Filinta Season 2 Episode 17 English subtitles

French, German and British schools. Gentlemen, those are schools which were opened with legal concessions. Arnavutkoy Clergy School. Buyukada Clergy School. One of them turns kidnapped children into devshirme and raises them to be killers. There are 17 of those schools in the vicinity of Istanbul. If we raid them all, first the embassies... ...then all Europe will rise pointing to freedom of religion and minority rights. Well, what are we going to do then? I have an idea. Leyla. You have some dreams that you don't want to have. Is there a treatment for that? What kind of dreams? The kind that I don't want to have. There are some ways for that. We have to tap into your subconscious mind. But it's very dangerous. We should do it as soon as possible. By the way... ...your fiancé, Mustafa... ...told me that he is looking for a school. If he finds that school... ...he will face his Death Angel. I just wanted you to know. Mustafa! Filinta! Mustafa! Don't go! I'm here! Mustafa, I'm scared! Save me, Mustafa! Filinta! Save me! Don't go, Mustafa! Mustafa. Bowler. Bowler. We need your help. We are looking for a school. Drop your weapon or... ...the kid dies. I looked everywhere. Ejder and Destan are not around. They are not around. They are not around. They went to be with Maruf without taking my, Padre's opinion. I've found out where Maruf is. Celal planned that scheme... ...yet Maruf was held responsible. This is unbelievable. The rules of the organization... ...our customs... ...are greater than Padre. So, just like the Brotherhood taught us,... ...we shouldn't leave our brother alone. We should take care of this matter tonight, once and for all. Come on. You are still hiding behind a kid, huh? You mean him? He is the eyes and ears of Istanbul. He was investigating who kidnapped the children from the cemetery. Let the kid go. Take your problems up with me, instead. That's exactly what I'm going to do. I will not feel ashamed anymore before my brothers... ...when I kill you Mustafa. Let's settle it like this then: We will fight like men. If I lose... ...I will kneel before you and die. But if you lose... will tell me everything you know... ...about the Brotherhood and the kidnapped children. Promise? Promise. Let me tell you about the first thing you are wondering about. After all, this information will be buried with you. The place you are looking for is on the upper parts of the Bosphorus. Is it a school? Now you know where they are. You have hope to save those children. Now, you will attack me more ferociously. It will be more fun to beat you. Your hodja died the same way. Don't worry. I will send you to where he is. God. Save Mustafa. And save us from here, God. What is it? Are you waiting for someone? Run, man. Run. Ali? Are you scared, son? I only fear God. You killed my hodjas, didn’t you? I’ve fought hundreds of enemies. You've turned out to be better than all of them, Mustafa. My death will be in the hands of a warrior like you. You cannot capture them alive. When they are captured... ...they commit suicide with henbane poison. It is very effective. It kills immediately. Not so easy. This is for my hodjas whom you murdered. And this is for my father. You made a promise to me. Now, tell me. Where is the school? Say it. There are five schools in Bosphorus. Which one? Say it. Say it. Which one? Where is my brother? I want to see Mustafa. You can't see him now. Why? You will see him when you get better. I want to see him now. You don't want to infect them, too, do you? I don't. Good boy. Sit up. Good boy. Have some rest. God. Save Mustafa and save us from here, God. Bowler. Maruf! Maruf. Maruf, who did this? Musta... The school. What about the school? Mustafa... ...knows about it. Maruf. Maruf, does he know its location? No. But he will soon find out. I will meet... brothers... the gates of Heaven. Are we sure that the children are in one of those schools? We are not, my Sultan. You are not. You are not, you say. My Sultan. There are about 30 schools in Istanbul. If you give the order... ...we can siege all the missionary and clergy schools tonight. No, Davut Pasha. No. This cannot happen for two reasons: If we do something like that... ...I will be exposing to the world that there is an extraordinary situation... ...and that Sultan Neslihan is being held prisoner by those devils. Secondly, and more importantly,... ...even if the children are there... ...we will be risking their lives. We have to use another way to get results. Yes, my Sultan. Why don't you sleep? You need to rest. I can't sleep. Besides, you... I mean, you need to sleep, my Sultan. I can't sleep, either. I'm aching everywhere. I really wonder. Wonder what? My father, my mother. My big brothers, Mustafa and Ali. I wonder what they are doing. And I wonder about my mother and father. Don't you die on me. What is the matter, Ms. Sureyya? There is something wrong. Stay here. You are right. I underestimated the matter concerning Sureyya and Boris. Yes. After all, we were trained not according to personal matters,... ...but according to the interests of Britain. Of course, according to the interests of the friends of the Kingdom as well. The matter at hand is beyond their reach. The important thing is... ...the move they will attempt is in favour of the Ottoman State. You are right, but I cannot help but to wonder. What is it? Isn't the person who planned all this,... ...who made Boris the bank president... ...who chose Sureyya, Padishah himself? Yes, that's right. So, if they die, he will find somebody else. It's not that easy. Padishah's strategy and intelligence... reflected in the choices he makes. How? Padishah chose two people... ...who have a capital that equates to more than 55 million in gold. You are right. In any case, do they have to die? I warned both of them many times. But they even ignored me, I mean Britain. Yes. They will die. Sureyya and Boris must die. Ali. What is it, Sureyya? Is something wrong? I think somebody was following us. Ethem Efendi. Take Ms. Sureyya home right now. -Ali. -Wait for me at home, I will come. Ethem Efendi. Right now. Turkish hazelnut. Such a unique taste. Have some. I know. Trust me, it has other advantages that are inappropriate for me to say here. My dear friend, Dietrich. We know what will happen next... ...after killing Boris and Sureyya about the bank matter, right? Oil fields. Yes. Oil fields. People will fight over that throughout the next century. And such a massive power cannot stay in the hands of the Ottomans, alone. We need to hurry. But it won't be easy to take those lands from the Ottomans. We have to take it from them. We can all imagine what a powerful Ottoman Empire can do with the oil fields. God forbid. An economically powerful Ottoman Empire... ...that also has control over the oil fields. It will be a nightmare for Europe. You are right. That's why we will start by weakening the Ottoman Empire's bank. When Boris and Sureyya die,... ...we will place our own men in the bank. From what I understand,... are taking care of this matter. Yes. We have already assigned qualified men for that. These ears can hear the sound of breathing from 100 yards away. If you don't want to get stabbed in the chest, show yourself. You have left. But the smell of the lavender lotion you put on is still here. Shame on you. We could not make it. And shame on you, too, for not being able to kill Mustafa. I swear on the sacred souls of the Brotherhood that passed away before us... ...I swear on the blood running through my veins... ...I swear on the... ...sharpness of the steel and the darkness of death,... ...I will not leave this world before my sword is covered in Mustafa's blood. There is something you should know. Mustafa. He knows the school is in Istanbul. Does he know our location? No, but it is a matter of time now. Then everything changes. Couldn't you sleep? I was unable to sleep. Sureyya. There is something wrong with you. It's nothing. There is Ocean Eyes. There is. Don't you think I know the woman I'm in love with? What makes you lose yourself in deep thought? I don't know, Ali. I feel like a ghost is following me. A ghost? What do you mean? I'm sorry to show up this late, Leyla. How is he? Don't worry, he will be okay. Leyla has a healing hand. She will help him get better quickly. Don't you worry, son. You rush to all our problems for help. What would we do without you, Leyla? It's nothing, he is just shaken. He needs to rest a little bit. I wish... You wish? I wish I could help you more. Farah. Farah? Mustafa, I was with Farah today. So? She became a devshirme when she was little, is that true? Yes. She is someone who was kidnapped and brainwashed at a young age. Mustafa, I discovered something about her. What? Conscience. What should we do? Let me talk to her. I'm sure she will see the truth. -Leyla. You see her as a treatable patient, I understand that... ...but remember, she is a very dangerous murderer. She is just a brainwashed person. Just be careful. I don't want to lose you. Mustafa, I don't want to lose you, either. You be careful, too. I made some chamomile. It is good for insomnia. Thank you. Ocean Eyes. My beautiful wife. If you are worrying yourself about tonight's events, then don't. It's probably one of Boris' men, but we will take care of it. It's not that kind of feeling, Ali. I feel like very bad things will happen. This seems like a familiar feeling from my past. Your past? What do you mean? I'm exaggerating. Maybe after what we have been through lately... My beautiful wife. You have gone through very bad things... ...but you now have me, Sureyya. No one can harm even a hair on your body. No one. What if they do you harm because of me? Who? You are right. Who can do anything to Blade Ali? There you are, girl. If anyone even thinks about harming me,... ...then I will bring them into line. I don't want anything to happen to you, Ali. I don't want anything to happen to you. Hit! One more! One more! One more! One more! Hit! Hit! Hit! Bravo! Hit! Hit! Kill! Hit! Kill! -Do you earn your money easily? -Father. Shut up. Hit! Do you think... will earn easy money... playing bets in these run-down places full of violence... ...Mecit Efendi? These are evil games. They make you a slave. You will find that you have made a wrong choice, son. You will be deceived. Don't do it. The object you think you will win... actually what you will be losing. You should be content with what's less and legitimate. You must. You will not blemish yourself by ill-gotten gains. Do you understand? I didn't raise you like this, son. I never fed you ill-gotten food. Come on. Come with me. And don't you ever... I understand, father. I understand. We have the jackals of this world against us, yet you went there alone, Mustafa. Was I supposed to go meet a kid with an army? Listen to yourself, brother. But it's impossible to overcome your stubbornness, isn't it? I'm saying, we should go together. I understand, don't drag it. I will drag it, Mustafa. I will drag it. We've just lost... ...our father and our teachers. I don't have anybody but you and Sureyya in this mortal world, Mustafa. Am I to lose you, too, brother? Huh? You, too? You are right. Okay. I went there to meet with Bowler. I was going to get some information. We need your help. We are looking for a school. But I wasn't the only one to get a hold of the eyes and ears of Istanbul. You know the rest. That Maruf guy... ...said the school was in Bosphorus before he died. The place you are looking for is on the upper parts of the Bosphorus. There are five big schools in the Bosphorus and a lot of small schools. I will leave it to Bowler and the kids, they will look around. Padre. You should get some sleep, too. I'm not tired. We evacuated the school earlier. What if we were raided? Are you stupid? Aren't you aware of the power of the enemy we're up against? Mustafa killed a war master like Padre. Beat an invincible warrior like Maruf. We will be careful. We will be cautious. We will not only be strong,... ...but also cunning. Understood? Someone is coming.