Filinta Season 2 Episode 18 English subtitles

Yes, she will be considered a patient. She will treat her. Your greatest enemies are Cadi Giyaseddin and Filinta Mustafa. Leyla may be right, Mustafa. What do you mean? Think about it. They did the same thing to me, didn't they? They subjected me to the same things, didn't they? And I wasn't even a child. I was a grown man. They brainwashed me meticulously. They turned me into a rattlebrain. I forgot who I was. I forgot Giyaseddin Father. I forgot you, Mustafa. You. Nothing trumps that. I almost harmed my brother. And didn't we make it through all of that ...because of the compassion you and Giyaseddin Father showed me, right? Isn't it? Look what you're comparing it to. The girl is a murderer, Ali. Yes, she is. That's right. If Giyaseddin Father hadn't found us in the street where they had left us... ...we would have become murderers or thieves... ...or God knows what, Mustafa. You may be right. The only way to break down Farah's conviction is with compassion. We have no other choice. We will try. Come on, let's go to the headquarters. Take the horse. There wasn't a raid like I said yesterday. I can see that. You wouldn't be here if there was a raid. Have there been any incidents in other schools? -No. -Are you sure? We would have known if there was something, Padre. How can you be so sure? Padre, all clergy schools are under protection. What protection? The protection of privileges for all, regardless of religion, under Ottoman law. The Ottoman Empire cannot raid these schools whenever they feel like it. The Padishah doesn't want to cause a disturbance. There are wheels within wheels. I know what I'm going to do. Get ready. We're leaving. Slow down. How is the boy? Fine, as you can see. -You scared me. -I'm as sound as a bell, Chief. I don't go down from just one punch. Come on now. But I do hear less in this ear. It's fine. People will just talk into my other ear. Eat it slowly. You're going to choke. You heal anyone you touch. God bestows the remedy, ours is merely the effort. Mustafa. About the school you said you would look for yesterday... You said it was in the upper part of the Bosphorus, right? Go inside. -I wonder if the children are there. -I don't know. I hope so. But there are a lot of schools there. How will you know? We will figure out a way. Last night... -Are you well, Davut Pasha? -I am fine. I'm fine, my Sultan. Do you have any significant information about yesterday? Yes, my Sultan. Mustafa caught another one of the brothers. Good. That makes two. Well, did he talk? Unfortunately, last night... Unfortunately... Unfortunately, he was not able to capture him alive. And... Davut Pasha. Yes, my Sultan. Here, have some water, Davut Pasha. Thank you, my Sultan. We have received an astounding offer. You will be surprised, too, when you hear it. Brothers. We must not attract any attention. We will be like shadows. One of the schools we are monitoring... full of very dangerous murderers. What do they look like? Do we have their descriptions? I met one of them. What did he look like? Forget what those men look like. They are the milk siblings of the Devil. Don't get hurt... ...don't get harmed. Be careful. Infiltrate the schools without being seen. Be like shadows. Davut Pasha. Boris Efendi offered to set up a weapons factory with the bank's money. I am very surprised. This offer is brazen, even for Boris. That is correct, my Sultan. We should find out who really made that offer. The Germans? Possibly. But it could also be others. You are right, my Sultan. But we still do not have any information... ...that will turn suspicions into convictions. Find out every detail of this immediately, Pasha. The strings they use to control their puppets today... ...could be used as a noose around our necks tomorrow. Efendi Boris has brought us great news. The Padishah has agreed to set up weapons factories. And of course, these factories will be set up... ...with the support of the bank. And they will be under our control. But we have a difficult problem that relates to this matter, Efendi Boris. What is it, Supreme Master? Efendi Alexander. We are very worried that you are the headhunters' target. You see, Boris Zaharyas... ...we are concerned that setting up the weapons factory... ...will be your last initiative. Who is the entrepreneur who offered Boris to set up a weapons factory? He didn't say who. Faris Efendi. Didn't you ask who it was? Of course we did. We said that it was our right, as managing directors... know the identity and the family of the man... ...whose initiative we would be supporting. Well, what did Boris say? He said, "It is your right. You will find out soon, but not yet." That's what he said, huh? One more thing. Sureyya doesn't support it. Really? You don't say. She supports Boris being the president of the bank... ...but not the weapons factory. Do you like Turkish delight? Who doesn't like Safranbolu delight? They will not be able to set up a weapons factory. That so-called entrepreneur... an engineer who used to work in weapon design and production in Europe. You don't say. Why didn't you say that before? That changes everything. That degenerate Boris... ...should be eliminated... soon as possible. Soon, Boris. Very soon. Boris Zaharyas. Your services lately are praiseworthy. Your praise is an honor for me. Honor is a heavy weight to carry sometimes, Zaharyas. Now, let's talk about the people who have sentenced you to death. If my death will benefit the Supreme Council, Supreme Master... ...then it is not a punishment, but a gift for me. Efendi Boris. I hope that... ...your noble stance on death... ...will continue when death really knocks on your door. If you will excuse me. Please. Don't you think you're overplaying Britain and Germany? Brother Boris. Never underestimate your enemies. We have given you a mission that is bigger than just you. You are the head of the Ottoman Empire's bank. You have undertaken a mission whose effect will be felt for centuries to come. To weaken the Ottoman Empire... ...and keep it weak. That is why it's important to us that you stay alive. You must understand how important that is. Isn't that right, Efendi Boris? You are right, Supreme Master. That throne... your honestly-earned right, my Sultan. I beg your pardon, sir? -Muhammed Efendi, do you have children? -Yes, sir. I have a son. May God bless him. If your son were kidnapped... ...and you didn't if he were dead or alive, God forbid... ...would you be able to do your job properly? To be honest, sir, no. I would lose my mind. So? So I wouldn't be well-equipped to handle any duties. ...I would probably excuse myself for a time. That is the difference between a soldier and a leader. I am sorry, but, I do not understand, sir. Padishah's daughter, whom he values more than his own life... ...has been kidnapped, you know. He is grief-stricken. And filled with sorrow. But even so, at no moment does he waver... ... in his convictions of what is right and what is wrong... ...and he continues to lead the Ottoman Empire... with the right decisions. For me, that Padishah is the Mighty Leader. Sultan Neslihan. Are you awake, my dear? What do you want? You will wear these from now on. What happened to my brother? What did you do to him? Don't you worry. If you do as I say... ...I will heal Ali. You have always lied to us. We will not wear these until we see Ali. Berfu. You will wear them, won't you, my dear? Leave her alone. If you don't wear them... ...I will have to lock you up in the dark dungeon. And Ali will not come to be with you again. You wouldn't want Ali to get worse... ...or for Berfu to be miserable in a dark dungeon, would you? Fine. We will wear them. Don't do anything to Berfu. Good. Have them come to my room after they have dressed. Don't be afraid. She won't be able to touch you as long as we are here. We are ready for retaliation. We are awaiting your orders. Good. Mustafa will pay for killing our brother... ...with the lives of his own brothers in arms. Blood for blood. He certainly won't be thinking about looking for the school. Mother. Mother, don't leave me. Let go of my daughter! Let go! Mother, don't... -Let go of my daughter! -I want my mother. I want my mother. I want my mother! Mother, don't leave me. Let go of my daughter! Let go! Mother. I want my mother! Let go! Mother. Mother, don't leave me. The Brotherhood that you are responsible for, Efendi Boris. Do you know what makes them so strong? They are also devshirme. Turks have a story that I love. Once a woodsman swung his axe to cut down a tree... ...and the tree yelled: "Woodsman. You wouldn't have been able to knock me down... ...if that axe handle were not made of me." We learned about the devshirme from the Ottomans. For 350 years, the Ottoman Empire... ...provided a significant part of its army... collecting the children of non-Muslims. And do you know what's really interesting? Did you dream about your mother? Madam Doctor. Don't worry, Gazanfer. You were talking about your mother in your sleep. Do you miss your mother a lot? Do you miss your mother a lot? Do you meet her every night in your dreams? Let go! Lower your gun or I will break her neck. There were times when... ...the soldiers of the Ottoman devshirme army... ...had to fight against their roots. And won almost every war they fought. That's what I call political and military intelligence, Efendi Boris. To destroy the Ottoman Empire using the sons of Ottomans. A brilliant strategy. But there is something else that is brilliant. And that is a brilliance that comes from knowing the nature of man. What is it, Supreme Master? To forget, and to make others forget Forget? Our memories bond us to our roots. Our roots make us belong to things that make us, us. A desire to belong is in man's nature. It is easier to mold someone, into something else If he has been ripped from his roots... ...and forgotten his past, It is harder to forget, or to make someone forget You can only do that with children. The Ottoman Empire saw a future in kids. A future that no one else saw. We will unite this world again... ...a world that has been divided into nations, Efendi Boris. Little by little, we will melt ...these shattered roots... and one day, this world... ...will be one nation. A country that we will rule. The children we trained... ...will make this possible. Let go of Madam Doctor. Do what you have to do. -Let go of Madam Doctor! -No, Sergeant Gazanfer. Don't do it. Sergeant Gazanfer, lower your weapon! Let me tell you what I saw. I saw Ottoman soldiers killing my mother. Farah. Ambition, when used properly, is a great power. What do you think about when you are in battle? The Ottoman soldiers who killed my family. Unfortunately, when we found you covered in blood... ...your mother and father had already been tortured to death. I know, Padre. Be like a flame in your pursuit of vengeance A flame... ...because soon you will burn those who murdered your family with that flame. You do not feel sorry in war. Why didn't you let those women and children die then? Why didn't you let those women and children die then? Farah, why... -Shut up! Because you are not like them. Because you have a conscience. You dream about your mother every night. Because you have a conscience. A conscience. You are not like other killers. You are different than they are. They weren't able to take away your days with your mother, Farah. You are different than they are. Who am I? Farah. You two will fight each other. Brothers. Watch out for your brother Celal and your sister Farah. Not with those. With real swords. What? With real swords? Yes. Let's see... ...if Farah can fight like she does in practice. Go. Celal? I'm sorry. Stop! If you don't fight, you die. Now go and get treated. Bravo, Farah. Bravo. You don't feel sorry in war. I'm sorry, Celal. Celal. Celal. I'm so sorry. I didn't want it to be this way. Don't worry. Wounds show the true rank of a warrior. Does it hurt? Let's run away from here. Do you know what would happen if they heard that? They would kill you. Let's run away, Celal. Just you and me. Let's run away from here. We can't go anywhere. This is our home. We belong here. No, we don't. I remember now. My real home. Farah. You know very well... ...that the Ottomans killed our families. There is nothing out there for us. This is our world. Don't worry. I will always protect you. Forever. Nobody will ever hurt you. I promise. I will find you, Farah. And I will bring the world crashing down on the people who did this to you. Unbelievable. -What? You can't write an article like this. What kind of ideas are these? "The superiority of the West is in its culture... ...and we must change our culture and faith in order to move forward." Who do these Young Turks think they are? They certainly think that they are more intelligent than the people. My God. Do you smell something strange? Yes. It smells like... It smells like gunpowder! Come, children. Look. Children, do you know who they are? Since you will be part of our organization... should know what kind of an organization we are. We do know. You are a bunch of cruel murderers. My child, my ignorant child. The world's history changed... ...with the swords of the heroes whom you call murderers. When I'm done with you, you will also be like those heroes. We will be heroes like Filinta Mustafa and Blade Ali. Mustafa and Ali. Children, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. Unfortunately, I have sad news for you. Your heroes aren't alive anymore. That's a lie! I knew that you wouldn't believe me at first... ...but think about it this way: If they are alive... ...why haven't they come to rescue you? Because they died with the swords of the honorable warriors of the Brotherhood. So, you see, dear children... one is coming to rescue you. You should accept that as soon as possible. Shah Father... Shhh. Soon it will be your Shah Father's turn. May God help me bring the men responsible for this to justice. Come on, Mustafa. Come on. Mustafa. We have martyrs, Mustafa. Those bastards are retaliating for their brother. This is not a retaliation. There is another reason. Damn it! Didn't I tell you not to disturb me? Sir, you have a private letter. You may leave. "Sir Henry. Referring to themselves as the Supreme Council... ...the enemies of the nobility of this nation... ...have begun to use their power against the United Kingdom. We cannot touch their banks or legal activities. Despite my objections... ...because of the fools in the House of Commons... ...we haven't been able to stop them from buying the shares of... ...British Oil companies. The leader of these monsters is there. In Istanbul. To cut off the head of the dragon... will need a sharp sword." God save the Queen. Amen.