha. Davut Pasha. I mean, just a figure of speech. -Go ahead, Abdullah Efendi. -Okay, let me go then. Ali will be okay. I hope so, my Sultan. Trust me, Mustafa. Ali will be okay. Berfu, you should eat something. If you do not eat, how can I? Will you eat if we eat? I think this is kind of the place they say "God forbid" for Mustafa, huh? Who are you? We are looking for Ruhi Pasha. Nobody has called me that for a long time. Don't, old man. Don't do anything impulsively. Don't. Head Porter Hamdi Agha sent us. Sergeant Hamdi. He was a good soldier. Sergeant Hamdi. He was a good soldier. You. Are you his son? This is his son. I will cut to the chase, Pasha. If you allow me. Padishah's son has been kidnapped by a secret organization. The Brotherhood. Mother! Get out! Father, please help! You will do as we say. -Let go of my kid! -Please! Father! Mother! Help! Please! Let go of me! Mother! Father! -Padre. -What? Did you think you wouldn't see me? No. Our operation failed because of you. -What did I do? -You couldn't kill Mustafa. Mustafa escaped because of you. You tarnished the name of The Brotherhood. You, Maruf,... ...are not worthy of being with the Brothers at the gates of Heaven. You belong... ...with the Dwarves along with the demons of Hell. Do not do this to me. Do you think I will favour you because we grew up together? As long as you don't kill Mustafa... ...the doors of the Brotherhood are closed to you. I swear on the Brotherhood and its book... ...I will not come back until I kill Mustafa. Giddy-up. The Brotherhood? Pasha. Don't call me Pasha! Don't do this. It was a long time ago. You were an honourable, a good soldier. What happened after you became a minister, Pasha? I... ...wasn't a good soldier. I was weak. I was powerless. You are an honourable soldier... ...who was rewarded with these medals. Your child didn't die. He was kidnapped, wasn't he? In order not to leave any witnesses, only your guards were killed,... ...and there were no tracks left to find your child. How... you know all of this, huh? Because they always do the same thing, Pasha. Then what happened? The Brotherhood. The reflection of the Devil in this world. Because of my short-sighted decisions... ...a lot of innocent people died. Pasha. Then what happened? One day, they told me that they had my son. I didn't believe it. Until that man, Padre, showed me my son. They... ...wanted things from me. Like not suppressing the Damascus riot. Is that it? I don't know how it happened. It was like everything was set up. Thousands of people perished. The damage was done by the time soldiers came there. It was a quiet city. None of us would have thought that. Then the Balkans. People who were living in harmony for centuries... ...suddenly became enemies. They wanted me... help Bulgarian Komitas. So, I... ...send them ammunition. Words are not enough to describe... ...the atrocities done by the Komitas. After that... ...they neither showed me my child... ...nor informed me about my child’s whereabouts. When I was dismissed from the ministry... ...they were already finished with me. Didn't you ever go after them? Of course, of course I did. But they knew about everything I did. Just one thing. What? They... ...have a very well-protected lair in Istanbul. A school. Where they kidnap and hide the children. It's a crazy idea, isn't it? This idea has been eating at me inside for a long time,... ...but I haven't been able to find a clue. They not only kidnap the children,... ...but also train and brainwash them... ...only to unleash them to attack the Ottoman Empire. What happened to my brother? He will be fine, dear. He will be fine. Look at that. My children's hands have become sore because of training so much,... ...and you don't even provide them with ointment. Unacceptable. I don't want it. I want to see my brother. So, you didn't leave Berfu alone during the training. We will be with Berfu wherever she goes. I think I can accept that. Okay. Mustafa? Would you like to see your brother? -Yes. Then we will read this book. After we finish this book,... will do whatever we say without any objections. Come on now. Just pretend to listen. So, they turn our children into devshirme,... and use them against us. My son. If he is still alive,... ...he is no longer your son. He is a masterly trained murderer. Thank you, Pasha. You still are an honourable man. Don't forget that. Celal. Why were we the chosen children? Why did they choose us? Don't you ever think about it? All those people we killed, the wars we picked. Farah. We, the chosen ones, are the fate of this world. Fate of this world? The world is so big. We are so small that we can't be its fate. Wherever you are... ...I will find you. I support Boris Zaharyas to be the president of the bank. I vote for Boris Zaharyas. I'm honoured. Esteemed members. I can assure you that I will do my best to be worthy of this duty,... ...and will not disappoint you. Now... We have no doubt about that. Yes. Now, without further ado,... ...I would like to share with you that... ...the first thing our bank will do is to create a defence industry... So, will we build weapons factories... ...with the bank's money? Our people can only prosper with a powerful state, Ms. Sureyya. Boris Zaharyas. This bank has been set up for the prosperity of our people. First of all, we have to provide financial development,... ...prepare infrastructure,... schools, roads, and industrial facilities... Yes. It can all be done... ...but the priority is our military. Sure, the military is important. But that is not the priority. So, that is what you think. But, there is an entrepreneur that wants to build a weapons factory,... ...and wants to take out a loan from us. How much? 22 million. That is almost half of our capital. The Padishah will never allow that. Is that so? I will meet him tonight... ...and I assure you, Ms. Sureyya, I will tell him what you said... ...if I have the chance. Now, can I talk about the details if you will excuse me? Speak, Efendi Alexander. Using the bank's money for weapons factories... Won't that put us in a difficult situation? You don't understand, do you? If that money is used only for education and industry,... ...then the Ottoman Empire will become much more powerful. Instead, if the money is used for weapons,... will be much more convenient for us. At the same time, in the World War that we've prepared for the Dwarves,... ...which will take place 20-25 years from now,... ...the Ottoman Empire will respond to the alliance with those weapons. After that war,... ...the British, the French, the Germans, the Russians... ...and the Ottomans... ...will consume themselves. You should consider not only the immediate future,... ...but also the distant future, Efendi Alexander. Come in. Minister Efendi, here are the documents about the meeting. Let me see them. "The new president of the Ottoman Bank is Boris Zaharyas." We have good days ahead of us, Riza. Minister Efendi, there is one little note as well. What is it? From what I hear, Boris Zaharyas wants to set up weapons factories... the Ottoman Empire and will appear before the Padishah today... order to get permission. Riza. I doubt your intelligence when you say the first thing you have to say the last. That explains why the Padishah asked us all to appear before him today. We have to be very careful, so that nothing goes wrong. If you hear anything... -Don't worry, Pasha. Good. Are we going to Celal? The day we drugged you,... ...I asked you who you were and you told me that you didn't know. You really didn't know, did you? What are you talking about? You weren't chosen specifically for the Brotherhood. We are so bright and high in numbers like the stars in the sky, Mustafa. Only the chosen ones can join the Brotherhood. You were not chosen specifically. Your brothers weren't, either. You were kidnapped from your families and turned into devshirme. You were brainwashed and trained as murderers. What do you think happens to those children you kidnap? They are assets. They are the chosen ones, they will further our cause. Then, why all the children you kidnap are the children of powerful individuals, huh? You are so ignorant. The children are chosen according to the Book of Brotherhood. You remember. Remember what? Your days before you were Farah. I always see the same woman. She loves me, she hugs me, kisses me. Then some people forcefully pull us apart. Let go of my child! Why were we the chosen children? You remember. You remember. Otherwise, you wouldn't have attempted to protect those women and children... ...on the day of the raid. No witnesses should be left behind. You remember your mother, your father, the love they gave you. That's why you told Aunt Ayse that the children were alive. You wouldn't have done that otherwise. Now, I'm going to your school in Istanbul. To save the lives of those innocent children. Don't you have anything you want to say? Your things are ready, but it's not right for you to go home like this. Sister, I think we should talk to Yusuf Efendi... ...and arrange a room for you in the kulliye. That's what we thought. That is if Ayse Hatun accepts it. -I would not want to bother you. -Ayse Hatun. You are Cadi Giyaseddin Hatemi's... ...that holy man's legacy. We will never leave you alone. First, get well soon. As soon as little Mustafa and Ali are found... ...I will help you move in to your mansion personally, I promise. If you think that is appropriate... Besides, children in the Kulliye love you. We always need a good tutor. Son. Take Ayse Hatun's belongings to the Kulliye. Yes, Yusuf Efendi. Right away. Her room is ready there. May God bless you. May God bless you, too, Ayse Hatun. -Are you still afraid of horses? -No, father. I'm used to them. We will see that soon. Be careful when you are riding it, okay? I love you very much, my dear son. I love you, too, father. What a touching scene. Go ahead, show us how you ride. Horses are such beautiful creatures, aren't they? What do you want, Sir Henry? Don't you see that I'm on a picnic with my family? I can't tell you how sorry I am,... ...because I put you in this situation... ...but that was necessary. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come to the city. What is so important? May I call you Dietrich? You and I both exactly know... ...who was involved in the kidnapping of the Padishah's child. If you think I will tell you something about that, then you are wrong. No, please. Allow me to speak. As you know or according to the rumours going around,... ...there is a big, supranational organization,... ...and that organization... ...has kidnapped Padishah's daughter. If you have that information,... ...then why don’t you share it with the Ottomans? I tried,... ...but you know the Ottomans. They don't trust anybody. Cut to the chase, please. Well, Dietrich. What if I tell you that Boris is a member of that secret organization? I will say that you are out of your mind. Let me explain it this way: If there is an organization like that and Boris were a member,... ...he would be able to use all of the Ottoman money. And do you still think you and Boris are allies? But, somebody else has Boris. From what we hear,... ...they have been talking to various engineers... open up a weapons factory in the Ottoman Empire. You’ve heard the same rumour, haven’t you? Listen. An armed and powerful Ottoman Empire... ...doesn't serve our purpose. What do you suggest we should do? Uniting our forces... ...and doing away with two important people at the bank. Sureyya, who has chosen the Ottomans instead of the British,... and Boris, who has chosen himself instead of the Germans. If that is what needs to be done... Father. Come in. My Sultan, Boris Zaharyas is here. Let him in. My Sultan. As the president of our state's bank,... ...what kind of activities will you be presenting to us? Go ahead. My Sultan, before I begin,... ...I would like to say that I am deeply sorry for the tragic events... are going through. Please accept my condolences for Cadi Giyaseddin as well. Thank you. Yes, please. My Sultan, in the light of the latest events... ...I think it is time to put an end to the contemptible activities... ...carried out towards the Ottoman Empire through yourself. How? Allow me to say that, against an Ottoman Empire... ...with a powerful defence industry and an army,... ...these kinds of activities cannot be carried out. This can be accomplished... setting up weapons factories in the Ottoman Empire. Weapons factories. Who would like to build a weapons factory with us? There is an entrepreneur, my Sultan. A magnificent engineer. He lived in Europe for years,... ...and designed and produced weapons . Fine. What is his request? 22 million in gold. I am pleased with your offer, Boris Efendi. We will discuss the matter. We would like to see and meet the entrepreneur. As our Padishah commands. Abdullah? Yes, my pasha. Will you ever bring me documents that have not been burned? You are right. It always seems to turn out like that, but what can you do? I examined the documents. This is a coded document. And they communicate with each other through these documents. Every number stands for a letter. They have their own language. A language that enables them to communicate with each other. The numbers also help them find their locations. How do you mean? The numbers also act as a map. Lucky for us, the Istanbul part isn't burnt. Can you reach the map there? Excellent. Yes. These numbers show longitudes and altitudes. Of course, they are coded. Well, you deciphered them, didn't you? There are houses on the intersection points. Unfortunately, because they are burnt we cannot find those documents. But? But, we know what is in Istanbul. What? A school. A school. We are looking for a school. The Brotherhood is hiding there. Gosh. Good God. You left separately... ...and came back with the same information? I guess so. So, where is this school? I guess we are not there, yet. What? Is Madam Doctor my guard? Chief Mustafa asked Madam Doctor, in case you do something to yourself. Since you have come back here,... ...Mustafa must be very important for you. Yes, we are engaged. Well done, congratulations Leyla. French, German and British schools. Gentlemen, those are schools which were opened with legal concessions. Arnavutkoy Clergy School. Buyukada Clergy School. One of them turns kidnapped children into devshirme and raise killers. There are 17 of those schools in the vicinity of Istanbul. If we raid them all... ...first the embassies, then all of Europe will rise... ...pointing to freedom of religion and minority rights. Well, what are we going to do then? I have an idea. Leyla. You have some dreams that you don’t want to have. Is there a treatment for that? What kind of dreams? The kind that I don't want to have. There are some ways for that. We have to tap into your subconscious mind. But it’s very dangerous. We should do it as soon as possible. By the way... ...your fiancé, Mustafa... ...told me that he is looking for a school. If he finds that school,... ...he will face his Death Angel. I just wanted you to know. Bowler. Bowler. We need your help. We are looking for a school. Drop your weapon or... ...the kid dies. You are still hiding behind a kid, huh? You mean him? He is the eyes and ears of Istanbul. He was investigating who kidnapped the children from the cemetery. Let the kid go. Take you problems up with me, instead. That's exactly what I'm going to do. I will not feel ashamed anymore before my brothers... ...when I kill you Mustafa. Let's settle it like this then: We will fight like men. If I lose... ...I will kneel before you and die. But if you lose... will tell me everything you know... ...about the Brotherhood and the kidnapped children. Promise? Promise. Let me tell you about the first thing you are wondering about. After all, this information will be buried with you. The place you are looking for is on the upper parts of the Bosphorus. Is it a school? Now you know where they are. You have hope to save those children. Now, you will attack me more ferociously. It will be more fun to beat you. Your hodja died the same way. Don't worry. I will send you to where he is.